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Wimbledon 2018, Men's Doubles, Round 2: Rohan Bopanna-Edouard Roger-Vasselin vs Joe Salisbury-Frederik Nielsen, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 06, 2018 14:09 GMT

Nielsen/Salisbury lead 6-3, 7-6


14:09 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

That's all from here, until next time

14:08 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Bopanna and Vasselin call it a day, Nielsen/Salibury progress to the next round with a 6-4 7-6(4) 2-1 win

13:48 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

And they do it! Nielsen/Salibury are now up 2-0 and need just one more set to pull off an upset win over Bopanna and his partner.

13:47 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Nielsen/Salibury have a set point now

13:41 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Nielsen/Salibury level at 6-6. Tie-breaker!

13:41 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

He is up now and the game is underway

13:36 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

However, Bopanna is receiving some treatment right now, looks like he has some problems on his upper back

13:35 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Bopanna and his partner don't flinch. They take the game and stretch it to 6-5

13:32 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

And now, Nielsen/Salibury hold their serve. It's 5-5

13:30 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Bopanna serves with fury and holds comfortably. 5-4.

13:26 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

What a game by Nielsen/Salibury. The score reads 4 games all.

13:24 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Bopanna/Vasselin hold their serve and make it 4-3.

13:20 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Power from Bopanna on the return as he hits it to Nielsen, who can only hit it out of bounds. 

13:19 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

And they claim the game! 

Nielsen/Salibury lead 6-3, 3-3.

13:18 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Vasselin not learning from his mistakes as he has put too much power on his shots. 

Advantage to Nielsen/Salisbury. 

13:18 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

And now they have a break point! 

But a poor forehand from Vasselin travels with pace out of the court. THIRD DEUCE!

13:17 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

But Bopanna makes amends and he stretches to his right and pierces the gap between Nielsen/Salisbury to collect another point. 

13:17 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Second DEUCE now! 

Same story though, Bopanna's return is met with Salisbury's patient forehand which goes away from the Indian. 

13:16 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Salisbury reads the pace perfectly as he places the ball away from his opponents as Nielsen/Salisbury take the lead. 

13:15 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

However, Vasselin levels scores with a scorching forehand. 

13:15 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Advantage Nielsen/Salisbury! A weak backhand from Bopanna. 

13:14 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Bopanna/Vasselin claim two points now to bring it down to a DEUCE!

13:13 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Wow! A treat to the eyes! 
Salisbury back tracks on Vasselin's return, rides the bounce and smashes it to the right of Bopanna with pace. 

13:13 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

But they strike back with two points in a row to take a 30-15 lead in the game. 

13:12 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Nielsen puts too much power on his forehand as Bopanna/Vasselin claim the first point of the game. 

13:11 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Nielsen/Salibury lead 6-3, 2-3 in the match. 

13:10 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Yes they can! Vasselin's strong forehand cannot be met fully by Nielsen, who can only watch as the ball lands out of the court. 

13:10 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Advantage to Bopanna/Vasselin! Can they retain their serve?

13:09 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Yet again, Nielsen finds the net on his return and brings it down to a DEUCE. 

13:09 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Back to advantage for Nielsen/Salisbury courtesy of a double fault from Bopanna. 

13:08 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

But a pacy ace from Bopanna brings it down to the second DEUCE of the match!

13:08 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Advantage and break point to Nielsen/Salisbury!

13:08 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

DEUCE now! Salisbury is late on his return and finds the net. 

13:07 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Break point for Nielsen/Salisbury as Bopanna sends in a double fault. 

13:07 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

However, Nielsen/Salisbury keep their nerve to nullify the deficit as the score now reads 30-30. 

13:06 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Bopanna/Vasselin start the fifth game on a positive note as they race away to a 30-0 lead. 

13:05 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Yes they can! Salsibury fends the ball onto his own court on a forehand from Vasselin and looks up in anguish. 

Nielsen/Salibury lead 6-3, 2-2. 

13:04 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Second break point for Bopanna/Vasselin! Can they break the serve here?

13:04 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

DEUCE! Vasselin sends a curve just out of bounds. 

13:03 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Break point now for Bopanna/Vasselin! 

13:01 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

There you have it! 

Nielsen/Salisbury break the serve to take a 2-1 lead in the set. 

13:00 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Bopanna is unfortunate on that occasion!

Does very well to return two strong forehands but then the ball lobs behind Bopanna, who runs all the way and sends the ball back only to see it fall agonizingly out, only inches out of the court. 

12:59 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

DEUCE! Vasselin comes charging down but finds the net on his backhand. 

12:58 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Vasselin pulls one back with another excellent ace! 30-30 now. 

12:57 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Bopanna misses the backhand as he gifts away a point to his opponents, who lead 30-15 in the game. 

12:57 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Wow! Precision from Salisbury as he lobs the ball over his opponent's head which falls just on the line as they collect an important point. Bopanna too applauded the effort!

12:56 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Game, Nieslen/Salisbury! The duo claw their way back and level scores in the second set at 1-1. 

12:55 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

And an ace to decorate the serve! Nielsen/Salisbury lead 40-0. 

12:55 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Excess power on Bopanna's return as the ball sways and bounces out of the court. Nielsen/Saisbury lead 15-0. 

12:54 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Nielsen finds the net on his return as Bopanna/Vasselin claim the first game and lead 1-0 in the set.

Nielsen/Salibury lead 6-3, 0-1. 
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