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WWE NXT Live Results (July 19, 2022) Zoey Stark returns and wins 20-Woman Battle Royal

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 20, 2022 02:08 GMT

What will happen on NXT?


02:08 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

02:08 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Full Results for NXT 2.0 (19 July 2022)
JD McDonagh defeats Cameron Grimes by pin.
Roderick Strong defeats Damon Kemp by pin.
Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen defeat Pretty Deadly by pin.
Axiom defeats Dante Chen by pin.
Zoey Stark wins the 20-woman battle royal.

02:06 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

02:04 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Stratton does her blip move but Stark tosses her over the ropes. The bell doesn't ring, cuz Jade hasn't shown up. As Stark celebrates, Jade comes in from behind. She rushes Stark, but Stark sees it and sends Jade over the top for the win.
Result - Zoey Stark eliminates Cora Jade to win the 20-woman battle royal.

02:03 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Lyons drops everyone, including Stratton and James with some impressive kicks. She tosses James out and Stratton eliminates Lyons. Wow! It leaves Stratton and Zoey Stark. And Cora Jade. Stark throws Stratton over the top, but she skins the cat. Stark clotheslines her over, but only one foot hits. She drags her back in, but both women end up on the apron. They rolls back in.

02:01 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Nikkita Lyons has a hand in eliminating Ivy Nile, Kacy, and Kayden. Kayden and Kacy continue to attack Nile two-on-one, but Tatum Paxley eliminates herself to help her teammate. Paxley almost impressively body slammed Lyons before elimination. The final four ends up with Kiana James, Zoey Stark, Stratton, and Lyons. It's also Cora Jade, who walked out at the beginning. Don't forget!!!

01:59 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Sloane Jacobs and Elektra Lopez are eliminated during the commercial break. Kacy and Kayden eliminated Lopez and Jacobs. 

01:57 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

01:57 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

01:56 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

As predicted, Alba Fyre and Lash Legend eliminate each other and brawl after it. Yulissa Leon is dressed in Becky Lynch's old NXT gear. Tiffany Stratton kicks wendy Choo off the apron, but she lands on a pillow. She re-enters the match. Zoey Stark eliminates Yulissa Leon, and Valentina Ferroz goes after Zoey. Ferroz locks Stark in an armbar on the apron, but Zoey tosses Ferroz into the arms of Leon. She then kicks Leon, officially eliminating Ferroz. On the other side of the ring, Kiana James eliminates Fallon Henley right before Stratton eliminates Choo by hitting her in the face with her drink cup.

01:53 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Immediately after the comment, Ivy Nile kicks Miller off the apron, making her the first elimination. Indi Hartwell eliminates Arianna Grace as she waves to the crowd after staving off eilmination.

01:51 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Everyone surrounds Cora Jade as the match starts, except for Wendy Choo. Jade goes through the middle rope but Ivy Nile decks her. She runs off. Amari Miller is also back in action for the first time on NXT. Good to see them both back.

01:50 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Wow! Zoey Stark makes her return from injury to compete in the battle royal!

01:49 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Cameron Grimes tries to leave the arena, but he's interrupted by a random interviewer. He says "not now" but the guy keeps trying to ask him questions. Joe Gacy confronts him and says he understands what he's going through. Grimes walks away as Gacy smiles. After that, Mac Mitchell interviews Tony D. He makes a great comment, saying "why do they need a dojo? Because they are fake tough guys." I kind of have to agree. Every time something doesn't go their way, they look confused.

01:46 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

01:42 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Mac Mitchell asks Toxic Attraction who they think will win the battle royal. Rose randomly says Tatum Paxley because it was the first name that came to her head. As TA tries to walk off, Ivy Nile comes up and like a robot, says that she'll win and take the title from Mandy. Kiana James does the same and says stuff about odds. Alba Fyre closes things out before heading to the ring.

01:39 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Ok, so Melo doesn't address the NXT Universe as much as he names off people who are gunning for him (Solo Sikoa, Von Wagner, Giovanni Vinci, Apollo Crews).

01:37 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

A lot of addressing the NXT Universe tonight - Cora Jade, Bron Breakker, and now, Carmelo Hayes with Mouth Williams.

01:32 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

01:32 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Lash Legend cuts her pre-match promo, utilizing the "yell really loud to make your point" method. She singles out Alba Fyre, so expect those two to eliminate each other.

01:30 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Axiom takes on Dante Chen. Axiom is in control early on until Chen hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a near fall. Axiom hits a tilt-a-whirl DDT on Chen before hitting a Pele Kick. He drops Chen on the top rope neck-first before hitting a flying crossbody off the top. He slides across the ring and hits a jumping side kick for the win.
Result - Axiom defeats Dante Chen by pin.

01:21 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

After that segment, we get a piece from before last week's SmackDown. Solo Sikoa was heading into the arena but was attacked by Von Wagner. Wagner sounded and looked A LOT like Jack Swagger there. Coincidentally, they both have the charisma of a rock. Maybe it's the lisp.

01:19 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Breakker calls JD McDonagh out for blindsiding him at the Bash. He says he respected Cameron Grimes because he came at him face-to-face. McDonagh shows up on the big screen, saying that Grimes may have injured the Champ's shoulder, but he'll disable Breakker. He then pinpoints eight spots on a mannequin that highlight how all of those muscles work in concert to make the shoulder work. Bron barks at him as usual

01:14 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Wes Lee says that his eyes are clear now after Trick Williams blinded him at the Great American Bash. He targets Williams and Grayson Waller, who blamed Lee for losing to Carmelo Hayes at the Bash. Bron Breakker hits the ring next.

01:09 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

01:09 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

01:08 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Wade says that Wilson wasn't the legal man. Will it turn into anything? After the match, we get Joe Gacy and his minions. They take their hoods off, revealing them to be the former Grizzled Young Veterans. He renames James Drake as Jagger Reid and Gibson as Ripper something.

01:06 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Jensen finally makes the tag to Briggs as Wilson is tagged in. Briggs hits the ring like a house of fire. He sends Prince out of the ring. Wilson and Briggs drop each other as they both go for flying crossbodies. They then knock each other down with clotheslines. Prince hands one of the tag titles to Wilson and takes the other. He slides it into Briggs but Jensen hits him with a big boot. That distracts the ref. Wilson tries to hit Briggs with the belt, but he is stopped by Henley. They play tug-of-war over the belt, allowing Briggs and Jensen to hit a High-Low on Wilson for the win.
Result - Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen defeat Pretty Deadly by pin.

01:02 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Pretty Deadly neutralizes Jensen with rest holds and quick tags. Briggs cheers on his partner from the apron. Wilson hits a jumping elbow on Jensen in the corner for a near fall.

01:01 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Vic Joseph made a comment saying that he's surprised that Max Dupri hasn't signed Pretty Deadly yet. 

01:00 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

00:56 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Jensen starts out strong, decking Prince a few times. Wilson gets the blind tag to take over for a second. Jensen looks like he escaped from a NASCAR race crowd. Jensen and Briggs deck Pretty Deadly. As Jensen heads back to his corner, the smarter challengers make a tag. Wilson hits ANOTHER blind tag before Briggs tosses Wilson over the top rope. He lands and accidentally knocks Fallon Henley over. Briggs and Jensen go to check on her. Jensen is mad at Wilson, but Briggs tossed Wilson into him.

00:53 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Pretty Deadly is dressed wonderfully as their half-tops are patterned after a spotted cow. Jensen is sporting a wispy stache, jorts, and a new haircut. Please, give the titles to Pretty Deadly.

00:50 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Backstage, Roddy yells at the Creeds for not being able to fight off 5 guys. Damon Kemp comes in late and Roddy yells at him for being late. Strong then says that it isn't over between Diamond Mine and Tony D's group.

00:46 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

00:45 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

After the match, Roddy briefly celebrates before rallying Kemp to go back with him to help out the Creeds. Brooks Jensen, Josh Briggs, and Fallon Henley pump each other up before their matches. Jensen says that Pretty Deadly disrespected them and some other stuff, but I couldn't listen to anything he said because of his haircut. Yup, that's two haircut references from ol Matt Serocki tonight.

00:44 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Damon fights back and hits Roddy with some moves, including a belly-to-belly suplex. He adds a spear from the outside for a near fall. The two exchange some strikes before hitting a double clothesline. During that, Tony D shows up on the big screen. The picture reveals that Lorenzo and Legado were beating on the NXT Tag Champs. Kemp tries to rally Strong to help the boys out, but he takes advantage of the moment and hits Kemp with a jumping knee.
Result - Roderick Strong defeats Damon Kemp by pin.

00:41 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Wade and Vic are arguing during this match like they're Corey Graves and Byron Saxton. JUST CALL THE DARNED MATCH PLEASE!!

00:41 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Kemp and Strong start off with a lot of holds and counters. Kemp hits a bodyslam and an elbow drop for a near fall. Roddy recovers and lands some strikes on Kemp. During the exchange, Wade Barrett drops the word "tallywhacker" and it makes Vic Joseph laugh. Wade also says that Roddy is a "benevolent dictator" and that the "snowflake generation (the Creeds)" can't handle that. I have to agree. They've been around for less than a year and already act like top guys.

00:33 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

00:32 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Mac Mitchell then says she's disappointed in Jade's reactions, but Xyon Quinn says that "this is a me business, not a we business." He then mentions that he'll be facing Apollo Crews next week. He adds that Crews couldn't cut it in the big leagues. Quinn then calls himself "the X Factor" before walking off.

00:31 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Cora says that Roxy was so in her own world that she didn't see that Jade was the one who attacked her in the lot last week. She adds that since Roxy isn't here tonight because she isn't cleared with a "broken heart." No one is in her way with Perez out of the picture. We then get the callback to Medusa dropping the WWE Women's title in the trash, as Jade does so with her tag team belt.

00:28 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Jade then says that she got Roxy in the door, Roxy became the new "breakout star" which took the attention off of her. She adds that no sooner did they win the first gold of Jade's career, but Roxy decided to cash in her contract 30 minutes later as if it wasn't enough. Jade says that at that moment, she knew that the friendship was over.

00:26 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Tiffany Stratton cuts a pre-taped promo for the 20-woman battle royal. She says "obvi" and I know it is her character, but it makes me cringe. Just like when someone says "OMG" out loud. Here's Cora Jade walking slowly to the ring WITHOUT her trademark skateboard. She says she should have stabbed her best friend in the back sooner. She also says that for the better part of the last year, she's been the face of the NXT 2.0 brand.

00:23 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

00:22 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

00:21 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Nikkita Lyons, the favorite to win the 20-woman battle royal, cuts a pre-match promo where she reminds everyone that she has unfinished business with Mandy Rose. After the pre-taped promo, Cora Jade heads out to the ring to explain her actions of last week.

00:18 (GMT)20 JUL 2022

Grimes goes to the ring apron but JD knocks him down. His leg gets caught in the ropes, allowing McDonagh to hit Grimes with his slingshot Saito Suplex for the win.
Result - JD McDonagh defeats Cameron Grimes by pin.
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