WWE Crown Jewel Results, November 2nd 2018, Live Updates & Commentary

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Shawn Michaels comes out of retirement, a new Universal champ to be crowned and more at Crown Jewel!


01:20 (IST)3 NOV 2018

01:16 (IST)3 NOV 2018

The two teams are worn down and DX stand tall in the war of groups. That's a wrap for Crown Jewel! 

01:14 (IST)3 NOV 2018

The Brothers Of Destruction go for a double tombstone but Shawn Michaels rakes Kane's eyes and they escape, leading to HBK hitting a superkick followed by a pedigree from Triple H. DX WINS! 

DX def. The Brothers Of Destruction

Shawn Michaels busted open

01:11 (IST)3 NOV 2018

Triple H hits a VERY bad pedigree onto Undertaker. He sends Kane outside and looks to pin Undertaker but gets caught by the HELL'S GATE! 

01:10 (IST)3 NOV 2018

01:10 (IST)3 NOV 2018

Triple H is finally back and Shawn Michaels struggles but tags himself in. Triple H has the hot tag but he's not at a 100%. He takes Kane down and lands the spinebuster on The Phenom.

01:08 (IST)3 NOV 2018

Kane's mask falls off during the action. Camera focuses to Undertaker trying to attack Shawn Michaels before being sent head first into the ring post. Shawn Michaels attacks Kane, who goes outside. He climbs up to the top turnbuckle and hits a MOONSAULT ONTO THE BROTHERS OF DESTRUCTION! 

01:06 (IST)3 NOV 2018

01:06 (IST)3 NOV 2018

Shawn Michaels is somehow still in it, kicking out time after time. Michaels buys himself some time as Michaels runs into him while on the turnbuckles!

01:03 (IST)3 NOV 2018

Undertaker begins punishing Shawn Michaels inside the ring and there's no Triple H to save him. Kane gets tagged in and assaults Shawn Michaels, who seems helpless.

01:01 (IST)3 NOV 2018

01:01 (IST)3 NOV 2018

He places HBK on the table but Triple H saves him. Kane gets involved and it's all chaos! Triple H tries to throw Undertaker into the barricade and throws...himself in? Kane capitalises and chokeslams Triple H throught he announce table! 

00:59 (IST)3 NOV 2018

He doesn't have the energy to capitalise on the superkick. They're both down but Undertaker does his iconic sit up. He goes outside the ring and removes the covers of the announce table. What does he have in mind?

00:58 (IST)3 NOV 2018

Shawn Michaels is tuning up the band as he stomps the floor. He goes for the Sweet Chin Music but Kane catches his leg and lands the Chokeslam on Michaels. Undertaker tags in and hits the snake eyes on Michaels before brutalising him. HBK catches Undertaker with a Super kick out of nowhere! 

00:56 (IST)3 NOV 2018

The crowd chants "You still got it" to Shawn Michaels as DX hit a double-team suplex. HBK goes to the top turnbuckle and he hits the flying elbow! 

00:56 (IST)3 NOV 2018

Shawn Michaels and Kane get into it and Michaels even does the kip up, but tumbles for a split second! 

00:55 (IST)3 NOV 2018

The match isn't particularly fast paced. It's like the Attitude Era matches they had but without the pace. The crowd doesn't seem to mind as they chant "This is awesome" throughout.

00:54 (IST)3 NOV 2018

00:54 (IST)3 NOV 2018

DX gets decimated outside before Undertaker gets HBK back in the ring. He continues his assault on HBK before he dodges a running knee. He finally manages to tag in Triple H, who unloads on the chops.  Undertaker tags in Kane, who isolates Triple H in the corner

00:51 (IST)3 NOV 2018

00:51 (IST)3 NOV 2018

Undertaker catches HBK with as big boot before teasing Old School. Triple H stops him and Kane gets involved too. HBK gets caught on the turnbuckles and Triple H is sent out of the ring by Kane, ribs first!

00:49 (IST)3 NOV 2018

Undertaker taunts Michaels but HBK does the cross chop before hitting him with a series of chest slaps

00:48 (IST)3 NOV 2018

Shawn Michaels tags in and tries to attack Kane but gets outpowered easily. He even does a sunset flip and teases a Sweet chin music before indicating to Kane "I could've got you there". Kane stands next to Undertaker and takes his time before Taker tags in and has a face off with Shawn Michaels.

00:46 (IST)3 NOV 2018

Triple H tries to play mind games but Kane knocks The Game down with a stiff strike to the head.

00:45 (IST)3 NOV 2018

00:45 (IST)3 NOV 2018

Kane and Triple H begin things. They have a staredown and Triple H tries to draw The Undertaker in.

00:44 (IST)3 NOV 2018

I hate to say it, but they really look old. The crowd doesn't seem to think so, though, as "This is awesome" chants echo through the arena.

00:43 (IST)3 NOV 2018

We just timed Undertaker's entrance and marked it at 4 minutes and 49 seconds. Jeez.

00:42 (IST)3 NOV 2018

00:36 (IST)3 NOV 2018

00:34 (IST)3 NOV 2018

00:30 (IST)3 NOV 2018

00:29 (IST)3 NOV 2018

It's time for the main event.

DX vs The Brothers of Destruction

00:29 (IST)3 NOV 2018

00:26 (IST)3 NOV 2018

The commentators don't seem very impressed. Corey Graves backtracked from his comments two minutes earlier and defends Shane McMahon. That's an interesting turn of events.

00:25 (IST)3 NOV 2018

00:25 (IST)3 NOV 2018

00:24 (IST)3 NOV 2018

Dolph Ziggler tries to get a zig zag but Shane McMahon kicks out. A back and forth leads to Shane hitting the coast to coast! Is it over?? 

Shane McMahon wins the WWE WORLD CUP! 

00:22 (IST)3 NOV 2018

Shane McMahon vs Dolph Ziggler - World Cup Finals

Shane McMahon starts with his weird punches and Corbin is quick to interfere. The commentators point out that the referee is a SmackDown REFEREE. They rightfully mention that he's trying to save his job as he sends Baron Corbin out. 

00:21 (IST)3 NOV 2018

Greg Hamilton is making the announcement that Ziggler is winner by forfeit but Shane McMahon doesn't allow it. Shane McMahon ENTERS HIMSELF into the match! 

00:19 (IST)3 NOV 2018

The Miz seems to be injured. The referee doesn't seem to let him compete! 

00:18 (IST)3 NOV 2018

00:18 (IST)3 NOV 2018

00:18 (IST)3 NOV 2018

Ziggler gets driven shoulder first into the steps. The match hasn't even started! 

00:17 (IST)3 NOV 2018

The Miz attacks Ziggler before the bell rings. The Miz doesn't care, trying to take advantage of him

00:17 (IST)3 NOV 2018

The referee sends Drew McIntyre out right away!

00:16 (IST)3 NOV 2018

World cup final

Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz

00:09 (IST)3 NOV 2018

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