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  • WWE NXT Live Results (August 15, 2023): Wes Lee earns title shot, mixed tag team action set for Heatwave, and more.

WWE NXT Live Results (August 15, 2023): Wes Lee earns title shot, mixed tag team action set for Heatwave, and more.

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 16, 2023 02:14 GMT

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02:14 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Tony D'Angelo and Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo defeat The Dyad (Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid) by pin.
Blair Davenport defeats Dana Brooke by pin.
Trick Williams defeats Drew Gulak by pin.
Wes Lee defeats Dijak by pin.
Tyler Bate vs. Joe Coffey ends in a No Contest.
Jacy Jayne defeats Thea Hail by pin.

02:12 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Can Wes Lee shut Carmelo Hayes up for good at Heatwave??

02:07 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Carmelo gives Wes a few backhanded compliments, but he's more of a heel than a face to me with his comments. Hayes says that he doesn't have what it takes to be "Him" but Lee says he doesn't want to be "Him" but instead himself. Lee says that his whole journey has been about people telling him that he can't do something. Melo ends by telling him to not "chase waterfalls" like the TLC song from the 1990s. The show goes off the air after Lee hit a stomp through the middle of the table.

01:59 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Thea Hail may be transferring out of Chase University.

01:53 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

After the vignette, Wes Lee walks up to Carmelo Hayes and his autograph signing. Lee hands him the contract for next week, but as he has done lately, Hayes blows him off, saying he'll see him next week. Lee heads out to the ring with a table for Melo to sign the actual contract.

01:52 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

We get another vignette of Humberto and Angel trying to regain their edge instead of being lethal lovers. Actual footage and a voiceover plays over shots of the two cousins learning in the ring.

01:51 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Jayne pulls down a buckle pad, but Chase pulls it back up as the two women head toward the unprotected steel. She yells at him, allowing Jacy to roll her up for the win. She's not happy that he messed up.
Result - Jacy Jayne defeats Thea Hail by pin.

01:49 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Jayne continues to dominate Hail with a series of offense. Hail fights back with a few sledgehammers to Jacy's chest. She hits a throw and two Sentons for a near fall. Jacy hits a knee to Hail's face. She goes for a spinning back fist but Hail locks in a Kimura. Jayne breaks it by getting to the ropes. She lands a Superkick and a Spinebuster for two.

01:44 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Mustafa Ali for North American Champion!!!

01:42 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Thea Hail walks out to the ring for her match without Chase and Duke. They quickly follow behind, but she means business. Hail lands headscissors and a suicide dive right off the bat. She argues with Chase on the outside as the show heads to commercials.

01:39 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Frazer pulls out a "fraud" button to hit every time they lie. He hits it twice rather quickly, including when they say they are on the moon. No "Dummy" button for LA Knight.

01:38 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Up next is Hard Hitting Home Truths with Nathan Frazer. He says Florida is really hot right now and that Heatwave will be hotter. He mentions his defending the Heritage Cup against Noam Dar. Dar hijacks the feed for Supernova Sessions with the Meta-Four. They have a fun exchange. It's actually a creative way for two stars to have a promo battle. 

01:35 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Is this the next great mixed tag team??

01:32 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Baron Corbin tries to leave the arena, but he's stopped by someone asking him what he thinks about Von Wagner next week. He says he at least respects Wagner for coming out to him face-to-face. As he tries to get some words out, Bron Breakker walks over and says he's not done with Wagner. 

01:31 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Bate goes for another flying Euro Uppercut but Coffey catches him and hits a German Suplex with a bridge for two. Bate hits a Bicycle kick before going for the Tyler Driver 97. Coffey counters it and Bate hits a Torpe Con Giro on Coffey to the outside. As both men are on the outside, Dabba-Kato randomly shows up to wreck Bate and Coffey. Gallus pulls Joe out of the ring, leaving Tyler Bate to eat a sit-out powerbomb.
Result - Joe Coffey vs. Tyler Bate ends in a no-contest.

01:29 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Coffey and Bate trade counters early on. Bate lands a few European uppercuts as well as a flying one. It's a battle of two guys not wearing knee pads. Looks like they're in their undies. Bate lands a few throws and a standing Shooting Star Press for a near fall. He goes for his aeroplane spin but both men fall.

01:21 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Wes Lee is now 2-0 in matches with Dijak. Poor big guy.

01:19 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Mac Mitchell interviews Tyler Bate. He says he's known Joe Coffey for years and that he thinks that Coffey needs to find some calm and happiness.

01:18 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Lyra and Dragon Lee meet backstage and agree that they need to get on the same page. Lyra says they need to get on the same page like Rhea and Dom, but Lee says that he is taken. It was funny. They agree that they need to get on the same page before next week's tag match at Heatwave.

01:15 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Dijak rolls to the outside. He grabs Lee by the legs, slamming him head-first into the steel steps. Dijak then tosses Lee over the ringside barricade. He goes to grab the steel steps but stops to find Eddy Thorpe behind him. Thorpe evades a move from Dijak, allowing Lee to hit a Hurricanrana off the barricade. Lee recovers to hit the Cardiac Kick and a Tornado Senton for the win.
Result - Wes Lee defats Dijak by pin.

01:13 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Lee lands an impressive one-armed powerbomb on Dijak, as well as a kick and a running Meteora on the big man for two. Lee goes for the Cardiac Kick but his shoulder gives out. Dijak goes for Feast Your Eyes, but his leg gives out. Lee kicks his knee but Dijak grabs him for a chokeslam. He hits a one-legged slam for a near fall.

01:08 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Dijak grounds the smaller Lee with an arm lock. Lee goes for a suicide dive but gets caught by Dijak. Dijak sends him face-first into the ring post.

01:04 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

The last time these two battled, one of Dijak's fingers was bent in a direction it shouldn't go. Lee works on Dijak's foot early on.

01:01 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

A vignette airs with Mustafa Ali behind a podium espousing how the people of North America deserve better, someone who is better inside and outside of the ring. He says the time for a new North American Champion is now.

00:55 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Rhea Ripley and Dom  challenge Lyra Valkyria and Dragon Lee to a mixed tag team match at Heatwave next week.

00:54 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Von says that maybe Baron talks too much and that whichever of his 10 gimmicks he wants to bring next week, he'll put Corbin through a table next week. Corbin then tries a cheap shot but Von sends him over the ropes. Corbin escapes before he can get put through the announce table.

00:52 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Mr. Stone and Von Wagner come out to address Corbin's claim of everyone being soft. Corbin tells Stone to give Von the mic and he does. The crowd wants Von to put Baron through the table. Corbin says that if Von wants to make it in WWE, he has to learn how to talk on the stick (mic).

00:49 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Before Baron Corbin's promo, Dabba-Kato says he'll wreck everyone in NXT whenever he returns. Corbin says he likes being in NXT because he can say whatever he wants. He brags about retiring Kurt Angle. He calls everyone in the back a bunch of "soft-a** little b**ches."

00:46 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Trick has . . . the power!!!!

00:43 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Williams hits a stepover Uranage before taking out both Dempsey and Kemp on the outside. They try to get in the ring but Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen even the odds. Trick hits a spinning kick on Gulak to pick up the win.
Result - Trick Williams defeats Drew Gulak by pin.

00:41 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

With the action on the outside, Gulak rolls back into the ring. Dempsey lands another cheap shot on Trick. It's just all the payback for every match (all of them) of Carmelo Hayes' that Trick interfered in. Gulak locks in a single-leg crab submission.

00:40 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Trick lands a clothesline on Gulak, but behind the ref's back, Kemp lands a cheap shot on Trick. Trick then hits a dropkick and a pop-up uppercut on Gulak.

00:38 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Damon Kemp comes out with Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsey for Gulak's match with Trick Williams.

00:37 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Dana Brooke tries to teach "killer instinct" to Kelani Jordan but still loses.

00:32 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Brooke goes for the handstand splash in the corner that so many stars use now, but Blair moves away. She goes up on the top for 10 strikes, but Dana carries her over and hits a sit-out powerbomb for a two-count. She screams, but Blair rolls out of the ring. She lands a clothesline on Blair but then goes outside to grab the ring bell. Kelani Jordan stops her, and Blair decks her. Brooke tries to roll Davenport up, but Blair hits two knees to her face for the win.
Result - Blair Davenport defeats Dana Brooke by pin.

00:29 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

So I guess Dana Brooke and Charlotte Flair both made the same type of addition to their gear. Dana pushes Blair over right off the bat. She clotheslines Blair out of the ring before hitting a crossbody off the ring apron. The crowd isn't into her. Dana tries to get back in the ring, and Davenport hits a stomp off the top. She adds a sliding kick for a near fall.

00:27 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Backstage, Andre Chase and Duke Hudson try to get Thea Hail back on track. He says that he got Thea a match with Jacy Jayne tonight so she can refocus and get back on track. Duke plays both sides as he rubs his MVP trophy. Andre says he just wants her to be happy, but Thea says "ok" as long as he doesn't throw in the towel again.

00:23 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

That totally isn't the Creeds costing the Dyad a match with the tag team Champions.

00:21 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

A vignette debuts for Eddy Thorpe as he tries to regain his fighting spirit. He reveals how dancing is therapeutic for him and his people and how each move is healing for him. He resets his focus for another match with Dijak.

00:18 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Gacy is apoplectic on the outside. D'Angelo hits a Spinebuster on Rip and a Fishermen's Buster for a pin on Jagger. Rip makes a blind tag, distracting Tony D long enough for Jagger to hit a Suicide Dive. As Rip tosses The Don in the ring, Ivy Nile comes down to distract Schism. Some masked folks stand in her way, but two masked people who are obviously the Creeds, attack Jagger on the outside with the familiar moves of the Creeds. D'Angelo hits his finisher on Rip for the win.
Result - Tony D'Angelo and Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo defeat the Dyad by pin.

00:15 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

The Dyad maintains control through the commercial break, leaving Stacks in trouble. Rip distracts the ref as Stacks rolls Jagger up. The heels keep Stacks away from The Don of NXT. Stacks fights back and finally makes the tag to Tony D who drops both opponents of the hot tag. He hits a few throws and some stomps to Rip's gut.

00:08 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Jagger goes for a hip toss but Stacks hold on with a headlock. He does the same as Rip tags in. He and Tony D land stereo punches to the gut of the Dyad in the middle of the ring. They send the Dyad to the outside with clotheslines. Tony then assists Stacks over the top on both of their opponents. Ava makes her way around the ring as Stacks lands a flying uppercut. She distracts him enough to give Rip Fowler an opening. They land tandem offense on the Champions, including a move that sends Stacks on top of the announce table.

00:06 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Tony D knocks Jagger to the outside but a few masked men stand in front of Jagger to prevent D'Angelo from doing anything. Rip Fowler tags in as does Stacks. Stack lands some punches on Rip. They double-team Rip for a few moments but he makes his way to his corner. In comes Jagger Reid but he gets suplexed as he mocks the crowd.

00:03 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

A bunch of masked people accompany Schism out to the ring.

00:02 (GMT)16 AUG 2023

Kicking off this week's NXT are the new tag team Champions, The D'Angelo Family taking on the Dyad.
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