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  • WWE NXT Live Results (31st May, 2022) - Grimes overcomes Frazer before In Your House.

WWE NXT Live Results (31st May, 2022) - Grimes overcomes Frazer before In Your House.

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What will happen on WWE NXT?


07:38 (IST)1 JUN 2022

Follow along with Sportskeeda this Saturday/Sunday for NXT: In Your House!

07:37 (IST)1 JUN 2022

07:37 (IST)1 JUN 2022

Full results for NXT for 31 May 2022.
Pretty Deadly defeats Roderick Strong and Damon Kemp by pin.
Cora Jade defeats Elektra Lopez by pin.
Wes Lee defeats Xyon Quinn by pin.
Solo Sikoa defeats Duke Hudson by pin.
Grayson Waller defeats Josh Briggs by pin.
Ivy Nile defeats Kiana James by pin.
Cameron Grimes defeats Nathan Frazer by pin.

07:34 (IST)1 JUN 2022

Trick and Melo attack Grimes after the match, but Grimes is able to fend them off.

07:33 (IST)1 JUN 2022

Things break down into a strike-for-strike showdown in the middle of the ring until Frazer gets dropped by Grimes. Grimes goes for a powerbomb but Frazer counters into a powerful Sunset Flip for a near fall. The men spill out of the ring, but Frazer tosses Grimes back into the ring. He goes to the top for a move but Grimes hits him with a throw off the top rope. That sets him up to land the Cave-in for the win.
Result - Cameron Grimes defeats Nathan Frazer by pin.

07:30 (IST)1 JUN 2022

Frazer lands a move off the middle ropes but might have tweaked his knee. He hits a flying elbow off the ropes but Grimes counters a suplex attempt by dropping Frazer on his face. Frazer recovers and goes for a running Shooting Star Press, but Grimes gets the knees up. He is moving so fast that it's messing Grimes up. Grimes drops Frazer and gets a near fall.

07:26 (IST)1 JUN 2022

07:26 (IST)1 JUN 2022

things are pretty close early on until Frazer sends Grimes out of the ring with a Hurricanrana. He goes for his suicide dive but Grimes evades it. Time for commercials!!

07:20 (IST)1 JUN 2022

TrickMelo is out to do commentary for the main event. 

07:16 (IST)1 JUN 2022

07:14 (IST)1 JUN 2022

Pretty Deadly comes out after the match to mock Ivy, saying that they know that the Creeds are going to get kicked out of Diamond Mine after this weekend. Prince and Wilson try to leave the apron, but the Creeds pull them in and send them out. They're left holding the belts.

07:13 (IST)1 JUN 2022

Nile fights back with some kicks, including one in the corner. She gets two. James blasts Nile with a shoulder block in the corner, saying you can't learn that in the gym. She goes for a suplex but Nile counters it into a submission attempt. Ivy hits a clothesline and then some kicks before landing a toss for the win.
Result - Ivy Nile defeats Kiana James by pin.

07:10 (IST)1 JUN 2022

Ivy Nile takes on Kiana James after an earlier interaction. James trips Nile, sending her face-first into the bottom buckle. Why does WWE dislike nerds? James hits a bodyslam for a near fall.

07:04 (IST)1 JUN 2022

After the match, Wagner attacks Briggs and is about to break his arm until Jensen makes the save. Wagner tries to jump back in to beat on Briggs some more, but Sofia Cromwell does her usual F+ acting to pull him away. 

07:03 (IST)1 JUN 2022

Fallon Henley and Brooks Jensen accompany Briggs to the ring, but Waller says that it isn't a fair fight. After some back-and-forth, Waller gets a few pin attempts. Briggs takes control, but as he does, Sofia Cromwell and Mr. Stone come out. Waller falls out of the ring as Von Wagner shows up on the apron to distract Briggs. It works, as it allows Waller to hit his finisher on Briggs for the win.
Result - Grayson Waller defeats Josh Briggs by pin.

06:59 (IST)1 JUN 2022

In WWE's continued attempts to make you feel old, they show footage of Thea Hail graduating from High School this past week. She sits down, like prospects do, to "pick her college." She tosses off hats for Notre Dame, North Carolina, and another school to pick Chase U.

06:55 (IST)1 JUN 2022

Tiffany Stratton cuts her pre-finals promo, saying that she'll add the Breakout Tournament to the rest of the trophies and medals in her house. She mocks Perez and the dedication she had for pursuing her wrestling career. Perez looks 12 while Stratton sounds 12 years old.

06:51 (IST)1 JUN 2022

Duke goes for a powerbomb, but Solo gets out of it. He hits a Samoan Drop and a superkick. Sikoa lands the splash for the win.
Result - Solo Sikoa defeats Duke Hudson by pin.

06:49 (IST)1 JUN 2022

Hudson turns the tides with a German Suplex. He then bludgeons Solo with some strikes as the crowd chants for Sikoa. Duke then hits two belly-to-belly suplexes. Great. The NXT crowd is back to saying "sweet" after every two count. 

06:47 (IST)1 JUN 2022

Duke Hudson and Solo Sikoa do battle in the latest of WWE's "Big guy that doesn't have a famous family loses to the smaller guy who does" matches (See T-Bar). Solo goes for his running butt move in the corner, but Hudson rolls out of the ring.

06:46 (IST)1 JUN 2022

Kiana James comes to talk to Ivy Nile as she is doing pushups. She asks if that is all Nile does, and she says she's always training. James says that her research doesn't see the Creeds winning at In Your House. She then asks Nile if she'll talk the Creeds after they lose. As physical bullies do, Nile shoves James up against the lockers and asks her what are the odds of her shoving her fist through her (James' face). James says the same as the Creeds winning. Smart people always getting bullied by jocks . . .

06:40 (IST)1 JUN 2022

06:39 (IST)1 JUN 2022

The segment ends with a brawl, as all contract segments do. Kayden and Kacy land moves off the turnbuckle to neutralize the tag Champs while Wendy and Mandy battle in the ring. A table is set up with Rose on top, and Choo lands her jumping sleep drop to put the Champ through the table.

06:38 (IST)1 JUN 2022

Both sides argue as expected. The challengers say that they haven't won a clean match while Kayden mentions that she and Katana are the only team to beat Jacy and Gigi. Wendy Choo just keeps saying "sign the contract" and the crowd starts mimicking that sentiment. Mandy Rose ends the verbal jabbery by signing the contract. 

06:32 (IST)1 JUN 2022

Joe Gacy runs down the history of Bron Breakker's life. He says that he learned all of that backstory from his father, Rick Steiner. He deals with his issues with anger and he should use that anger at In Your House. If Bron does this Saturday, it means that Gacy wins the title. Mac Mitchell interviews Bron after the segment, and Gacy uses mind games again to get to the Champ. Bron keeps his cool. 

06:28 (IST)1 JUN 2022

06:27 (IST)1 JUN 2022

06:26 (IST)1 JUN 2022

Diamond Mine has a backstage argument after the miscommunications in their opening match. Roddy says that he didn't need their help and that had he been hit with the belt, it would have been a DQ win. Ivy says that Julius took the hit for him, but he says he's the leader and they do what he says. He also says that if the Creeds don't win the titles at In Your House, they are out of Diamond Mine. Damon Kemp looked iffy during the segment as if he is actually torn.

06:23 (IST)1 JUN 2022

Quinn lands a Lawn Dart on Lee, sending him into the middle buckle. He sets up for his finisher, but Lee counters it and gets the win with a roll-up.
Result - Wes Lee defeats Xyon Quinn by pin.

06:21 (IST)1 JUN 2022

Lee charges Quinn right off the bat. Quinn tosses him across the ring, but Lee lands on his feet. He lands a stomp and gets a near fall on Quinn. Quinn quickly turns the tides by dropping Lee ribs first on the top rope.

06:19 (IST)1 JUN 2022

Roxanne Perez cuts a promo before the finals of next week's Women's Breakout Tournament. She reveals she missed out on a lot of normal teenage activities (going to the mall, the prom) because of her pursuit of a wrestling career. Go git em, Roxy!!

06:13 (IST)1 JUN 2022

Mac Mitchell interviews Wes Lee again ahead of his match with Xyon Quinn. He says as long as he has air in his lungs, he'll fight. Sanga comes by to wish him luck, saying that even though he isn't 10 feet tall, his heart is. Lee is a little shaken before he heads out for his match.

06:11 (IST)1 JUN 2022

Lopez drops Jade with a variation of a Blue Thunder Bomb. Jade breaks the pin attempt by grabbing the rope. The two climb the turnbuckle until Lopez is knocked off. Jade hits a Senton off the top for the win.
Result - Cora Jade defeats Elektra Lopez by pin.

06:10 (IST)1 JUN 2022

Another botched exchange sends Elektra outside the ring. It allows Jade to take over. She hits a kick and a stomp to the gut before getting a near fall.

06:09 (IST)1 JUN 2022

Some back-and-forth takes place early on, as do some sloppy missteps. Lopez bashes Jade head-first into the mat. Lopez bodyslams her once and goes for another, but Jade counters out. It doesn't last long as Lopez gains control again and gets a near fall.

06:03 (IST)1 JUN 2022

06:02 (IST)1 JUN 2022

06:01 (IST)1 JUN 2022

During the sitdown, D'Angelo proposes a six-man tag team match at In Your House. If Legado wins, then Tony and his goons will join Legado. If D'Angelo wins, then Legado must operate under the leadership of D'Angelo. The two shakes hands and Escobar tells D'Angelo to get off his boat.

05:57 (IST)1 JUN 2022

Grayson Waller is talking to some people backstage. He's running down Josh Briggs until Briggs shows up behind him. It sets up another match for tonight. Up next is the "sitdown" on the docks between Tony D and Legado. They meet on a yacht. The captain takes them out on the water at the request of Elektra Lopez.

05:55 (IST)1 JUN 2022

05:51 (IST)1 JUN 2022

Backstage, Cameron Grimes and Solo Sikoa are all buddy buddy before Grimes' match tonight with Nathan Frazer. Solo says he has Grimes' back tonight and that he has the next shot at the NA Championship. That brings in Duke Hudson, who says that when it comes to the next shots, he has the next shot at the NXT title. Solo says it doesn't count because he won by DQ and with Joe Gacy's help. I guess he doesn't watch the product because that happens all the time. It sets up a match between the two for later tonight after Hudson says that Solo isn't on his level. Too bad management doesn't feel the same way, Duke.

05:48 (IST)1 JUN 2022

Kemp struggles to make the tag to Roddy, but he finally does. Roddy lands some shoulder blocks to the ribs and a gutbuster on Prince. He lands a backbreaker on Wilson. He tries to put Prince in the Stronghold but Wilson distracts him. He goes to do the same to Wilson but instead chops both of the Champs. Prince sends Kemp into the steel steps while the competitors hit a double clothesline in the ring. The champs grab the belts, but as they go to use them, the Creeds come out. Prince tries to hit Roddy with the belt, but he moves and it hits Julius. The Champs use the distraction to hit their finisher on Strong.
Result - Pretty Deadly defeats Diamond Mine by pin.

05:39 (IST)1 JUN 2022

Strong and Kemp hit stereo backbreakers on the Champs, sending them out of the ring. Time for commercials!!

05:39 (IST)1 JUN 2022

05:36 (IST)1 JUN 2022

Prince starts out against Roddy. The Champ tosses Roddy into the corner before tagging in Kit Kat Wilson. Roddy gains control with a dropkick and he quickly tags in Kemp. Wilson retreats to his corner, tagging in Elton Prince. Prince stuffs a takedown from Kemp and it befuddles him. He goes to pout in his corner, but Roddy slaps him to get him fired up. It works as Kemp lands a suplex and some other offense. 

05:32 (IST)1 JUN 2022

Damon Kemp and Roddy Strong will kick off this week's show against NXT Tag Champs Pretty Deadly. As they headed out to the ring, Roddy told the Creeds and Ivy Nile that they had the night off.
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