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  • WWE NXT Live Results (March 7, 2023) Roxanne Perez wins but at a cost, Johnny Gargano returns for Grayson Waller, and more

WWE NXT Live Results (March 7, 2023) Roxanne Perez wins but at a cost, Johnny Gargano returns for Grayson Waller, and more

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08:57 (IST)8 MAR 2023

08:47 (IST)8 MAR 2023

Full Results for NXT Roadblock (7 March 2023).
Tony D'Angelo defeats Dijak by locking Dijak in the Jail Cell.
Bron Breakker and the Creeds defeat Jinder Mahal and Indus Sher by pin.
Gigi Dolin defeats Jacy Jayne by pin.
Joe Gacy defeats Andre Chase by pin.
Roxanne Perez defeats Meiko Satomura by pin.

08:45 (IST)8 MAR 2023

The show ends with Roxanne Perez taken from ringside on a stretcher and to an ambulance. That was an unexpected ending after she won.

08:44 (IST)8 MAR 2023

08:43 (IST)8 MAR 2023

Meiko grabs the title from the ref and presents it to Roxanne but as the two hold each other's hands up, Roxanne collapses. They played up the strikes to the head on commentary. Refs and medical officials come out and Booker T leaves the commentary table. 

08:41 (IST)8 MAR 2023

Satomura hits a Death Valley Driver and Scorpio Rising but Perez kicks out. She rolls under the ropes to the outside. The two battle on the apron with Meiko going face-first into the ring post. Roxy goes for Pop Rox on the outside but Meiko holds onto the ring. Meiko hits a step-up axe kick before throwing Roxy back into the ring. Thought it was gonna be a double count-out. Perez gets her foot on the bottom rope to break up the pin. Meiko goes for more kicks and attempts another step-up Axe Kick but Roxy counters it and rolls Meiko up to retain her title.
Result - Roxanne Perez defeats Meiko Satomura by pin.

08:38 (IST)8 MAR 2023

Roxanne lands a few kicks on Meiko but Meiko stands up and lands a kick to the back of Roxy's head. Roxy hits a Side Leg Sweep for two but Meiko quickly counters the pin for a near fall. Satomura hits a side slam and a Pele Kick that drops the Champ. She adds a belly to side suplex for another near fall. 

08:37 (IST)8 MAR 2023

Meiko goes for the knees to the back but Roxanne evades the move. She sends the challenger out of the ring with a dropkick. She follows it up with a Suicide Dive. Meiko goes for a Superplex but Perez gets out of it and hits goes for a Side Leg Sweep off the top. Meiko brushes it off and Roxy goes for a Sunset Flip off the top. Meiko blocks it and goes for a Tadpole Splash off the top. Perez gets her knees up and gets a two-count off the pin.

08:35 (IST)8 MAR 2023

Roxy counters out of the submission into a headlock. The two hit each other with shoulder blocks off the ropes but neither budges. Meiko takes over with a few strikes but Roxy stands up defiantly and lands a flurry of punches. Meiko pushes her off and kicks her in the chest. Satomura goes for a kick but Roxy catches it and hits a Dragon Screw Leg Sweep. She adds some European Uppercuts in the corner.

08:33 (IST)8 MAR 2023

Perez counters out of a submission. She then sends Meiko out of the ring with a headscissors lock. She goes for a suicide dive but Meiko decks her with a forearm. Satomura adds handstand knees for a near fall. Roxy counters out of the corner and rolls Meiko up but Meiko counters it into a modified kneebar.

08:31 (IST)8 MAR 2023

Apollo Crews vs. Dabba-Kato is announced for next week as well.

08:31 (IST)8 MAR 2023

Things have been back and forth during the commercial but it looks like Roxy's leg is a bit sore. They go for a test of strength with Meiko pinning Roxanne to the mat.

08:28 (IST)8 MAR 2023

08:27 (IST)8 MAR 2023

The two shake hands before the match but Meiko pulls Roxy towards her as the show cuts to a commercial.

08:24 (IST)8 MAR 2023

Time for the main event - Roxanne Perez defending the NXT Women's title against Meiko Satomura.

08:24 (IST)8 MAR 2023

Mac Mitchell interviews Wes Lee about his open challenges. He says that with all of the energy backstage and in the ring, he is going to have another open challenge next week. Axiom comes up and says he will be the one to face Lee next week, and Lee says they'll tear the house down if Axiom can beat everyone else to the ring.

08:22 (IST)8 MAR 2023

Andre Chase and Thea Hail are conversing. Hail is sad that Andre lost but happy that she was able to stand up to Ava. Andre is happy for her and that Tyler Bate's methods are helping. Duke Hudson stops the conversation and is livid because they lost again. He says that Chase U is a joke before storming off.

08:20 (IST)8 MAR 2023

Carmelo Hayes vs. Bron Breakker and Johnny Gargano vs. Grayson Waller are both confirmed for NXT Stand & Deliver during WrestleMania Weekend.

08:20 (IST)8 MAR 2023

08:16 (IST)8 MAR 2023

08:16 (IST)8 MAR 2023

After the Gacy/Chase match, we go to Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre performing a full moon ritual. Alba says that the former champs, Kayden and Katana, and Tatum Paxley and Ivy Nile aren't strong teams at the moment. She finishes up by saying that they'll claim their lot soon (the NXT Women's Tag Team Title).

08:15 (IST)8 MAR 2023

Gacy goes for a Superplex but Chase blocks it. He hit a Sunset Flip Bomb off the top for two. Thea Hail goes nuts for some reason and runs up to Ava Raine. She slaps a high five with Chase, but Gacy takes advantage and hits his springboard clothesline to pick up the win.
Result - Joe Gacy defeats Andre Chase by pin.

08:12 (IST)8 MAR 2023

Chase hits the Chase U Stomp followed by a side Uranage for a close call. Gacy kicks out of a Figure Four Lock from Chase. The two trade kicks until Gacy hits another Uranage on Chase.

08:11 (IST)8 MAR 2023

08:10 (IST)8 MAR 2023

The match began during the ad break. Weird. Chae hits Gacy with a clothesline but Gacy fights back with a knee and a brainbuster to Chase for a near fall.

08:06 (IST)8 MAR 2023

08:06 (IST)8 MAR 2023

The two shake hands and Melo says that he's never been secondary to anybody. The two smile and nod as Bron holds the title to end things. After that, we go backstage to Tyler Bate having a relaxing session with Thea Hail. Meditating has been helping Hail get over her issues with Schism. Andre Chae and Duke Hudon come by but don't want to interrupt. Bate wishes Mr. Chase luck but Duke says he can't believe that anyone buys the "snake oil" he's selling.

08:03 (IST)8 MAR 2023

Bron adds that after each successful title defense, he heard entrance music for a different opponent and he was disappointed that it wasn't Melo's. They both say that they've watched each other. Bron then refers to a meeting they both had with Triple H and HBK and them telling the newer stars that NXT is going to change and it's there for the taking for Hayes and Breakker.

08:01 (IST)8 MAR 2023

Vic and Booker T are talking until Bron Breakker randomly comes out and grabs a mic. He says that it's time for the biggest match on the biggest stage. NXT Stand & Deliver, he wants Carmelo Hayes. Melo comes out and says it's about time and that the crowd wants the match as well. 

07:59 (IST)8 MAR 2023

Fallon and Briggs agree that Jensen didn't send her the roses and Fallon has an idea of what to do to find out the truth.

07:59 (IST)8 MAR 2023

Backstage, Fallon henley and Brooks Jensen both apologize to each other. Briggs runs in and says that those roses he left on her desk were nice. Brooks says he doesn't care about the roses but what she said. All three hug and Jensen gets the phone call he was waiting for.

07:58 (IST)8 MAR 2023

As expected, Jacy attacks Gigi after the match. She boots her in the head again before getting the chair. She puts Gigi's head in the chair and climbs to the top. Several refs come out to prevent any further damage.

07:56 (IST)8 MAR 2023

Off the commercial break, Jacy has control. She hits a few kicks and gets a one-count. Gigi battles back with some kicks but Jacy counters and hits a Senton for a two-count. Dolin hits an Abdominal Stretch slam for the win.
Result - Gigi Dolin defeats Jacy Jayne by pin.

07:51 (IST)8 MAR 2023

07:50 (IST)8 MAR 2023

Jacy smacks Gigi in the face. Gigi then rushes Jacy and both fall out of the ring. Gigi mounts Jacy and slaps her in the face. Jacy rolls out of the ring and tries to run off. Jayne hits a tornado forearm before grabbing a steel chair from under the ring. Gigi kicks her down before she can use the chair.

07:48 (IST)8 MAR 2023

Dolin didn't get an entrance for some reason . . .

07:41 (IST)8 MAR 2023

Great way to bring the story back to how Waller sent Gargano out of NXT before he decided to return to WWE.

07:41 (IST)8 MAR 2023

HBK then warns Waller not to run the NXT brand into the ground after Waller did so. Grayson dares HBK to do something about it. He lays down a challenge for Stand & Deliver. Michaels says that every year, they back up the Brinks truck to his house because everyone wants a dream match with HBK at WrestleMania. He says that Waller isn't the first one to try and step up to him and he won't be the last. HBK adds that he won't be facing Waller at Stand & Deliver, but that this man - Johnny Gargano - will be facing Grayson. Gargano comes out and sends Waller packing.

07:38 (IST)8 MAR 2023

Waller calls HBK out for being hypocritical because, during his career, it was all about Mr. WrestleMania and the Showoff. HBK says that when his career ended and he came to NXT, the vibe was different and it was about everyone else. Waller says that he's sick of NXT and the vibe and that he wants out. Waller says he's also sick of having a boss who doesn't realize he has the biggest box office draw right in front of his face.

07:35 (IST)8 MAR 2023

Waller cuts deep by saying that the only reason that HBK is in charge at the table is because Triple H had a heart attack. Ouch. HBK says he stepped in because his friend needed him. Waller than says he wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't on Stand & Deliver or if his name was on a "cut list" after WrestleMania. HBK adds that NXT is about the brand, not about one star.

07:33 (IST)8 MAR 2023

HBK says that Grayson isn't "the Guy" because he lost at Vengeance Day. He "took his shot and missed." 

07:32 (IST)8 MAR 2023

The crowd continues to sing "Sexy Boy" as Grayson tries to start the segment. Waller says that 10-year old Grayson would love HBK but current Waller said he would tell him not to bother. HBK says that they used to be on good terms, but something happened. Waller tries to say that HBK is doing what Vince did to him - hold him back.

07:29 (IST)8 MAR 2023

07:21 (IST)8 MAR 2023

Both teams get in the ring and slug it out in the middle. Jinder falls out of the ring but Bron spears Sanga. The Creed set Veer up for a Doomsday Device for the win.
Result - Bron Breakker and the Creeds defeat Jinder Mahal and Indus Sher by pin.

07:20 (IST)8 MAR 2023

The Creeds and Bron try to go for a Doomsday Device but Bron and Brutus stumble off the apron. Might have been a botch. This allows Indus Sher to hit an elbow off the top for a near fall. They clothesline Julius for another near fall.

07:19 (IST)8 MAR 2023

Sanga and Jinder neutralize Julius with Jinder hitting a jumping knee for a near fall. Brutus tags in but takes his focus off the opponent in the ring like usual. Veer drops him with a Thesz Press. He tags Sanga in and Sanga sends Brutus into Bron on the apron. Bron recovers and hits a moonsault. Julius adds a 450 Splash for a two-count. 

07:13 (IST)8 MAR 2023

The Meatheads hit stereo Cannonballs while Bron hits a Tope Con Giro on Mahal and Indus Sher.

07:12 (IST)8 MAR 2023

07:11 (IST)8 MAR 2023

Veer easily fights back against Brutus, making the tag to Jinder. He gets in a few strikes before Brutus hits a suplex. Bron tags Brutus but Jinder wants out, so he tags in the bigger Sanga. 

07:10 (IST)8 MAR 2023

The match kicks off with Jinder decking Bron before the bell. The Creeds fall outside and Sanga drops them both with a single clothesline. Veer and Bron officially start the match. Bron tags Julius in and he hits a belly-to-belly suplex. He makes a quick tag to Brutus.
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