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WWE NXT Live Results (20th September, 2022) Ilya Draguniov returns to confront Bron Breakker and JD McDonagh

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 21, 2022 02:11 GMT

What will happen on NXT?


02:11 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

02:10 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

Full Results for NXT for 20 September 2022.
Nathan Frazer defeats Axiom by pin.
Toxic Attraction defeats Tatum Paxley and Ivy Nile by pin.
The Dyad defeats Edris Enofe and Malik Blade by pin.
Cora Jade defeats Wendy Choo by pin.
Chase U (Hayward and Chase) defeat Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes.
Von Wagner defeats Sanga by pin.
Oro Mensah defeats Grayson Waller by pin.
JD McDonagh defeats Tyler Bate by pin.

02:08 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

As Bron and JD square off, Ilya Dragunov makes his return from injury. The three end the night with a staredown.

02:05 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

After several counters, McDonagh lands a Spanish Fly off the ropes, but Bate drills him in the face. Both men are left prone on the mat. Bate crawls to the corner and atop a buckle. He goes for the Tyler Driver but McDonagh headbutts him. He hits a Spanish Fly off the top rope and then his Devil Inside Saito Suplex for the win.
Result - JD McDonagh defeats Tyler Bate by pin.

02:03 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

Bate hits a half and half suplex and a running Shooting Star Press for a near fall. The Big Strong Boy catches JD and hits the Airplane Spin for another close call. McDonagh hits moonsault on the outside followed by a 450 Splash for another near fall. He hits a brainbuster for another close call.

02:00 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

We come back from the break and JD has Bate in a Boston Crab. Bate breaks out of the hold by reaching the ropes. Bate sends JD out of the ring and then sends him atop the announce table with a flying move over the top. The two battle in front of Bron.

01:55 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

Bate gets a near fall off a Victory Roll but both get knocked down as they each go for a clothesline.

01:55 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

Nikkita Lyons vs. Kayden Carter and Damon Kemp vs. Brutus Creed also announced for next week.

01:54 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

Bate plays some mind games early on as he evades McDonagh like he's Bugs Bunny running from Elmer Fudd. He hits a flying crossbody before getting put in the corner. He adds a flying European Uppercut before going for the airplane spin. JD counter out and they trade pin attempts.

01:52 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

Bron Breakker joins the announcer's table for the main event.

01:50 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

Announced for next week are:
Sol Ruca debuts.
Grimes vs. Gacy
Pub Rules match between Gallus and Briggs and Jensen

01:47 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

01:45 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

Team Meathead is "in the gym" punching equipment. They argue over who gets to face Kemp. Both try to justify why they should get the match, but Brutus surprisingly gets his way. After that, Bron Breakker comes out with an adorable "Connor's Cure" kid. Bron tries to get him to pose for a photo, but he's a kid and is looking all around because it's loud and confusing in the arena. He's still adorable.

01:42 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

Waller maintains control until he hoists Mensah up on his back. Mensah rolls out and hits a few moves, including a moonsault off the middle rope. He goes for a lift but flips over and hits a rolling kick. Waller goes for his finisher from the outside but is stopped in his tracks by Apollo Crews. Crews appears to be bleeding from his eyeball. Mensah hits a spinning heel kick to Waller in the corner for the win.
Result - Oro Mensah defeats Grayson Waller by pin.

01:40 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

Waller hits a sucker punch right off the bat. Mensah goes for a kick but Waller moves and hits a back suplex. 

01:32 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

01:31 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

Wes Lee reveals that he was offered a bye into the ladder match at Halloween Havoc but didn't want a free lunch. After that vignette, Stacks walks up to Mac Mitchell and says it was a mistake because he has to face Tony D next week in order to qualify.

01:29 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

Sanga drops Wagner with a side suplex and then drops him off the apron with a big boot. Sanga chases Wagner on the outside and drops him with a lariat. Mr. Stone jumps on Sanga but is caught by the neck. The distraction allows Big Charisma Man to retake control. He tosses Sanga into the steel steps three times before hitting a big boot. Wagner then hits an Olympic Slam for the win.
Result - Von Wagner defeats Sanga by pin.

01:27 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

Sanga drops Von with a shoulder block and then a clothesline. He goes for a slam but Wagner counters out. He works on Sanga in the corner. 

01:25 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

Briggs and Jensen interrupt Gallus as they are drinking, playing darts, and playing cards. Just drink each other under the table and maybe you'll get some respect. Or not.

01:21 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

01:21 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

01:20 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

Bodhi makes his way to Chase, and Chase drops Melo off the hot tag. He goes to the top but gets hit with a pop-up punch. Melo tags in and goes for a springboard move, but Chase rolls him up for the upset.
Result - Chase U (Andre Chase and Bodhi Hayward) defeat Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes by pin.

01:18 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

It turns into a tag team match. The teams battle back and forth until Bodhi hits a running shoulder block on Trick. Chase comes in and starts the Chase U stomp. Bodhi tags in and hoists Trick up in a Torture Rack but drifts right over to Melo's corner. Melo tags in.

01:15 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

Melo comes out with Trick. He says he wants the ring announcer, the timekeeper, the entrance theme music person and the ref from last week fired. Andre Chase then comes out and says it's time for a teachable moment. TrickMelo tries to cut him off twice before he utters the words.

01:06 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

As Jade leaves, Choo is standing up. Lash Legend hits her from behind with a pump kick. Backstage, Mac Mitchell interviews Bron Breakker. He thanks the NXT fans for voting him Superstar of the Year. He hypes up both JD and Tyler and picks Bate to win.

01:05 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

Choo goes for a move in the corner but Jade moves. She hits a DDT for the win.
Result - Cora Jade defeats Wendy Choo by pin.

01:04 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

Choo has the upper hand on Jade early on, hitting some kicks and strikes. Jade responds by taking Choo down outside the ring. She hits a stomp on Choo's back off the middle rope. Wendy fights back and hits a handstand elbow followed by a German Suplex.

01:00 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

Meiko and Roxanne Perez address their match from last week. Roxy says Cora Jade is getting a tougher and stronger version whenever they fight next. They keep pushing these NXT trading cards, but they are from a company named Panini, so I just think of sandwiches.

00:53 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

Former James Drake pulls the top rope down, sending Blade out of the ring. He hits a Canadian Destroyer off of the back on former Gibson. They then hit the Ticket to Mayhem on Enofe for the win.
Result - The Dyad (Fowler and Reid) defeat Edris Enofe and Malik Blade by pin.

00:51 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

The Dyad hit a tandem move on Blade on the outside. Gacy then walks over and the three hug. Blade finally makes the tag to Enofe and he bashes the Dyad with strikes. He hits a reverse sling blad and a jumping knee before Blade hits a Ruff Ryder legdrop for a near fall.

00:44 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

Reid and Fowler team up on Edris but he makes the tag to Blade. He hits a flying crossbody on both members of the Dyad before hitting a Tope Con Giro.

00:43 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

Joe Gacy and the Dyad address how Cameron Grimes rejected Gacy's offer. Can't blame someone for not agreeing with your outlandish claims. Edris and Malik come out to being their match with the Dyad. Gotta love that Blade wrestles in a sweater vest.

00:36 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

00:36 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

Gigi continues to work Paxley over. The two hit facebusters on each other as Nile and Jayne tag in. NIle hits a kick in the corner and a suplex for a near fall. Dolin breaks the pin up and knocks Tatum out of the ring. Jayne hits a forearm and an STO but Nile counters out for a brief moment. TA regains control and they hit their High/Low on Ivy for the win.
Result - Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne defeat Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley by pin.

00:33 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

Tatum hits a dropkick first on Dolin but Dolin counters and hits a clothesline. She tags in little hyena Jacy Jayne and she hits a Senton for two.

00:31 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

After watching the footage, Nile is mad and tries to sound like a human. Paxley tells her to calm down and that the Creeds will take care of Kemp. She needs to focus. Nile yells that she is focused before storming out.

00:29 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

Damon Kemp recounts how he turned on Diamond Mine and framed Roderick Strong. I think Julius really owes Roddy an apology.

00:26 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

00:23 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

Alba Fyre cuts a promo about how Mandy Rose was scared last week. Mandy claims not to be phased before Gigi and Jacy ask her if she's good. Dolin and Jayne face Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley.

00:20 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

Frazer lands a superplex and a swinging neckbreaker before hitting a Phoenix Splash to even the odds at 1-1 in the Best of 3.
Result - Nathan Frazer defeats Axiom by pin.

00:19 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

Axiom lands two kicks on a kneeling Frazer. Frazer catches the third one and they trade enzuiguiris. Axiom goes for his finisher but Frazer hits a Superkick to drop him for a near fall. Nathan goes to the top but Axiom hits a reverse bodyslam for two. He then goes for a move off the top but falls into a submission attempt from Axiom. 

00:16 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

Things are pretty back and forth as Frazer tries to tie the series at 1-1. The change of the logo alone makes the picture of the arena more bearable. Axiom locks in an abdominal stretch but Frazer counters into one of his own for a brief moment. The Masked Man hits a springboard lariat for a near fall.

00:09 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

The first of the "qualifying matches" for Havoc starts tonight, but no names were given by HBK.

00:05 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

The first match of the night pits Axiom against Nathan Frazer in the second of their Best of 3 series.

00:04 (GMT)21 SEP 2022

The show starts with the new logo which is less blinding than the bright-colored one of 2.0. We then see Carmelo Hayes and Solo Sikoa meeting with new authority figure Shawn Michaels. He essentially says that since Solo wasn't one of the choices for the fans to vote on last week, the result of the match was null and void. Solo relinquishes the title and HBK announces that it will be on the line in a ladder match in 6 weeks at Halloween Havoc. Thank you HBK.
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