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08:18 (IST)5 JUN 2017

08:18 (IST)5 JUN 2017

08:18 (IST)5 JUN 2017

08:17 (IST)5 JUN 2017

08:17 (IST)5 JUN 2017

08:17 (IST)5 JUN 2017

08:15 (IST)5 JUN 2017

Balor covers Reigns but is pulled off him by Joe who latches in the Coquina Clutch. A blue Balor eventually passes put and Joe is declared the victor!

Joe wins and will face Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire

08:13 (IST)5 JUN 2017

Rollins tries the Pheonix splash and misses but walks right into Waytt's Sister Abigail. He then gets out of it only for Reigns to get caught in it. However, Reigns whips off the ropes and spears Wyatt. Finn then eats the Superman Punch and looks set to win but is hit with a slingblade and a Coup de Grace. 

08:10 (IST)5 JUN 2017

Reigns, however, fights back with a huge superman punch and tries to complete it with a spear. He is then rolled up into a quick cover and barely make out of it. Rollins then connects on the Frogsplash right after.

08:09 (IST)5 JUN 2017

Chants of 'this is awesome' resonate as the former Shield Brother face off. They exchange huge right hands till Rollins lands an Enziguri.

08:07 (IST)5 JUN 2017

Balor's momentum is curbed by the Coquina Clutch outside the ring but Reigns breaks the barricade by sending both men crashing through it. Meanwhile, Rollins jumps off the third rope and onto Wyatt who is on the announcer's table.

08:06 (IST)5 JUN 2017

A cross body gives Wyatt control again and he attempts the Sister Abigail only to be countered into the Coquina Clutch. However, Finn stops all of this with a steel chair. Finn then annihilates everything in his power with a double stomp on a chair that's on Wyatt's chest. A PK on Reigns follows soon after. 

08:02 (IST)5 JUN 2017

He then jumps off the top rope right into the Sister Abigail but Joe stops the subsequent cover.Joe is enraged about Wyatt's push earlier and goes after Bray. He then slams him in the corner and follows it with an Enziguri.

08:01 (IST)5 JUN 2017

However, Rollins hits a Falcon Arrow out of nowhere and almost gets the three- count. 

08:01 (IST)5 JUN 2017

He dives through the ropes onto Joe and throws Wyatt on to him. He then dives after the two heels but Wyatt pushes Joe in his path. When the action returns to the ring, Wyatt plants Rollins with a clothesline.

08:00 (IST)5 JUN 2017

The Big Dog's momentum is short-lived as he is slammed on to the announcer's table. Rollins then launches himself over the ropes onto Joe and takes the action back to the ring. He then connects on a double Blockbuster off the top rope in spectacular fashion.

07:58 (IST)5 JUN 2017

Joe eats a boot to the face after Samoa interferes as Reigns attacks Wyatt.

07:57 (IST)5 JUN 2017

Wyatt positions the chair in the corner, after which Joe whips Wyatt right into Balor's boot. Joe suffers a similar fat as Reigns re-enters with a Drive By on Wyatt. Balor then eats a huge power bomb after which Joe eats a clothesline.

07:56 (IST)5 JUN 2017

Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch but Balor rolls out of it and then completes it with a double stomp. However, he is hit from behind with a steel chair. The heels stare at each other, but Wyatt hits Balor again with the chair. Joe then smashes Balor with a Senton as this alliance continues. 

07:54 (IST)5 JUN 2017

Balor continues to be fed punishment as he eats a slam. Rollins finally works his way into the ring and takes out both Wyatt and Joe with quick offence. However, his resurgance is quashed when Wyatt spikes his head onto the steel steps with a DDT.

07:52 (IST)5 JUN 2017

Balor returns to the ring as Joe and Wyatt continue to dominate. Balor valiantly tries to fight back but is spiked to the mat with a double shoulder tackle.

07:51 (IST)5 JUN 2017

The heels take turns to work Balor and dismantle him systematically with kicks and chops.

07:51 (IST)5 JUN 2017

Wyatt and Joe pick up the steel steps and take out both Rollins, Finn and Reigns.

07:49 (IST)5 JUN 2017

Reigns attempts the Drive By on Wyatt but is stopped right in his tracks by Joe. Joe and Wyatt then double team on Reigns and fling him into the steel steps.

07:48 (IST)5 JUN 2017

All four re-enter the ring and eventually leave only Wyatt and Balor in the ring after Rollins dives through the ropes onto Joe. Balor then goes on a stomp session, stomping anyone who tries to re-enter the ring and then dives through the ropes on all four of them. However, Roman halts his progress with a right hand. He then sends him crashing into the barricade on the outside.

07:46 (IST)5 JUN 2017

Wyatt then turns his attention to Reigns and eats a big hand and a slam. Joe tries to hit Reigns with a Samoan Drop but is hit with one himself. Reigns' invincibility continues (surprise, surprise) as he punches Finn's lights out. 

07:38 (IST)5 JUN 2017

Samoa Joe vs. Roman Reigns vs. Rollins vs. Balor vs. Wyatt:

Chaos breaks out as Reigns stands in the corner. Joe and Rollins and Wyatt and Balor fight outside the ring, while Reigns paces in it.

07:29 (IST)5 JUN 2017

07:29 (IST)5 JUN 2017

07:29 (IST)5 JUN 2017

07:28 (IST)5 JUN 2017

Aries continues to dominate with a Discuss Fivearm that send him crashing out of the ring. Aries tries to follow up with a suicide dive through the ropes but Neville ducks just in time. The Champ then takes to the top ropes and comes down with a thunderous Falcon Arrow that allows him to lock in the Rings of Saturn and retain his title.

Neville retains.

07:25 (IST)5 JUN 2017

Aries is positioned on the third rope and Neville works on him until Aries connects with a Sunset Flip power bomb. He then locks in the Last Chancery. Neville inches out of the ring and eventually falls out of it only to be caught in the Last Chancery again. He taps this time but it will not count as he is out side the ring.

07:23 (IST)5 JUN 2017

Neville tries another Rings of Saturn but Aries transitions into one of his own. Neville touches the ref again and Aries begs the ref to let it go. The distracts him for long enough to turn into a kick.

07:22 (IST)5 JUN 2017

In the end, Aries makes it to the ropes to survive the submission but looks exhausted.

07:21 (IST)5 JUN 2017

The Champ takes to the top rope but Aries transitions the subsequent dive to a Figure Four that has both men screaming. He then lands a huge neck breaker between the ropes and climbs to the top rope. However, he misses on the subsequent dive, allowing Neville to lock in the Rings of Saturn.

07:19 (IST)5 JUN 2017

Neville hits AA with a drop kick to the knee as he is on the apron and the action spills out of the ring. Neville then hits a vicious arm drag that spikes Aries on the mat. 

07:17 (IST)5 JUN 2017

Aries lands another ear-clap to establish momentum and then lands a slam that works Neville's knee. AA then attempts the Discuss Fivearm which Neville evades.

07:16 (IST)5 JUN 2017

Neville then locks in what looks like a standing knee bar as Aries screams. He then takes to the ropes after AA works out of the hold and eats an elbow.

07:15 (IST)5 JUN 2017

He then looks for a suicide dive through the ropes but Neville walks away. AA then gets to the third rope and dives onto the champ but hurts his knee on the way down. Neville then targets the knee and hits a Dragon screw. 

07:14 (IST)5 JUN 2017

AA grabs onto Neville's neck as he is slammed into the corner and the champ viciously assaults him right after. AA then hits an ear clap, a slam off the ropes and transitions into a last Chancery but Neville rolls out. Aries chases him and slams him on to the barricade. Aries stays on the champ and then makes him eat the apron.

07:11 (IST)5 JUN 2017

Aries vs. Neville:

Neville starts strong with a chest slap and AA retaliates with kicks. Neville then goes after Aries' arm with a hold that Aries works out of with a roll. He then locks in a convoluted submission that Neville gets out off by holding onto the ropes.

07:05 (IST)5 JUN 2017

07:05 (IST)5 JUN 2017

07:05 (IST)5 JUN 2017

07:05 (IST)5 JUN 2017

07:04 (IST)5 JUN 2017

07:01 (IST)5 JUN 2017

Jeff climbs up the cage to aid his brother and connects on both his opponents with a magnificent Whisper in the Wind off the steel cage. Matt tries to drag his brother out of the cage as Cesaro and Sheamus try to climb over it.

Did Jeff's leap of faith just cost the brothers their tag team titles?

In the end, the challengers hit the ground first to win the titles.

Cesaro and Sheamus win!

Jeff's leap of faith certainly didn't help the Hardyz as they lose their first steel cage match in 15 years. 

06:58 (IST)5 JUN 2017

Sheamus tries to escape after some back and forth but Jeff tries to stop him. However, he eats the cage with a Sheamus Brogue kick. Matt creates space yet again inside the ring but ends up eating a White Noise from the third rope.

06:56 (IST)5 JUN 2017

The brothers then climb to the top of the cage and Jeff dangles off it on the other side. Cesaro holds on to him as far as he can before Jeff finally drops on the mat. 

Jeff hits the floor but Matt still has to join his brother for them to win.

He then hits the side effect to create space and almost makes it to the other side but is stopped by Cesaro and Sheamus who also hit Jeff off the cage as he comes to his brother's aid.
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