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  • WWE NXT Live Results (October 24, 2023) - Becky Lynch involved in SHOCKING UPSET; Huge debut; Multiple title changes, and Jade Cargill!

WWE NXT Live Results (October 24, 2023) - Becky Lynch involved in SHOCKING UPSET; Huge debut; Multiple title changes, and Jade Cargill!

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 25, 2023 02:34 GMT

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02:34 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

A nice passing of the torch moment between countrywomen

02:32 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

What a match from the upstart Lyra Valkyria!!

02:31 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Announced for next week are:
The Finals of the Women's Breakout Tournament (Kelani Jordan vs. Lola Vice)
Chelsea Green/Piper Niven vs. Jacy Jayne/Thea Hail (Women's Tag Team title match)
The Creeds vs. Humberto and Angel in a Tables, Ladders, and Scares match
Ilja Dragunov vs. Carmelo Hayes (NXT title match)
And more!!!

02:30 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Look who showed up for the main event of Halloween Havoc!

02:27 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Roxanne Perez defeats Kiana James by pin.
Lexis King defeats Dante Chen by pin.
Kelani Jordan defeats Arianna Grace by pin.
Chase University (Andre Chase/Duke Hudson) defeats The D'Angelo Family (Tony D'Angelo/Stacks Lorenzo) by pin.
Blair Davenport defeats Gigi Dolin by pin.
Lola Vice defeats Karmen Petrovic by pin.
Lyra Valkyria defeats Becky Lynch by pin.

02:14 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

What a great match. The ref grabs the title but Becky grabs it from him to hand it to Lyra herself. The two hug as Jade Cargill looks on.

02:13 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Valkyria kicks out somehow. Lynch tries to pick her up, but Lyra kicks her a few times in the head. Lynch goes for another Manhandle Slam, but Lyra counters with a roll-up to pick up the shocking win!!!

Result - Lyra Valkyria defeats Becky Lynch by pin.

02:12 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Lyra lands a spinning heel kick for another near fall. Lynch responds by dropping Lyra on her head with a Manhandle Slam. She nearly folded Lyra in half!

02:10 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

After both women are left lying, Lyra gets up first. She climbs to the top but is quickly met by Lynch. She hits a Superplex and a Spike DDT, but Lyra kicks out. I thought she was borrowing Seth Rollins's combo there. 

02:09 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Valkyria locks in her submission on Lynch, but Lynch breaks it with a pin attempt. Lyra lands a Fishermen's Buster for a two-count. The challenger goes to the top for a Frog Splash, but Lynch moves. She locks in the Dis-arm-her, but Lyra rolls around to get her foot on the bottom rope. Lynch tries to land a kick off the ropes, but Lyra counters with a sit-out powerbomb for another close call.

02:07 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

There have been a lot of counters, further proving that Lyra did study a lot of Becky's work. Lyra hits a Missile Dropkick off the top for a two-count. Lyra rolls Becky up as she goes for the Dis-arm-her. Lynch responds with a Sliced Bread/Stunner variant for a close call. The Man toses Lyra to the mat and locks in an armbar, but Lyra counters with a roll-up.

02:04 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Lyra hits a Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge for a two-count. Lynch hits a Bex-ploder to send Lyra to the ring apron. Lyra falls to the ground as Lynch goes for a kick. 

Lyra moves, hitting Lynch with a dropkick through the ropes. Becky sends Valkyria into the ring post. The crowd won't shut up at all during the match. With Lynch draped in the middle ropes, Lyra hits a leg drop off the top buckle for a near fall.

02:01 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Lynch breaks a pin with The Matrix. Lyra returns the favor with a Matrix escape of her own. Both women fall over after going for dueling crossbodies. 

A second camera shows footage from the Taps Bar in the UK. The women exchange strikes, each getting the upper hand with their own punches and kicks.

01:59 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Chase University wants all of the tag team gold!

01:56 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Wait . . . there are two Tiffany Strattons?? My ears hurt already!

01:56 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

This would be the first arena appearance from Jade Cargill since signing with WWE. Until tonight, she appeared in backstage segments.

01:55 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

The other side also accused Carmelo Hayes of attacking Trick Williams . . .

01:53 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Before the introductions are made, Jade Cargill arrives in the arena, sitting in a throne. She's flanked by two security guards.

01:53 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

We then go backstage to the Meta-Four complaining to security about not protecting the Heritage Cup. They then saw a social media post with Tozawa holding the Heritage Cup. He says to meet him to get it back, but it's in a haunted house. Only Dar seems willing to go to the house to get his baby back. Bron Breakker then encounters Carmelo Hayes, and Bron accuses him of finally doing whatever it takes to get what he wants. He again denies that he attacked Trick last week.

01:46 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Jordan and Vice square off Vice's win. We then go backstage with Chase U celebrating after winning the tag team titles. Jacy says that she knew things would be different this time. As Chase U is walking, Chelsea Green (dressed as Red Riding Hood) and Piper Niven (as the Big Bad Wolf) cut them off. Jayne challenges the Women's Tag Champs for a match after showing them where Shawn Michaels' office is (Chelsea wanted to speak with the manager after the exchange).

01:43 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Karmen breaks out of a submission move with a kick. Karmen looks to be wearing gear inspired by 101 Dalmatians. She lands a series of varied kicks on Vice.

Petrovic lands a Suicide Dive outside with Elektra Lopez shaking her fists. She goes for another kick, but Vice lands a Roundhouse Kick to pick up the win.

Result - Lola Vice defeats Karmen Petrovic by pin.

01:41 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Lola Vice and Karmen Petrovic are already in the ring for the second semifinal match of the Breakout Tournament. Karmen hits a few kicks for a near fall. Vice picks Karmen up and drops her with a takedown. 

She lands a hip attack before hitting a kick for a near fall. Petrovic hits her kick, but Vice answers back with two quick kicks.

01:39 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Sarah Schreiber interviews Tiffany Stratton because she was in the finals of last year's Breakout Tournament. She says she doesn't care about anything except the result of the NXT Women's title match. She is then approached by Fallon Henley dressed up as Stratton, and she nails the Stratton impression. Stratton doesn't take it well, attacking Henley after she walks off.

01:34 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Vic ends the interview by praising Ilja since he's been able to call his NXT career. Carmelo Hayes is watching the interview and is approached by Shotzi and Scarlett dressed as the dead twin girls from The Shining. They claim to know his future and that they know what he "did" about attacking Trick. He leaves after pleading to not believe in any of that hocus pocus.

01:32 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Vic also interviewed Ilja Dragunov last week. He says his family moved from Russia to Germany when he was young. He claimed his son looked at him with pride when he brought the title home.

Ilja says his game plan doesn't change now that he is the Champion. Vic asks him what he will do differently to beat him this time, but Ilja says his opponents have to adjust to him.

01:29 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Davenport sets the table up in front of the announce table. As she tries to re-enter the ring, Gigi blasts her with a trashcan. She hits two shotgun dropkicks before planting her on the trashcan. The women slide outside the ring, with Blair shoving Dolin into the steel steps.

Davenport clears off the announce table before putting Gigi on it. After a counter, Blair sends Gigi through the table with a Falcon Arrow. She put Gigi in the ring and blasts her with a knee for the win.

Result - Blair Davenport defeats Gigi Dolin by pin.

01:27 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Gigi kicks Blair onto the chair, but Blair fights up by tossing the chair in Gigi's face. She hits a suplex for a near fall before pulling out another table from under the ring. I guess it had to be a table SHE took from under the ring.

01:25 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Gigi takes off her belt and hits Blair with it. Booker likes it, saying "that's hot" about five times.

01:24 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Davenport climbs to the top, but Gigi pulls her down with her feet. Gigi goes out of the ring to get the table the fans have chanted for since the match began. She brings it into the ring. 

After setting up the table, Blair recovers to drop Gigi face-first into a chair. She sends her into the ring post before taking the table down and pushing it out of the ring. She then takes off her belt and whips Gigi with it.

01:22 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Kelani Jordan makes the finals of the Breakout Tournament by beating Arianna Grace.

01:21 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Dolin places Blair on a chair before hitting a Meteora off the ring apron.

01:18 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Shotzi pulls the lights, and Blair immediately exits the ring to grab a weapon. Gigi stops her with a crossbody off the apron. Blair blasts Gigi with a jumping knee. She goes for a chair, but Gigi knees her. She bashes Blair's head into the chair. Davenport returns the favor by slamming Gigi's head into the steel steps. She tries to slam her head on the steps, but Gigi evades it. She blasts Blair with a Superkick.

01:16 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Gigi comes out in what looks like Beetlejuice-inspired gear, while Davenport comes out in a raincoat with a red balloon in an homage to IT.

01:14 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Mac Mitchell interviews Baron Corbin about losing last week's triple-threat match. He claims he did everything in his power to win last week. Mac then asks if Corbin attacked him last week. He says he'd do it to his face. He even brings up the "quitter" Wes Lee. All Corbin cares about is Ilja and that title next week.

01:12 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

After a short reign from the D'Angelo Family, Chase University are the new NXT Tag Team Champs!

01:10 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Many Irish fans were asked who they thought would win the all-Irish NXT Women's title match main event tonight. It's split between Becky Lynch and Lyra Valkyria.

01:08 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Nathan Frazer has another episode of Hard Hitting Truths. He first addresses Dominik Mysterio because he has a punchy face. He also says Dom is the only champ because Judgment Day has interfered on his behalf. He then challenges Dom for the North American title next week - if Mami lets him out to play next week (He said something raunchier, but I didn't put it here).

01:06 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Duke falls to the outside. Tony D and Andre are left in the ring, and Jacy gives a crowbar to Chase with the ref's back turned. He refuses it but inadvertently knocks Jacy off the ring apron. Tony D tries to check on Jacy but gets rolled up by Andre Chase for the title swap.

Result - Chase University (Andre Chase/Duke Hudson) defeats The D'Angelo Family (Tony D'Angelo/Stacks) by pin.

01:04 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

The Family attempts a Doomsday-type move, but Duke pulls Stacks off the top. Hudson then boots Stacks, leaving Andre in the ring with Tony D. Chase lands the Chase U Stomp. He climbs to the top but is met by Tony D. Hudson grabs Tony D's leg so he can't pull off the move. Stacks pulls Duke off the top, allowing Tony D to hit a Superplex. 

Stacks meets him with a Flying Headbutt, but the pin is broken up when Duke German Suplexes Tony D onto the pin attempt. Stacks rolls Andre up and then tags Tony D in. They go for the Badda Bing, Badda Boom, but Duke breaks it up.

01:02 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Duke hits Stacks with a Black Hole/Bossman Slam for another near fall. Andre Chase tags in, and they go for the Fratlier, but Stacks battles out of it. He tags in The Don, and he drops both opponents. He hits a Spinebuster on Andre before quickly tagging Stacks into the match. They hit two tandem German Suplexes for a two-count.

01:00 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Duke gets dumped to the outside. Stacks gets hip-tossed onto both Chase and Duke after Tony D tags in. After taking control of the match, Duke Hudson tags in and goes on a spree of offense. He drops Tony D before planting Stacks on top of Tony D. He hits Stacks with a Sidewalk Slam for a near fall. Thea Hail looks like Animal from the Muppets as she roots for Chase U on the outside.

00:54 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Up next is the NXT Tag Team Title match between the D'Angelo Family and Chase U. Jacy and Thea accompany Chase U to the ring.

00:52 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Shotzi and Scarlett come out next to promote their YouTube Show. Shotzi is dressed as Edward Scissorhands. Scarlett is dressed as a vampire. They are interrupted by the meathead Creeds, who want revenge on Angel and Humberto for eliminating them last week. 

Shotzi and Scarlett let Ivy spin the wheel for the match that the Creeds will beat Angel and Humberto in. They land on Tables, Ladders, and Scares. Julius talks tough into the camera as Tony D's music hits.

00:44 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

We next head back to Von Wagner and his physical therapy sessions. Stone asks the therapist how he's doing, and he says, "Good, but it still takes time." Von is not happy that Mr. Stone has a match with Bron Breakker for next week. He's also surprised that Stone called him his "friend." Wagner is motivated by the exchange. 

00:43 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

The King is here in NXT!!

00:42 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Grace grounds the athletic Jordan. Jordan goes for a Sunset Flip but only gets a two-count. Grace goes for a bridge pin, but they both stand up. Jordan evades Grace in the corner, going on a run of offense. She hits an unnecessarily convoluted flip move before hitting a flipping leg drop.

Grace first sends Jordan into the middle rope neck before hitting a suplex for a near fall. She hoists Jordan onto the top buckle. Kelani knocks her off with several back elbows before hitting a split-legged moonsault for the win.
Result - Kelani Jordan defeats Arianna Grace by pin.

00:34 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Chase U is preparing for their tag title match with the D'Angelo Family. They say they'll welcome Jacy Jayne and Thea Hail for their match tonight. Tony D and Stacks greet the challengers and say something that irks Duke Hudson. He asks Andre what they mean by the comments, but he brushes them off. 

Up next is Arianna Grace vs. Kelani Jordan for a spot in the finals of the Women's Breakout Tournament. Jordan appears to be wearing gear inspired by Spider-Gwen from the Marvel Universe. Grace is dressed up as her usual beauty queen self.

00:32 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

King hits a kick and some strikes to ground Chen. He rushes Chen from behind with a forearm to the back of the head. Chen battles back with some offense, including a clothesline and dropkick. He lines King up for another move but King hits a superkick. King hits a CrossRhodes/Spinning neck breaker with Chen draped in the ropes for the win.
Result - Lexis King defeats Dante Chen by pin.

00:29 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

King headbutts Chen while both are tied up in the ropes. He decks Chen as Chen tries to fight back. Chen fights back with some strikes and a dropkick. Chen tries to rush King with King grounded, but King hits him with a double upkick. He hits some punches and a choke in the corner.

00:27 (GMT)25 OCT 2023

Lexis King comes out in a throne chair during his ring entrance. He says, "Brian Pillman Jr. is dead. Long live Lexis King," into the camera. He's facing resident jobber Dante Chen. 
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