WWE Cruiserweight Classic 2016 Final Results, live updates

Semi Final #1 - Zack Sabre Jr. vs Gran Metalik | Semi Final #2 - Kota Ibushi vs TJ Perkins; CWC WINNER WILL BE CROWNED CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMP TONIGHT
Updated: 15 September 2016 07:46 IST - Published: 14 September 2016 23:11 IST

Cruiserweight Classic Final - Gran Metalik vs TJ Perkins

What a final this is going to be as TJ Perkins and Gran Metalik make their way out. I'm predicting a TJ Perkins win in this one as we start off.

The crowd is vocal and Metalik seems like the crowd favourite as Triple H comes follows the competitors out and tells the competitors that from 32 they've now narrowed it down to two. However, Triple H announced that the winner of tonight's match will also be crowned the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

Metalik and TJP start off with extra vigour and the pressure is on. The two men pace around and take this one a little slower and more calculatedly. They start off with chain wrestling as Perkins catches Metalik in his patented head scissors.

Perkins is showing fire as he catches Metalik and puts him in a modified Boston Crab but Metalik breaks free. Perkins catches him in a headlock takedown but Metalik breaks free. Perkins once again catches metalik into a Muta Lock but Metalik reaches the ropes and rolls out,

Perkins then goes for a springboard dropkick to the outside but Metalik sends him crashing to the apron. Lightning quick offence by Metalik as he runs into the ring and hits Perkins on the outisde with a tope suicida. Metalik then rolls Perkins back in and puts him in a Surfboard Lock. Perkins somehow reaches the ropes and is now favouring his back.

Perkins gets Irish whipped into the corner but he converts it into a headstand and then a headscissors to Metalik after which he catches Metalik in a hurracanrana to the outside over the ropes.

Perkins rolls Metalik back in the ring and hits him with a springboard senton followed by a dropkick to the back of the head. Perkins then tries to get him into a submission but Metalik reaches the ropes so Perkins hits him with a backbreaker instead.

Perkins stands on the aprons but Metalik jumps over the top rope and gives Perkins a hurracanrana. I've never ever seen anything like that. WOW.

Metalik the hits Perkins with a Tope Codheira followed by a springboard elbow. What a match. Metalik then goes for a corner splash but misses. He then hits Perkins with a patented springboard drop but misses the following standing shooting star press as Perkins catches him in a knee bar!! Metalik manages to reach the ropes, however.

The two men trade strikes in the middle of the ring but as Perkins goes to get momentum off the ropes, he gets caught by superkick. Metalik then goes for the Metalik Driver but Perkins counters it into the Fireman's Carry which is again countered into a DDT by Metalik for the nearfall. Metalik then goes for the double knee gut buster which he follows up with knee bar. IS THIS IT? He counters it into a pin attempt and Metalik almost gets the 3-count!

Metalik Driver from Gran Metalik but he can't cover him on time! 2 count only!

Metalik is not happy and he repeatedly slaps Perkins across the face and he goes for the Metalik Driver again and Perkins counters it into an arm drag. Perkins hits Metalik with an apron assisted dropkick and both men are on the top rope now. He's trying a Metalik Driver off the top.


TJ Perkins def. Gran Metalik


Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa vs Noam Dar and Cedric Alexander

Tomasso Ciampa and Cedric Alexander start us off here. Alexander gets the early upper hand on Ciampa and sends him reeling into a quick tag.

We now have Noam Dar and Johnny Gargano in the ring now and this is fantastic work. The two are lightning quick in their offence and we again have Ciampa and Alexander in the ring.

Alexander follows an Irish whip into a headstand into a spinning kick which sends Ciampa rolling out. He follows it up with a dive to the outside after which he climbs to the apron for a springboard DDT.

Ciampa scrambles and tags Gargano. Ciampa then has Alexander in the Electric Chair position on the outside and Gargano delivers a superkick from the apron. Beautiful but only a nearfall.

This match is getting to fast-paced for a live card now as the four men hit each other with everything they have and all four men are on the mat now as Gargano and Dar hit each other with Strong Style strikes. Dar converts a roll up into a knee bar on Gargano but Ciampa comes in and kicks Dar to break it up.

Ciamp went for a top rope Air Raid Crash but Dar catches him there and gets him stuck before tagging in Alexander who delivers a running dropkick followed by a brainbuster for the nearest of falls, Gargano and Ciampa then deliver double superkicks to Alexander and Dar. They now have Dar isolated and take him out with double team strikes of a tandem knee and a superkick and they go for a pinfall.

1 - 2 - 3!

Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa def. Noam Dar and Cedric Alexander


Semi Final #2 - Kota Ibushi vs TJ Perkins

If the first semi-final was anything to go by, this one should be a stormer too as both competitors make their way to the ring. Ibushi is the clear crowd favourite as Perkins receives a smattering of boos as he comes out.

Both men start this match off a little tentatively, feeling the other out. Perkins' main worry at this point in the match is avoiding Ibushi's kicks.

Perkins and Ibushi starts off slowly but Ibushi catches him with a stiff kick which catches TJ Perkins off guard which he follows with a springboards dropkick which sends Perkins rolling to the outside. Ibushi then goes for his patented Golden Triangle Moonsault but Perkins catches him with a kick mid-maneuver which sends Ibushi crashing onto the flootr outside the ring.

Ibushi somehow manages to avoid the 10-count and rolls in and catches Perkins with stiff kicks before Perkins counters one of Ibushi's kicks into a dragon screw which he follows up with a headlock. Ibushi breaks out and hits Perkins with a hurracanrana which sends Perkins rolling to the outside again. No mistakes from Ibushi this time, as he hits Ibushi with a perfect Golden Triangle Moonsault.

Ibushi rolls Perkins back in and goes to the top rope and hits him with a dropkick for the nearfall. Perkins kicks out and scrambles to the corner where he gets his foot up and hits the incoming Kota Ibushi. Ibushi hits back and grounds Perkins and Ibushi then goes for a middle rope moonsault but Perkins gets his knees up.

Ibushi then gets hit by a vicious spin kick after which he hits back with devastating kicks of his own. Ibushi tries to go for a deadlift German Suplex leveraged by the ropes but Perkins elbows him in the face and hits him with a dropkick from the ropes. However, as Perkins goes to the top rope Ibushi hits him with a Pelle Kick. Ibushi then goes for The Last Ride Powerbomb which Perkins counters with a DDT followed by a double-knee gut buster for the nearfall.

Ibushi goes for another Pelle Kick which TJP counters into a knee bar which Ibushi manages to break out of. He then catches TJP with the Last Ride Powerbomb and this one might be over. 1 -2 - HE KICKS OUT!

Ibushi goes for a Phoenix Splash and he misses! TJP with the Fireman's Carry into the kick! Ibushi breaks out but gets caught in a kneebar! WIll he tap??

Perkins converts the knee bad into a modified STF! and KOTA IBUSHI TAPS!! Kota Ibushi taps out to TJ Perkins!!

TJ Perkins def. Kota Ibushi

Upset of the tournament so far as TJ Perkins sends the tournament favourite Kota Ibushi spinning out of the tournament. Its Gran Metalik vs TJ Perkins in the final.


Semi Final #1 - Gran Metalik vs Zack Sabre Jr

Gran Metalik starts the first semi-final off in lightning quick fashion with a dropkick that sends ZSJ out which he follows up with an over the top rope drive. He throws ZSJ back int the ring and hits him with a springboard dive for the cover.

Zack Sabre Jr finally gets a foothold in this match as he works over Gran Metalik's neck with a series of submission holds. Beautiful technical wrestling from ZSJ early on. Gran Metalik hits back with a flying head-scissors followed by another dropkick. Metalik tries a  submission hold of his own but ZSJ reaches the ropes.

Metalik goes for a springboard now but ZSJ somehow counters that into a Dragon Sleeper as the 'Technical Wizard' continues to work on his opponents neck. Metalik tries his best to counter out but ZSJ hits him with a boot to the face which sends him reeling to the corner. Sabre goes for corner splash which Metalik counters with a superkick followed by a slingblade and a standing shooting star press.

Metalik has Sabre in a hammerlock and triangle hold combo, which Sabre Jr counters into his own submission. Metalik tries to counter that into another submission but ZSJ breaks free.

Both competitors are in the middle of the ring now, delivering stiff strikes to each other. Sabre Jr tries to bounce off the ropes for momentum but is met with Superkick. Metalik then goes for his trademark springboard move from the ropes but ZSJ meets him with a uppercut which brings him down. ZSJ hits him with a vicious Penalty Kick and both these men are back in the centre of the ring hitting each other with stiff strikes.

Gran Metalik now put ZSJ in an octopus hold and ZSJ somehow manages to reach the ropes. Metalik goes to the top turnbuckles but Sabre Jr meets him there. Metalik kicks him and he loses his footing. Sabre Jr is now stuck on the top rope and Metalik delivers a jumping hurracanrana from the top rope, AMAZING.

Metalik goes for a springboard but ZSJ catches him in a triangle hold which ZSJ has to break free when Metalik converts it into a pin. Metalik catches ZSJ as he runs towards him and follows it up with the Metalik Driver!!! He goes for the cover!

1 - 2 - 3!!

Gran Metalik def. Zack Sabre Jr.

Gran Metalik moves to the final. Amazing match from both men.


We're live from Full Sail University for the finals of the WWE Cruiserweight Classic. From 32 competitors we're down to the final 4 and by the end of tonight, only one man will be left standing as the winner. Who will it be?


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