WWE Backlash Results, live updates and video highlights

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Backlash is set to be tremendous!


03:27 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Reigns looked like he was passing out for a second but he regroups and manages to get to the rope. Joe has Roman in the corner and signals for a Muscle Buster but Roman leaps off and hits the Spear. 1-2-3! Its over and the crowd are booing again.

Roman Reigns def. Samoa Joe

03:25 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Joe looks to lock in the Coquina Clutch again. He fails the first time but locks it in after the second attempt. 

03:23 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Roman goes for a spear but Joe hits him with an enzeguiri. Reigns tries again and this time hits the Spear but Joe gets his foot on the rope.

03:22 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

This match hasn't been very interesting so far, so it begs the question - why was this the main-event? Roman goes to hits second Drive-By jut Joe catches him and goes for a Coquina Clutch. Roman breaks free and hits a Superman Punch.

03:18 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Joe catches Roman with a right hand and Roman replied with a big boot, taking Joe down for the first time. Joe rolls out of the ring and Roman hits the Drive By.

03:17 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Joe has a third submission hold locked in on Roman. We get a "This is boring" chant.

03:15 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

The crowd sound really restless as Roman makes another comeback. Joe guillotines Roman against the top rope, sending him out of the ring before hitting another suicide dive.

03:13 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Brief "CM Punk" chants break out as Joe has a headlock on Roman. Joe tells Roman that he needs to go away. Roman makes his way back to his feet and finally gets some offence him but Joe catches him with an enzeguiri in the corner.

03:09 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

The bel rings and the match officially gets underway as Joe hits him with repeated jabs in the corner. Roman look down and out already as Joe hits a knee drop.

03:07 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Samoa Joe vs Roman Reigns

Joe goes right after Joe, hitting him with an Uranage through the announcer's table. Joe then throws Reigns across the German announcer's table.

03:03 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

02:58 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Braun drags Sami back into the ring after the match and hits him with the running powerslam. Something about Lashley still isn't quite clicking and WWE need to figure out what it is fast.

02:55 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Owens is at the mercy of Lashley and Strowman. Lashley hits the delayed vertical suplex for the finish.

Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley def. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

02:54 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Sami Zayn looks to run away and  Owens stops him. Owens wants to stay and fight. Zayn rolls Owens in. Owens and Zayn start fighting. Zayn slaps Owens across the face. Owens looks livid.

02:52 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Lashley tags Strowman in as KO tags himself in. Strowman runs him down in the corner and then chases Zayn at ringside, wiping Owens out during the chase.

02:51 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Zayn tags himself in and he has Lashley in a headlock. Lashley hits Zayn with an STo and both men are down.

02:50 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Zayn rolls out of the ring to take a breather. Lashley follows him out and sends Zayn crashing into the barricade. Zayn uses a distraction by KO to hit Lashley with a stungun against the top rope. Zayn tags in KO who hits a senton and rolls Lashley back into the ring.

02:48 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Lashley runs into a boot from KO but hits back with a swinging neckbreaker. Zayn tags himself in but Lashley's all over him.

02:47 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Lashley takes Zayn down with a shoulder and Zayn rolls to his corner and tags in Owens.

02:46 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

Owens and Zayn have a steep task ahead of them as Zayn starts off agaist Lashley.

02:37 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Neither man can get to their feet before the 10-count and this one is over.

AJ Styles retains

02:35 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Both men try to get to their feet. The exchange right hands. Nakamura replies with a headbutt and both men low blow each other again, this time at the same time.

02:34 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

AJ goes for the Styles Clash and Nakamura hits the low blow. Styles hits back with a low blow of his own. Both men are down.

02:33 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

AJ hits Nakamura with a running forearm followed by an Ushi Goroshi but Nakamura kicks out again.

02:31 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

AJ's busted open from the ricocheting chair. AJ locks in the Calf Crusher. Can Nakamura hold on?

02:30 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

AJ kicks out and now Nakamura looks frustrated. He sets up for the Kinshasa. Styles throws the steel chair into Nakamura's knee and that sounded nasty.

02:30 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Nakamura gets a steel chair. He goes to whack Styles but AJ counters, Nakamura catches him with the heel kicks and hits a reverse exploder into the steel chair.

02:28 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Styles heads for the top rope but Nakamura catches him and deposits him on the top rope. He then hits the running knee and follows it up with a knee from the middle rope. Styles kicks out at 2 and a half.

02:25 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

The action heads back outside the ring and this time Nakamura sends Styles into the barricade.

02:24 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Nakamura catches Styles with a nasty kick, taking him down. Nakamura follows it up by driving his knee into Styles.

02:22 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Nakamura jams his boot against Styles throat against the corner before following it up with the Good Vibrations.

02:21 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

02:21 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Nakamura follows it up with a running knee as Styles' torso hung off the apron. He follows it up with another one, this time jumping off the steel stairs.

02:20 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Nakamura throws Styles into the steel steps. That looked nasty.

02:20 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Styles goes for another running splash but this time Nakamura gets out of the way as Styles goes chest-first into the barricade.

02:19 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Styles goes for a dropkick but Nakamura holds onto the ropes. Nakamura bounces off the ropes again but this time Styles catches him with the dropkick. Styles follows Nakamura out of the ring and throws him into the barricade again. Styles hits him with a running splash against the barricade.

02:18 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Styles rolls AJ back into the ring and hits a snap suplex. He goes for the cover but only gets a 1-count. Styles follows up an elbow from Nakamura with a backbreaker. A good start to the match from Styles but Nakamura pokes him in the eye before raking his face.

02:16 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

AJ Styles (C) vs Shinsuke Nakmura (for the WWE Championship)

Nakamura instigates Styles again and Styles picks off from where he left off in Jeddah. He sends Nakamura into the barricade and then around to the German announce table.

02:14 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Nakamura gets into AJ's face even before the match starts.

02:11 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

02:08 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Charlotte holds the knee that buckled after her moonsault as Carmella walks away still holding the SmackDown Women's Championship.

02:05 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

02:05 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Charlotte breaks out of it and goes for a Moonsault. She looks to have landed badly and Carmella immediately rolls Charlotte up for the win.

Carmella def. Charlotte

02:04 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Carmella does the moonwalk and turns around as Charlotte catches her with a spear. Carmella counters the Figure 4 into the Code of Silence.

02:03 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Charlotte hits Carmella with a knee to the back of the neck before going out to the apron. She looks for a big boot but Carmella pulls her down by the hair, neck-first onto the apron.

02:01 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Charlotte goes for a bodyslam but Carmella counters it and has another submission locked in. Charlotte gets to her feet and boots Carmella away. Charlotte follows it up with the standing STO and the signature Flair chops.

01:59 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Charlotte breaks out of the hold and Carmella immediately catches her with another Superkick.

01:58 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Charlotte springboards our of the ring and Carmella catches her with a Superkick. Carmella now has a chokehold locked in.

01:56 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Carmella (C) vs Charlotte (for the SmackDown Women's Championship)

Carmella tries to copy the Flair Strut and Charlotte boots her out of the ring. Carmella tries to leave with the title and Charlotte chases her and drags her into the ring.

01:45 (GMT)7 MAY 2018

Cass hits Bryan with a Big Boot before posing for the fans again.
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