World Team Table Tennis Championships 2018, Women's Group Stage: India vs China, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 29, 2018 14:47 IST

China def India 3-0 in this tie.


14:47 (IST)29 APR 2018

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14:45 (IST)29 APR 2018

The India No. 1 Manika Batra was the best performer of the tie for India and she made a couple of games very competitive for her World No. 5 opponent.

Other than that, the Chinese girls proved to be a barrier too high for the Indians.

14:43 (IST)29 APR 2018

And with that result, China have defeated India 3-0 in this tie.

14:38 (IST)29 APR 2018

Final score: Chen def Patkar 11-8, 11-1, 11-5 to give China a 3-0 lead

14:37 (IST)29 APR 2018

And Chen takes the third game 11-5, and with it, the match as well.

14:36 (IST)29 APR 2018

Chen hasn't allowed any breathing room for Patkar after that as she builds a 9-5 lead

14:35 (IST)29 APR 2018

And Patkar got another point to reduce the deficit to just two points.


14:34 (IST)29 APR 2018

Chen maintains her three-point advantage at 6-3

14:34 (IST)29 APR 2018

Patkar gets a point to close the gap to 2-5

14:33 (IST)29 APR 2018

4-1 to the Chinese now

14:32 (IST)29 APR 2018

It's 2-1 to Chen in Game 3

14:30 (IST)29 APR 2018

Chen takes the second game 11-1

14:30 (IST)29 APR 2018

Chen is adding points very, very easily now and has totally stamped her class in this game.

It's 8-1 to Chen

14:29 (IST)29 APR 2018

It's 5-1 now for Chen as Patkar is finding it very hard now

14:27 (IST)29 APR 2018

Chen opens up a 2-0 lead now in Game 2

14:25 (IST)29 APR 2018

Chen takes the first game 11-8.

14:24 (IST)29 APR 2018

Chen has game points now but Patkar isn't far behind!

Chen 10-8

14:23 (IST)29 APR 2018

Patkar makes it a two-point gap now at 6-8

14:23 (IST)29 APR 2018

Patkar has been unable to handle the spin and has allowed the World No. 1 to go up to 8-5

14:21 (IST)29 APR 2018

And Chen finally breaks free and imposes her game.

She is up 7-3

14:20 (IST)29 APR 2018

Chen inches ahead to 4-3

So far Patkar hasn't let her higher-ranked opponent to build a big lead

14:19 (IST)29 APR 2018

The match starts and it is 2-2 currently

14:17 (IST)29 APR 2018

Next up is Madhurika Patkar against the World No. 1 Chen Meng.

14:16 (IST)29 APR 2018

Batra stayed very close to the Chinese and even had leads in both Game 1 and Game 2, but eventually failed to convert that good work into games due to unforced errors off her backhand.

14:14 (IST)29 APR 2018

Final score: Wang def Batra 12-10, 11-9, 11-5 to give China a 2-0 lead over India

14:14 (IST)29 APR 2018

A forehand unforced error from Batra gives the game and the match to the Chinese.

14:13 (IST)29 APR 2018

Wang up 9-5

14:12 (IST)29 APR 2018

Manika now trails 4-8 as the World No. 5 looks very, very determined not to give an inch of space to the Indian

14:11 (IST)29 APR 2018

Batra gets a point but Wang has already raced ahead to 7-2

14:10 (IST)29 APR 2018

And Wang is playing very fast and short points...Batra looking unsettled.

Wang up 5-1 already

14:09 (IST)29 APR 2018

Wang opens up a 2-1 lead in Game 3

14:08 (IST)29 APR 2018

Batra has been playing well and making it pretty tough...just a couple of unforced errors at crucial junctures are letting her down.

14:07 (IST)29 APR 2018

Once more Batra's backhand lets her down and the game goes to Wang 11-9

14:06 (IST)29 APR 2018

Game point to Wang at 10-9

14:05 (IST)29 APR 2018

It's a time-out now

14:05 (IST)29 APR 2018

Batra's backhand fails and it sends Wang up to 9-8

14:04 (IST)29 APR 2018

The ball goes out from Batra and they are again on par!


14:03 (IST)29 APR 2018

One backhand error from Batra and a forehand winner from Wang put them back on level terms


14:02 (IST)29 APR 2018

Batra makes her mark here as she inches ahead to 7-5

14:01 (IST)29 APR 2018

Still not much to choose between the two!


14:00 (IST)29 APR 2018

And it is 3-3

13:59 (IST)29 APR 2018

The two are tied at 2-2 in Game 2

13:57 (IST)29 APR 2018

A couple of unforced errors from Batra gives the first game 12-10 to the World No. 5

13:56 (IST)29 APR 2018

And it is 10-10 as well

What a start to the second rubber!

13:55 (IST)29 APR 2018

And they continue to make this a hard-fought affair!


13:55 (IST)29 APR 2018

It's all even now at 8-8

13:54 (IST)29 APR 2018


The Chinese gets a couple of points back and now trails 6-8

13:52 (IST)29 APR 2018

And makes it 8-4

Pretty pumped up!

13:52 (IST)29 APR 2018

Batra has been calm and poised....calculating her moves well.

She takes a 7-4 lead over the World No. 5

13:51 (IST)29 APR 2018

And Manika has made a good start.

The two are tied at 4-4 in the first game
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