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  • WWE NXT Live Results (June 6, 2023) Women's Battle Royale, Bron Breakker challenges main roster champion, and more

WWE NXT Live Results (June 6, 2023) Women's Battle Royale, Bron Breakker challenges main roster champion, and more

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02:15 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

02:15 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

02:14 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

02:13 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

Full Results for WWE NXT for June 6, 2023.
Ava and The Dyad defeat The Creeds and Ivy Nile by pin.
Blair Davenport defeats Dani Palmer by pin.
Baron Corbin defeats Trick Williams by pin.
Mustafa Ali defeats Joe Gacy by pin.
Eddy Thorpe defeats Damon Kemp by pin.
Scrypts defeats Dabba Kato by pin.
Thea Hail wins battle royal to challenge Tiffany Stratton.

02:09 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

After the last match, the cameras go to the parking lot where someone asks Bron Breakker why he attacked Ilja Dragunov. He says he wasn't going to let anyone claim that they were the toughest in NXT. He then calls out World Heavyweight Champ Seth Rollins, challenging him to return to NXT to defend the title. Very interesting . . .

02:07 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

The entire class of Chase U comes out of the crowd and into the ring to celebrate Hail's win. Vic purposely mentions the Cavinder Twins who are at the WWE PC. Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak come out to lightly clap for Hail. Duke seems confused.

02:06 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

Thea Hail randomly shows up on the apron since she didn't go over the top earlier. Brooke and Hail work together to eliminate Jade but Hail accidentally hits Brooke. Jade lands two jumping knees on Brooke and attempts a third, but Brooke catches her. Thea Hail then sends both women over the top to win the whole thing.
Result - Thea Hail wins the battle royal.

02:03 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

Jacy sends Lyra over the top but she skins the cat to pull Jayne over the top and to the ground. Jade then blindsides Lyra, leaving Jade, James, Fallon, and Dana Brooke as the final four. Henley hits a Blockbuster on Cora Jade. James then grabs her but Fallon decks her. Henley goes for a move but James tosses her over. Henley recovers band eliminates James. Jade kicks Henley and Brooke when they are tangled in the ropes with each other.

02:01 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

Blair Davenport comes down during the match and Roxy rolls out of the ring to attack her. She goes for Pop Rox but Tatum Paxley hits a crossbody on Roxy to save Davenport. They send Perez back into the ring, allowing Jacy Jayne to officially eliminate her. Lyra lands a kick on Jayne when she turns around. Lyra drops everyone with a kick.

01:56 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

Thea Hail eliminates Jakara Jackson. It looked like she Randy Savaged herself. Apparently, Hail and Legend went through the middle. Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz eliminate Lash Legend but Legend and Jackson pull the Latin ladies off the ring apron.

01:54 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

Oro Mensah saves Jakara Jackson from elimination. Lola Vice and Brooklyn Barlow are the first ones out. Kiana James and Gigi Dolin fight on the apron but James knocks Gigi down the stairs and to the ground.

01:51 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

01:50 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

Backstage, Ali talks Wes Lee and Tyler Bate into finally going one-on-one for the North American title. The trio will face the Schism next week in six-man action. Baron Corbin will also take on Ilja Dragunov while Noam Dar will defend the Heritage Cup against Nathan Frazer.

01:43 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

Schism is having mixed emotions as Joe Gacy feels that Wes Lee, Tyler Bate, and Ali are standing in their way. He also thinks he hasn't been pulling his weight with two-straight losses. Gacy does surprisingly praise the Dyad and Ava for their win.

01:41 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

Kato immediately grabs Reggie and plants him on the mat. He does the same to Axiom when the masked man tries to intervene.

01:40 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

Kato tosses Reggie out of the ring. He chops Reggie's chest before Axiom randomly appears behind him on the steel steps. Kato pushes him down before tossing Reggie back into the ring. He grabs him by the head but is distracted by Axiom again. Reggie hits a flipping move before getting a roll-up win.
Result - Scrypts defeats Dabba Kato by pin.

01:38 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

Scrypts lands some mild strikes on the big man. He's on his feet until Kato kicks him down. He blasts Reggie with two bodyslams followed by a Bear Hug.

01:37 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

I wonder what row Dabba Kato could throw Reggie to . . . . 

01:34 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

01:33 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

Backstage, we see Gigi Dolin on the phone with her brother. He sounds worried that she's in the battle royal just a week after getting staples in her head after her steel cage match. Kiana James comes by to mock Dolin and everything about her. They both say they'll win the battle royal until Dabba Kato blocks out the screen on his way to the ring.

01:32 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

Thorpe battles back with some strikes of his own, including his jumping elbow drop. The pin is by the ropes so Kemp breaks it by getting a leg on the ropes. Thorpe hits a belly-to-back suplex to pick up another win over Kemp. Booker points out that Kemp's shoe was on the ropes.
Result - Eddy Thorpe defeats Damon Kemp by pin.

01:29 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

Kemp hits a rolling Senton for a near fall. He adds a belly-to-belly suplex and some ground strikes before hitting a Uranage backbreaker.

01:26 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

Mac Mitchell interviews Noam Dar and his group and he calls all of his confidantes stars. He evades Nathan Frazer's challenge until finally accepting it for next week's show.

01:24 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

01:23 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

01:21 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

The Dyad attacks Ali after the win, but Wes Lee and Tyler Bate make the save for Ali. Backstage, Edris and Malik are trying to figure out how Hank vs. Tank and Briggs vs. Jensen helped those teams. Edris tries to stump Brooks and Josh, but they correctly answer the questions asked by Edris. It leads to Edris finally accepting that he and Malik should fight to grow closer. Gallus approaches the scene and kills the vibe as usual. They mock Edris and Malik and say that "it's ok" because they'll never beat Gallus for the belts.

01:17 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

Ali drops Gacy with some headscissors. He goes for a springboard move off the apron but Gacy pushes him down on top of the ring apron. Gacy backflips Ali but Ali lands on his feet. Gacy quickly hits a DDT for a near fall. Ali hits a rolling neckbreaker. He then climbs to the top but is met by Gacy. Ali hits a Sunset Flip Bomb off the top. He climbs the ropes and hits a 450 Splash for the win.
Result - Mustafa Ali defeats Joe Gacy by pin.

01:13 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

When Dana Brooke competes in the battle royal, it will make three main-roster stars who have competed in the same episode of NXT.

01:12 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

01:09 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

Mac Mitchell interviews Mustafa Ali after his appearance on last week's show. Wes Lee interrupts and says it'd be cool to have a match. Ali doesn't want to be handed a title shot, but he says after he beats Joe Gacy, things could be different if Lee keeps his title.

01:07 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

After the Corbin match, we get another edition of Nathan Frazer's talk show. He runs down Battleground results but lands on Noam Dar and his crew. Frazer brings on Dragon Lee as the new "International Correspondent." He gives five names for the new group, including The Jakara Jackson Five Minus 1, and some others. Frazer then lays down a challenge for Noam Dar and the Heritage Cup.

01:04 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

Corbin goes shoulder-first into the ring post, allowing Trick to land some punches. Corbin falls and Trick goes for a jumping kick but buckles under the "injury" he suffered earlier in the match. Corbin takes advantage and hits End of Days for the win.
Result - Baron Corbin defeats Trick Williams by pin.

01:03 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

Trick fights back, landing a dropkick and jumping knee strike. He hits a spinning neck breaker for a near fall. Corbin goes for a chokeslam but Trick counters into a Capoeira Kick. He goes for another move but is hit with Deep Six from Corbin for a two-count. The crowd chants "this is awesome" which is kind of a stretch.

01:00 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

Corbin sends Williams to the outside in front of the announce desk. Trick hurts his knee and Corbin pounces on the injury. He sends Williams into the steel steps knee-first. Baron adds a spinebuster and a single-leg Boston Crab.

00:56 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

00:55 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

Trick turns the tide, hitting his pop-up punch to send Corbin out of the ring.

00:53 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

Up next is Baron Corbin taking on Trick Williams. Corbin is in black shorts and looks weird. Corbin is in control early on. Before the match, the show a tweet from Carmelo Hayes where he says he had two matches in 48 hours, and once he gets back to 100%, he'll take Corbin out. 

00:48 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

00:48 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

Von Wagner might try out this therapy thing cuz his shrink is easy to look at . . .

00:48 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

00:47 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

00:45 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

After the match, Dana Brooke is shown in the parking lot. She says she's going to enter the battle royal tonight and be the last woman standing.

00:44 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

Palmer catches a kick and gets in some offense. She lands a few kicks until she makes the mistake of going to the top again. Blair pulls her off and hits a Falcon Arrow for the win.
Result - Blair Davenport defeats Dani Palmer by pin.

00:43 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

Palmer goes for a high-flying move but gets kicked in the gut. Blair adds a gutbuster and more offense to Palmer's midsection. 

00:40 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

Up next is Blair Davenport's return to NXT. She's taking on Dani Palmer who she attacked last week.

00:32 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

Stacks then meets with The Don in lock-up. He asks if there are any leads in finding out who ratted on him. Stacks says he has some lawyer ready to represent D'Angelo. D'Angelo says he's been living like a king in the prison. Stacks has to "figure it out" when it comes to finding partners against Gallus next week.

00:30 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

Julius hits a moonsault off the top. Rip pushes Jagger out of the way to absorb Brutus' cannonball. Julius then does the same thing for Brutus but gets superkicked. Vic mentions that Julius sacrificed himself but doesn't mention that Rip did it first. All four men are dropped, leaving Ivy Nile and Ava. Ava still looks rough. Ava gets easily locked in the Dragon Sleeper but Jagger pulls Ava out of it. While the ref tries to get Jagger out of the ring, Ava blasts Ivy in the face while wearing her mask. She shockingly gets the pin.
Result - Ava and the Dyad defeat Ivy Nile and the Creeds.

00:27 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

Brutus counters a suplex on Rip. Rip tags Jagger in while Julius jumps on the ropes like a seven year old. He makes the tag to Julius and he goes on his suplex/kip up run.

00:26 (GMT)7 JUN 2023

Coming off the commercials, the Schism is in charge, but we didn't see any of it. Rip and Jagger swap tags, including Jagger hitting Sliced Bread. Ava also decks Ivy while she's not looking.
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