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  • WWE NXT Live Results (July 26, 2022) Diamond Mine tries to fend off the D'Angelo Family

WWE NXT Live Results (July 26, 2022) Diamond Mine tries to fend off the D'Angelo Family

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 27, 2022 02:11 GMT

What will happen on NXT?


02:11 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

02:10 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

Full Results for NXT 2.0 for 26 July 2022
Grayson Waller defeats Wes Lee by pin
Apollo Crews defeats Xyon Quinn by pin
Zoey Stark defeats Gigi Dolin by pin
Giovanni Vinci defeats Andre Chase by pin
Indi Hartwell defeats Arianna Grace by pin
The D'Angelo Family (Tony D'Angelo, Channing Lorenzo, Joaquin Wilde, and Cruz Del Toro) defeat the Diamond Mine (Roderick Strong, Julius Creed, Brutus Creed, and Damon Kemp) by pin

02:07 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

02:07 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

02:06 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

After the main event, Alundra Blayze is leaving the building. Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne try to get her to give them back the titles. She refuses to do so, saying that they need to earn them next week.

02:06 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

Stacks tags in as Kemp makes the tag to Julius Creed. He suplexes everyone, including D'Angelo. He hits a belly-to-belly suplex but Tony D trips him. He goes for a move but Julius counters out and puts Tony D in an ankle lock. Brutus breaks it up but gets worked over by Wilde and Del Toro. Roddy hits a move on Del Toro, leaving Tony D in the ring with Roddy and Julius. Julius holds Tony D for a punch, but he moves out of the way as Roddy goes for a jumping knee. He hits Julius with it, allowing the Family to pick up the win.
Result - The D'Angelo Family (Channing Lorenzo, Tony D'Angelo, Cruz Del Toro, and Joaquin Wilde) defeat Diamond Mine (Roderick Strong, Damon Kemp, Julius Creed, and Brutus Creed)

02:02 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

D'Angelo and the rest of the Family continue to work over Kemp and his knee. Stacks comes in and puts kemp in a single-leg Boston Crab. Kemp rolls out of the ring with Stacks staggered. He hits a slingshot spear but cannot make the tag. Cruz tags in and mocks the Diamond Mine.

01:59 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

Brutus flips Wilde and then tags Damon Kemp in. He comes in like a house of fire, hitting several moves. He decks Wilde and sends him out of the ring. Del Toro comes in to distract him, allowing Wilde to hit him with a chop block.

01:56 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

01:55 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

Tony D comes back in and takes Julius down. Julius regains control until D'Angelo escapes out of the ring. Julius gives chase before all four people stand off and all hell breaks loose. D'Angelo and Julius are left in the ring with Julius trying to put Tony D in a leg lock. As The Family regroups on the outside, Brutus drops them all with a jumping cannonball.

01:54 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

So we have four guys in black pants and black wife beaters against three guys in blue singlets and Roddy in blue trunks. Roddy and Tony D start out for their teams. Lorenzo tags in and Roddy bullies him easily. He makes the tag to Julius Creed. I wonder if he or Brutus will randomly stop in the middle of the match and let their opponent tag out.

01:51 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

Before the main event, Kiana James appears and runs down Nikkita Lyons. She says that she doesn't have the right make-up to be a woman in today's world. She shows pictures of Nikkita posing as a model as well as a photo of her parents. She says she'll continue her report on Lyons and share her findings with everyone. Kinda funny by calling out real-life stuff people do. Lyons and many of the other women have Instagram and Onlyfans "careers."

01:48 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

01:44 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

Von Wagner and Mr. Stone address Solo Sikoa's challenge for a falls count anywhere match next week. They address how Sofia Cromwell went "off to be a model" and that they already beat Sikoa on the street. Stone declines the challenge but Wagner says he wants to bash Sikoa.

01:43 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

After waving to the fans a few times and getting decked for it, Grace fights back and gets control of the match. Indi fights back, dropping Grace with a clothesline. Indi goes for a kick in the corner, but Grace moves out of the way. Grace rolls her up and puts her feet on the ropes. The ref catches her and she pleads with him briefly before Indi kicks her in the face and picks up the win.
Result - Indi Hartwell defeats Arianna Grace by pin.

01:41 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

01:39 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

Mac Mitchell interviews Kacy and Kayden after Valentina and Yulisa chat over FaceTime. Kayden and Kacy are mad that the title was dumped in the trash. They also think that the Champions should be friends because you can't be a team and not be friends. Tatum Paxley and Ivy Nile show up and Kayden says they shouldn't even be here because they aren't friends. Good logic. 

01:35 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

01:31 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

They appear to be on the same page, but you know something fishy is gonna happen. 

01:31 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

Vinci starts to stomp on Chase after the win, but Nathan Frazer makes the save. Diamond Mine pumps themselves up before the eight-man tag team match.

01:29 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

The two trade blows until Vinci chops Chase. Chase goes for a kick but Vinci catches it and hits his Last Ride-esque powerbomb for the win.
Result - Giovanni Vinci defeats Andre Chase by pin.

01:28 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

Chase hits a string of moves, including a spinning neck breaker. He then goes for the Chase U Stomp before hitting a Uranage for a near fall. Chase goes for his finisher, but Vinci stops it. He catches Chase in a suplex for a near fall. Vinci goes for a powerbomb but Chase counters out. Vinci goes for a move off the middle rope, but Chase catches him and hits a sit-out power bomb for a near fall.

01:25 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

So it looks like Thea Hail's gimmick is "overhyped on sugar college student." Chase gets a near fall before Vinci tosses him over the top rope. Vinci then pushes Bodhi in the chest. Chase fights back once Vinci gets in the ring. He hits a side suplex to even the odds.

01:21 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

01:21 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

01:20 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

Vinci gets control early on with a dropkick. Chase fights back and lands his own dropkick. Thea Hail and Bodhi Hayward celebrate ringside, but Vinci grabs the Chase U flag and breaks it across his knees.

01:19 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

Chase and Vinci trades moves early on. During the match, a graphic shows the four teams battling to become the new Tag Team Champs next week. Toxic Attraction, Tatum Paxley and Ivy Nile, Valentina Ferroz and Yulisa Leon, and Kacy and Kayden comprise the field.

01:16 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

Mac Mitchell interviews Roxanne Perez. She says she is fine with Cora Jade whining and complaining. What isn't right with her, however, is dumping the Championship belt in the trash. That brings out Alundra Blayze, who famously dumped the WWF Women's title in the trash on WCW Nitro back in the 1990s. Blayze reveals that four teams will battle it out next week to become the new tag team Champs.

01:08 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

Bron says that he and McDonagh will make their Heatwave match official next week. JD headbutts Bron but Bron returns the favor. McDonagh is bleeding in his mouth but laughs. We go backstage to see Andre Chase and Chase U. They address how they parked the bus in front of Vinci's car and how he got mad when Thea Hail touched his car. Ya know, normal reactions to people doing dumb things. Hail asks Chase to let her at Vinci and she goes nuts punching Bodhi Hayward's hands. Nathan Frazer shows up and asks if he can be the honorary flagbearer for the match.

01:04 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

JD McDonagh appears in the crowd and warns random people of how dangerous random things are. He says that more people than you think die from choking on popcorn. He addresses the timekeeper and how the hammer he uses can hurt the hand with the smallest of hits. He continues to reference how easy it would be to injure and maim people. He mocks Wade Barrett and Vic Joseph before calling out Bron Breakker.

01:02 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

Wendy Choo has a segment where she's sleeping in a random bed. She's having a dream/nightmare about losing to Tiffany Stratton. She wakes up unhappily and gets all serious. She claims that things aren't over between her and Tiffany. It will be lights out when they meet up next time.

00:56 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

00:55 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

After the match, JD McDonagh and his awful haircut show up at the arena. He has a ticket for the show tonight but will totally not get involved when the Big Bad Booty Nephew appears.

00:54 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

As Attraction stands in the entranceway holding Zoey's gaze, Cora Jade attacks her with a Kendo Stick. After a few blows, Roxanne Perez comes out to make the save.

00:53 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

After the match, Jacy Jayne tries to blindside Stark, but she hits her with a kick. Rose tries to do the same, but Zoey catches her. It sends Toxic Attraction off to lick their wounds.

00:52 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

Gigi comes off the ropes but Stark hits her with a superkick. She then hits a spinning Go to Sleep variant to pick up the quick win.
Result - Zoey Stark defeats Gigi Dolin by pin.

00:52 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

Stark starts off strong but gets distracted by Rose. Gigi wrenches her back into the top rope before hitting a pump kick. She adds a side suplex for a near fall. Again, the crowd is split down the middle. Gigi puts Zoey in a Bow and Arrow submission, but Zoey counters out into a pinning combination. She adds a clothesline and a few other moves to get another near fall.

00:49 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

Solo Sikoa challenges Von Wagner to a "falls count anywhere" match next week.

00:45 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

00:45 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

00:43 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

Backstage, Mac Mitchell interviews Toxic Attraction. She says that Mandy Rose will face Zoey Stark in three weeks at Heatwave. Rose says that the match will be canceled because Gigi will send her back to the hospital. Rose accepts a match with Sarray for next week.

00:42 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

Quinn goes for a move but Crews stops him with an Enzuguiri and a Backstabber. He finishes Quinn off with a Uranage variant.
Result - Apollo Crews defeats Xyon Quinn by pin.

00:41 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

Crews breaks out of a submission move and hits Quinn with a jumping clothesline. He adds a splash in the corner and another clothesline for two. He adds a crossbody off the top that looks like Quinn was supposed to catch. After both men recover, Quinn hits a spinning Death Valley Driver for two.

00:37 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

00:37 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

Crews hits Quinn with a dropkick as the bell rings. He hits a few more moves and gets a near fall. Quinn decks him and goes on a brief run of offense, including a neck breaker.

00:36 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

Before the Quinn/Crews match, we see a backstage segment with Arianna Grace who is mad at how Indi Hartwell eliminated her last week when she was waving to the fans. Indi comes in with a tan that makes her unrecognizable.

00:33 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

00:30 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

Mac Mitchell interviews Joe Gacy and Schism. They have embraced their change. Gacy says that Cameron Grimes needs a father figure and not a Championship and that everyone is welcome. 

00:28 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

As Lee recovers in the ring, Williams stands in the ring over Lee as Muhammad Ali did back in the day.

00:27 (GMT)27 JUL 2022

Lee breaks the nine count, but Waller hits his rolling cutter on Lee to pick up the win.
Result - Grayson Waller defeats Wes Lee by pin.
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