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  • WWE NXT Live Results (September 27, 2022) Briggs and Jensen beat Gallus in a wild Pub Brawl

WWE NXT Live Results (September 27, 2022) Briggs and Jensen beat Gallus in a wild Pub Brawl

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 28, 2022 02:10 GMT

What will happen on NXT?


02:10 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

02:08 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Full Results for NXT for 27 September 2022.
Mandy Rose defeats Fallon Henley by pin.
Wes Lee defeats Tony D'Angelo by referee stoppage.
Sol Ruca defeats Amari Miller by pin.
Joe Gacy defeats Cameron Grimes by pin.
Nikkita Lyons defeats Kayden Carter by pin.
Ilya Drauginov defeats Xyon Quinn by pin.
Brutus Creed defeats Damon Kemp by disqualification.
Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen defeat Gallus (Mark Coffey/Wolfgang) by pin.

02:05 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

As Briggs, Jensen, and Fallon Henley celebrate in the ring, security tries to hold Gallus back. They deck some refs and security guards before getting arrested.

02:03 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Briggs and Jensen dump Mark into a trashcan head first. Joe Coffey storms down to the ring but gets knocked off the apron and through a table. They land a High/Low on Mark to pick up the win.
Result - Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs defeat Gallus (Mark Coffey/Wolfgang) by pin.

02:02 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Briggs and Jensen get their hands on the belts and start to whip Gallus with them. They then break bear mugs over the heads of Coffey and Wolfie.

02:00 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Briggs gets dropped on the outside, leaving teenage boy Brooks Jensen alone in the ring. Wolfgang hits Jensen's face with a knee. Briggs makes it back into the ring in time to get whipped with belts by Gallus.

01:57 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

01:57 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Soon, chairs, tables, and trashcan lids are introduced.

01:53 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Both teams exchange loads of strikes in and out of the ring.

01:46 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

01:44 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Quincy and Sanga are talking to each other about their matches and Quincy tells Sanga that he'll be fine. Xyon Quinn walks by and Quincy says he watched Quinn's match and didn't see the X Factor he's always talking about.

01:43 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Result - Brutus Creed defeats Damon Kemp by disqualification.

01:42 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Pretty basic early on between Damon Kemp and Brutus Creed. Kemp has Brutus in a cravat for what seems like five minutes. Brutus misses a move and hits the middle buckle. While he's in the corner, Kemp mocks how Brutus thinks he's a gorilla. He knocks Kemp out fo the ring and he grabs a chair. He bashes Brutus with it.

01:34 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

01:30 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Ilya hits a falling forearm before hitting his running European Uppercut for the win.
Result - Ilya Drauginov defeats Xyon Quinn by pin.

01:30 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Ilya and Xyon exchange chest strikes before Quinn drops Ilya with his statue pose. He adds a backbreaker and a short splash for a one-count. Both men slap each other before Ilya hits a jumping enzuiguiri. Ilya adds a clothesline off the ropes before landing a German Suplex.

01:26 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Xyon Quinn is wearing pink trunks that look like they're from the Zubaz days. Ilya grounds him early with headlocks.

01:26 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

01:19 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

We go to some random Chase U rally-type scene. He reveals that he has a qualifying match against Von Wagner next week. A guy named Dave asks what he thinks about his chances since he hasn't beaten Wagner in the past. Chase goes off as he usual does.

01:16 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Lyons hits a Michinoku Driver for a two count. Kayden fights back and hits a few kicks for a near fall of her own. Carter goes for a move off the top but Lyons trips her up. She then lands her spinning kick followed by her split pin for the win.
Result - Nikkita Lyons defeats Kayden Carter by pin.

01:14 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Vic says that Kayden and Katana dethroned Toxic Attraction, but that was actually Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade. The Lil Ladies won the belts in a four team elimination match.

01:13 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Lyons lands several kicks, including a spinning heel kick. It knocks Kayden down and Kayden gets up and tries to body slam Nikkita. Lyons hits another kick in the corner for a near fall.

01:12 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Carter has touched Lyons's booty twice so far. Is it envy?

01:05 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Mac Mitchell interviews a stressed-out Grayson Waller. He worries because all of Apollo's visions have come true. He also reveals that he has booked Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade for next week's Grayson Waller Effect.

01:03 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Gacy hits a DDT before yelling at Grimes. Grimey hits a few kicks before heading to the corner for the Cave In. The Dyad team up to distract Grimes, allowing Gacy to hit his handspring clothesline for the win.
Result - Joe Gacy defeats Cameron Grimes by pin.

01:01 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

01:01 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Grimey lands a flurry of kicks right off the bat. The Dyad pulls their pappy out of the ring, but Grimes gives chase. Gacy rolls out of the ring again, but Creepy GYV stands in his way. He hits a cannonball over them, but Gacy asserts control once they get back into the ring.

00:58 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Gallus is still fighting with security. Joe Coffey decks on of the guards before they are kicked out of the building. Up next is To the Moon vs. I'm Not Creepy, aka Cameron Grimes vs. Joe Gacy.

00:54 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

The two shake hands after the match.

00:53 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Ruca then hits a few shoulder blocks and a dropkick. She adds a handstand strike in the corner before hitting a flipping legdrop for the win.
Result - Sol Ruca defeats Amari Miller by pin.

00:52 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Sol hits an X Factor for a near fall. She goes for a Sunset Flip but Miller kicks out. Ruca hits a flip off the top rope and lands a shotgun dropkick for another near fall. Miller hits a scissors kick for two.

00:50 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Ruca lands a split on the apron before getting in the ring. She adds a handstand for good measure. As if they were instructed to, the crowd immediately starts cheering "Let's Go Sol." Ruca tries to land on her feet after Miller flips her but she falls on her butt.

00:48 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

After working out, they bask in each other's glory for about three hours. This is hilarious.

00:47 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Next is a day in the life of Pretty Deadly. They say they wake up at 10 a.m. after everyone else has already woken up. They take turns serving each other breakfast in bed. They spend a bunch of time in front of the mirror before styling each other's hair. They apparently also work out in their garish clothing and with title belts on.

00:42 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Mac Mitchell interviews Carmelo Hayes and he's interrupted by Oro Mensah. They toss platitudes at each other until Melo mocks Oro. They say see ya at Havoc. 

00:41 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

After a bunch of boring rest moves, Tony D drops Lee but it only fires him up. After Lee fought back, Tony D is taken out of the match by ref stoppage after he ran face first into the middle buckle. As he was falling, he appeared to injure his knee.
Result - Wes Lee defeats Tony D'Angelo by referee stoppage.

00:34 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Lee gets in the first big move, sending Tony D out of the ring. Stacks tries to rally his boss. Lee attempts to go for a move over the top, but Stacks stands in his way. Lee then lands the move on Stack instead. Lee rolls in the ring and mocks Stacks. Stacks rushes into the rings and he shoves Lee. Instead of DQ since he put his hands on Lee, he is ejected from ringside.

00:30 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Ilya is walking backstage until he meets Xyon Quinn. Quinn says it's too bad that Ilya broke under the weight of being Champion. Ilya says I might have been a Champion, but you won't ever be one. Expect a match for next week.

00:24 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Apollo says he isn't done with Waller. Up next is Wes Lee taking on Tony D with a spot in the North American title ladder match on the line. Lee comes out with a Connor's Cure kid who is dressed up as a king and hulk. 

00:23 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Rose takes the mic and mocks Alba Fyre. Fyre shows up on the tron and lights a message in fire. it says #And New. After that, we see Apollo Crews and his eye talking about how he prevented Grayson Waller from winning last week.

00:21 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Henley fights out and lands some strikes but Mandy neutralizes her for a second. Henley hits a jumping X Factor for a near fall. She adds a forearm and a kick, but as she tries to get up, Mandy hits her jumping knee for the win.
Result - Mandy Rose defeats Fallon Henley by pin.

00:19 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Rose fights back with a fallaway slam. She then lands some more offense, including an abdominal stretch. Mandy then hits a flapjack on Henley for another close call. Back to the abdominal stretch!

00:17 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Vic says that Fallon "closed the bar early this weekend" in order to train more for Mandy. Oh, Vic. Mandy hits a cartwheel and a kick and gets a near fall. She then mocks Fallon until the spark plug fights back. Fallon slides out of the ring and decks Rose.

00:11 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

00:09 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

We then head backstage as Briggs and Jensen are already brawling with Gallus. Security guards try to break them up. The focus then shifts to Mandy Rose, who is heading out to the ring for her match against Fallon Henley.

00:07 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Bron references his Uncle Scott's Steiner math to say let's make it a triple threat at Halloween Havoc.

00:06 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

JD says he'll break him again and end his career if need be. Big Bad Booty Nephew is out next. The crowd chants "triple threat" but JD says that he'll take his shot at Bron after Bron and Ilya beat the snot out of each other.

00:04 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Ilya says he beat one unstoppable machine (Gunther) before and he's back to do it again with Bron Breakker. He's quickly interrupted by weird-head having JD McDonagh.

00:02 (GMT)28 SEP 2022

Ilya Draguinov and his wild energy kick off this week's show. If you missed it, he reappeared after JD McDonagh won another shot at Bron Breakker.
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