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  • WWE NXT Live Results (September 19, 2023): Dominik Mysterio beats current WWE champ; Becky Lynch challenges Tiffany Stratton to an Extreme Rules match!

WWE NXT Live Results (September 19, 2023): Dominik Mysterio beats current WWE champ; Becky Lynch challenges Tiffany Stratton to an Extreme Rules match!

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 20, 2023 02:09 GMT

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02:09 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Tiffany Stratton didn't take losing to Lynch again very well.

02:07 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Announced for next week's show are:
Eddy Thorpe vs. Dijak (Strap Match)
Joe Coffey vs. Butch (Finals of Global Heritage Cup Invitational)
Gigi Dolin vs. Blair Davenport
More to be announced!!

02:05 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Butch defeats Tyler Bate by pin.
Duke Hudson defeats Joe Coffey by pin.
Roxanne Perez defeats Lola Vice by pin.
Dominik Mysterio defeats Carmelo Hayes by Disqualification.
Joe Coffey defeats Nathan Frazer and Duke Hudson by pin.
Becky Lynch and Lyra Valkyria defeat Tiffany Stratton and Kiana James by pin.

02:03 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

As Lyra and Lynch celebrate the win, Stratton attacks both women with a chair shot. She holds up the title before dropping it near Lynch and exiting. The Man grabs the mic and says it'll be an Extreme Rules match at No Mercy. Stratton gestures "bring it" to seemingly accept the match.

02:02 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Lynch and James are the legal combatants. She hits a double DDT on both opponents, getting a near fall. She counters into the Dis-arm-her but Kiana breaks it. Lyra makes a blind tag, allowing Lynch to hit the Manhandle Slam. Lyra adds a Frog Splash off the top for the win.
Result - Lyra Valkyria and Becky Lynch defeat Tiffany Stratton and Kiana James by pin.

02:00 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

James and Stratton isolate The Man in their corner. She makes the tag to Lyra who lands some kicks and a Northern Lights suplex off the hot tag. Stratton breaks up the pin. The Irish lasses land stereo leg drops off the top for a two-count. Lyra goes for a move off the middle rope but Stratton trips her. Lynch tries to get revenge but Stratton sends her into the ring post. James powerbombs Lyra and Stratton hits a Swanton Bomb. Becky breaks up the pin.

01:53 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Lynch bashes Kiana's head into the buckle before sending her into Stratton's corner. Stratton doesn't want to come in, but Lynch forces her to join the match. Lyra tags in and the Irish ladies use some tandem offense on Tiffany. Tiffany breaks loose and runs to tag Kiana in. Lynch drops Kiana with a Basement Dropkick on the outside. Valkyria does the same to Stratton as she tries to attack Lynch.

01:50 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

As Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring, Tiffany Stratton and Kiana James blindside her. What happened with the exchange Lynch had with Roxanne Perez? As they attack Lynch, Lyra Valkyria comes to Lynch's aid.

01:49 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Ali is mad that Dragon Lee gets a shot at the North American title next week on RAW.

01:46 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Backstage, Briggs, Jensen, and Fallon Henly are arguing over why Myles Borne turned on them last week. Briggs puts some blame on Henley, but Baron Corbin comes out to tell them to shut up. Briggs steps up to him.

01:40 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Stratton and James get ready for their match with Lynch and Perez tonight. She says she has a surprise for Lynch tonight.

01:40 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Butch comes out for a stare-off with Coffey ahead of next week's tournament finals. Mac Mitchell then interviews Mustafa Ali. He's upset that Dragon Lee is getting a shot on RAW next week against Dominik. He promises to deal with both of them next week on RAW.

01:38 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Hudson sends Coffey to the outside. Frazer hits a spiked Hurricanrana on Duke but Coffey sends Frazer to the outside. He hits a spinning Lariat for the win.
Result - Joe Coffey defeats Nathan Frazer and Duke Hudson by pin.

01:36 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Hudson drops Coffey with the Chase U elbow before hitting a Sidewalk Slam for two. He goes for a powerbomb but Frazer hits a Superkick on Duke. Frazer hits a move on both men for a near fall. Frazer hits Coffey with a superkick but Duke hits a springboard into a German Suplex on Nathan. Duke superkicks Joe and hits a Uranage on Frazer for two. He hits a spinning Uranage but Joe Coffey breaks up the pin.

01:33 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Coffey has Frazer grounded as the show returns from the commercial break. Duke tries to re-enter the ring but Coffey decks him. Joe tries a deadlift German on Frazer, but he rolls Coffey up for a near fall. Coffey hits the Glasgow Sendoff on Frazer. Duke comes in and almost pins Coffey for the win.

01:29 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Frazer drops both men out of the ring with a dropkick to each man's chest. He hits a Suicide Dive on both on the outside. Frazer and Duke battle in the ring with Duke dropping Nathan with a Uranage. Coffey pulls Duke down by his legs and crotches him in the ring post.

01:24 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

For some reason, we get a street vignette of Scrypts and his boys playing dice in an alley. They're from the streets and they have to eat because no one else needs to eat. Not buying this partnership.

01:23 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Dom woke up The Mad Dragon!

01:17 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

We pivot to Duke Hudson out of gas backstage. Andre Chase tries to pump him up to win Group B. He drops the "who's the MVP" and "who is going to represent Australia" to get Hudson charged up again.

01:16 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Ilja lines Dom up for Torpedo Moscow but Melo gets hit with it instead. As Dom tries to escape unscathed, Dragon Lee shows up and hits Dom with a Superkick. Lee hoists the North American title to end the segment. Backstage, Trick is approached by Ava and Joe Gacy. They try to recruit Trick Williams but he rejects it. 

01:14 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Dom goes for Three Amigos off the break but Melo breaks it with a cutter variant. The two trade pin attempts. Dom sets Melo up for a 619 before going for a Frog Splash. Melo hits a Codebreaker before Melo goes to the top. He trips and falls down. Hayes then tosses Dom into Ilja at the announce table. Dom counters a move and sends Melo into Dom. He then decks Ilja before running back into the ring. The slap causes The Mad Russian to attack Dom and end the match.
Result - Dominik Mysterio defeats Carmelo Hayes by disqualification.

01:07 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Shades of Pentagon Jr. right here . . . .

01:06 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Dom sends Melo into the ringside barricade neck-first. The two re-enter the ring with Melo hitting the Fadeaway Leg drop for two. He gets another near fall before the show rolls off to commercials.

01:04 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Vic has a good line for once, saying that in the match between Carmelo Hayes and Dom Mysterio, "someone's ego is going to get bruised." Before the bell even rings, Dom rushes Hayes. He grabs the NXT title, admiring it. When no one was paying attention, Ilja Dragunov joined the commentary desk.

01:02 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Backstage, Roxy talks to Becky Lynch. She says she took a page from Lynch's book about not getting walked over. She then offers to be Becky's partner for the main event tonight. They bump fists but Lynch prefers to take on the duo alone.

01:01 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Eddy Thorpe visits the tree that Dijak whipped. He calls Dijak out for trying to unleash "the savage" from his being. He challenges Dijak to a Strap Match.

00:57 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Frazer is pumped for a second chance in a triple threat later tonight.

00:55 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Roxy hits a Thesz Press off the top. She adds a running uppercut before climbing up to lay in some punches. Lola escapes the position and continues to work on Roxy's arm. Roxy goes for Pop Rox, but Vice counters out. She manages to lock in another armbar but Perez uses the hold to get the pin and win.
Result - Roxanne Perez defeats Lola Vice by pin.

00:54 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Roxy almost gets the pin with a bridge right off the bat. Vice locks in a choke. Perez goes to the top for a move but Vice kicks her down. Vice continues to work on Roxy's arm. She slightly botches trying to break Roxy's arm a la Pentagon Jr. Vice locks in an Americana to ground Perez.

00:50 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

A quick update on Von Wagner is given by Mr. Stone, who says it's "not good." Vic adds that it will be a long road for Wagner.

00:50 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Definitely got some "Pretty Woman" vibes from this segment with Jacy Jayne and Thea Hail.

00:47 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

After the match, Kelly Kincaid interviews Nathan Frazer since he, Hudson, and Coffey all sit tied atop Group B. He says that they'll battle it out next week in a triple threat, but Kincaid informs him that the match is for later tonight! Up next is Roxanne Perez vs. Lola Vice.

00:45 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Coffey takes control with a side suplex for a two-count. He keeps things going with a Missile Dropkick off the top and a German Suplex. He lands the Glasgow Sendoff before going for the clothesline, but Duke ducks under it and rolls Coffey up for the win.
Result - Duke Hudson defeats Joe Coffey by pin.

00:42 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Duke and Joe battle to a standstill with shoulder blocks and clotheslines. Duke gets the upper hand by dropping Joe with a Hurricanrana. Duke drops Joe with a back body drop for a near fall. 

00:40 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Butch wins Group A with a win over long-time rival/friend Tyler Bate.

00:39 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Up next will be a Global Heritage Cup Invitational match between Duke Hudson and Joe Coffey.

00:37 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Stratton and James tried to get one over on The Man.

00:36 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Butch and Tyler Bate hug in the middle of the ring after the match. Next up is a pre-taped segment with Thea Hail and Jacy Jayne. Hail says she doesn't want to be a little kid anymore. Jacy tosses a bunch of clothes to her and she tries them on. Hail comes out in a red outfit and some leather skirts. She and Jacy pick one out and say that they can't wait for everyone to see the new and improved Thea Hail next week.

00:34 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Bate then manipulates Butch's fingers, but Butch decks Bate. Bate goes for a Corkscrew Plancha but Butch moves and hits The Bitter End for a near fall. He hits a pump handle powerbomb to beat Bate and advance to the Finals for next week.
Result - Butch defeats Tyler Bate by pin.

00:32 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Butch keeps control in the match until Bate recovers and gets a near fall. He does the airplane spin before hitting a brainbuster for a two-count. Alicia Taylor announces that two minutes remain in the match. Bate goes for his finisher but Butch counters into a sit-out powerbomb for two. Bate hits a DDT followed by the Bitter End for another close call.

00:26 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Bate connects on an impressive deadlift suplex while on the middle rope for a near fall.

00:24 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Butch tries his normal joint manipulation early on, but Bate counters out. He goes for Bop and Bang but Butch decks him and smirks at him. Bate tries another misdirection move but Butch stomps on his foot. Bate jumps off the top buckle but Butch blasts him with a forearm.

00:20 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Dominik Mysterio runs into Trick Williams backstage. He says he once lived in someone else's shadow, referring to his dad Rey. Trick doesn't take the bait as the Judgment Day continues to try and recruit people

00:15 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Becky Lynch interrupts Ilja Dragunov's interview by saying that she'll take on both Kiana James and Tiffany Stratton in tonight's main event. Kelly Kincaid interviews the Meta-Four in the lounge. This week, they're cosplaying as extras from the Matrix. Noam tries his best to do a Laurence Fishburne voice. Kelly Kincaid tries not to crack up while standing so close to Dar.

00:13 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Tony D and Stacks go over all of the "worthy" challengers for the NXT Tag Team titles. They mention the Creeds (of course), Humberto and Angel Garza, and the duos of Lucien Price/Bronco Nima and Hank and Tank. The last two have had like two matches each. Not worthy.

00:11 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Lynch calls Tiffany "entitled" like a lot of others who have come and gone instead of working and working. Becky also says the vibe of this NXT is similar to when she was a regular. The Man says what's been obvious - that Stratton is a better fighter than talker. Becky decks Stratton but gets blindsided by Kiana James. Stratton grabs a chair but Lynch fights off both women. Look's like a tag team match in the near future . . . .

00:08 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Lynch gives some props to Stratton, who "hung with her" last week. She'll get her rematch whenever she wants. Stratton comes out and says what Lynch already said - she can have a rematch whenever she wants. Tiffany wants the rematch tonight, as most people do, but she then takes it back so it can be at No Mercy.

00:06 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Lynch uses a rhyme scheme in her promo when rattling off names like Gigi Dolin, Elektra Lopez, and Ivy Nile. She says "Tiffie Time is over" and the crowd chants "Becky Time" instead.

00:03 (GMT)20 SEP 2023

Becky Lynch kicks off her first episode of NXT as NXT Women's Champion. She's still sporting some outlandish shades.

23:38 (GMT)19 SEP 2023

Becky Lynch kicks off the show as the new NXT Women's Champion!
Carmelo Hayes and Dominik Mysterio battle in a Champ vs. Champ showdown!
Roxanne Perez tangles with Lola Vice!
Global Heritage Cup match - Butch vs. Tyler Bate!
And so much more!!!!
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