As it happened: PV Sindhu vs Kim Hyo Min, 21-16, 21-14

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Live coverage of PV Sindhu's first round match


19:28 (IST)22 AUG 2017

It has been a good campaign for India's singles shuttlers so far with Srikanth Kidambi, Sai Praneeth, Sameer Verma, Tanvi Lad and Rituparna Das all winning their respective first round matches.

Here's hoping for more good news in the coming days.

And with that hope, we wrap up our liveblog. Do join us tomorrow for the live coverage of Saina Nehwal's first round. Till then stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the latest updates from the BWF World Championships 2017.


19:23 (IST)22 AUG 2017

Sindhu's third round opponent would be the winner of the second round contest between the 13th seed Cheung Ngan Yi and Evgeniya Kosetskaya.

19:20 (IST)22 AUG 2017

Kim was supposed to be a dangerous first round opponent because of her win against the Indian in their last showdown.

But Sindhu smartly averted any danger. It has been a convincing display against an opponent of calibre. This should stand her in good stead.

19:18 (IST)22 AUG 2017

FINAL SCORE: PV Sindhu beats Kim Hyo Min, 21-16, 21-14

19:18 (IST)22 AUG 2017

Sindhu slams shut the Korean's comeback to win it 21-14

19:17 (IST)22 AUG 2017

19-14 now....some last-minute drama in store for us?

19:16 (IST)22 AUG 2017

It's 19-13 for the Indian presently

19:16 (IST)22 AUG 2017

Just two points away from the win now

19:16 (IST)22 AUG 2017

Sindhu now staves off the Korean's challenge to advance to 19-12

19:15 (IST)22 AUG 2017

Again the match has slowed down....Kim is trying to wear Sindhu down with her far it has not worked well for the Korean.

19:14 (IST)22 AUG 2017

17-11 for the fourth seed...will she be able to finish things now?

19:13 (IST)22 AUG 2017

Yet another point for the Korean...11-16

19:12 (IST)22 AUG 2017

Kim takes a point....10-16

19:11 (IST)22 AUG 2017

And 16-9 it is

19:11 (IST)22 AUG 2017

15-9 now for the Indian

19:10 (IST)22 AUG 2017

The aggressor in Sindhu shows up at the right time....up 14-9

19:09 (IST)22 AUG 2017

Kim is unfazed....she is still trying every way to halt the Sindhu juggernaut....9-12

19:07 (IST)22 AUG 2017

The Indian is definitely trying to make her intentions clear.

19:07 (IST)22 AUG 2017

Sindhu bags a quick point on resumption...12-8

19:05 (IST)22 AUG 2017

Sindhu takes an 11-8 lead at the interval

19:04 (IST)22 AUG 2017

Kim has come back to make it 8-10...getting tight now

19:04 (IST)22 AUG 2017

The Korean shows her resilience again...makes it 7-10

19:03 (IST)22 AUG 2017

10-6 for Sindhu

19:02 (IST)22 AUG 2017

It's 9-5 now

19:02 (IST)22 AUG 2017

Sindhu inches ahead to 9-4

19:01 (IST)22 AUG 2017

Builds on it further at 8-3

19:01 (IST)22 AUG 2017

And the Indian is in the groove now! The fourth seed is cruising at 7-3

18:59 (IST)22 AUG 2017

But Sindhu jumps out to a TWO-POINT lead again...5-3

18:59 (IST)22 AUG 2017

The Korean does come back after all....trails 3-4

18:58 (IST)22 AUG 2017

Can she extend her lead now or will the Korean come back?

18:58 (IST)22 AUG 2017

And Sindhu has started asserting herself again...up now 4-2

18:57 (IST)22 AUG 2017

3-2 now for Sindhu

18:56 (IST)22 AUG 2017

It's all level...2-2

18:56 (IST)22 AUG 2017

It's 2-1 now for the Indian

18:55 (IST)22 AUG 2017


Sindhu grabs a long rally to build a 1-0 lead

18:53 (IST)22 AUG 2017


18:51 (IST)22 AUG 2017

It's not over yet! Another long rally goes to the Korean....she makes it 16-20

18:50 (IST)22 AUG 2017

Kim saves one...15-20

18:49 (IST)22 AUG 2017


18:48 (IST)22 AUG 2017

It's 19-14 for the India No. 1

18:48 (IST)22 AUG 2017

A determined Kim has once again reduced the deficit to just FIVE points...trailing 13-18

18:46 (IST)22 AUG 2017

Sindhu leads 18-12 now

18:46 (IST)22 AUG 2017

17-11 now....long rallies have been the order of the day

18:44 (IST)22 AUG 2017

17-10 now for the Indian

18:43 (IST)22 AUG 2017

The Korean trails 10-16 now

18:43 (IST)22 AUG 2017

Kim is not willing to let Sindhu run away with this game....9-15

18:42 (IST)22 AUG 2017

And she has inched ahead to 15-8

18:41 (IST)22 AUG 2017

14-8 for the Indian

18:41 (IST)22 AUG 2017

The pace of the match has slowed down considerably..Sindhu's defence is being tested....13-8

18:40 (IST)22 AUG 2017

And it 8-12 now...Kim did win their last encounter at the Australian Open last year. So Sindhu needs to be careful.
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