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WWE Elimination Chamber 2018, Results & Live Commentary

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedFeb 26, 2018 04:29 GMT

RAW's final stop on the road to WrestleMania is at the Elimination Chamber!


04:29 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

That's it for the last RAW-exclusive PPV before WrestleMania! Here are the results from Elimination Chamber 2018:

- Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows defeat Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel

Main show:
- Alexa Bliss wins the first-ever Women's Elimination Chamber match and retains her RAW Women's Championship
- Sheamus and Cesaro defeat Titus O'Neill and Apollo and retain their Raw tag team championship
- Asuka defeats Nia Jax
- Matt Hardy defeats Bray Wyatt
- Roman Reigns wins the Elimination Chamber match and will face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 34

04:23 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

After the match, Strowman Powerslams Reigns twice, after being egged on by the crowd, and then throws Reigns through the pod!

04:22 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

04:19 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Reigns flies over the top rope and lands on Strowman; Strowman tries to retaliate but Reigns moves out of the way and Strowman runs through the glass.

Reigns lands two Superman Punches and then goes for the spear but Strowman catches him; Reigns lands another Superman Punch and two Spears and gets the three count.

Roman Reigns eliminates Braun Strowman and wins the Elimination Chamber match!

Roman Reigns will now face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 34 for the Universal Championship.

04:16 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Strowman lands an unbelievable dropkick on Strowman but Rollins takes advantage of the situation with two superkicks. Rollins goes for the Curb Stomp but Strowman grabs him and powerslams him, covers and gets the three count.

Strowman has now eliminated everyone so far!

Seth Rollins eliminated

04:14 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Rollins lands a huge splash from the top of the pod on Strowman and then covers, but Strowman kicks out. 

04:13 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Rollins climbs the Chamber and Strowman follows him and then Reigns follows suit. Reigns lands a Samoan Drop on Strowman on the outside, while Rollins is on top of a pod...

04:12 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Rollins and Reigns go at each other and Rollins lands a Buckle Bomb on Reigns but Reigns uses his momentum to land a Superman Punch. Both men are down.

04:11 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Braun Strowman is eliminated four men in today's match, which is the highest in the Elimination Chamber history. The previous joint highest eliminations in a single Elimination Chamber match was held by Goldberg, Carlito and The Undertaker, who scored three eliminations

04:09 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Rollins and Balor land kicks to each other's heads and Balor completes a sweet 1916, but Rollins kicks out.

Balor lands a Coup de Grace on Reigns but before he can cover Strowman lands a Running Powerslam on Balor and eliminates him.

Finn Balor eliminated

04:08 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Balor tries to fight back with a few kicks but is caught from the final rope, but Strowman can't complete the Running Powerslam. Balor lands a Coup de Grace to the back of Strowman, but Strowman kicked out. 

04:07 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

The four remaining Superstars are Strowman, Reigns, Balor and Rollins. 

04:06 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Strowman goes for the Running Powerslam on Reigns but Rollins lands a drop kick on Strowman.

Strowman eliminates Cena after powerslamming him.

John Cena eliminated

04:05 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Elias now lands a sitout powerbomb on Reigns but Reigns kicks out. Strowman powerslams Elias and Strowman gets the three count.

Elias is eliminated

04:03 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

04:03 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Elias lands kicks on Rollins and Reigns and a huge knee on Cena. He goes to the top rope to land an arm drop on Rollins and covers but Rollins kicks out. 

04:02 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

All five men are down and Elias cleverly goes to cover each one of the Superstars but all of them kick out!

04:02 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Elias is #7 at the Elimination Chamber and walks out frightened and closes the door of his pod as Strowman stares at him. 

In the ring, the four other men team up to land blows on Strowman. The four look at each other and Reigns instructs them to get the Shield Bomb on Strowman. Strowman kicks out as all four cover him. Cena lands an AA, Rollins lands a Curb Stomp and Finn Balor gets a Coup de Grace. 

03:59 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Strowman continues to destroy everyone and lands a Running Powerslam on The Miz and the three count.

The Miz eliminated by Braun Strowman

03:58 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

03:57 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Miz is on top of the pod but Strowman follows him and follows him to the top of the pod and drives his head on the pod and then throws Miz into the rest of the Superstars. Absolutely incredible! There's carnage everywhere!

03:56 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

#6 is Braun Strowman. Who eyes Roman Reigns while whipping Rollins into the chain. Cena runs into a right hand from Strowman and then a headbutt to Reigns. 

Cena and Rollins double team on Strowman for suplex but Strowman counters by suplexing both Cena and Rollins. He then throws Balor into Reigns. 

03:54 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Miz lands a DDT on Rollins, after kicking Reigns, but Rollins kicks out. The Miz points at all four remaining Elimination Chamber competitors and lands IT Kicks to each of them and many more on Reigns. But Reigns counters with huge clotheslines. 

Balor takes down Reigns and then throws Rollins outside the ring. 

Reigns gets a clothesline and then goes to work on Balor. Reigns then lands a powerbomb on Balor, Samoan Drop on Cena, and then the powerbomb on Miz. Miz almost gets eliminated by Reigns. 

03:50 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

#5 in the Elimination Chamber is Roman Reigns, as he walks into the ring with all four men down. He lands a few punches on each of them.

03:49 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Cena then takes Balor to the second rope, while Cena has Miz on the second rope and both of them land superplexes. 

03:48 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Balor stomps Cena while Rollins and Miz face off. 

03:48 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Cena and Rollins look eye-to-eye before Cena lands a few bodyslams and shoulder tackles, and a double Five Knuckle Shuffle. 

Balor stomps Cena and then a roll-up cover on Miz. Rollins lands a superkick on Balor; Cena puts Balor and Rollins over his shoulder but both of them get off his shoulder. 

Miz lands a neckbreaker on Rollins and goes for the cover, but Rollins kicks out.

03:45 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

John Cena is the #4 competitor in the 2018 Men's Elimination Chamber. 

03:44 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Rollins goes for the Curb Stomp and Miz for the Skull Crushing Finale but both are not finished. Rollins lands a double Blockbuster and tries to cover both, but they kick out. 

03:43 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

The three trade roll-up covers and then Rollins drop Balor's spine onto his knee. Rollins lands a suplex on The Miz and then the cover, but two count. 

03:42 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Balor then lands a kick to the back of Rollins and goes for the cover, but Rollins breaks the count. Rollins counters and covers Balor but he breaks the count as well. 

03:41 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Rollins puts Balor in a headlock and Rollins lands a punch on Miz. Balor lands a superb dropkick on Rollins while Miz lands a Sunset Flip. 

03:40 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Rollins lands a quick roll-up cover Balor, but he breaks the count. 

03:40 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

The match starts with Seth Rollins, Finn Balor and The Miz - three competitors as there are seven Superstars in the Elimination Chamber. 

The Miz offers a "2 Sweet" to Balor to double team against Rollins. 

03:38 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

03:38 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

03:33 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

03:31 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

03:31 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

03:24 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

03:23 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

The Men's Elimination Chamber Rules

03:23 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

03:17 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

03:14 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

03:12 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

03:11 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Rousey then puts Triple H through the table, and an angry Stephanie slaps Rousey. This is incredible!

Rousey then signs the contract making her officially a WWE Superstar!

03:11 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

03:10 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Stephanie says that she's bitter of the WrestleMania moment but that she was impressed after that moment. 

Angle has his last say as he's escorted out of the ring and says that Stephanie told him that "Ronda is a has been and even I can go with her". Rousey is incensed and goes eye-to-eye with Stephanie McMahon as Triple H intervenes. 

03:08 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Kurt Angle and Triple H are discussing something and Rousey asks him if anything is wrong. Angle says that Triple H and Stephanie invited Rousey to manipulate her and to get retribution for WrestleMania 31. 

Triple H says Angle is delusional and that he has the flu as he escorts him out of the ring.

03:05 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Ronda Rousey says she's speechless at this moment and that she's emotional about signing with the WWE. 

Triple H announces that Rousey will be wrestling at WWE. 
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