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  • WWE NXT Live Results (May 28, 2024): TWO HUGE SURPRISE additions to NXT make shocking appearances ahead of Battleground!!!

WWE NXT Live Results (May 28, 2024): TWO HUGE SURPRISE additions to NXT make shocking appearances ahead of Battleground!!!

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 29, 2024 02:14 GMT

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02:14 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

NXT is ALL EGO now!!!

02:14 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Screenshot (461).png 1.71 MB

02:09 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

MICHIN defeats Tatum Paxley by pin.
RIDGE HOLLAND defeats Riley Osborne by pin.
THE OC defeats Edris Enofe and Malik Blade by pin.
LOLA VICE defeats Arianna Grace by pin.
DANTE CHEN defeats Lexis King by pin.
KELANI JORDAN defeats Wren Sinclair by pin.
JE'VON EVANS and TRICK WILLIAMS defeat Gallus (Joe & Mark Coffey)

02:06 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Lash Legend then comes out with all three still in the ring. Sexxy and Je'Von leave the ring so Trick and Lash can hash things out. She asks him if he attacked Noam and Oro. As he's about to answer, the lights go out and ETHAN FLIPPIN PAGE shows up! He dumps Trick on the mat and admits to attacking Noam. He then lands a knee to Trick in the corner before hoisting the title!!! What a great ending!!

02:03 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Mark motions for Joe to grab the title and he does. Sexxy Redd pulls it away from him with almost no effort. Evans hits a splash over the top to take Joe out as Trick hits the jumping knee in the ring on Mark for the win.

Result - Trick Williams and Je'Von Evans defeat Gallus (Joe and Mark Coffey) by pin.

02:02 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Trick hits a double Uranage on both Coffeys but they kick out. Joe headbutts Trick and tags Mark in. Evans randomly goes for a cross-ring cutter but almost misses it. Everyone lands a kick to leave the field on the mat. Mark and Trick battle in the ring. Trick misses a kick but Mark lands on for a near fall.

02:00 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Evans tries to fight out of a patented Gallus rest hold. Joe Coffey tags in and hits a few elbows before - shocker - going for another rest hold. Evans leaps over Joe to make the tag to Trick. Trick lands several side kicks on Joe and a leaping clothesline on Mark.

01:58 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

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01:56 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Trick controls the action early on before tagging Evans in. They go for a tandem move but Joe Coffey runs in. He takes the Hurricanrana instead of Mark. They then have almost a 30-second shot of Trick, Je'Von, and Sexxy Redd dancing and celebrating by the ringside barricade. Back in the ring, Coffey blasts Evans with a missile forearm on the outside.

01:53 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

It's time for the main event as Je'Von Evans and NXT Champion Trick Williams take on Mark and Joe Coffey of Gallus.

01:51 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Announced for next week:
Tony D'Angelo vs. Damon Kemp for Heritage Cup
Jordynne Grace vs. Stevie Turner
Thea Hail vs. Jazmyn Nyx
An inside look at Shayna Baszler vs. Lola Vice

01:51 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Kelly Kincaid interviews Wes Lee. He's glad that he has another shot at the North American title. He's not happy that they are also targeting the rest of the gold in NXT. Oba Femi comes over and says the number of opponents at Battleground doesn't matter because he'll walk out as Champion.

01:46 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Why do they keep booking Lexis King to lose almost every match??

01:45 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Backstage, Mr. Stone is in Ava's office with Stevie Turner. She's confused as to why Jordynne Grace got a title shot while she's been here training. Stevie is mad that Jordynne hasn't done anything to earn a title shot. Grace walks in and says that she agrees. She proposes a match for next week.

01:42 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

After some counters, Wren hits a facebuster. Kelani hits a nice-looking pescado on the outside. Vic asks Fallon why she changed her attitude and she says it was time to focus on herself. The two trade pinning combinations. Kelani tries to stand up with a bridge but almost botches it. Jordan hits a side suplex and a split-legged moonsault for the win.
Result - Kelani Jordan defeats Wren Sinclair by pin.

01:40 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Fallon Henley has joined the commentator's table for the match. Sinclair is finally wearing some normal gear instead of her one-legged pants like Zack Ryder's.

01:38 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

The final qualifying match for the Women;s North American Title ladder match at Battleground goes down between Kelani Jordan and Wren Sinclair. Wonder who is going to win . . .

01:32 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Josh Briggs rehashes his history of being signed to NXT in 2020. He liked having a younger brother and younger sister in Brooks and Fallon. He says he may not know who he is now but will certainly find out. We then see Shawn Spears laughing after having watched the promo. He calls Briggs "another lost soul in search of guidance." Spears is also worried about the youth in NXT. One star, however, has the potential. He says he'll guide the youth to reach their maximum potential. It looks like he came to the conclusion at that moment.

01:29 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

An apoplectic King attacks Chen after the match. He drags Chen out of the ring. He lands a knee on the back of Chen's head before pulling up the mats, exposing the concrete below. He then hits the Coronation (swinging DDT) on the mat and not the concrete.

01:28 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Chen lands a big splash in the corner and a big boot on King. King drops Chen with a Superkick and then some kicks to the body. Chen tries to get a quick win again but King kicks out. King hits a Jackhammer for two. King complains to the ref but Chen rolls him up again for another quick win.
Result - Dante Chen defeats Lexis King by pin.

01:25 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Dante Chen and Lexis King go at it again after Chen shocked King last week with a roll-up win.

01:25 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

The NQCC is training backstage and Charlie Dempsey still isn't over losing the Heritage Cup. He says the NQCC needs to be run like The Family, meaning they need a chain of command. Myles Borne then volunteers to fight Tony D next week but Dempsey says that it should be Kemp. Lash and Jakara argue over the attacks on Noam and Oro.

01:22 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Screenshot (457).png 1.64 MB

01:18 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

A vignette for Carlee Bright airs. She goes through her history as a cheerleader for the University of Minnesota. She calls herself NXT's Ray of Sunshine. She's in the locker room with Kendal Grey, Nattie, and Karmen Petrovic. Izzi Dame comes in and mocks Nattie. Karmen steps up and tells her to shut up and stop coming in with so much negative energy. Petrovic decks Dame and the two women need to be pulled apart.

01:16 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Vice says that Shayna Baszler has a choice at Battleground of either being tapped out or knocked out. Baszler runs out but has to be held back by security. Vice is held back in the ring.

01:15 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Lola hits a spinning backfist/elbow to pick up the win.
Result - Lola Vice defeats Arianna Grace by pin.

01:15 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Arianna Grace almost rolls Vice up. She tries to calm Lola down but Lola hits Grace in the back with a Crescent Kick. She adds a kick to the gut. Vice hits Grace in the face with her hip/butt. Booker told Vic to shut up as Lola performed the move. Grace lands a suplex but not the following elbow drop attempt.

01:11 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Before the next match, Chase University is trying to calm Riley Osborne down. He still feels that Ridge Holland cannot be trusted. Duke Hudson says that he sees what Riley has been seeing. Everyone storms off but Ridge walks up to Mr. Chase. They are still on good terms. Up next is Arianna Grace taking on Lola Vice.

01:10 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

<Insert Caption>

01:08 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Cue Roxanne doing her best Bianca Belair "You Don't Go Here" line . . .

01:06 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

A pre-taped segment for Eddy Thorpe airs next. He says his body is healed, and he's been cleansed through the fire.

01:04 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

The production has to practically bleep most of the reaction to Jordynne Grace coming out. Grace says that Roxanne has built her foundation in NXT just as she has in TNA. Roxy isn't happy before Grace says she's looking forward to walking out of Vegas as a double champion.

01:02 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Roxy also says it's disrespectful that she has to find out who her opponent for Battleground is like this. Ava comes out to announce that Jordynne Grace is the opponent!!!!

01:00 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Roxanne Perez comes out to the ring to find out about her challenger for Battleground. Hopefully, it's not Charlotte Flair coming to take someone's title again. She says that every prior champion has only wanted it as a stepping stone to something bigger and better. 

00:58 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Trick and Je'Von are getting ready for their match tonight in the locker room. Trick tells Je'Von that they need to be on their game tonight. Sexxy Red then comes in. Evans wants her to come out with him and Trick for the main event tonight. 

00:55 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

<Insert Caption>

00:54 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Screenshot (451).png 1.78 MB

00:53 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Dante Chen cuts a promo saying that he has been waiting for two years for his opportunity but never stopped believing when others got theirs instead. After the promo, he's being welcomed by Tank/Hank, some tall guy, and Dion Lennox. Lexis King comes in to call the win a fluke. He looks like he skinned a zoo full of pythons for the shirt he's wearing. They agree to another match for tonight.

00:50 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

With their backs turned after the win, Nathan Frazer and Axiom jump off the ropes and blindside Gallows and Anderson. They say they'll see the OC at Battleground.

00:49 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Gallows has Blade grounded off the commercial break. Blade goes for the tag but Anderson pulls Enofe's focus off of the corner. Enofe finally tags in and he cleans house. He knocks Anderson off the apron before going to the top. He misses the move and is chokeslammed by Gallows. They then hit the Magic Killer on Enofe for the win.
Result - The OC defeats Edris Enofe and Malik Blade by pin.

00:44 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Meta-Four is just trying to one up all the attacks happening to the LWO.

00:43 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Screenshot (449).png 1.56 MB

00:42 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Blade and Enofe hit a tandem move off the bell. They continue to work over Anderson and dropkick Gallows when he tries to come in. Edris tries to slap hands with Brinley Reece but Blade is inadvertently pushed into Edris and Edris falls on Reece on the outside. Definitely reminiscent of the Macho Man/Hogan/Miss Elizabeth angle from the past.

00:37 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Kelly Kincaid gets word that something else is going backstage and we find Oro Mensah lying on his back. Lash and Jakara argue over who could have attacked him. Up next is The OC taking on Edris Enofe and Malik Blade. 

00:37 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Chase University checks on Riley and Ridge picks him up and offers his hand. Osborne refuses and storms out with Duke Hudson by his side. Backstage, Kelly Kincaid interviews The OC. They're tired of being overlooked by a team that's been together for about six months. They say the beatdowns will continue until they get their title shot.

00:35 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Osborne battles back with a jumping clothesline and a few kicks. He chops Ridge's chest a few times before going to the top. Ridge kicks him down before hitting the Snow Plow-type DDT for the win.
Result - Ridge Holland defeats Riley Osborne by pin.

00:34 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Holland continues to overpower Osborne, hitting a big throw. Holland tries to send Osborne from the ring but he hangs on to the ropes. Mr. Chase tries to motivate him before Ridge comes over to pick him up. Osborne gets out of a power slam attempt. He kicks Ridge, sending him to the outside. Riley goes for a Suicide Dive but gets decked by Ridge. Ridge goes to pick up the steel steps but Thea Hail stops him. Ridge sends Riley back into the ring and almost gets rolled up.

00:27 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Riley battles back with a Flipping Senton and an Enzuigiri for a near fall. After that, Holland tackles Riley, and they both land on the outside in front of the announce table.

00:26 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Ridge gets a headlock takedown on Riley. The two trade chops before Ridge grounds Riley once again. Holland sends Osborne to the mat with a loud Lariat. He sends him hard into the corner before pleading with Chase U that he doesn't want to do this. 

00:24 (GMT)29 MAY 2024

Ridge Holland and Riley Osborne tangle next. Osborne slaps Ridge before hitting some punches, but Ridge overpowers him.
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