World Badminton Championships 2017: Saina Nehwal vs Sung Ji Hyun, Live Score and Updates: Nehwal wins 21-19, 21-15

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 24, 2017 23:45 IST

Saina Nehwal wins 21-19, 21-15.


23:45 (IST)24 AUG 2017

And with that, we wrap up our liveblog for the day.

Do join us tomorrow for the quarter-finals. Let us hope for a great day of action.

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23:43 (IST)24 AUG 2017

What a day for Indian badminton!

We now have three quarter-finalists in the 2017 World Championships - Saina Nehwal, PV Sindhu and Srikanth Kidambi.

You can find out how Sindhu won her match here.

You can find out how Srikanth won his match here.

23:41 (IST)24 AUG 2017

Saina Nehwal next faces the winner of the third round contest between the sixth seed He Bingjiao and the 16th seed Kirsty Gilmour.

23:38 (IST)24 AUG 2017

Saina made the World No. 3 Sung look clueless and reduced to a pedestrian player in the last few points like only Saina can!

23:37 (IST)24 AUG 2017

Every time she was down, she turned it around with confidence!

That's why Saina is Saina!

23:30 (IST)24 AUG 2017

She joins PV Sindhu and Srikanth Kidambi in the last-eight.

23:30 (IST)24 AUG 2017


23:30 (IST)24 AUG 2017

FINAL SCORE: Saina Nehwal wins 21-19, 21-15

23:29 (IST)24 AUG 2017

And she converts the first one! 21-15

23:29 (IST)24 AUG 2017

Sung has just lost her sharpness at the net...looking dejected

Saina has MATCH POINTS....20-15

23:28 (IST)24 AUG 2017

Saina is now just TWO points away from the win....19-15

23:27 (IST)24 AUG 2017

18-14 for the Indian as she inches closer to a quarter-final berth

23:26 (IST)24 AUG 2017

16-14 for the Indian as she tries her best to separate herself from the Korean

23:25 (IST)24 AUG 2017

15-14 for the Indian now....getting tense

23:24 (IST)24 AUG 2017

Lovely crosscourt drop from the Korean to make it 13-14

23:24 (IST)24 AUG 2017

And the Indian makes it 14-12

23:23 (IST)24 AUG 2017

Sung has the net as a barrier and point goes to Saina

Saina leads 13-12

23:23 (IST)24 AUG 2017

And we are back to 12-12

23:22 (IST)24 AUG 2017

the lead has been cut down to just one point...12-11

23:21 (IST)24 AUG 2017

12-10 for the Korean now

23:20 (IST)24 AUG 2017

WHAT A CROSSCOURT SMASH from Nehwal to make it 9-11

23:17 (IST)24 AUG 2017

At the interval, Sung leads 11-7

23:17 (IST)24 AUG 2017

But Saina won't let her race away....she makes it 6-10

23:16 (IST)24 AUG 2017

It's 9-5 for the Korean with her shot just about catching the sideline

23:16 (IST)24 AUG 2017

Saina's high shot just misses the baseline and she now trails 4-8

23:15 (IST)24 AUG 2017

Two quick points go to Sung....she leads 6-4

23:14 (IST)24 AUG 2017

What rallies from the two ladies!

Furious pace and power!


23:12 (IST)24 AUG 2017

Another tight game in the offing surely!

23:12 (IST)24 AUG 2017


23:12 (IST)24 AUG 2017

It's advantage Sung


23:11 (IST)24 AUG 2017

Back to 2-2

23:10 (IST)24 AUG 2017

And 2-0 for the second seed

23:10 (IST)24 AUG 2017


Sung goes up 1-0

23:08 (IST)24 AUG 2017

Sung's return is blocked by the net!

First game goes to Nehwal, 21-19

23:06 (IST)24 AUG 2017

Fantastic body smash from Saina to get to GAME POINT


23:05 (IST)24 AUG 2017

Sung comes up with an excellent smash into the open court


23:05 (IST)24 AUG 2017

Sung is erratic now..Saina inches ahead to 19-18

23:04 (IST)24 AUG 2017

Stupendous return right into the corner 

We are back to level


23:03 (IST)24 AUG 2017

Great drop from Sung....Saina cannot do anything...Sung leads 18-17

23:03 (IST)24 AUG 2017


never count out Saina!

23:02 (IST)24 AUG 2017

And she is back to just one-point deficit!


23:02 (IST)24 AUG 2017

Nehwal prolonging the rallies, moving Sung from corner to corner to extract errors

it is working!


23:01 (IST)24 AUG 2017

Despite the wobble, Saina is still in this...14-17

23:00 (IST)24 AUG 2017

Saina lets the shuttle go and it proves costly....down 13-17

22:59 (IST)24 AUG 2017

And babysteps for Saina in her comeback...13-16

22:58 (IST)24 AUG 2017

In her urgency to earn the point, Sung sends the shuttle wide....Saina is now trailing 12-16

22:58 (IST)24 AUG 2017

Saina still doesn't look very sharp....she is down 11-16

22:56 (IST)24 AUG 2017

And the deficit of five points now....Sung up 15-10

22:56 (IST)24 AUG 2017

And it has increased to FOUR after Sung goes up to 14-10

22:55 (IST)24 AUG 2017

The gap is still of three points as Sung leads 13-10
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