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  • WWE NXT Live Results (March 21, 2023) More build for Stand & Deliver, Dragon Lee's first match announced, Bron Breakker and Carmelo Hayes co-exist, and more

WWE NXT Live Results (March 21, 2023) More build for Stand & Deliver, Dragon Lee's first match announced, Bron Breakker and Carmelo Hayes co-exist, and more

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 22, 2023 02:15 GMT

Check out the live results from WWE NXT.


02:15 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

02:09 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

Full Results for NXT for March 21, 2023:

Tiffany Stratton defeats Indi Hartwell via pinfall.
Ilja Dragunov vs. JD McDonagh ends in a No Contest.
Lyra Valkyria defeats Ivy Nile via pinfall.
Bron Breakker and Carmelo Hayes defeat Pretty Deadly via pinfall.

02:08 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

Bron and Melo were able to avoid a big mistake as Melo moved out of the way of a rampaging Bron Breakker. They worked together but it's only a matter of time before the stuff hits the fan. Melo hands off the title to Bron as the show goes off the air. 

02:07 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

Kit gets a near fall on Melo. Elton tags in and stomps on Melo. Hayes fights for and makes the tag to Bron. Elton also tags in as Bron takes control of both opponents. He drops Kit with a clothesline before hitting a belly-to-back suplex.

Bron adds a Bulldog off the top for a fall, but Elton breaks it up. With Elton caught up in the ropes, Bron hits a spear on Kit, followed by a flying leg drop off the top from Melo for the win.

Result - Bron Breakker and Carmelo Hayes defeat Pretty Deadly via pinfall.

02:02 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

A second-chance match for the women's ladder match at Stand & Deliver is announced. Sol Ruca, Indi Hartwell, and Ivy Nile will face off in a triple-threat. Guess since Kiana James is already booked, she doesn't get a chance.

02:02 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

Kit Wilson works on Bron Breakker in the ring as Elton tries to expose a turnbuckle. Melo stops it and both teams tag in new members. Melo takes control with some kicks on Elton before getting a near fall. Pretty Deadly turns the tide with a misdirected DDT. 

01:58 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

01:57 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

Pretty Deadly works on Carmelo Hayes early on. He gets hit with a Pancake as Elton and Kit knock Bron off the apron. Hayes motions for Bron to come in. They hit a tandem throw with Bron tossing Melo halfway across the ring into Pretty Deadly. Bron knocks one of the Yes Boys out with a Frankensteiner.

01:50 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

01:49 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

Going back to the Gallus Bar and everyone is out of it. It ends up leading to a Triple Threat match challenge from Gallus.

01:46 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

01:46 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

01:46 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

01:44 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

Final question - How well-equipped is the leader of the other group? Joe Gacy interrupts Andre Chase. Tyler Bate speaks up and helps Chase U. Bate says that excelling in NXT takes a lot, including growth and evolution, and willingness to learn. The growth of Chase U is the growth of NXT. 

Jagger Reid says that Schism summed up is four roots, one tree. Bate then says they should have a 4-on-4 match at Stand & Deliver, but Gacy says that Schism has already defeated Chase and Hudson in the ring. 

Duke then puts control of Chase University on the line for the match, which Gacy accepts. Interesting. Duke's intentions will certainly be clearer after WrestleMania weekend.

01:40 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

Second Question - How does your group makes you feel safe? Ava says that Chase U offers up a false sense of security. Thea repeats a dictionary version of what "safe" means. She says Chase U makes her feel safe, while Schism makes you feel a false sense of security by kidnapping you.

01:39 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

First question - how has your group approached inclusion? Rip Fowler says that they had removed their masks whereas Duke Hudson refused to remove his mask of fake love for Chase U. He says they have passion and a sense of belonging with almost no emotion.

01:31 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

Fallon Henley is walking alone backstage when she's suddenly attacked by Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn. They ask her where her partner is just as Kiana James shows up to even the odds. James says that she needs to tell Brooks about "Sebastian."

01:29 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

Valkyria gets a nearfall almost immediately. Nile tries to hang by showing her skills. Both women get single-leg takedowns. They trade kicks to the chest before landing stereo kicks to each other's heads.

Nile hits a gut-wrench suplex for two. Valkyria hits a step-up enzuigiri followed by a series of kicks. Ivy grabs her head and hits a snap suplex. Ivy goes for the Dragon Sleeper but Lyra counters out. She hits a spinning heel kick for the win.

Result - Lyra Valkyria defeats Ivy Nile via pinfall.

01:26 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

Hank Walker has a quick rundown of his NXT journey from security guard to NXT star betrayed by his mentor, Drew Gulak. Gulak and Charlie Dempsey laugh off Hank's words. Lyra Valkyria hits the ring for her match with Ivy Nile.

01:20 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

01:19 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

We get a quick vignette for Eddy Thorpe, formerly known as Karl Fredericks. He says he'll try to lift his people up by... being a DJ??? 

After that, Mac Mitchell interviews Ivy Nile. She tries to act surprised that Tatum Paxley walked out on her, but if you have a one-sided friendship as they had, then that's what you get.

01:17 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

Bernal makes it back to his feet but gets superkicked for his efforts.

01:16 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

Javy says that Gargano hasn't sold any Christmas albums and that between the two of them, they're a Triple Crown winner in NXT. Johnny Gargano comes storming out and goes to town on Javy. He tosses him over the front-row plexiglass. 

Johnny calls out Grayson Waller with a contract for an unsanctioned match. Waller appears on the big screen to say he won't sign it now, but if he gives it to Vic Joseph, he'll sign it next week. He will also only sign it if Gargano is banned from the building next week.

01:13 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

After that interview, Johnny Gargano's music hits. Everyone cheers until it's revealed to be Javier Bernal cosplaying as Gargano. He says that Gargano took his spot at Stand & Deliver. He's been working hard for seven years, er seven months.

01:11 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

Mac Mitchell interviews Wes Lee after the melee. He says that JD has been in his face for the last two weeks so he and Ilja will get two spots in the match. Axiom comes in and throws his hat in but Lee says that so many others have also come close. The chaos will continue next week when the final competitor is determined by a battle royal.

01:07 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

01:05 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

After the melee, Melo and Trick confront Bron Breakker, saying that they didn't need Bron's help. Bron isn't buying it because he knows that Trick Williams always cheats in Melo's matches.

01:04 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

Ilja goes for his finisher but JD catches him and attempts to lock Ilja in a Twister submission. Ilja rains down strikes from the top. He hits his elbow from above, sending both men out of the ring. After a few slaps, JD and Ilja run into Dragon Lee, who is sitting at the announcer's table.

He gets up, but JD decks him. Ilja does the same, and the match is called. All three men battle it out until Wes Lee comes from out of nowhere to land on everyone. The four men battle it out. Two more opponents, perhaps?

Result - Ilja Dragunov vs. JD McDonagh ends in a No Contest.

01:01 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

Ilja gains control, hitting several chops that would make Gunther happy. Ilja gets a near fall off a one-handed lift slam. McDonagh hits a powerbomb for a nearfall followed by two German suplexes. Ilja gets up after the second one and both men hit the ground after a kick.

00:59 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

JD has Ilja in a submission attempt off the break, but Ilja counters it by twisting the Irishman into a pretzel. JD breaks the hold by grabbing the ropes. McDonagh slaps Ilja in the face and evades an enzuigiri. He headbutts Ilja but Ilja then hits the enzuigiri.

00:56 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

00:53 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

Ilja then gets sent head-first into the bottom rope.

00:53 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

Kicking off the match, Ilja lands some knees and strikes but JD fights back with a corkscrew Senton from the outside. The opponents evade and land strikes to each other before falling over simultaneously. They engage in a slap fest before Ilja hits a series of German suplexes. Ilja hits his comeback clothesline for a near fall. He adds a knee in the corner and one off the top buckle. He climbs up again but is met by McDonagh, who pulls him down by his hair.

00:48 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

The NXT Anonymous account caught a distraught Indi Hartwell after losing her match. She runs into Zoey Stark who laughs. We switch to Kiana James and Fallon Henley arguing about Brooks Jensen. James acts like she had her hand caught in the cookie jar as Henley storms off.

00:47 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

00:43 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

Lee gives the first spot to Dragon Lee, but then JD McDonagh comes out. JD says that Wes Lee is lucky that he hasn't had his eyes on the North American Title because it would be his instead of Wes Lee's. Ilja Dragunov then comes out dancing for his match with JD.

00:40 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

Lee says he has a chip on his shoulder and that he wants to compete against the best the world has to offer. He addresses how he can pick his opponents but is interrupted by Dragon Lee. Dragon says that he came to NXT for the same reason - to face the best. He also said he liked the chaos and that he wants to be a part of the match at Stand & Deliver.

00:37 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

Lyra Valkyria runs through a building and says she'll be at Stand & Deliver. Mac Mitchell interviews Gigi Dolin about the ladder match at Stand & Deliver. She runs through her history before Stratton interrupts and says some dumb stuff about climbing to the top (like you are supposed to in a ladder match). Up next is Wes Lee.

00:33 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

00:30 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

The Creeds show up at the Gallus bar because they are going to be Champions again. They challenge Gallus to pool, which they lose. They then play darts which the Creeds win. We're not surprised they weren't good at pool because it takes more skill than slamming someone into the mat. It's 1-1 and the Creeds make the obvious challenge for Stand & Deliver. They all leave the bar to see Tony D and Stacks waiting outside.

00:27 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

Indi goes to the top buckle but Stratton pulls her down. She hits the Kenny Omega-like combo of a Death Valley Driver Senton followed by a moonsault for the win.

Result - Tiffany Stratton defeats Indi Hartwell via pinfall.

00:26 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

Stratton gets two near falls with the second coming off a double stomp that legitimately could have knocked Indi out. Indi finally gets a move in, hitting a suplex to even the field. Hartwell adds a series of strikes and a big boot for two. Stratton counters with a power slam off the ropes. Stratton goes for a springboard Swanton off the top rope but Indi moves and hits a Spinebuster.

00:19 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

Tiffany gets the first pin attempt off of a suplex. She hits her handstand flip splash but Indi fights back. She goes for an uppercut in the ropes but Stratton moves. Stratton then trips Indi up in the ring apron.

00:17 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

00:17 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

00:09 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

Elton and Kit beat Trick and Melo, but Bron runs out and makes the save. He tosses Elton and Kit out of the ring before helping Melo up. He says he doesn't want anything to happen to Carmelo until Stand & Deliver. The first match of the night is Tiffany Stratton vs. Indi Hartwell with a spot in the title ladder match on the line. Wonder who will win ...

00:08 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

Trick makes a match for Melo and . . . Bron against Pretty Deadly. Melo is a little surprised that Trick didn't volunteer.

00:06 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

They then mock what Carmelo and Bron were wearing last week, so it'll be a tag team match between Hayes and Breakker against Pretty Deadly.

00:05 (GMT)22 MAR 2023

Maybe it's something fashionable, but I don't have any fashion sense. Elton Prince is wearing what looks like suspenders for a gun holster. They claim that the footage of their loss last week as well as when Carmelo Hayes and Bron Breakker attacked them in the final segment has been wiped from the record.
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