World Badminton Championships 2017: PV Sindhu vs Sun Yu, Live Score and Updates: Sindhu wins 21-14, 21-9

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 25, 2017 18:53 IST

Sindhu wins 21-14, 21-9


18:53 (IST)25 AUG 2017

Tonight, Saina Nehwal will look to bring home India's second medal from this World Championships when she meets the 16th seed Kirsty Gilmour.

Her match can be expected to begin around 11.30pm IST approx.

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18:50 (IST)25 AUG 2017

Sindhu was already the first Indian to win multiple medals from the World Championships. And she only extends it further.

3 medals now (2013, 2014 and now 2017)

18:48 (IST)25 AUG 2017

WHAT A PERFORMANCE FROM SINDHU THAT WAS! Totally annihilated the fifth seed!

She came, she saw, she conquered! Like a BOSS!!

18:44 (IST)25 AUG 2017

Full score: Sindhu wins, 21-14, 21-9

18:43 (IST)25 AUG 2017



18:42 (IST)25 AUG 2017

11 MATCH POINTS....20-9

18:42 (IST)25 AUG 2017

19-9 now....sniffing distance to that third medal

18:42 (IST)25 AUG 2017

Sun gets one back...9-18

18:41 (IST)25 AUG 2017

18-8...just 3 points away from a medal

18:40 (IST)25 AUG 2017

17-8 stopping the Sindhu juggernaut today

18:39 (IST)25 AUG 2017

16-8 for the Indian

18:39 (IST)25 AUG 2017

Persistent attacks at the net gift a point to the Chinese

18:38 (IST)25 AUG 2017

15-7....she is getting closer and closer to that THIRD MEDAL

18:38 (IST)25 AUG 2017

14-7 now

18:37 (IST)25 AUG 2017

Again winning the rallies LIKE A BOSS!!

Sindhu cruising 13-6

18:36 (IST)25 AUG 2017

Sun desperately trying to hit at Sindhu but nothing is working....6-12

18:36 (IST)25 AUG 2017

11-6 now

18:35 (IST)25 AUG 2017

11-5 after the break

18:34 (IST)25 AUG 2017

Sun fumbles at the net and it is 11-4 to Sindhu at the break

18:33 (IST)25 AUG 2017

Another one in the tramlines from Sun....4-10

18:33 (IST)25 AUG 2017

WHAT DEFENCE FROM SINDHU! She forces Sun to hit the shuttle OUT!


18:31 (IST)25 AUG 2017

Sun loses the challenge.....2-8

18:31 (IST)25 AUG 2017

challenge from Sun

18:30 (IST)25 AUG 2017

Sindhu slices are back to unnerving Sun! 7-2

18:29 (IST)25 AUG 2017


Kudos to Sun for finding the edge of the baseline...2-6

18:28 (IST)25 AUG 2017

Sindhu surges to 6-1

18:28 (IST)25 AUG 2017

Sun gets her first point at 1-4

18:27 (IST)25 AUG 2017

4-0...just smooth control of this match

18:27 (IST)25 AUG 2017

And 3-0 for the Rio medallist in the blink of an eye

18:26 (IST)25 AUG 2017


1-0 to Sindhu

18:26 (IST)25 AUG 2017

 Dropshots galore from Sindhu! She bags the first game, 21-14

18:25 (IST)25 AUG 2017

Now 20-14

18:25 (IST)25 AUG 2017

What an exchange! Sindhu just pushes the shuttle across the net....20-13

18:24 (IST)25 AUG 2017

Wow! Error in judgement from Sindhu...she left a shot and it lands on the baseline....19-13

18:23 (IST)25 AUG 2017

Uh oh! Bad miss from Sindhu....19-12

18:23 (IST)25 AUG 2017

Sun struggles to reach a dropshot...11-19

18:22 (IST)25 AUG 2017

Some punch in Sun's shots...11-18

18:21 (IST)25 AUG 2017

It is 18-10 now for Sindhu

18:21 (IST)25 AUG 2017

But Sindhu cannot take things lightly as Sun gets 3 points on the trot to make it 10-16

18:20 (IST)25 AUG 2017

Point to be noted is both of them had long, grueling matches yesterday. Sindhu's match lasted 1 hour 27minutes. The Indian looks to have recovered very well.

18:19 (IST)25 AUG 2017

16-7 for Sindhu

18:19 (IST)25 AUG 2017

Maybe her previous experience of winning 2 World Championships quarter-finals is helping Sindhu?

18:18 (IST)25 AUG 2017

Sindhu cruising at 15-6

18:18 (IST)25 AUG 2017

Sindhu is just a picture of quiet confidence and determination while Sun is struggling even with her body language

18:17 (IST)25 AUG 2017

Sun gets a point here..5-13

18:16 (IST)25 AUG 2017

And Sun sends the shuttle long...Sindhu up 13-4

18:16 (IST)25 AUG 2017 traffic!

18:15 (IST)25 AUG 2017

Sun loses the challenge as Sindhu's shot catches the line....11-4 at the break

18:14 (IST)25 AUG 2017

Challenge requested by Sun Yu

18:14 (IST)25 AUG 2017

Another delicate drop....soft as a feather....10-4 for the 4th seed
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