WWE 205 Live results 12/6/16, live updates

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Cruiserweight Championship match: Rich Swann (c) vs. Brian Kendrick
TJ Perkins makes his entrance first, to join the commentators at ringside. Brian Kendrick is interviewed backstage and is asked if he believes that Rich Swann "has his number", Kendrick responds by saying that he was distracted, which was why Rich Swann won. Kendrick goes on to claim that he was stressed out.
Kendrick then also says that he did not have time to train and promises that he was going to earn back his championship. Kendrick then goes on to say that he thought that Swann dedicating his victory to his mother was sweet and that Swann was a great wrestler and an even better human being. Kendrick goes on to say that when he won the championship, he would dedicate the victory to himself.
Kendrick then makes his entrance. Rich Swann makes his entrance next. The two competitors get introduced in the ring.
The two shake hands and trashtalk each other while they do it. They then lock hands as Kendrick immediately twists Swann's wrist. Swann sees an opening and reverses it into a wristlock of his own.
It gets reversed into a wristlock by Kendrick which Kendrick then ends up modifying into a hold that locks down both of Swann's arms. Swann kips-up to get out of the hold and puts Kendrick in a headlock. A crossbody by Swann is followed by a cover but Kendrick kicks out.
An attempted dropkick by Swann fails as Kendrick moves out. Swann immediately attempts another dropkick, which connects. Swann goes for the pin but Kendrick kicks out and slides out of the ring.
Swann follows Kendrick outside but Kendrick drives him into the barricade. Kendrick holds Swann's neck and slams him down by somersaulting off the barricade with a Sliced Bread.
Back in the ring, Kendrick pins Swann but Swann kicks out. Kendrick hits Swann with a couple of cross-face forearms and puts him in a headlock. Swann punches Kendrick in the gut and powers out, but Kendrick connects with a dropkick and turns it into a Captain's Hook.
Swann makes it to the bottom rope, resulting in a rope-break of the Captain's Hook hold.
Swann attempts a kick on a running Kendrick that barely connects. Kendrick goes out of the ring anyway. "Austin Aries" chants resonate in the arena as Rich Swann connects with a top rope twisted moonsault on a ringside Kendrick.
Swann then connects with a tiger bomb in the ring and pins Kendrick with a jacknife pin. Kendrick kicks out. Swann is clutching on to his neck. Swann attempts to go for a standing 450 but Kendrick reverses it. Swann hits Kendrick with a modified Michinoku driver and pins him, but Kendrick kicks out.
Swann then powers up and ends up hitting Kendrick with a kick. Swann attempts to go for a tiger bomb again but Kendrick gets out of it. Swann then goes on to connect with an Enziguri on Kendrick and the two men recover in the ring as the crowd chants "This is awesome"
Swann hits Kendrick with a series of right hands. Kendrick reverses it with a move of his own and pins Swann. Swann kicks out. Kendrick then attempts to go for a Captain's Hook but Swann powers out of it. Kendrick eventually ends up locking the Captain's Hook on a second attempt.
Swann tries to go for a rope break but Kendrick tumbles and brings him back to the middle of the ring, Captain's Hook still locked. Swann tries to pin Kendrick while still being in the Captain's Hook but Kendrick moves out of it.
Swann finally makes it to the bottom rope and breaks the hold.
Kendrick locks the Captain's hook through the ropes on Swann but the referee breaks it. On a second attempt to do the same, Swann tosses Kendrick out. The two then battle it out on the apron with Kendrick hitting Swann with a big boot.
Swann then drives Kendrick into the steel ringpost. Kendrick comes into the ring but realises that he had to bring Swann back into the ring to win the championship. Kendrick goes out to Rich Swann and attempts to bring him back but Swann throws him onto a seated TJ Perkins. TJ Perkins and Brian Kendrick stare each other down.
Kendrick makes it back to the ring after the stare down with TJ Perkins ends uneventfully, Swann connects with a Spinning Heel kick, also known as the Swansong on Brian Kendrick.
Rich Swann then pins Brian Kendrick for the win.
Result: Rich Swann defeats Brian Kendrick via Pinfall
After the match, Brian Kendrick leaps over the announce table and starts beating down TJ Perkins. Swann realises what was happening and runs back to help Swann out, he beats down Brian Kendrick. TJ Perkins attempts to go for a superkick on Kendrick but ends up hitting Swann instead. Brian Kendrick uses the opportunity to take out TJ Perkins. 
The show ends with Brian Kendrick staring down the Cruiserweight championship. 


Match: Ariya Daivari vs. Jack Gallagher
A video airs showing the events that unfolded on Raw, where Ariya Daivari used underhanded tactics to get the upper hand on Jack Gallagher.

Jack Gallagher's leg is taped at the knee. Ariya Daivari teases him with a handshake and this handshake goes without incident.
Ariya Daivari immediately goes for Gallagher's leg and proceeds to try an ankle lock. Gallagher reverses the momentum and turns things around by twisting Daivari's ankle around himself.
Gallagher then attempts to tie up Daivari's limbs but Daivari avoids it. Gallagher just stomps on his legs instead. Gallagher then gets driven to the corner but ends up suspending himself upside down from the top turnbuckle instead, stopping Daivari with his leg from doing anything further.
Daivari ends up beating down Gallagher in the middle of the ring, culminating in a series of kicks, he also drives Gallagher's injured ankle into the ropes with a series of kicks. A couple of unsuccessful pin attempts by Daivari are followed by him going outside the ring and slamming Gallagher's knee into the apron and the steel ringpost, respectively.
Daivari then drives Gallagher's knee to the ringpost again and rips out the bandage from Gallagher's knee. Daivari attempts to go for a powerslam but Gallagher turns things around by a series of uppercuts. Daivari reverses the momentum and tries to pin Gallagher three times but Gallagher kicks out.
Daivari then locks Gallagher's injured knee into a submission hold. Gallagher tries to hit Daivari with his other leg but Daivari holds on. Daivari grabs hold of both of Gallagher's legs but Gallagher rolls him up for a pinfall attempt. Gallagher pins Daivari again with a crucifix, Daivari kicks out again.
Daivari then gets hit with a headbutt and Gallagher tries to pin him one more time. Daivari kicks out. Gallagher picks Daivari up but Daivari rakes his eye and drops Gallagher to his knees once again. Daivari then drives a kick through Gallagher's knee.
Daivari then connects with a frog splash on a downed Gallagher and pins him for the win.
Result: Ariya Daivari defeats Jack Gallagher via Pinfall


Match: Noam Dar vs. Cedric Alexander
Noam Dar makes his entrance. Alicia Fox is shown walking Cedric Alexander to the match backstage and she kisses him, telling him that she was going to be watching his "every move", Alexander acknowledges it.
Alexander makes his entrance and the two shake hands before starting things off.
Alexander and Noam Dar lock horns in the middle of the ring and the referee breaks them up as they go to the ropes. Noam Dar gets the upper hand eventually but gets Irish whipped by Alexander. Dar counters with an armdrag into a side headlock.
Dar then proceeds to work on Alexander's arm some more by twisting it around. Alexander tries to go for a front facelock but Dar doesn't let it happen.
Alexander attempts to bounce Dar off the ropes but Dar continues to twist Alexander's arm. Alexander finally breaks free and connects with a standing dropkick and a hurricanrana. Alexander then connects with a wrecking ball dropkick on a ringside Dar.
Dar then gets brought back to the ring by Alexander and Alexander punches him. Dar ends up connecting with a modified stunner on Alexander. With Alexander's neck hitting the top rope.
Dar then proceeds to break Alexander down further in the ring, he then punches Alexander in the corner but Alexander counters with a couple of chops across Dar's chest. Dar gets back into the match himself and goes for a pin but Alexander kicks out.
Dar goes back to twisting Alexander's arm but Alexander tries to power out of it. Dar hits Alexander with a European uppercut after hitting him with a low-ish blow. Dar then proceeds to kick Alexander in the corner and strangles Alexander with his boot, but the referee stops it.
Alexander tries to chop Dar across the chest again but Dar continues to break down Alexander's arm by pulling it through the ropes from an uncomfortable angle. Dar does the same thing on the other side of the ring and also drives his boot into Alexander's neck.
Alexander connects with a series of chops and tries a sunset flip but Dar doesn't fall for it and proceeds to break Alexander's arm down even further. Alexander finally comes back into the match with an uppercut onto a running Dar and hits him with a series of forearms and a back elbow.
Alexander then hits Dar with a springboard crossbody, which followed a kick to Dar's head. Alexander seems to be whinging in pain from the arm that had been broken down by Dar further.
Dar rolls Alexander up but Alexander kicks out of the pin attempt. Alexander tries an acrobatic move but Dar hits him in the chest and proceeds to pin him. Alexander kicks out. Dar immediately transitions into an armbar and beats it down even further.
Alexander screams in pain and counters with a roll-up. Dar kicks out. Alexander then ends up connecting with a kick to a running Dar's face at the corner. He attempts a split legged moonsault but Dar moves out as Dar connects with a running kick.
Noam Dar pins Cedric Alexander and takes the win.
Result: Noam Dar defeats Cedric Alexander via Pinfall

Noam Dar gets interviewed after the match and dedicates his victory to Alicia Fox. 


Promo: Rich Swann's victory

A promo for Rich Swann airs to kick things off. It shows his victory over Brian Kendrick and him dedicating the win to his mother. 

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