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  • WWE NXT Live Results (28th June, 2022) Grimes gets the last laugh on Breakker by injuring him before Great American Bash

WWE NXT Live Results (28th June, 2022) Grimes gets the last laugh on Breakker by injuring him before Great American Bash

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 29, 2022 02:09 GMT

What will happen on this week's episode of NXT 2.0?


02:09 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

This is Matt Serocki, signing off for this week. Join Sportskeeda next week for coverage of the Great American Bash!!

02:09 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

02:08 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

Full results for NXT 2.0 for 28 June 2022.
Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez defeat Katana Chance and Kayden Carter by pin.
Giovanni Vinci defeats Ikemen Jiro by pin.
Kiana James defeats Indi Hartwell by pin.
Joe Gacy and the Dyad defeat the Creeds and Roderick Strong by pin.
Sanga defeats Xyon Quinn by pin.
Nikkita Lyons defeats Mandy Rose by disqualification.

02:06 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

02:05 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

Bron adds that he's going to send Grimes "to the moon" because he'll spear him in half. Grimes says he's different than the guys on the football field because he'll keep getting up. Bron says he can call Ted DiBiase to ask what he can do next after he loses. Bron says the usual " I'm bigger, I'm stronger, I'm faster" before Grimes says that's all great because he doesn't have the heart that he has. Grimes then says it's in his genetics because Bron's father didn't have heart either. Bron decks Grimes but Grimes sends him hardly into the turnbuckle twice. Grimes ends it by saying "I might not be able to beat you at 100%, but you won't be 100% next week."

02:03 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

Grimes says that when the Ravens cut him, he called his daddy and said "get me a job at WWE" and that kinda is what happened.

02:02 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

Bron says he has defended the title against a lot of top stars, but Grimes is different because he has nothing to lose. Grimes says that he doesn't have a backup plan for if he loses at the Great American Bash. He says Bron probably doesn't have a backup plan because this (NXT) was his backup plan.

01:59 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

01:58 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

Before the main event, another vignette airs for Jordan Devlin, now known as JD McDonagh. He will become the second weird-headed star to join NXT from NXT UK. The other is Vinci.

01:54 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

01:52 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

Apollo Crews tells Solo Sikoa not to worry about losing to Grayson Waller last week. Crews says that Solo has all the talent in the ring and has a bright future. Xyon Quinn interrupts the meeting, saying that he is the perfect WWE Superstar - handsome, athletic, and looks good in a suit. Crews asks him if he practiced that speech. It will lead to a match in the future between the two.

01:49 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

Jacy and Gigi hold Nikkita up for Mandy to deck, but Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez make the save for Nikkita.

01:49 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

Lyons hits her with a jumping forearm followed by a belly-to-back suplex. Lyons gets a two-count. She then hoists the Champ on a top turnbuckle with Jacy Jayne nearby. Lyons climbs up but Rose knocks her down Rose hits a Missile Dropkick before going for a jumping knee. Lyons roars and hits Rose with several kicks Jayne and Dolin interfere as expected as Lyons gets the upper hand.
Result - Nikkita Lyons defeats Mandy Rose by Disqualification.

01:47 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

Rose worked Lyons' knee during the break. The two roll around on the ground until Rose locks Lyons in a weak leg lock. Rose gets the mount on Lyons, but Lyons locks her in an armbar, which Rose breaks by grabbing the ropes. Rose tells Lyons that she is nobody and facepalms her. She goes for a slap, but Lyons catches it and decks Rose with a back elbow.

01:42 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

01:42 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

Rose rolls out of the ring to regain her composure. Sucks when someone's bigger and stronger than you, huh Mandy? Just ask Xyon Quinn.

01:41 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

Lyons shows off her athleticism early on, dropping Rose a few times. Rose immediately kicks Lyons in the injured knee. She mouths off in Lyons' face until Lyons kicks her down. She sends her across the ring with a hip toss followed by a splash.

01:39 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

01:37 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

Wendy Choo is shown sleeping in a random, smoky room having a dream about Tiffany Stratton's mean words about her from last week. She wakes up, brushes her teeth, and says that she is getting under Stratton's skin, so she can pick up the win. They'll face off next week at the Bash.

01:32 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

01:32 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

01:30 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

In between the segments for Sanga and Quinn, the Diamond Mine argued about the loss earlier in the night. It sets up a match for the NXT Tag Team titles next week.

01:29 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

Xyon clubs Sanga's back and jumps on top of his back. Sanga counters out and locks in a Million Dollar Dream-type submission. He sends Quinn into the ropes and drops him with a clothesline. The big man motions for the end and drops Quinn with a chokeslam.
Result - Sanga defeats Xyon Quinn by pin.

01:27 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

Quinn hits a move but is just angered Sanga. He hits Quinn's back with a forearm before hitting him with Snake Eyes on two turnbuckles. Sanga has changed his ring gear, opting for black trunks instead of his usual pants and shirt. Shanky should take note. Quinn gets a moment of control by knocking Sanga off of his knees with a running shoulder.

01:25 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

Sanga comes out for his match with Xyon Quinn, but Quinn blindsided him before he can get to the ring. After some refs hold them back, the match starts. Sanga drops Quinn with a running shoulder block and it shocks Quinn. The big man knocks Quinn out of the ring by sending him over the ropes. He sends Quinn back into the ring but Quinn decks him to get control.

01:19 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

Someone from NXT's medical team tries to give an update on Alba Fyre after Lash Legend hit her with a bat last week. Legend storms in and takes over the interview. She says that she can't be cloned, a nod to a report saying the WWE thinks they can just clone Sasha Banks, and for the rest of the NXT women to watch out. She better not be the one they are thinking of being the next Banks because all she does is yell when she talks.

01:17 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

Melo and Trick are on their way out of the arena and Mac Mitchell announces that Melo has to face Grayson Waller next week. They are confused but soon realize that one of the things Waller had them sign must have been a contract for a match. You can't be mad at someone for being smarter than you, but this is WWE.

01:16 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

One of the Dyad knocks Roddy off the apron before tagging in the other hooded guy. Brutus eventually makes the tag to Julius. He hits two belly-to-belly suplexes before hitting an awkward throw that could have injured the Dyad guy. He pulls down his singlet to go for a move, but Roddy tags in. Roddy tries to go for the finish, but Julius doesn't understand what a tag means. He tries to push Roddy out of the ring. After the Diamond Mine argues in the ring, the Dyads use Twin Magic to hit a tandem move on Roddy for the win.
Result - Joe Gacy and the Dyad defeat The Creeds and Roderick Strong by pin.

01:12 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

The Dyad holds Brutus in place and holds his eyes open as Gacy does a headstand on the turnbuckle. He tries to brainwash Brutus. He seems kinda like a meathead, so maybe add a workout regimen to your "teachings" and you could land Brutus, Gacy.

01:11 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

01:10 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

Brutus and Gacy are in the ring back from the break. Shouldn't these two groups just merge? They're both pseudo cults - one by way of thinking, one by incessant working out.

01:06 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

Julius picks up Dyad 2 from a sitting position for a suplex attempt. Dyad 1 and Gacy come in to stop it and all hell breaks loose before heading off to the commercial break.

01:06 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

01:05 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

Julius knees Dyad 1 and he rolls out of the ring. Gacy reassures Dyad 1 that pain is only temporary. He gets back in the ring and goes on a spree of offense. Dyad 2 tags in and rubs his forearm on the face of Julius. Julius takes him down but Dyad 2 counters and grabs control once more.

01:03 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

Roddy starts off with Gacy. One of the Dyad comes in and it looks weird seeing someone in a velvet suit with a hood wrestling. Brutus tags in but Dyad 1 decks him a few times. Brutus hits a gut-wrench suplex and a Judo throw before tagging in his brother. They do the knee strike exchange.

00:55 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

After getting released a few weeks ago, NXT writes him off as D'Angelo and Channing Lorenzo stand on a bridge overpass. He holds Donovan's jacket and says he is sleeping with the fishes after gunning for Tony D's spot. Tony D gets a call from Santos Escobar, who mocks how D'Angelo isn't the new North American Champ.

00:53 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

Hartwell decks James in the face and hits her with a knee for a two-count. Hartwell goes on the apron and misses a springboard clothesline. James takes advantage of the misstep and rolls Indi up with her foot on the ropes.
Result - Kiana James defeats Indi Hartwell by pin.

00:51 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

James gets the upper hand at first but Hartwell takes control. Hartwell sends James out of the ring but James pulls Indi's neck onto the ropes. She hits a few kicks and a shoulder block for a near fall.

00:49 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

Katana and Kayden storm into the women's locker room and kick a piece of luggage. They are upset about losing out on a title match once again. Tatum Paxley is sitting on a bench minding her business, but Kayden barks at her. Paxley stands up and says don't get mad at me for losing a match. Good for you, Tatum.

00:45 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

00:42 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

Jensen and Briggs sucker punch Prince and Wilson before throwing them out of the ring. That's rude!!!

00:41 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

Kit Wilson mocks him with a great mocking "Roll Tide" chant after Jensen says an Alabama butt whooping is coming for them.

00:40 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

Jensen thanks Briggs for working with him and seeing potential in him. Briggs says he's proud of Brooks, but there's one thing left to do now that they won them. Fallon cuts him off and says "drink some beer!!!" That brings out Pretty Deadly. Elton Prince calls the belts tainted by American trailer trash.

00:37 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

The crowd chants "You Deserve It" like they have been working for years to win the titles. Unlike all of the veterans in NXT UK. Okay, NXT fans.

00:36 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen won the NXT UK Tag titles last week for some reason. They come out next with Fallon Henley.

00:36 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

Mac Mitchell interviews Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams after Hayes' win last week with the help of Grayson Waller. He has memorabilia for Hayes to sign because people back home in Australia are big fans.

00:29 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

Vinci faces Ikemen Jiro. Jiro gives Vinci some trouble early on, but he easily puts with a springboard DDT and a sit-out powerbomb.
Result - Giovanni Vinci defeats Ikemen Jiro by pin.

00:22 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

00:21 (GMT)29 JUN 2022

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