Watford 0-1 Liverpool, Live Score and Commentary, Premier League 2016/17

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Watford host Liverpool at Vicarage Road, as the Reds look to keep up their top 4 push.


02:27 (IST)2 MAY 2017

On a night when Emre Can's moment of inspiration won a rather uninspiring game for Liverpool, they would not care less. They have a priceless three points in the race for a spot in next season's Champions League. That is all we have for tonight. It has been fun bringing this to you, this is Aaditya Narayan signing off. Do get in touch with me on Twitter @Aaditya_LFC if you have anything to say about the game. Cheers!

02:23 (IST)2 MAY 2017


Watford 0-1 Liverpool

An absolutely world class goal from Emre Can at the end of the first half gave Liverpool the win in this game, and you have to say they deserved that win. Lallana and Sturridge had two good chances to increase Liverpool's lead, but Heurelho Gomes was absolutely brilliant in the Watford goal. 

Liverpool defended pretty well, despite conceding that one opportunity to Prodl right at the end. Liverpool move to four points ahead of Manchester United, who have a game in hand on them. It was a big game for Liverpool to win, after the two Manchester Clubs had dropped points over the weekend, and they did win. 

02:23 (IST)2 MAY 2017

90+4' PRODL! CLANG! Cleverley put in a terrific cross into the area, Liverpool don't deal with it, and falls to the feet of Prodl, who blasts it, and beats Mignolet easily, but the woodwork denies him. Liverpool escape. 

02:22 (IST)2 MAY 2017

90+4' They do just that but Milner is there to skew a clearance into touch

02:21 (IST)2 MAY 2017

90+4' Lucas fouls Niang on halfway. Watford can put one straight into the box from this position. 

02:21 (IST)2 MAY 2017

90+3' Prodl again hoofs it right into the mix in the Liverpool area, but there is no Watford man in the vicinity to receive it. Liverpool have a minute and a half to see off now. 

02:20 (IST)2 MAY 2017

Four minutes of Injury Time. 

02:19 (IST)2 MAY 2017

90' OHHH STURRIDGE, BRILLIANT! He shrugs Doucoure off the ball so easily, despite being a few stones smaller than the Watford man. He cuts in from the left and unleashes a right footed shot, that Gomes saves absolutely brilliantly down low to his right. 

02:17 (IST)2 MAY 2017

88' MATIP! The big Cameroonian strides forward from the back, and plays a nice one-two with Wijnaldum. He finds himself on the right side of the area, one-on-one with Gomes. The BRazilian blocks the shot for a Liverpool corner. 

02:16 (IST)2 MAY 2017

Liverpool have two minutes plus stoppage time to see out, for what would be an awesome win. 

02:14 (IST)2 MAY 2017

Liverpool substitution

Ragnar Klavan replaces Adam Lallana

The substitute is substituted. That is definitely becuase Lallana playing 70 minutes was not part of the original plan. 

02:14 (IST)2 MAY 2017

86' The free kick results in nothing, as Mariappa is adjudged to have fouled his marker. 

02:14 (IST)2 MAY 2017

86' Free kick for Watford. Prodl hoofs it up field, and Okaka backs into Lovren, whose boot is far too high. 

02:13 (IST)2 MAY 2017

Watford Substitution

Stefano Okaka replaces Nordin Amrabat

02:12 (IST)2 MAY 2017

Liverpool substitution

Daniel Sturridge replaces Divock Origi

02:12 (IST)2 MAY 2017

83' Almost for Watford! That came out of absolutely nothing. They played the ball out of defense, Doucoure drove past Firmino easily and played it to Janmaat on the left wing. His curling effort seemed very harmless at Mignolet's near post, but the goalkeeper looked a little alarmed and had to parry it away. 

02:10 (IST)2 MAY 2017

82' Every cross that Watford have put in the box has either been caught or convincingly punched away by Mignolet. That is very good from the Reds' Belgian stopper. 

02:09 (IST)2 MAY 2017

81' Woof, Emre Can! Not quite this time though! Firmino and Origi work it nicely between themselves on the left wing, before the Belgian plays it Emre Can. He looks to curl one in the top right corner, but the ball goes well wide, and very high. 

02:07 (IST)2 MAY 2017

Watford have looked slightly better in the last 5-7 minutes, but they are still rushing things a little too much for anyone's liking - except a Liverpool fan's. 

02:04 (IST)2 MAY 2017

76' WHAT A CHANCE, LALLANA SPURNS IT! Janmaat takes a poor shot from a Watford corner, and it breaks to Liverpool, who pour forward in numbers. Can releases Lallana at just the right moment, but Amrabat tracks back brilliantly and nicks it off Lallana's feet and puts it out for a corner. 

02:01 (IST)2 MAY 2017

Watford Substitution: Isaac Success ON, Etienne Capoue OFF

02:00 (IST)2 MAY 2017

72' More hardwork from Origi, more hardwork from Amrabat. Both are determined not to give each other an inch. In the end, the ball ricochets away to Milner, who cannot quite create anything from the byline. 

01:59 (IST)2 MAY 2017

Isaac Success is warming up. Has to be the best name for a Premier League player. 

01:57 (IST)2 MAY 2017

68' OOH CAPOUE! What a hit! So unlucky! That was a good cross from Niang, but it is headed by Lovren straight to Amrabat. His strike is blocked by Wijnaldum towards Capoue. Wijnaldum charges out there too, Capoue's shot hits him and sails towards goal, where Mignolet palms it over the bar. The ref gives a goal kick and books the player for questioning the wrong decision. 

01:56 (IST)2 MAY 2017

67' Lovely play from Lallana again. It is his awareness and ability in tight spaces, that almost creates another chance for Liverpool. Milner's touch is too heavy though, and Watford have a goal kick.

01:54 (IST)2 MAY 2017

65' More good passing from Liverpool sees Clyne in a bit of space on the right side. He heads to the byline, but he delays his cross, which means that Janmaat has time to get back and block the cross. He gets the block off Clyne, and Watford have a goal kick. 

01:51 (IST)2 MAY 2017

63' Once again, Liverpool are comfortable with the ball at their feet. That's all. Watford need some inspiration from somewhere?

01:49 (IST)2 MAY 2017

60' Watford cannot seem to find any rhythm with their forward movements. They are just aimlessly hoofing it upfield now. 

01:46 (IST)2 MAY 2017

58' Oh no, Origi! Clyne plays a lovely pass in behind the Watford back three, Origi gets on the end of it, but his shot does not have any power on it, and it is easy for Gomes to smother. 

01:45 (IST)2 MAY 2017

57' No, Lucas. The Brazilian dwelt on it for far too long at the edge of his own penalty area, Capoue pressed him, but Lucas gets away as his heel is clipped. 

01:44 (IST)2 MAY 2017

Lallana's movement and intelligence, and his awareness of space are giving Liverpool so many options, and making life hard for the Watford defenders. 

01:43 (IST)2 MAY 2017

55' Watford are on the ropes. Liverpool have come out of the blocks in the second half, absolutely firing. 

01:43 (IST)2 MAY 2017

54' CLOSE! The resulting corner falls on the head of Lovren, whose header doesn't have any power on it. Any touch on it, and Liverpool would be 2-0 up right now. 

01:42 (IST)2 MAY 2017

53' UFFF ORIGI! That is another special pieve of skill from Origi. He gets the ball on the left side, and isolates Kabasele in front of him. He gets past Kabasele easily and curls a shot, that Gomes does well to parry away. 

01:41 (IST)2 MAY 2017

52' Wasteful. That is good play from Origi to hold it up top. He brings the other midfielders into play, and Lallana eventually seeks Milner out on the left side. After a failed first attemp, Milner crossed again and the rebound fell to Can, who skied his shot. 

01:37 (IST)2 MAY 2017

49' Milner's free-kick is blasted straight at Gomes, who punches it away. The rebound falls to Lallana, whose cross is mishit. 

01:36 (IST)2 MAY 2017

48' Liverpool free-kick in a dangerous area, good play by Firmino! Milner plays it from the halfway line into the path of Firmino who drives with it, past Prodl. The big defenders takes him down cynically and gets booked. 

01:35 (IST)2 MAY 2017

47, Scrappy start to the half, as both sides are not putting in a decent string of passes together. 

01:33 (IST)2 MAY 2017


Liverpool get us underway in the second half.

01:27 (IST)2 MAY 2017

Will Liverpool sit on that 1-0 lead? Considering that they really haven't defended really well recently, I don't think that would be a wise option. They would love the second goal that could kill Watford off. 

01:18 (IST)2 MAY 2017


Watford 0-1 Liverpool

The last meaningful action of the half was that absolute worldie from Can. I'll get the obvious pun out of the way, "If anyone can, Emre Can". What an unbelievable goal to give Liverpool the lead. They haven't played too well, but you cannot say they don't deserve the lead. 

They have had a lot more of the ball than Watford, and have had the more strikes on goal. Lallana had hit the crossbar with a magnificent volley before Can's goal. So Klopp will be happy that his team is having sights of goal, and absolutely chuffed that his team are leading. 

Tactically, Watford have been spot on, and made it as tough as possible for Liverpool. But when an opposition players comes up with as inspired a moment as that, there is very little you can do. 

We'll be back with second half action in a bit. 

01:16 (IST)2 MAY 2017

45+2' OH WHAT A GOAL! WHAT A GOAL! WHAT A GOAL! EMRE CAN! That is a hopeful lob into the box from Lucas, and I don't think even he expected anyone to get on the end of it. But the German then popped up out of nowhere, got both feet off the ground, and smacked an overhead kick past Gomes! What an unbelievable strike from Can! 1-0 Liverpool!

01:15 (IST)2 MAY 2017

45' Three minutes of injury time. 

01:14 (IST)2 MAY 2017

44' Lucas is booked for a dive. That was a blatant dive from Lucas. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and say it's not as bad as what Sane or Rashford did yesterday. But it is a dive nonetheless and a deserved yellow card for Lucas. 

01:11 (IST)2 MAY 2017

41' CLANG! WHAT AN EFFORT FROM LALLANA! WHAT TECHNIQUE! The Liverpool corner is punched away by Gomes straight to Lallana on the edge of the area, and he unleashes a left-footed strike, that absolutely pings off the crossbar. So unlucky!

01:09 (IST)2 MAY 2017

38' Lovely football! Liverpool try to initiate the high press, with Lallana, Can and Lucas, but Watford play their way through it with some quick, slick passing. The attacking move eventually comes to nothing though, 

01:06 (IST)2 MAY 2017

35' Liverpool free-kick. Wijnaldum runs with the ball for a few feet after receiving it on halfway, but he is rashly challenged by Doucoure. 

01:03 (IST)2 MAY 2017

34' Corner for Watford! Niang again, is troubling Liverpool. Watford play it out to him on the left-wing. The youngster teases Clyne, threatening to move one way and then the other. He finally tries the cross, but Clyne blocks it away for a corner. 

01:03 (IST)2 MAY 2017

32' Opportunity! Liverpool pass the ball around neatly in midfield, and from side to side hoping to pick a gap in the Watford defense. Lucas works it to Lalana who sees Origi make the run in behind and into space. But the Englishman underhits the pass and the chance is gone. 

01:00 (IST)2 MAY 2017

30' Scrap, scrap and a little more scrap. This time Milner and Can engage in a battle with Amrabat. 
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