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WWE Crown Jewel 2023 Live Results: Roman Reigns wins after huge botch, John Cena retires?!

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 04, 2023 20:34 GMT

Find out everything that happens at Crown Jewel 2023!


20:34 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

That has to be one of the best Crown Jewel events so far. Thanks for joining us at Sportskeeda for joining our live coverage! We will see you all for Monday Night RAW!

20:32 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

Roman Reigns cuts LA Knight in half with another vicious Spear, and that's finally enough to put LA Knight away!

Roman Reigns def. LA Knight to retain the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

20:31 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

LA Knight hits Roman with the BFT. Jimmy Uso is a little late in putting Roman's foot on the rope and it seems like the referee counted to three. That could be a huge botch...

LA Knight has Reigns reeling at ringside. Jimmy Uso tries to get involved but gets taken out. Roman now Spears LA Knight through the barricade and rolls him back into the ring.

20:31 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

Roman Reigns now has a Guillotine locked in, but the challenger is trying to fight his way out of it. Even Paul Heyman looks concerned.

20:27 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

LA Knight finally looked to be gathering some momentum, but Jimmy Uso is out here for the distraction. Knight gets his hands on Jimmy but eats a Superman Punch and Spear. He somehow still kicks out! Roman can't believe it.

20:24 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

There were brief CM Punk chants during Crown Jewel

20:24 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

LA Knight briefly manages to fight back, but the Tribal Chief is firmly in control. Roman goes for a Superman Punch, but LA Knight nails him with a neckbreaker. Reigns is back up and hits a Superman Punch for a nearfall.

20:19 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

The champion has looked dominant, but the fans in attendance are still firmly behind LA Knight. Reigns nails the challenger with a clothesline before gesturing to the fans.

20:19 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

Roman Reigns has LA Knight grounded with a cravat lock. LA Knight fights back to his feet but is taken down again with a clothesline.

20:16 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

LA Knight is on top now. He elbows the champ across the throat and follows it up with a flying clothesline. Reigns fights back, sending Knight crashing into the steel steps. That was nasty. Reigns is getting into his groove here.

20:13 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

Roman Reigns (C) vs LA Knight [for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship]

LA Knight starts hot off the gates, but Roman Reigns quickly swats him back. Roman takes a moment to mock the fans' support for LA Knight before laying into his challenger with right hands.

20:09 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

The Tribal Chief is here

20:07 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

Triple H spotted with Logan Paul after his US Title win

20:03 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

UP NEXT: LA Knight gets a shot at title gold against Roman Reigns.

19:57 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

Cody Rhodes finally nails Damian Priest with another Cross Rhodes. This time, it's too much for Priest to kick out, and Cody picks up the win!

Cody Rhodes def. Damian Priest

19:56 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

Cody now nails Priest with a Cody Cutter off the top rope! Cody now goes for the cover, but it's only a nearfall! Both men are giving this everything.

19:55 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

Dirty Dom is now coming out with a steel chair. It's Jey Uso! Jey takes out Dom, JD, and Finn with superkicks and forces them back. 

Cody now surprises Priest and is all over him, coming close to picking up the three-count himself.

19:53 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

JD McDonagh tries to get involved, but Cody swats him away. Priest used the distraction to hit the South of Heaven chokeslam, but it's only a nearfall.

19:52 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

Back in the ring, Cody hits Senor MITB with a Cross Rhodes in the middle of the ring. We now have Finn Balor coming out to make the distraction.

19:51 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

Priest now wants to hit a Razor's Edge, but Cody breaks out of it and sends Priest crashing into the announcer's table. Priest now nails Rhodes with The Reckoning onto the table.

19:50 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

Cody's ankle is definitely affecting him here, and Priest capitalizes, pounding him at ringside.

19:47 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

Cody Rhodes vs Damian Priest

Priest attacks Cody Rhodes before the bell, and things are heated already. As the bell rings, Rhodes takes Priest down and forces him to roll out of the ring. More back and forth before Priest takes control of the match. Cody with a forearm, but he seems to have tweaked his ankle. Priest hits a Flatliner to take Cody down.

19:45 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

Kairi is back!

19:38 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

Bianca manages to roll back into the ring to beat the count, but SKY nails her with a moonsault and pins her.

IYO SKY def. Bianca Belair to retain the WWE Women's Title

SKY and Sane celebrate inside the ring as Bayley looks on in shock. Don't forget that Bayley was the one who bundled Kairi Sane out of WWE.

19:36 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

Kairi Sane is BACK!

19:35 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

Bianca Belair goes to hit Bayley with the KOD but she gets attacked. It's Kairi Sane! Kairi Sane is back in WWE!

19:34 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

IYO leaps off the top rope, but Biana hits the KOD. Bayley is up on the apron for the distraction, and Belair knocks her out of the ring. Belair now takes Bayley out with a dive over the top rope. SKY tries to stop her and clocks Bayley by mistake.

19:32 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

Belair heads to the top rope, but Bayley is out for the distraction. IYO SKY isn't happy that Bayley is out here, but Bayley asks her to trust her. IYO manages to break out of the KOD and heads up to the top rope. It's time to fly for IYO SKY, and she nails the challenger with a dropkick. Two-count!

19:27 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

IYO SKY has Bianca Belair tied up in a tree of woe off the top rope. She now slams into Belair with a running dropkick to the injured knee. IYO now has a modified Brock Lock locked in on Bianca Belair.

19:24 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

IYO SKY has been all over the challenger so far. Belair is hobbling here, but she manages to avoid the moonsault from SKY.

19:22 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

IYO lays into the leg with a series of kicks. Bianca desperately tries for a roll-up but only gets one count. She hits back with a suplex before being taken down again.

19:22 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

IYO SKY (C) vs Bianca Belair [for the WWE Women's Championship]

The champ has a plan here, and it's to go after Bianca Belair's knee. SKY is doing a good job so far, and Belair is already favoring the knee.

19:12 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

Logan Paul wins!

19:11 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

Rey capitalizes and nails a 619. Paul has the brass knuckles in his hands! He now smashes Rey Mysterio with them! 1-2-3! Logan Paul is the new US Champion!

Logan Paul def. Rey Mysterio to become the new United States Champion.

19:10 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

We have one of Logan Paul's entourage at ringside. He hands brass knuckles to Logan Paul. However, Rey manages to knock it out of the ring. Santos Escobar is now out at ringside and stops the shenanigans.

19:07 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

Logan Paul just nailed Rey Mysterio with an incredible moonsault Fallaway slam from the middle rope. That has to be seen to be believed. However, Rey kicks out at the last second.

19:05 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

Logan Paul goes for the Haymaker but Rey ducks. Mysterio now has a crossface locked in on Paul who scrambles for the bottom rope.

19:04 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

Mysterio has some momentum and he's looking to capitalize. However, he's taken out with a huge spinning clothesline by Logan Paul! He can't get the three-count off it as Rey kicks out at the last second.

19:02 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

Logan Paul continues to dominate the match even though he's getting a little frustrated. Paul charges at Mysterio to crash into the corner and is out of the ring. Mysterio takes him out with a dive to ringside.

19:00 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

Paul plants Mysterio in the middle of the ring and hits a modified running splash. The challenger is dominating and locks in a bear hug on Rey Mysterio.

18:57 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

Logan Paul has quickly taken control of the match. He hits a moonsault and continues to lay into Rey Mysterio in the corner.

18:55 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

Rey Mysterio (C) vs Logan Paul [for the WWE United States Championship]

We have a collar and elbow tie-up to start us off. Logan Paul overpowers the champ and pushes him back into the corner. Mysterio fights back and looks to lock in a submission. Logan Paul quickly rolls out.

18:50 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

The United States Championship match is up next as Rey Mysterio defends against Logan Paul. We get a video package of Logan Paul out in the desert earlier in the day, and Paul drives his way into the arena for his match.
Logan Paul on his way.

18:41 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

Al Hajjaj is very charismatic and he nails Grayson Waller with his version of the People's Elbow to a massive cheer from the fans in attendance.

18:40 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

Grayson Waller just kicked Ibrahim Al Hajjaj! But Miz isn't having any of this! He takes out Grayson Waller with a Skull Crushing Finale assisted with a kick from Al Hajjaj!

18:38 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

Miz and Grayson are arguing, but Ibrahim Al Hajjaj intervenes to try and stop them. Al Hajjaj says he's a bigger fan of Miz TV, and Waller isn't happy.

18:37 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

The Miz and Al Hajjaj are actually getting along well when Grayson Waller interrupts and tries to take over Miz TV. He says that it's not 2005 anymore, and The Grayson Waller Effect is the hottest show in WWE.

18:34 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

The Miz is in the ring for a very very special edition of Miz TV. Miz is joined by Saudi film star Ibrahim Al Hajjaj!

18:33 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

It was a tough night for John Cena at WWE Crown Jewel

18:26 (GMT)4 NOV 2023

He continues to savagely hit John Cena with more Samoan Spikes and SOLO SIKOA PINS JOHN CENA! That was emphatic. That was a statement.

Solo Sikoa def. John Cena
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