WWE 205 Live Results: 27th December 2016

Neville challenges Rich Swann..
Updated: 28 December 2016 09:30 IST - Published: December, 28 2016 08:44 AM IST

Neville continues to hammer Swann after the match as referees interfere and get Neville off.


Neville meets Rich Swann on the top turnbuckle but Swann hits repeated punches to throw him off. Swann looks to go for the 450 Splash but Neville trips him before hitting another Enzeguiri.

Neville meets Swann on the top rope once again and hits the Superplex and pins Rich Swann!

Neville def. Rich Swann

Neville is now the new #1 contender.


Neville heads to the top rope and looks for a Corkscrew Moonsault and missed. Swann immediately capitalises with a superkick to the head but once again all he gets is a nearfall.


Swann hit a vicious kick to Neville's midsection and followed it up with a massive Tiger Bomb on Neville for the nearfall. Neville then pushes Swann out of the ring before hitting a sweet Enzeguiri, which dropped Swann to ringside.

Neville looks for another suicide dive but Swann climbs back into the ring and hits a Superkick followed by the Fantastic Voyage for the nearfall.


Neville continues to work on Rich Swann's back, hitting a standing Shooting Star Press. INCREDIBLE. 

Neville kicks Swann in the head as chants of USA break out. Swann tries to mount a fightback and hits a gorgeous Hurracanrana to Neville, who was on the top turnbuckle at the time. Swann follows it up with a back kick from the apron before hitting a Phoenix Splash to Neville who was at ringside. What a match!


Rich Swann (C) vs Neville 

Swann charges at Neville as soon as the match began. He hits Neville with a flying crossbody before raining down punches at him. Swann then hits an incredible somersault dropkick. 

Neville hits back and drives Swann out of the ring, smashing him into the barricade. He drags Swann across ringside, sending him into the barricade again.

In no mood for games, Neville once again targets Swann's back, this time sending him back-first into the apron. Swann is laid out as the referee begins his count.

Swann looks to get back into the ring as Neville hits a suicide dive, but he almost misses Swann. He then rolls Swann back into the ring and traps him in a headlock. 


Jack Gallagher vs Ariya Daivari (Gentleman's Duel)

Gallagher points out the weapons before the match - a frying pan, a rope, a lead pipe, an umbrella, a candle holder and a teapot.

Gallagher allows Daivari to pick first and Daivari picks up a lead pipe. Gallagher picks up an umbrella. Daivari is delighted that he gets the lead pipe as Gallagher tells Daivari to stand back to back to begin the duel.

Daivari tries to cheapshot Gallagher who ducks and low blows Daivari with the umbrella before smasing him on the head with it. Gallagher then uses the umbrella to sweep Daivari off his feet.

An incensed Daivari smashes Gallagher's face into the table before stomping a mudhole in him. Daivari then goes to pick up a wrench but Gallagher hits him with multiple headbutts before finishing him off with a running dropkick.

Jack Gallagher wins by forfeit


Mustafa Ali vs John Yurnet

Mustafa Ali looks to impress his hometown audience as he faces the debuting John Yurnet.

Yurnet picks up an early injury soon after the match began. Mustafa Ali shows some impressive offence. He hits a reverse DDT on Unit before heading to the top rope and hitting an Inverted 450 Splash for the easy win. Impressive performance from the young man.

Mustafa Ali def. John Yearnit

Ali cut a great promo after the match saying that he was made in Chicago. However, he added that sometimes people assume things about him because of his name and skin colour and he had come to the WWE looking to change the fans perspective. He then added that the was warmly received by fans and that helped him realize that the fans had accepted him.


Cedric Alexander (w/Alicia Fox) vs Tony Nese (w/Drew Gulak)

Cedric starts off strong, hitting some beautiful moves on Tony Nese. He takes Nese down with a head scissors before Nese deposits him outside the ring. Nese ten brings him back into the ring and locks in a headlock. Cedric breaks out with a Jawbreaker before hitting the Springboard Enzeguiri.

Alexander the hits the springboard elbow drop but only gets a 2-count of it. Nese hits back with a crushing clothesline.

Gulak and Alicia Fox have an altercation at ringside as a crazy Fox yells at Gulak and tells him that he doesn't belong there before the referee ejects her. Nese uses the distraction to hit a palm strike to the jaw.

Tony Nese then covered Cedric Alexander for the win.

Tony Nese def. Cedric Alexander

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