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WWE NXT Live Results (May 23, 2023) NXT Women's Title match set for NXT Battleground

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 24, 2023 02:12 GMT

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02:12 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

02:11 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

02:11 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

02:09 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

Full Results for NXT for May 23, 2023.
Lyra Valkyria defeats Cora Jade by pin.
Dabba-Kato defeats Axiom by pin.
Tyler Bate defeats Eddy Thorpe by pin
Nathan Frazer defeats Noam Dar by pin.
Hank Walker defeats Tank Ledger by pin.
Luca Crusafino defeats Von Wagner by disqualification.
Tiffany Stratton defeats Roxanne Perez by pin.

02:07 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

02:04 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

Ilja goes head-first into the steel steps and Ilja kicks Dijak's feet so he falls face-first onto the steel steps. He hits his flying forearm on Dijak as the refs try to separate both men.

02:03 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

After the match, Lyra and Stratton have a staredown by the NXT Women's belt. In the background, Roxanne Perez stumbles to the back but is attacked by a hooded assailant, presumably the person who has attacked Wendy Choo, Sol Ruca, and Nikkita Lyons. Lyra runs the person off as Dijak's music hits. He and Ilja then beat up each other ringside as each man signs the contract for their Battleground match. Security tries to hold them back, but they keep bashing on each other. 

02:01 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

Weird choice for the finals since Stratton could have won the belt at either Stand & Deliver or when Indi defended the belt.

02:00 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

The women climb to the top buckle with Roxanne hitting a Hurricanrana for a close call. Stratton goes for a powerbomb but it's countered Perez hits a side leg sweep for two. Perez goes for Pop Rox but Stratton shrugs her off her back and onto the top rope. She hits the rolling Senton and moonsault off the top for the win.
Result - Tiffany Stratton defeats Roxanne Perez by pin.

01:57 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

Stratton has control off the commercial break but Roxy sends her to the outside of the ring. She hits two Suicide Dives and a crossbody off the top. Stratton catches her and hits her rolling Senton. She hits a flip instead as Roxy moves out of the way. Perez hits a few European Uppercuts until Tiffany hits a Lowdown for a near fall.

01:54 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

01:53 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

Stratton pounds on Roxy's arm but Perez keeps control with headscissors that send Tifanny out of the ring. She goes for a Suicide Dive but Stratton catches her. Roxy counters out and hits a kick. She goes for a move off the top buckle but Stratton knocks her off.

01:51 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

There was also an NXT Anonymous bit where Noam Dar asked Oro Mensah to be his second for Battleground. Frazer is going to be in Dragon Lee's corner. Early in the main event, Roxy gets a few pin attempts on Tiffany Stratton. 

01:45 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

01:44 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

Back to Tony D'Angelo and he's arrested by those cops.

01:43 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

Luca points at Von but Von works him over in various corners of the ring. A big boot sends him out of the ring. Von misses a splash and Luca hits a hip-toss slam for two. Von is overaggressive again as Von goes over the top rope. Luca attacks Mr. Stone to get the picture of Von as a baby. Stone tells him to focus on the match, but Von rises up like Keith Lee used to show up behind people. Von batters Crusafino in the ropes until the ref calls the match. Von sends Luca into the barricade but Mr. Stone stops him from sending the loudmouth through the table. Von does it anyways after a few thoughts.
Result - Luca Crusafino defeats Von Wagner by disqualification.

01:38 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

The People's Court theme plays as Luca is announced. Von Wagner comes out as a man on a mission. Nice knowing ya, Luca.

01:31 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

Luca Crusafino cuts a pre-match promo from the steps of a courthouse in Orange County. He thinks Von Wagner will regret not settling things out of court. 

01:30 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

Gigi wants to fight "right here, right now" but Jacy says they should do it next week in a steel cage. Dolin ups the ante by saying let's add weapons to it and a hardcore cage match is set for next week's show.

01:28 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

Gigi Dolin hits the ring to address Jacy Jayne. She says she found a family in NXT with Jacy and Mandy Rose until Jacy stabbed her in the back. Jacy appears in the arena in the former Toxic Lounge. Jayne says Dolin dragged her down while they were a team and that she moved on.

01:23 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

01:22 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

Stacks and the Creed are talking backstage after he came to their aid earlier in the night. They thank him for helping them out tonight but decline his offer to back them up on Sunday due to "being burned" in the past. Julius says that he and Tony D can have the first shot after they win back the titles.

01:20 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

Bron Breakker attacks both men after the match, keeping up with the nightly trend.

01:19 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

Tank gets the first real offense with a bodyslam and an elbow. Hank recovers and hits a series of slams before picking up the win over his friend.
Result - Hank Walker defeats Tank Ledger by pin.

01:17 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

Tag team partners Hank Walker and Tank Ledger do battle after learning that Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs got closer after doing the same. They trade shoulder blocks time after time.

01:16 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

Next up is footage of Carmelo Hayes returning home to Massachusetts ahead of Battleground. He does the rounds at restaurants, a Celtics game, and other Boston landmarks.

01:09 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

01:08 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

Mac Mitchell interviews Ilja in the locker room and he says he wanted Dijak to feel the pain he felt last week. Dijak then rushes into the locker room and groups of stars hold both men back.

01:06 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

Dar hits a spinning back elbow that knocks some spit out of Frazer's mouth. As he gets up, Dragon Lee, his opponent for Battleground, comes out to the ring to admire the Heritage Cup. It distracts Dar who pushes Lee away from his "baby." Frazer hits a Suicide Dive followed by the Phoenix Splash for the win.
Result - Nathan Frazer defeats Noam Dar by pin.

01:04 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

Frazer takes over with some offense and a spinning neck breaker for a near fall. Frazer misses on the Phoenix Splash. He and Dar collide but Dar locks in an ankle lock. Frazer breaks out of it by sending Dar into the middle buckle. Dar tries to lock in an armbar but breaks it with a pin attempt. Frazer hits a superkick for a close call.

01:01 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

Dar is in control off the commercial break. He works on Frazer's limbs with stomps. Dar lands some Muay Thai kicks until Frazer hits a reverse DDT to even the playing field. 

01:00 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

00:56 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

00:55 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

A lot of headlocks early on until Frazer blasts off every ring rope to tire Dar out. He hits a kick that sends the Scot out of the ring.

00:51 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

Bate and Lee had words during the commercial break. They won't be on the same page at Battleground.

00:47 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

Mac Mitchell interviews Lyra in the trainer's room. She knows her knee is bruised but doesn't feel any tears. She adds that she'll be there on Sunday for Battleground. Lyra also wants to face Roxanne Perez in the finals because "she's the best" in NXT.

00:45 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

After the match, the trend of post-fight attacks continues as Joe Gacy assaults Bate after his win. Lee doesn't hesitate but accidentally punches Bate instead of Gacy. Gacy hits his finisher on both men.

00:45 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

Bate fights back with a kick and an elbow off the middle rope. He adds a Standing Shooting Star Press for two. Thorpe gets out of the Tyler Driver 97 but gets dropped with a clothesline and then the finisher as Bate picks up the win.
Result - Tyler Bate defeats Eddy Thorpe by pin.

00:42 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

The two trade holds and counters early on. Thorpe hits a crossbody on Bate off the ropes. Bate tries an inside cradle pin attempt for two. Thorpe chops Bate's chest and then kicks his back for a near fall.

00:40 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

Wes Lee joins the announce desk for Bate vs. Thorpe.

00:38 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

00:35 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

Mac Mitchell interviews Wes Lee and he's unsure of things now that he knows Tyler Bate wants a title shot as well. Bate will face Eddy Thorpe next.

00:33 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

The Creeds challenge Gallus as expected, but Gallus attacks the Creeds. They get the upper hand until Stacks runs out to even the odds.

00:31 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

Joe Coffey says that he heard that Tony D had some problems at the docks. They then address the Creeds and of course, they come out because they must be involved in every title match.

00:30 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

Gallus shows up so that they can give the Creeds another title shot.

00:28 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

Bron cuts a pre-taped promo chronicling his journey as NXT Champion and then former Champion. They show footage of Melo wining the title but fail to show how Trick Williams interfered to help Melo become NXT Champion.

00:25 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

00:25 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

00:22 (GMT)24 MAY 2023

The cop shows Tony D a video and asks him if that is him in the video. He says it isn't him in the video. Another cop shows up and says there's new footage of Tony D that he'll want to see.
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