Wimbledon 2018, Men's Doubles, Round of 32, Sriram Balaji-Vishnu Vardhan vs B. Mclachlan-J. Struff, Live Match Updates

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B. McLachlan/ J. Struff vs N.S Balaji/ V. Vardhan; 7[7]-6[2], 6[3]-7[7], 7[7]-6[3], 6-3: Final Score


17:16 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

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17:16 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

And it's all over as B. McLachlan finish off things perfectly with a sublime ace. 
Set score: 6-3

Match score: B. McLachlan/ J. Struff vs N.S Balaji/ V. Vardhan; 7[7]-6[2], 6[3]-7[7], 7[7]-6[3], 6-3

17:14 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

Looks like the Indian duo have lost the plot as B. McLachlan/ J. Struff race to match point. 

17:14 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

Despite taking the first point in the decisive game, they Indians give away two points and trail 15-30

17:12 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

B. McLachlan/ J. Struff serving for match. Can the Indian pair script a comeback?

17:12 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

No mistakes in their service game as Balaji picks up game 8.
Set score: 5-3

17:09 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

Trailing 5-2 in the decisive set, it's make or break for the Indians. Can they bring a turnaround in their fortunes?

17:07 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

Balaji/ Vishnu Vardhan faces little struggle but eventually puts up a strong display to deny any mishap.
Set score: 4-2

17:03 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

The Japanese-German pair maintain their lead as they sweep up game 5 without dropping points. 
Set score: 4-1

16:58 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

After narrowly losing out the third set, the Indian duo once again suffers a setback early into set 4 as they fail to hold on to their serve. They will need to step up their game if they fancy a comeback
Set score: 2-0

16:49 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

The Indians commit a couple of unforced errors to give away the game.
Set score: 1-0.

16:48 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

McLachlan serves first as the pair take a 30-0 lead. 

16:47 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

Teams all prepped up as they take the court for Set 4!

16:46 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

An easy win in the tie breaker for B. McLachlan/ J. Struff. The Indians once again succumbed in the penultimate stage as they edge closer to defeat.

T.B score: 7-3

Match Score: B. McLachlan/ J. Struff vs N.S Balaji/ V. Vardhan; 7[7]-6[2], 6[3]-7[7], 7[7]-6[3]

16:43 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

Set point for the Japanese-German pair.
T.B score: 6-2.

16:42 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

Struff with a strong serve to give the pair a healthy three point lead.
T.B score: 5-2

16:41 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

The Indian pair currently trailing.
T.B score: 2-3

16:40 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

Tie  breaker

16:39 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

B. McLachlan/ J. Struff once again succeed in holding on to their service. This set too will go down to the wire!
Set Score: 6-6

16:29 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

The Japanese-German pair put up an inspired performance to revive the game and get back on level terms.
Set score: 5-5

16:28 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

The Indians turning up the heat as they put pressure on their opponents in an attempt to seal the set. 30-15
Can they make the lead count?

16:25 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

Easy pickings for the pair as they seal the game without dropping a point. Set score: 5-4

16:25 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

The Indian pair dominating game 9 as they steer clear to 40-0.

16:19 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

No surprises yet as both teams hold serve. The Indian pair will need to break their opponent's service in order to establish their dominion in set 3.

Set score: 3-3

16:09 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

The pair of Balaji/ Vardhan denies a break to their opponents and take the lead. 
Set score: 2-1

16:07 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

A quickfire rally as the Indians prevail the test. 

16:06 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

Sriram Balaji squanders an easy volley to make it 30-40 in game 3.
Set score: 1-1

16:00 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

Set 3 begins!

15:58 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

Impeccable combination from Sriram Balaji and Vishnu Vardhan as they wrap up the thriller of a second set.
T.B score: 7-3
Match Score: B. McLachlan/ J. Struff vs N.S Balaji/ V. Vardhan; 7[7]-6[2], 6[3]-7[7]:

15:55 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

The Indians steer clear 3 points. 
T.B score: 5-2.

15:54 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

A double fault awards the Indian pair a break as they take the lead .Can they capitalize on it?
T.B score: 3-2

15:52 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

Balaji with an accurate down the line smash to make the points level.
T.B score: 1-1

15:52 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

A neat serve and volley point from the Japanse -German pair to initiate proceedings in the tie-break. 
T.B score: 1-0. 

15:50 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

It's the same story in set 2 as well. Both teams fail to break each other's serve as the game heads for a second tie-breaker.

15:44 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

Vishnu Vardhan with precision serving as the Indian duo pull back the game to level terms at 5-5. 

15:42 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

The Indian pair face a dicey situation as they trail 0-30 in game 10 and risk losing second set. Can they script a comeback?

15:38 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

Both teams hold serve as they remain inseparable in set 2.
Set score: 4-4

15:33 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

The Indian pair with a strong service streak as they race to their third game. 
Set score: 3-3.

15:32 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

Balaji with a strong smash from the nets to put the pair in front in game 5. 

15:27 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

Both teams at square terms in Set 2 after the end of game 4.
Set Score: 2-2 

15:20 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

The 14th seed pair cruise to game 1 as they win it without shedding any points. 

15:19 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

The Japanese starts off the proceedings in set 2 with a sublime serve. 15-0.

15:17 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

Time for Set 2!!

15:17 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

And it's over as the Indian duo lose the first set in the decisive tie-breaker.
Set score: 6[2]-7[7]

15:16 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

Balaji tries a baseline smash but misses, awarding the opponents set point. 

T.B score: 2-6

15:15 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

The 14th seed Japanese-German pair with the first break in the tie breaker as they take the lead. 
T.B score: 3-1

15:12 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

The Indian duo holds serve. 
T.B score: 1-0

15:12 (GMT)7 JUL 2018


It's going down all the way to the wire with the teams stuck at 6-6. Need for the tie-breaker to solve the crisis! 

15:00 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

The Indian duo could only do little as the opponents make it even stevens with the set score reading 4-4. 

14:59 (GMT)7 JUL 2018

The Japanese delivers a fine ace to take the lead at 30-0. 
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