Wimbledon 2018, Men's Doubles,Round 1: Jeevan Nedunchezhiyan-Austin Karjicek vs Sander Arends-Matwe Middlekoop

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S. Arends/M. Middelkoop def A. Krajicek/J. Nedunchezhiyan 7(7)-6(5), 7(7)-6(3), 7(7)-6(2).


16:42 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

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16:42 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

And it's all over as the Dutch pair seals the thriller of a match. It was a well-contested battle but the Indio-American pair couldn't step up to the

Final Score: 7(7)-6(5), 7(7)-6(3), 7(7)-6(2)

16:41 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

S. Arends/M. Middelkoop.take an unassailable 4 point lead as they race to match point.
Score: 6-2.

16:40 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

A stiff fight ongoing but the Dutch pair is leading by two points. Score: 4-2

16:37 (GMT)5 JUL 2018


No surprises here as they script a win to make it 6-6. The third set heads for a tie breaker as well. 

16:35 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

What a turn of events!

J. Nedunchezhiyan/A. Krajicek saved all three match points and is currently on deuce. Can they stage a comeback?

16:32 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

3 match points for S. Arends/M. Middelkoop. 
Score: 40-0.

16:32 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

The Dutch looking to finish it off early as they take a 30-0 lead in the decisive game. 

16:30 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Trailing 6-5, it's make or break for the Indo-American pair in this game. 

16:28 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

J. Nedunchezhiyan/A. Krajicek have pulled themselves back from the jaws of defeat to level terms at 5-5 in Set 3. 

16:27 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Strong character and nerves shown by the pair. Still, the work remains undone!

16:25 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

The Dutch takes a 40-15 lead as they reach match point. Can the Indo-American pair turn their fortunes around?

16:25 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

J. Nedunchezhiyan/A. Krajicek looking a bit troubled as they succumb to two break points. A loss in this game would cost them the match.

16:23 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

S. Arends/M. Middelkoop once again succeed in holding on to their service. Look's like this set too will go down to the wire!
Score: 5-4

16:21 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

The Indo-American pair turning up the heat as they put pressure on the Dutch team. 30-30 in game 9.

16:19 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Easy pickings for the pair as they seal the game without dropping a point. 
Set score: 4-4

16:19 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

J. Nedunchezhiyan/A. Krajicek dominating game 7 as they steer clear to 40-0. 

16:14 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

The Indo-American pair will need to break their opponent's service in order to establish their dominion in set 3.

It's all square currently with the scoreline reading 3-3. 

16:10 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

The Dutch pair takes the fifth game without dropping any points. S. Arends/M. Middelkoop currently lead 3-2.

16:08 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Both teams holding on to their service as the set score reads 2-2.

16:00 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

It's building up to be an intense set 3 with the game score currently reading 1-1.

15:51 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Set 3 begins!

15:48 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

It was a comparatively easy win in the tie breaker for the Dutch team as compared to the first set. The Indo-American pair once again succumbed in the penultimate stage as it cost them set 2 and they edge closer to defeat. 

Set Score: 7(7)-6(3)

15:47 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Arends/Middelkoop moves on to set point.
Score: 6-1

15:45 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

The Dutch pair has taken a steady 3 point lead early into the tie-breaker. They currently lead 4-1. 

15:44 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

It's turning out to be an encore of the first set. With the teams breathing down each other's neck it's time for another tie-breaker to negate the deadlock.

Set score: 6-6.

15:31 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

And they do! Strong character shown by Nedunchezhiyan/Krajicek as they come from behind to clinch the game and take lead.
Set score: 5-4

15:30 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

It's looking tricky but the Indo-American pair has taken the advantage. Can they convert it?

15:29 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

The Dutch pair on the verge of breaking for the first time in the second set. They lead 40-15 and have a chance to take the lead. 

15:25 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

It's 4-4 in the second set as the Indian lines up to serve next. 

15:20 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Both teams holding on to their service as the set score reads 3-3.

15:13 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

After narrowly losing out the first set, the Indo-American pair is showing strong nerves to deny the Dutch any chance to go up. Nedunchezhiyan/Krajicek currently holds their service in set 2 and are leading 2-1. 

15:05 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Set 2 begins!

15:03 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

It was a hard fought first set and it's Arends/Middelkoop who has the last laugh as they seal it in the tie-breaker. 
Set Score: 7(7)-6(5) 

15:02 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Nedunchezhiyan/Krajicek saves a break point. One more to go. Can they do it?

15:01 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

It's set point for the Dutch pair. Score: 6-4

14:58 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Nedunchezhiyan/Krajicek lead 3-1. 

14:55 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

The Dutch pair takes the first point in the tie breaker. 
Score: 1-0

14:54 (GMT)5 JUL 2018


It has been an exhilarating first set and will go all the way down to the wire as the teams head for the tie-breaker.
Set score: 6-6!

14:50 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

It's building up to be a tense game with the scoreline reading 30-30! Will the Dutch pair stage an upset?

14:45 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Good character shown as the Indo-American pair hold on to their service. 
Set Score: 5-5

14:44 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

It's looking like a close encounter with the scoreline reading 30-15 in Nedunchezhiyan/Krajicek's favour. 

14:43 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Arends/Middelkoop lead 5-4 as they look keen to break in the next game and seal the set. 

14:41 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

It's all even stevens currently with the scoreline reading 4-4 in the first set.
Who will get the first break in the match!?

14:39 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Krajicek pulls off a cheeky drop shot to open proceedings for game 8. 
Score: 15-0

14:38 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Nedunchezhiyan/Krajicek could only do little as the Dutch pair drop just one point en route to their 4th game.
Set score: 4-3

14:35 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Nedunchezhiyan/Krajicek returns the favour as they seal game 6 without dropping a single point. 
Set score: 3-3

14:33 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

It's a swift sweep from Arends/Middelkoop to take a 3-2 lead. 

14:31 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Nedunchezhiyan/Krajicek makes no mistake as they seal game 4 to pull the match back on level terms. 
Set score: 2-2

14:30 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Drama here in Game 4, as the Dutch pair lose the advantage to their opponents. 
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