Wimbledon 2018, Men's Singles, Semifinal: Rafael Nadal Vs Novak Djokovic, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 14, 2018 14:40 GMT

Novak Djokovic wins 6-4, 3-6, 7-6 (11-9), 10-8 over Rafael Nadal.


14:40 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Both the semifinals have gone on for an excess of five hours and have gone down to the wire, which promises to make way for an exciting summit clash at center court tomorrow! 

That's it from the riveting encounter between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal! Do stay tuned to Sportskeeda for more updates from Wimbledon 2018. 

14:33 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Game, set and match! Novak Djokovic has qualified for the finals of the Wimbledon 2018 and will face South Africa's Kevin Anderson.

A complete performance from the Serbian as he gone on to win 6-4, 3-6, 7-6 (11-9), 10-8 and has knocked the World No. 1 Rafael Nadal out of the competition.

The stoppage yesterday did Nadal a whole world of good as he clinched the fourth set but was undone in the fifth by a perseverant Novak Djokovic. 

14:32 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Oops! Nadal loses grip and slips, which helps Djokovic gain the point!

Three match points for Djokovic now. 

14:31 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Two points in a row for Djokovic as he now piles the pressure on the World No.1!

14:28 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Nadal hits the net which means Djokovic claims the game! 

Djokovic leads 9 - 8 in the fifth set. 

14:27 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Djokovic now leads 40-15 and is only a point away from taking a lead in the set. 

14:26 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Nadal snatches back a point with a scorching forehand. 

14:26 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Curvy forehand from Djokovic is too much to handle for Nadal as Djokovic takes a 30-0 lead!

14:24 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

ACE to seal the deal! Nadal has done extremely well to save the match point and clinch the game. 

Score level on 8 - 8 in the final set. 

14:24 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Suddenly, Nadal now has the advantage! 

14:23 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Not yet, Nadal's drop shot brings it down to a DEUCE! 

14:22 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

And now, match point for Novak Djokovic! 

Is this the moment?

14:22 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Stamina levels at their best for the Spaniard, who was made to run across the court, bend and stretch but in the end, somehow managed to win the point. 

Djokovic 30 - 30 Nadal. 

14:21 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Oh! Costly error from Nadal! 

The ball lobbed from off the top of the net, Nadal looks to smash a forehand but instead finds the net. 

14:19 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

First point to Djokovic as Nadal smacks the net on his return. 

14:19 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Nadal now serving to stay in the match. 

14:17 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Oh yes, he can! Djokovic claims the game after five deuces! 

Djokovic leads 8 - 7 in the fifth set. 

14:17 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

A cat and mouse game now. Advantage back with Djokovic! 

Can he convert it this time?

14:16 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

My goodness! What a player, Rafael Nadal! Takes a couple of steps to his right and powers a backhand away from the Serbian. 


14:15 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Nadal absolutely disgusted with himself as he sends the ball out of the court to give Djokovic the advantage yet again!

14:14 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

This time, it is Nadal's turn to shine! Rides the bounce and claims a point! 


14:13 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Power and precision behind a thundering backhand from Djokovic as he roars in delight! Advantage now with the Serbian. 

14:12 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Nadal's not giving up anytime soon, as it back to a deuce! 

THIRD DEUCE of this game!

14:11 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Now, advantage Djokovic! 

Can he retain his serve?

14:11 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Wow! Patience is the key for Djokovic as he sends a blazing forehand past an advancing Nadal to bring it back to a DEUCE! 


14:10 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Nadal challenges the decision of the court and he gets an important point! What a challenge that is! 

Advantage and break point Nadal!

14:09 (GMT)14 JUL 2018


Djokovic has done splendidly well to ward off two break points. 

14:08 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Not yet! Strong forehand from Djokovic and Nadal can only lob it high and out of the court. 

Second breakpoint now. 

14:07 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

DOUBLE FAULT from Djokovic! 

Nadal now has a breakpoint! Can he convert it?

14:07 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Nadal regains the lead as Djokovic's backhand hits the net. 

14:06 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Djokovic certainly pumped up as his defence finally stands tall to see Nadal send a forehand wide! 

15-15 is the score. 

14:04 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

ACE to Nadal! The southpaw stays in the game and wins another game. 

Score leveled on 7 - 7 in the fifth set. 

14:03 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Another point for Nadal! Now the Spaniard leads 40-30. 

14:03 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Body serve from Nadal, one that has served him very well today! Look at Djokovic go! He's absolutely tearing himself away that he missed out on that point. 

14:02 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Djokovic playing with depth as he currently leads 30-15 in the game. 

The crowd certainly egging the Serbian on!

14:01 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Fabulous placement from the Serbian as he sees Nadal advancing and drops it, Nadal can only fend it to the net. 

13:59 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Nadal snatches a point but Djokovic finishes off with an ACE! 

Djokovic leads 6 - 5 in the fifth set. 

13:58 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Three straight points to Djokovic as he is firmly in the driver's seat with a 40-0 lead. 

13:56 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Stunning from Nadal! Good return from Djokovic, Nadal runs to his left and sends in a whirlwind forehand to collect another game. 

Scores tied on 6 - 6 in the fifth set. 

13:55 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Nadal playing tricks with his Serbian opponent here as he leads 40-15. 

13:54 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Oops! Costly error from Djokovic as he runs all the way to the net and looks to smash but only manages to find the net. 

13:52 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Game, Djokovic! This set seems to be following suit from the previous semi-final, where both players could not break until the 50th game. 

For now, Djokovic leads 6 - 5 in the fifth set. 

13:51 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Currently, Djokovic enjoys a 40-15 lead in the game. 

13:51 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

And now Nadal challenges a decision! He thought the ball was in but instead, it remains OUT. Challenge unsuccessful. 

13:50 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Djokovic challenges the decision. Review is successful! 

Point to Djokovic. 

13:48 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

An inch-perfect serve from Nadal laced with pace sees him clinch his fifth game of the set! 

Score leveled on 5 - 5 in the fifth set. 

13:47 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

ACE to Nadal as he now leads 40-30 in the game!

13:47 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Poor show from Djokovic as he has squandered an important lead. Score leveled on 30-30. 

13:46 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

Nadal claims one back with a fiery serve! 

Djokovic 30 - 15 Nadal. 

13:46 (GMT)14 JUL 2018

And now another point to the Serbian as Nadal puts the ball out of court. 
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