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Wimbledon Finals 2019: Serena Williams vs Simona Halep Live Scores, Commentary, and Latest Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 13, 2019 14:08 GMT

Halep def Serena 6-2, 6-2 to win the Wimbledon 2019


14:08 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

This is the second Grand Slam title for Halep! She adds the Wimbledon title to the French Open 2018.

14:06 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

Score: Halep def Serena 6-2, 6-2.

14:06 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

And Halep is a Wimbledon champion!!!!!!

14:05 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

3 Championship points for Halep now!

14:04 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

Halep is serving for the title at 5-2

14:04 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

Halep is now one game away from winning the title!

14:03 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

And Serena is broken once again!

14:02 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

Halep has held her serve beautifully and is now putting pressure on the Serena serve.

She has a break point.

13:55 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

A set and a break ahead!

Can Halep win it all?

13:55 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

Halep's sublime defence has given her a break of serve in the second set.

Halep is 3-2 with a break.

13:50 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

It's a love hold for the Romanian!

The look on her face is fierce!

It's 2-2

13:47 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

Serena is getting settled into this match now. 

More comfortable service games now.

She holds and leads 2-1 in the second set.

13:45 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

Halep holds and makes it 1-1

13:41 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

Under pressure, Serena holds!

Halep's returns had made it 30-30 but Serena managed to steady herself and pull through.

Serena 1-0

13:36 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

Halep takes the first set 6-2

Wow! Who saw that coming?

13:35 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

Set point for Halep!

13:35 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

Halep's defence and running have been just too, too good.

She is paying back Serena with interest.

13:33 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

Halep misses a backhand down-the-line.


13:32 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

Serena holds another game.

She is now 2-5.

Halep will serve for the first set.

13:30 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

The forehand pass!!!!

Halep holds!

What determination from Halep!

Halep 5-1

13:29 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

Serena had a break point but hit it long!

13:26 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

Simona's running passes have been out of the world!

15-15 on her serve

13:23 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

Serena finally holds and is on the board!

Simona is still up 4-1

13:22 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

Halep just oozing brilliance with every shot!

She is 4-0 on the great Serena!

13:20 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

Serena overpressing now under pressure!

Halep 30-0 on serve!

13:17 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

Double break for Halep!!!!!


13:17 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

Serena sends backhand out!

Another break point for Halep!

13:16 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

What defence from Halep! Just running from side to side with ease!

30-15 on the Serena serve!

13:14 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

Halep holds to love!

Halep 2-0

13:13 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

Halep 40-0 on serve!

13:13 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

Serena's forehand is crumbling!

Is she feeling the pressure?

13:12 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

And Halep BREAKS!

What a start for her!

Halep 1-0

13:12 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

Halep is constantly attacking the Serena backhand.

Halep has a break point!

13:10 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

And the match is under way!

Serena serving first.

13:07 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

Serena is, of course, the favourite with seven Wimbledon titles in her kitty. Simona is in her first Wimbledon final!

Can Halep cause an upset? 

13:05 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

Are you ready to witness history? If Serena wins today, she will match Margaret Court's record of 24 Grand Slam titles. If Simona wins today, she will become the first Romanian woman to win Wimbledon.

Either way, history will be made today!

What a final we have? 

Whom are you supporting?

13:03 (GMT)13 JUL 2019

Welcome to the live coverage of the Wimbledon ladies singles final between Serena Williams and Simona Halep.
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