Wimbledon 2018, Men's Singles, Round 2: Rafael Nadal vs Mikhail Kukushkin, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 05, 2018 14:40 GMT

Nadal def Kukushkin 6-4, 6-3, 6-4 to enter the third round.


14:40 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

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14:38 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Nadal wasn't at his best at all. But he was able to lift his game at the crunch moments and complete the win in straight sets.

14:36 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Final score: Nadal def Kukushkin 6-4, 6-3, 6-4 to enter the third round.

14:35 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

And Rafa completes the win!!!!!!!

14:31 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Nadal relentlessly kept moving Kukushkin from side to side. And he gets the BREAK!!!!!

Rafa is up 5-4 and will serve for the match!!

14:29 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

What a backhand down the line from the Kazakh!

14:29 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Unforced errors from Kukushkin gift Nadal a couple of break points.

14:26 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Nadal responds with a hold to 15.

It is 4-4

14:22 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

And there is no break of serve after that early exchange.

Kukushkin held his serve and now leads 4-3

14:17 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Rafa wasn't at his best during his service game but he still played at a decent level to hold his serve.


14:12 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

And it's a tame surrender from Kukushkin after that brilliant game.

Rafa BREAKS and will now serve for 3-3

14:08 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Kukushkin is up 3-1 now

14:08 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

An incredible second serve ace from Rafa SAVES it. But the Kazakh gets yet another break point, which he CONVERTS!!!!

14:07 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

And Nadal is in trouble here!

Faces two break points here

14:03 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Kukushkin holds his serve and leads 2-1 in this set.

13:57 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

And Rafa eventually HOLDS!!!!

It is 1-1

13:56 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

It is Deuce No. 6

Rafa just can't close it out!

13:54 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Brilliant serve from Rafa!

Deuce again !

13:54 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

And Kukushkin won't give up either.

With two blistering forehands, he carves out a break point.

13:53 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

After 3 deuces, Nadal finds a second serve ace.

13:51 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Nadal is struggling on his serve after Kukushkin held his serve to begin Set 3.

13:40 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Nadal is now up 6-4, 6-3

13:39 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Kukushkin's forehand breaks down and the second set goes to Nadal!!!!

13:37 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Kukushkin sent a forehand long!

It's all about fine margins!


13:37 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Some fantastic returns from the Kazakh make it 30-15 on the Nadal serve.

13:35 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

After Nadal held his serve to love, Kukushkin too did the same.

The former champion will now serve for the set at 5-3.

13:29 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

The Kazakh held his serve and now trails Rafa 2-4

13:27 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

It is deuce on the Kukushkin serve. Can Nadal earn a second break of serve?

13:23 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

And Rafa consolidated that break effortlessly.

He is up 4-1.

Surely in control of this set?

13:19 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Kukushkin came up with two good serves and saved those break points, but he could not save a third one.


He is up 3-1

13:16 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Nadal held his next service game and is now putting pressure on the Kukushkin serve.

Has two break points. Can he break?

13:10 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Both start the second set with service holds.

It is 1-1

13:00 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Kukushkin hits the net on Nadal's second set point and gifts the first set to Nadal.

Rafa takes the first set 6-4

12:59 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

And Nadal returns the favour.

He makes a backhand unforced error on set point.

12:58 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

And he now throws in a double fault as well, to make Nadal's work easier.

12:58 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Kukushkin is now targeting the lines and is consistently missing them.

12:54 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Finally, an easy service game for Nadal.

He holds his service to love and jumps ahead to 5-4

12:51 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

And he holds to draw level yet again.


12:51 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

With a great forehand, Kukushkin gets to game point.


12:49 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Rafa is now attacking the Kukushkin backhand.

12:46 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Rafa has averted danger and has HELD his serve.

He leads 4-3 now.

12:44 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Rafa is still struggling with his rhythm. He faces yet another break point.

12:41 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

And Kukushkin HOLDS!!

It is 3-3

12:40 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

The Kazakh is cruising on his serve now.

40-0 up

12:37 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Kukushkin will now serve to level it up at 3-3

12:37 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

And Nadal gets BROKEN!!!!!

12:36 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Now Rafa faces a break point!

12:36 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Kukushkin managed to hold his serve and that has pretty much emboldened him.

He is trailing 1-3 but is up 30-15 on the Rafa serve.

12:34 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

Can he make in-roads into the Kazakh's serve for the second straight time?

12:33 (GMT)5 JUL 2018

And Rafa looks stronger than ever now. Up 30-15 on the Kukushkin serve again. 
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