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  • WWE NXT Live Results (August 8, 2023): "Dirty" Dom escapes again, Noam Dar loses a second Heritage Cup, and more.

WWE NXT Live Results (August 8, 2023): "Dirty" Dom escapes again, Noam Dar loses a second Heritage Cup, and more.

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02:15 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Mami helped Dom retain his belt again, much to the chagrin of Papa Rey.

02:09 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Full Results for NXT for August 8, 2023.
Mustafa Ali defeats Axiom by pin.
Blair Davenport defeats Kelani Jordan by pin.
Tyler Bate defeats Noam Dar, 2 Falls to 1 Fall.
Bron Breakker defeats Von Wanger by pin
Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsey defeat Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs by pin.
Kiana James defeats Ivy Nile by pin.
"Dirty" Dominik Mysterio defeats Dragon Lee by pin.

02:07 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Rey gets in the ring and admonishes Dom for cheating to win. Rhea jumps in his way to mock Rey further. She keeps poking Rey's chest. Lyra Valkyria comes out to even the odds, sending Mami out of the ring. Rey, Dragon Lee, and Lyra stand tall to end the night. 

02:05 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Lee hits a snap Dragon Suplex but Dom lands a Superkick and then a 619 in front of Rey. He goes for the Frog Splash but Lee gets the knees up. Lee hits a powerbomb for a close call. Rhea tossed the North American title into Dom but Rey grabs it. Rhea then blasts Lee with her title with the ref's back turned. Dom hits a Michinoku Driver for the dirty win.
Result - Dominik Mysterio defeats Dragon Lee by pin.

02:03 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Dragon sends Dom back into the ring. He hits a jumping knee for a two-count. Lee climbs to the top but Dom prevents him from hitting a move. They battle on the top buckle but Lee hits a stomp with Dom trapped. He then gets a near fall. Dragon goes for a powerbomb but Dom counters with a neckbreaker for two.

02:02 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Dom hits a Senton for a near fall. He then rips off a part of Lee's gear and tosses it in Rey's face. Dominik hits the Three Amigos suplex sequence for a near fall. He then tries to take Lee's mask off, but Dragon Lee storms up and takes over. He hits a Dragon Screw leg sweep and then a clothesline that sends Dom over the top rope. He goes for a Suicide Dive that lands on the announce table. 

01:55 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Lee hits a Hurricanrana early on followed by a basement dropkick. Dom rolls out of the ring and confronts Rey, but Dragon Lee kicks him over after Rhea gets in his face.

01:49 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Next week features The D'Angelo Family defending against the Dyad and Wes Lee battling Dijak for the #1 spot. Dana Brooke has a match against Blair Davenport.

01:48 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Mac Mitchell interviews Tiffany Stratton, and she mistakes caring about her attire for thinking about her next opponent. 

01:45 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Man, Thea Hail is the same height as Rey Mysterio.

01:41 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Backstage, Noam and the Meta-Four try to get the "Heritage Cup" back from Tyler Bate. They think that he should give it back. Nathan Frazer comes up to say that if he can admit that the cup Bate is holding isn't real, then he'll give Dar a shot at the real Heritage Cup at Heatwave in two weeks. They agree to it, with Frazer saying that he "owes one" to Bate.

01:39 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

We then go to a back-and-forth text session between Angel Garza and Humberto. They say that they should be doing things the right way like their Grandfather did.

01:38 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

After the match, the Schism crowds the ring. Two masked women grab Ivy Nile but Tony D and Stacks make the save. They had a confrontation earlier with the Schism. 

01:36 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Ivy hits another move before going for the Dragon Sleeper. She drifts towards Ava by the ring apron, and Ava grabs her leg. It distracts Ivy, allowing Kiana to hit the 401k for the win.
Result - Kiana James defeats Ivy Nile by pin.

01:34 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

During a brief commercial break, the Schism and many followers came out to the ring. They start pounding on the ring chanting "Creeds" during the match. Nile lands some offense but James fights back with a Spinebuster followed by an armbar.

01:29 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Kiana James tosses her bag into the ring and Nile catches it. James then kicks Nile over before tossing her out of the ring. She sends Nile into the ring post before landing a suplex on the floor. Nile lands an Enzuguiri that sends James to the outside. James pulls Nile's arm against the top rope to reassert control.

01:27 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Dana Brooke tries to pump Kelani Jordan up to find her 'killer instinct' as she did with the weapon last week. She says she'll show her what it should look like next week when she fights Blair Davenport. Up next is Ivy Nile taking on Kiana James.

01:26 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Gulak and Briggs fight on the outside but then Dempsey and Jensen fight on the outside. As the ref has his eyes on the fighting in the ring, Damon Kemp comes down and hits a T-Bone Suplex on Jensen. He tosses Jensen back into the ring for Dempsey to hit his straight-jacket suplex with a bridge for the win.
Result - Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsey defeat Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen by pin.

01:24 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Dempsey locks in an armbar on Briggs but Briggs almost breaks it with a pin attempt. He finally does so with the usual counter to an armbar - the face slams the heel. Briggs makes the tag to Jensen. He hits a powerslam for a near fall. 

01:23 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Briggs tosses Gulak off his shoulders. After hitting their sliding punches, Gulak tags in Dempsey. Way to let your opponent tag in, goofballs.

01:21 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

After taking some early control, Dempsey and Gulak assume control briefly. Gulak yells at Myles Borne for not bringing out water for him and Dempsey. He sends Borne to the back.

01:20 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Despite losing to Breakker, Wagner kept his promise by putting Bron through the table.

01:12 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Backstage, Dominik and Rhea are having a moment. Lyra Valkyria shows up and says that she knows that Rhea manipulates people, including Dom. She adds that if she truly believes in him, then she should let him do it himself in the main event. 

01:11 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

A vignette shows Eddy Thorpe trying to regroup and refocus after a loss to Dijak. He goes back to nature to regain his spiritual focus.

01:08 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

After the match, Mr. Stone tries to talk to Von in the corner, but Bron grabs him. He tries for a Gorilla Press, but Von pulls him down and decks him. He then puts him through the announce table as promised.

01:08 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Wagner fights back with a series of clotheslines and a big boot. Von hoists Bron on his shoulders, but Bron grabs the ropes to get out of it. He hits the ropes a few times and lands his Spear to end the match.
Result - Bron Breakker defeats Von Wagner by pin.

01:06 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Bron assumes control of the match, hitting a suplex and a standing Moonsault for a near fall. He trolls Wagner by doing some pushups. The two drop each other with simultaneous clotheslines.

01:04 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

The two trade shoulderblocks with Von hitting a Butterfly Suplex that sends Bron to the outside. He falls in front of the announce table. The crowd chants "table" and Von starts to take the announce table apart. In order to sell the heel turn, Bron should have dyed his hair white and started to come out with sunglasses on.

01:02 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Remember two years ago when people booed Wagner and cheered Bron Breakker? Man, time is a funny thing.

01:00 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Backstage, Rey Mysterio congratulates Roxanne Perez for her win at the Great American Bash. He then gives advice to Thea Hail after her recent loss to Tiffany Stratton. He tells her to not give up and to be patient despite being an underdog. She accepts the advice. Andre Chase then shows up but she says that Rey wouldn't have thrown in the towel.

00:57 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Is a triple threat in the cards for the NXT Championship?

00:54 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Mac Mitchell interviews Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak because they were supposed to fight Hank and Tank. They rag on Hank and Tank and the locker room for being soft. Damon Kemp comes over to say that he's tough and will fight them. They say no because he's only one man. Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen then say they're pretty tough. They'll face Dempsey and Gulak with Kemp left confused.

00:53 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

They agree to a match. A regular match at Heatwave in two weeks. Ilja says he'll "break you" at Heatwave.

00:51 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Ilja Dragunov storms out to the ring to call out Trick Williams. He says not to keep him waiting. Trick comes out eventually. Trick says he knows why everyone calls Ilja the Mad Dragon. Trick says he has a proposal, but Ilja just wants him to fight now. Williams says he wants a match where he can prove he isn't a sidekick anymore.

00:48 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Dijak confronts Carmelo Hayes about a title shot, and like last week, Hayes says he doesn't have time for Dijak. Wes Lee runs in and tries to talk with Hayes after last week's miscommunication. Hayes takes off as Dijak takes exception to Lee coming in. Dijak then tosses Lee all around the locker room. Isn't Hayes supposed to be a face now? He keeps saying no one else is worth his time while also not helping anyone else.

00:46 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Bate takes the "Heritage Cup" from Noam Dar. Guess he'll go back to being catatonic.

00:42 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

After the match, the Schism continues to look for the Creeds. They attack Hank and Tank as Tank tries to suggest the name "Smashmouth" for their team. No. That is a terrible name of a terrible band. What follows is Mac Mitchell interviewing Ilja Dragunov before he heads off to the ring for a confrontation with Trick Williams.

00:40 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Dar rushes Bate in the corner, landing a few kicks and elbows. The ref pushes him off Bate for some reason, and Bate hits a Bicycle Kick on Dar. The ref then pulls Bate off of Dar. Bate hits a throw on Dar. Bate goes for his move off the middle rope, but Dar catches him with a kneebar. Bate locks in a German Suplex, but as expected, Mensah gets on the apron to distract Bate. Bate rolls Dar up for a near fall. He goes for the Tyler Driver 97, but Dar counters it. Bate counters that counter with a pin attempt that nets him the "Heritage Cup" of Naom Dar. Back to Weekend at Dar's.
Result - Tyler Bate defeats Noam Dar 2 Falls to 1 Fall.

00:37 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Dar opens Round 4 with some kicks. Bate hits a shoulder block and an airplane spin for a two-count. Bate goes for a running Shooting Star Press but Dar counters it for a near fall. He adds a spinning back elbow for another near fall but then counters into a knee bar. Bate turns it into a pin. Dar lands a few kicks to Bate's knee before locking in a rolling kneebar. Bate eventually taps but Dar won't break the lock.
Result after Round 4: Bate 1, Dar 1.

00:34 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Both men climb to the top, but Bate's knee buckles as he jumps off the top. The two exchange punches with no falls earned in Round 3.
After 3 Rounds - Bate: 1, Dar 0.

00:31 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Bate sends Dar from the ring, but Mensah tries to distract Bate. He doesn't bite, instead hitting a Flying Crossbody over the top rope. He then hits the Tyler Driver 97 for the round win.
Result after 2 rounds - Tyler Bate - 1, Noam Dar - 0.

00:29 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

The two trade holds and locks with Dar getting a pin attempt. Nothing much in the first round, 0 Falls for both.

00:27 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

How fair can this match possibly be with the rest of the Meta-Four out for the match??

00:25 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Up next is the "Heritage Cup" Match between Noam Dar and Tyler Bate.

00:25 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Ali wants the next shot at the North American Championship.

00:23 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Von Wagner cuts a promo before his match with Bron Breakker, claiming that Breakker will get "tabled" after their match tonight (because he likes to send people through tables).

00:22 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Davenport lands a double stomp on Kelani's back and then a thunderous knee strike to the face to pick up the win.
Result - Blair Davenport defeats Kelani Jordan by pin.

00:20 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

After a brief tie-up, Blair boots Kelani, sending her out of the ring. She sends Jordan off the ropes but she counters into a Backslide for a near fall. She sends Blair back into the ring but Davenport shoves her head-first into the buckle. Jordan fights back but is stopped from hitting another move.

00:16 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

Up next is Kelani Jordan taking on Blair Davenport after Jordan called Davenport out over the weekend.

00:15 (GMT)9 AUG 2023

We then go backstage to see several people laid out by the Schism. They then say they'll turn NXT upside down until they find the Creed Brothers. They're probably either working out or eating food. They don't seem like complex individuals.
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