Wimbledon 2018, Men's Singles, Round 3: Roger Federer vs Jan-Lennard Struff, Live Match Updates

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Federer def Struff 6-3, 7-5, 6-2 in 1 hour 34 minutes to enter the 4th round.


18:18 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

That brings us to an end of our live coverage. Do join us tomorrow as we bring you live updates from Day 6 of Wimbledon 2018.


18:17 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Federer was in complete control, as expected. The best Struff could do was win five games in a competitive second set. There is still no weakness in Federer's game and he is looking set for a record ninth title at SW19, at least as of now.

18:15 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Final score: Federer def Struff 6-3, 7-5, 6-2 in 1 hour 34 minutes to enter the 4th round.

18:10 (GMT)6 JUL 2018


18:10 (GMT)6 JUL 2018


18:09 (GMT)6 JUL 2018


18:06 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Federer now has three break points!!!!!!!

Surely he will look to make use of one!

18:06 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

And he has pounced like a tiger on the Struff serve.

He is up 30-0 on the Struff serve. Can he get a double break?

18:05 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Federer faced minor trouble on serve at 30-30, but he pulled through, like always.

That's why he is a champion!

He is up 4-2

18:02 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Struff's forehands come to the rescue as he holds his serve to trail 2-3

17:59 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Struff is clearly feeling the heat. Once more, it is a deuce on his service game.

Can he pass the test?

17:56 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

With silky forehands, the maestro is making all the talk now!

Federer leads 3-1 with yet another comfortable hold!

17:52 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

This time Federer doesn't have to wait for too long!

With a supreme backhand winner, Federer earns the vital BREAK SOON ENOUGH TO HAVE A 2-1 LEAD.

17:48 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Both the players start the third set with smooth service games.

They are now locked at 1-1

17:44 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Federer does exactly what you expect him to do....raises his level and serves out the second set to love!!!!!

Federer is now up 6-3, 7-5.

17:40 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

With a sublime backhand winner, the maestro gets the job done!

6-5 to Federer with a break.

He will serve for the set now.

17:40 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Federer forces a backhand error to earn a break point.

The crowd can't stop cheering!

17:39 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

It's deuce on the Struff serve! Is it time for Federer to finally make a breakthrough?

17:37 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Federer makes it 5-5

No surprise there!

17:33 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

This has been an exceptional display from Struff. His backhand is controlling most of his game. He holds his service game and now leads 5-4.

Can he do the unthinkable - break Federer and take this set?

17:30 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Federer sprinkled a double fault in between aces to hold to make it 4-4

17:27 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Federer had a break point but it was mighty impressive from the German to save it and hold his serve.

4-3 he leads

17:25 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

This is a very tight service game for Struff...will this be the vital course-changing game in this set?


17:20 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Roger hits back with a breezy service game of his own!


17:19 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Pretty good show from Struff so far on his serve. He double faulted but regained control with his forehands.

He holds his serve and now leads 3-2

17:14 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Federer forces errors off the Struff backhand and gets a good job done on his service game. He evens the score 2-2.

And that's no surprise!

17:12 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Struff faces some more pressure on his serve and stared at 30-30. But with good serves, he pulls through.

Up 2-1

17:07 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

With a quickfire service game, Federer soon makes it 1-1

17:05 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Struff shows nerves of steel and overcomes the huge pressure.

He holds and opens up a 1-0 lead in Set 2

17:04 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

He is pressing on and Struff is now tottering at 15-30 on his own serve

17:04 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

The second set has started and Federer is wasting no time to make his intentions clear!

17:00 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

It's a silky smooth service game from the Swiss. He serves out the first set 6-3

16:59 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Struff calms down and averts the danger after that.

He holds and now trails 3-5

16:56 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

And the master backs it up with a SOLID SERVICE GAME!


16:53 (GMT)6 JUL 2018


HE IS UP 4-2

16:52 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

The forehand from Federer finds the corner!

He has a break point!

16:52 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Federer has upped the intensity on his returns in this game.
It is 30-30 on the Struff serve

16:49 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Pretty fast service games so far from both ends.

Federer holds to have a 3-2 lead and has put the pressure right back on Struff!

16:47 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Still no signs of weakness from the young German. He holds his serve to 15 and evens the score to 2-2

16:43 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

The defending champion comes up with yet another buttery smooth service game and holds to 15.

Federer leads 2-1

No service break so far!

16:41 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Pretty good response from Struff after that. He holds to 15 and makes it 1-1

16:38 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Some resistance from the young German and he managed to take two points off Federer's serve.

1-0 to Federer.

16:37 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Federer is on serve and will start the proceedings.

16:36 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Hello and welcome to the liveblog.

The match is about to start.

14:58 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

Hello and Welcome to Sportskeeda's LIVE updates of Wimbledon 2018. Next up in Men's Singles is: Roger Federer vs Jan-Lennard Struff

14:58 (GMT)6 JUL 2018

As expected, the defending Champion Roger Federer started his campaighn on a high. After thrashing Dušan Lajović 6-1, 6-3, 6-4 in the first round, the Swiss Maestro defeated the Slovak Lukáš Lacko 6-4,6-4, 6-1 in the second round.

Federes Express, as he is popularly known, will be facing the German player Jan-Lennard Struff in Round 3. Federer has been full of confidence and looking at his best after in the matches so far, producing some impeccable backhand slices. 

Meanwhile, Jan-Lennard Struff, who is ranked 64th has also looked good. Both the games he has played previously have been close contests. The 28-year-old got the better of Leonardo Mayer in Round 1, and showed great resilience to come back from behind to defeat Ivo Karlović 6-7, 3-6, 7-6(4), 7-6(4), 13-11 in the second round. 

World No. 2, 36-year-old Roger Federer will be the one with the 'favourite' tag in this match. However, the promising German is sure to give him a run for his money.
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