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  • WWE NXT Live Results (August 1, 2023): Former North American Champion returns to NXT, Trick goes his own way, and more.

WWE NXT Live Results (August 1, 2023): Former North American Champion returns to NXT, Trick goes his own way, and more.

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02:13 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

The winning team before they dispatch of Gallus

02:08 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Lyra Valkyria defeats Jacy Jayne by pin.
Dijak defeats Eddy Thorpe by pin.
Lola Vice and Elektra Lopez defeat Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon by pin.
Oro Mensah and Noam Dar defeat Carmelo Hayes and Wes Lee by pin.
Baron Corbin defeats Andrew Chase by pin.
Tony D'Angelo, Channing "Stacks' Lorenzo, and Santos Escobar defeat Gallus (Mark Coffey, Joe Coffey, and Wolfgang) by pin.

02:06 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Tony D gets Santos to do the hand gesture he's known for. After the main event, we see Ilja Dragunov watching the moment during his title match when he hit Trick and the NXT belt. He says he won't stop until Trick is "entirely terminated." Is that going to be the main-roster version of the Mad Russian? The two will square off next week.

02:03 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Mark Coffey is left from Gallus and Santos hit a top-rope Hurricanrana. He hits double knees to the chest before D'Angelo and Stacks hit Badda Bing, Badda Boom on Mark for the win.
Result - Santos Escobar, Tony D'Angelo, and Stacks Lorenzo defeat Gallus (Mark Coffey, Joe Coffey, and Wolfgang) by pin.

02:02 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Mark tries to prevent Stacks from tagging in. He elbows Santos off the apron, but Stacks tosses him over his back. He goes to tag The Don, but Joe Coffey pulls Tony D off the apron. Wolfie goes for a moonsault but he misses, allowing Stacks to come in off the hot tag. He lands a few flying shoulder blocks and a splash off the top. He rolls Mark up but Joe and Wolfgang break up the pin. All six men fight it out in the ring.

02:00 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Mustafa Ali vs. Axiom also announced for next week.

02:00 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Gallus is in control of Stacks off the break. Joe hits a sidewalk slam on Stacks for a two-count. One good thing about NXT is not having to listen to an adjective in front of every star's name like on RAW and SmackDown.

01:56 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Wolfie makes the tag to Joe Coffey and all three Gallus members get blasted with some gut shots by Stacks, Santos, and D'Angelo. The new champs clear the ring of Gallus.

01:54 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

The mystery partner ends up being Santos Escobar of the LWO. Tony D says he "called an old friend," calling back to the feud between The D'Angleo Family and Legado Del Fantasma. Stacks starts off against Wolfgang. He makes a quick tag to The Don of NXT. Tony D drops Wolfie before making another quick tag to Stacks.

01:51 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Tyler Bate returns from a "healing retreat" or whatever to challenge Noam Dar for the not Heritage Cup next week. We see a backstage segment of Cora Jade running into the women's locker room and storming around. She says she's leaving because she lost to Dana Brooke. That's the reaction she should be having after losing to Dana Brooke. Bron Breakker vs. Von Wagner and Dom vs. Dragon Lee are announced for next week.

01:45 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

They say they're definitely not in Orlando. Rip and Jagger try to beat up the two lackeys again, but Gacy stops them and calls for members of Schism around the world to find the Creeds and bring them to Schism.

01:44 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

The two remaining masked men are thought to be the Creeds. They drop them both before Julius and Brutus appear on the big screen in front of a green screen with a beach and then the pyramids.

01:43 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Gacy says disobedience and insubordination must be taken out before they poison the roots of the Schism. Ava says the perpetrators will be found and punished. Two nobodies unmask before Ikemen Jiro unmasks and dances.

01:40 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Schism appears in the ring with a bunch of masked followers, two of which definitely aren't the Creeds.

01:37 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Thea Hail throws in the towel for Andre Chase, just as he did for her at the Great American Bash.

01:33 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

We next get some behind-the-scenes footage of Roxanne Perez's homecoming to Texas for the Great American Bash. She hugs her mother, stepfather, sister, and other family members.

01:30 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Chase lands a few strikes on the big man, followed by the Chase U Stomp. Andre goes to the top but gets dropped with a Spinebuster. Corbin locks Chase in a Single-Leg Crab and Hail throws the towel in. Corbin tosses it out of the ring. He goes to Chase and almost gets rolled up. Baron Corbin hits the End of Days for the win.
Result - Baron Corbin defeats Andre Chase by pin.

01:27 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Corbin controls things early on until Chase gets a few quick pin attempts. Chase kicks Baron to send him out of the ring. He follows but Corbin blasts him with a Death Valley Driver variant. He motions to Thea Hail a few times but Duke Hudson stands in her way. 

01:24 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Before the Baron Corbin match, Mami and Dirty Dom are walking in the parking lot until Axiom shows up to say he's glad that Rey Mysterio is showing up next week. Dom thinks it's Dragon Lee again because he's in a mask. Mustafa Ali runs up and tries to get another shot at the North American title, but he and Axiom keep interrupting each other.

01:20 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Wes Lee inadvertently hits his partner, Carmelo Hayes, with the Cardiac Kick, but Hayes doesn't seem to care after the loss.

01:16 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Lee and Melo argue in the ring after the match. Melo kind of acts like a tool, saying something along the lines of "this doesn't concern me" but Lee says it matters to him.

01:16 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Dar hits a short Superman Punch on Lee. Lee sets up for his Cardiac Kick, but for some reason, Hayes runs into Dar and pushes him out of the way. Mensah Superkicks Lee and Dar hits a Shining Wizard for the win.
Result - Oro Mensah and Noam Dar defeat Wes Lee and Carmelo Hayes by pin.

01:14 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Mensah hits a T-Bone Suplex on Lee off the commercial break. He goes for more offense, but Lee hits him with a Basement Dropkick. Melo and Dar tag in, with Melo dropping The Scottish Supernova. Hayes lands a Superkick for a two-count. Melo goes for a Pescado, but Dar moves. Lash Legend tries to clothesline the champ, but he moves. Hayes gets back in the ring and hits his flipping slam. He reluctantly tags Lee in, but Jakara Jackson gets in the ring in front of Noam Dar. Lee tells her to move but still hits his Spinning Splash. Mensah breaks it up, and all four men are in the ring.

01:07 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Lee and Hayes hit a double clothesline on Mensah. Hayes tags Lee in and he goes to the top, but the ladies pull Mensah out of the ring.

01:07 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

The bell rings, and Melo suplexes Dar into the ring. Mensah tags in but Melo hits him with a fadeaway clothesline before tagging Wes Lee in. He hits a few moves before the champ tags back in. Lee and Hayes make strange faces when they tag in and out. 

01:04 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Lee doesn't wait for the bell, taking out Mensah and Dar with a Suicide Dive. Melo waits a second to join the melee. Lash and Jakara are ringside, so look out for interference.

00:55 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Lopez hits an Enzuguiri for a near fall. Feroz makes the tag to Leon and she hits a few gut-wrench suplexes. She adds a Falcon Arrow for a pin attempt but Lopez breaks it up. Things break down, allowing Vice to hit a Spinning Heel Kick for the win.
Result - Lola Vice and Elektra Lopez defeat Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon by pin.

00:52 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Leon outworks Elektra Lopez early on. She and Feroz hit a tandem move for a one-count. She goes for the ropes but Lola Vice distracts her to give Lopez a chance. Vice tags in and hits a spinning kick and a hip attack for a two-count.

00:49 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Dana Brooke liked how it felt when she blasted Cora Jade with Kendo sticks last week. She's still, well, Dana Brooke.

00:47 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

What must have been going through Eddy Thorpe's mind before eating that big boot???

00:44 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Tony D is on the phone with his mystery partner and the person agrees to help him out. Stacks and D'Angelo leave to pick him up. Up next is Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon taking on Lola Vice and Elektra Lopez.

00:43 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

The crowd was chanting a lot of random stuff during the match. 

00:42 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Dijak rips Thorpe down on his shoulder to break out of a waist lock. He goes for Feast Your Eyes but Thorpe counters out and hits a German Suplex. Eddy hits his elbow off the rebound but the big man rolls out of the ring. Dijak pulls Eddy into the ring post shoulder-first. He hits his big boot for the win.
Result - Dijak defeats Eddy Thorpe by pin.

00:40 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Dijak goes for a big boot right off the bell but Thorpe is ready to evade it. Thorpe lands a reverse crossbody on the big man. They exchange chops before Dijak drops Eddy with a clothesline. Thorpe hits the ring post, leading Dijak to drop him with a sit-out chokeslam. Dijak goes for his Tornado Kick but Thrope counters with two kicks and a side suplex of his own for a near fall.

00:37 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Before the next match, Mac Mitchell interviews Chase U and Thea Hail. She's upset that Mr. Chase threw in the towel. Baron Corbin interrupts and tells them that the interview is over. He tries to talk down to Thea Hail, calling her a little girl. Chase steps in and appears to challenge Corbin for a match.

00:36 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Dom's face is priceless upon hearing that Rey Mysterio will be in Dragon Lee's corner next week.

00:33 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Is Trick going out on his own or just to slay the Mad Dragon??

00:31 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Backstage, Wes Lee storms into the locker room. Carmelo Hayes tells him to calm down, but Lee is upset because he lost a few times. Melo tells him to calm down, but he understands how Breakker snapped with all of the challengers coming out of the woodwork. Lee and Hayes are interrupted by Noam Dar and Oro Mensah. Dar taunts Lee with the tidbit that Lee lost twice to Dirty Dom. Oro then facepalms Lee, and the fight has to be broken up. 

00:28 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Ripley calls Dragon Lee "Rey Mysterio Jr., Jr." because he wears a mask like Rey. Dragon says that no one believes that he is the greatest luchador of all time and that it's actually Rey Mysterio. They then have a cajones conversation and Rhea says Dom's are bigger. Lee challenges Dom to a match next week, and they accept. Rhea says she'll be there next week, and Lee says he won't be alone either. Rey Mysterio then appears on the big screen to reveal he's showing up next week.

00:26 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Rhea and Dom gloat about their success from the Great American Bash. Rhea says Dom is more of a man than everyone, including the crowd. Dom says he proved he is the best luchador of all time, which brings out Dragon Lee.

00:24 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Tony D and Stacks are being checked by the trainer. Mac Mitchell tries to get a medical update, but Tony D says they can drive their butts back to the arena because they want them - all three of them. Stacks then points out it would be a handicapped match, but Tony D says he'll "make a call and hopefully he picks up." Hmmmm . . .

00:23 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Lyra means business against Jacy Jayne.

00:18 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Backstage, Trick and Carmelo Hayes are conversing over their success at the Great American Bash. Trick says it's great that they're still friends and Ilja Dragunov is behind Melo, but Trick needs to do it for himself. He isn't a champ but needs to "be his own man" away from the champ.

00:16 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Jayne blasts Lyra with a big boot and Spinebuster for a close call. She hits a Superkick but gets blasted with a Spinning Heel Kick from Lyra. She hits the splash off the top for the win.
Result - Lyra Valkyria defeats Jacy Jayne by pin.

00:14 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

The two trade pin attempts off the commercial break. Jayne lands a Senton for a two-count. Lyra rebounds with a series of kicks. She goes for a suplex, but Jacy stops it. Lyra tosses Jacy out of the ring, and she hits a boot to Jayne's face. Valkyria goes to the top and hits a flying Crossbody, followed by a Northern Lights Suplex for a two-count.

00:08 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Lyra hits Jacy with a Shotgun Dropkick that sends Jacy out of the ring. She adds a Pescado over the top to ground Jayne.

00:07 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Lyra quickly fights back with a flying crossbody for a near fall. Jacy returns fire with a few kicks and a pin attempt of her own.

00:06 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Lyra Valkyria vs. Jacy Jayne kicks off the night. Jayne goes to the announce desk to tell Booker T and Vic that she's ending things tonight. She attacks Lyra as she comes to the ring for the match. Jacy hits a Cannonball off the apron as the fog from Lyra's entrance still permeates the arena.

00:05 (GMT)2 AUG 2023

Tony D'Angelo and Stacks show up in a big black SUV. As soon as they get out of the car, Gallus attacks them.
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