WWE 205 Live Results: 20th December 2016

Updated: 21 December 2016 09:23 IST - Published: December, 21 2016 08:30 AM IST

Tag Team Match: Brian Kendrick and Neville vs. TJ Perkins and Rich Swann

Neville makes his entrance first. Brian Kendrick comes out next. TJ Perkins then makes his entrance and is followed by Rich Swann.

The match is started off by Neville and Rich Swann. Neville immediately takes Swann out with a punch and kicks him as he goes down. Neville then takes Swann into the corner turnbuckle and chops him across the chest before taking him into the middle of the ring and connecting with a dropkick to the back of Swann's head.

Neville then takes Swann to the other corner and kicks him down. Swann looks bewildered as Swann continues to kick Swann in the head. He then holds Swann by his hair and follows it up with a knee to Swann's head. He then puts Swann in a chinlock.

Swann struggles but turns around and makes it out of the hold. Neville, however, punches him across the face and takes him down again. Neville then sets Swann up for a suplex and raises him in the air before bringing him down for a Vertical Suplex.

Neville then connects with a flying forearm on Swann in the corner. Neville then drives his elbows onto Swann's shoulders and head. He then squeezes Swann's face, causing the refere to stop him. He then throws Swann onto the corner once again.

Neville then drives his boot against the neck of Swann in the corner. The referee breaks the hold. Swann then manages to punch Neville, he then bounces off the ropes, Perkins makes the tag, Neville doesn't see it and slams Swann down anyway.

At this point, Perkins connects with a crossbody off the top rope on Neville. He then pushes Neville into the corner where Kendrick makes the tag. Kendrick and Neville have a small staredown.

Perkins and Kendrick go at it. An attempt at Sliced Bread #2 is reversed by Perkins and he connects with a dropkick. Perkins covers Kendrick for a pinfall attempt but Kendrick kicks out. Perkins connects with a Senton Atomico on Kendrick off the ropes and covers him for the pin but Kendrick kicks out.

Perkins then suplexes Kendrick and tries to go for another suplex but Kendrick reverses it. Perkins tags Swann. Kendrick immediately starts beating down Swann with forearms and kicks but Swann fights back with punches of his own. The two men have a punch-exchange with Swann coming out on top with a series of clotheslines and a spinning back kick to Kendrick.

Kendrick manages to tag Neville in after hitting Swann with a Flatliner. Neville beats Swann down with a German Suplex and covers him for a pin but Swann kicks out. Neville then runs into a boot by Swann and Swann punches him. Neville quickly recovers, only to get hit by a Superkick from Swann.

Swann covers Neville for a pin but Neville kicks out. Neville hits Swann with a big clothesline. The two men struggle to tag in their partners Kendrick ends up tagging himself in. TJ Perkins kicks Kendrick with several kicks in quick succession. He hits Kendrick with a double chicken wing facebuster. He then pins Kendrick but Kendrick kicks out.

Perkins then locks in the kneebar on Kendrick. Kendrick struggles to make it to the ropes but Neville breaks it by interfering. Swann gets tagged in and immediately takes Neville out.

Both Perkins and Swann end up hitting Kendrick with a double superkick. Perkins hits Neville with another kick on the apron. He attempts to go on the top rope but Neville kicks him in return instead.

Kendrick, in the ring, connects with a kick and a Sliced Bread #2 on Swann. He then locks in the Captain' Hook. TJ Perkins tries to interfere but Neville holds him back. Perkins manages to kick Neville and breaks the hold by Kendrick on Rich Swann.

Neville gets tagged in and stares Rich Swann down. He asks Swann if this was all the Cruiserweight division was. Swann kicks him in response, Neville kicks him back. TJ Perkins gets tagged in and tries to go for a springboard move but Neville hits him with an Enzuigiri in mid-air.

Brian Kendrick takes out Rich Swann with a Topa Suicida. Neville then hits TJ Perkins with a Red Arrow and pins him for the win.

Result: Neville and Brian Kendrick defeat Rich Swann and TJ Perkins via Pinfall 


Segment: Alicia Fox, Cedric Alexander and Noam Dar backstage
Alicia Fox says she was alright and that she was lucky that Noam came down to help her. Cedric Alexander thanks Noam and says that he would take care of Alicia from here on. 
Noam Dar tells Alicia Fox that should she ever need his help, he would always be there. Alicia Fox thanks him and Noam Dar leaves, as Cedric Alexander begrudgingly looks on. 


Match: Cedric Alexander (with Alicia Fox) vs. Drew Gulak

Cedric Alexander makes his entrance first, accompanied by Alicia Fox. A video package is shown, with the events of Raw where Alexander defeated Noam Dar and Dar commented about wanting Alicia Fox for Christmas.

Drew Gulak makes his entrance next. The two shake hands and the match begins with both men locking horns as Drew Gulak takes Alexander down.
The men get back on their feet and a quick back and forth ensues with Gulak taking Alexander down but Alexander kips up to his feet again. Alexander then proceeds to connect with a couple of chops and European uppercut. He then places Gulak in a submission hold, converts it into a pin, which Gulak kicks out of.
Gulak runs into Cedric Alexander and hits him with a forearm. Alexander reverses the momentum by punching Gulak in retaliation. Alexander's repeated striking against Gulak is stopped by the referee and Gulak capitalizes by driving Alexander's neck onto the middle rope instead.
Gulak then beats Alexander down and drives his face into the mat. Gulak then holds Alexander in a chokehold but Alexander gets out of it. Gulak then throws Alexander in the corner turnbuckle but Alexander counters with a double stomp. The two men recover for a moment.
Alexander hits Gulak with a couple of kicks and then connects with a Handspring Enziguri. Gulak gets back on his feet as Alexander springboards off the top rope and Clotheslines Gulak down. Alexander then pins Gulak but Gulak kicks out.
The two switch waistlock positions as Gulak hits Alexander with an elbow. Alexander then suplexes Gulak over the top rope but ends up crashing outside himself, after Gulak reverses the momentum.
Gulak then pushes Alexander on Alicia Fox at ringside. Alicia appears to be injured. Back in the ring, Gulak continues to beat down Alexander with kicks in the corner.
At this point, Noam Dar comes out and assists Alicia Fox to her feet. He then starts carrying her backstage. Alexander is distracted and Gulak attempts to roll him up, Alexander kicks out and hits Gulak with his finisher, the Lumbar Check.
Cedric Alexander covers Drew Gulak for the pin and the win.
Result: Cedric Alexander defeats Drew Gulak via Pinfall
Cedric Alexander then runs off backstage immediately, to check on Noam Dar and Alicia Fox. 

After the match, Drew Gulak gets interviewed and says that Women didn't belong in 205 Live and that it was dangerous for them to be there. He says that Alicia Fox shouldn't have been at ringside and blames her for his defeat.


Segment: Brian Kendrick and Neville backstage
Brian Kendrick wonders whether he could call Neville his friend. Neville says that he respected Brian Kendrick for his accomplishments and that him and Neville were the ones who laid the foundation for the Cruiserweight division by fighting 300-pounders. 
Neville says that he was Kendrick's partner for the match later in the night, but they weren't going to be friends as there could only be one champion in 205 Live. 


Match: Ariya Daivari vs. Lince Dorado
Ariya Daivari makes his entrance as a video package is shown chronicling the confrontation between him and Jack Gallagher two weeks ago.

Lince Dorado comes out next.

Austin Aries is on commentary and comments that Lince Dorado couldn't "rock a cape", the two shake hands and the match begins.
The two competitors start things off with Daivari putting Dorado in a wristlock. Dorado gets out of it by somersaulting. He then somersaults a few times trying to get to Daivari but Daivari moves away.
Daivari then pushes Dorado off the ropes but Dorado connects with a Hurricanrana. Dorado jumps off the top rope but Daivari moves away. Daivari connects with a leaping neckbreaker and attempts a pin but Dorado kicks out of it.
Daivari beats Lince Dorado down with punches. Dorado counters the momentum by punching Daivari back and tries to connect with a leaping dropkick on the corner, Daivari moves away.
Daivari connects with a big clothesline and pins Dorado but Dorado kicks out, Daivari, after some offence, goes for another pin but Dorado kicks out again. Daivari then puts Dorado in a chinlock as Dorado struggles.

Dorado makes it back to his feet and punches Daivari, breaking the hold. Daivari punches Dorado in the back. The two bounce off the ropes and Dorado tries a move but Daivari moves away and tries to clothesline Dorado.
Dorado moves away, and clotheslines Daivari instead. Daivari pushes Dorado off to the ropes but Dorado connects with a Hand-spring Stunner. Daivari slides out of the ring to recover but Dorado connects with a suicide dive on him.
Dorado, who almost missed the last move, comes back to the ring with Daivari and connects with a top rope crossbody. Dorado attempts a pin but Daivari kicks out of it. He then connects with a springboard Hurricanrana on Daivari.
Daivari attempts to reverse the momentum but Dorado connects with an Enziguri. Daivari pushes him away off the top rope, Dorado runs into Daivari's extended boot. Daivari then gets on the top rope and connects with a Frog Splash.
Ariya Daivari connects Lince Dorado for the win.
Result: Ariya Daivari defeats Lince Dorado via Pinfall
After the match, Daivari accuses people of turning a blind eye to Jack Gallagher because he was "entertaining", he accuses Gallagher of being a scoundrel, not a gentleman, who humiliates his opponents. 

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