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  • WWE NXT Results (July 25, 2023): Gable Steveson finally makes his choice, Rhea Ripley battles Lyra Valkyria, and more.

WWE NXT Results (July 25, 2023): Gable Steveson finally makes his choice, Rhea Ripley battles Lyra Valkyria, and more.

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02:13 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Will this be the scene at the Great American Bash this Sunday in Texas?

02:09 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Full Results for NXT for July 25, 2023.
Carmelo Hayes, Trick Williams, and Ilja Dragunov defeat Schism (Joe Gacy, Rip Fowler, and Jagger Reid) by pin.
Von Wagner defeats Javier Bernal by pin.
Dana Brooke defeats Cora Jade by pin.
Tony D'Angelo and Stacks Lorenzo defeat Bronco Nima and Lucien Price by pin.
Rhea Ripley defeats Lyra Valkyria by pin.

02:06 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Vic then mentions "questioning" the motives of Ilja Dragunov. 

02:06 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Ilja takes the mic and says that Hayes is a man of honor and his friendship with Trick is honorable, but it's the only thing he'll have left after the Great American Bash this Sunday.

02:05 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Trick hits the ring and calls Dragunov right out. The two brawl around the rings with Ilja landing a headbutt and a series of German Suplexes. He tosses Trick into the ring for some chops. He tries to leave the ring but Williams grabs his foot. Ilja lands Death from Above twice. He goes for his finishing move but Carmelo Hayes jumps in the way and takes it for Trick. That's the first time I remember him doing that for Trick instead of the other way around. 

02:02 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Rhea is hyping up Lyra to go get Jacy Jayne. Are we seeing another potential member of the Judgment Day?

02:01 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

An eight-person tag team match is announced for the Great American Bash kick-off show pitting the Meta Four against Yulisa Leon, Valentina Feroz, Dragon Lee, and Nathan Frazer. Gable Steveson facing Baron Corbin is also added to the Bash card.

01:56 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

After the match, Rhea pulls Lyra up by her chin and tells her to "Beat up Jacy Jayne" and to "prove her wrong" as she leaves the ring. Lyra is fired up and obliges.

01:55 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

No more Weekend at Noam's!! He's alive!!!

01:54 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Lyra dizzies Rhea with an Enzuiguiri and a series of kicks. She knocks her to the mat with a dropkick to the knee. Ripley misses a clothesline but lands a kick when Lyra attempts a move off the middle ropes. Rhea then lands the Riptide for the win.
Result - Rhea Ripley defeats Lyra Valkyria by pin.

01:52 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Lyra tries to hit a headscissors move, but Rhea catches her. She slams her on the mat for a two-count. She goes for the Riptide, but Lyra counters it into a Sleeper Hold. Rhea breaks it by hitting the corner. Ripley climbs to the top buckle to gesture like Eddie Guerrero. She takes too much time as Lyra knocks her off and to the outside. She goes for a kick through the ropes, but Rhea moves, and Dom is hit with the boots. She lands a Hurricanrana before heading back into the ring. Lyra jumps, but Rhea catches her. Kyra hits a spinning DDT and a stomp off the top rope for a near fall.

01:47 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Lyra fights back with a kick but Rhea catches her and unleashes a German Suplex. She hits a Basement Dropkick that sends her to the outside.

01:46 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Rhea Ripley is in control early on. Lyra trips her and mouths off to Mami. She rolls her up for a near fall. Vic Joseph mentions that Dominik Mysterio is the first star to main-event RAW, SmackDown, and NXT all in the same week.

01:36 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Chase U has a training segment for Thea Hail detailing her history in the business. Duke says she is where she is because he's the MVP for Chase U.

01:35 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

The rest of the group pulls out a Heritage Cup replica and it jogs Noam Dar from his stupor. He celebrates with the cup on the couch and holds it up. Frazer then comes out with the real cup and Dragon Lee. Frazer calls Dar a "massive fraud" just like the cup he's holding. Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon come out behind everyone and neutralize Lash and Jakara. Nathan and Dragon Lee hit stereo Suicide Dives to close out the segment.

01:30 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Due to the throwdown, Roxy and Blair will compete in a Weapons Wild match at the Great American Bash. The Supernova Sessions is next with Weekend at Noam's. The rest of the Meta Four all have mics and are loud and annoying. They call Noam the "real Heritage Cup Champion" and not Nathan Frazer.

01:27 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Up next we see footage of Roxanne Perez attacking Blair Davenport inside a random convenience store. Don't knock over the squishee machine or hot dogs!!!!

01:22 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Gallus appears on the big screen after the match to say the usual "We're gonna win" trope. Dijak cuts a pre-taped promo about why he attacked Eddy Thorpe last week. He says he's chasing the same gold as Thorpe and that one win doesn't put him in title contention. He's kinda right.

01:20 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Nima and Price regain control, but they waste time again by leaving the ring. Price hits a clothesline, but Stacks kicks out. The big man wastes time again, allowing Stacks to recover and hit a kick. As the action breaks down in the ring, Axiom comes from out of nowhere to attack Scrypts. D'Angelo tags in and hits a few belly-to-belly suplexes on Price. He adds a Spinebuster, but Nima breaks it up. Stacks and Tony D hit Badda Bing for the win.
Result - Tony D'Angelo and Stacks Lorenzo defeat Bronco Nima and Lucien Price by pin.

01:17 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Scrypts joins the match on commentary and tries to say he's from the streets also. Okay, Reggie. Nima knocks Stacks down with a shoulder block. Stacks fights back with a spinning uppercut. He tags The Don into the match. Nima tags in and lands a stomp, but he wastes time celebrating. D'Angelo and Stacks hits Cannonballs in the corner. Stacks gets a near fall.

01:14 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Damon Kemp joins Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak for a training session. I wonder how many times Nima will say "we're here" this week.

01:12 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Shohei Otani could teach them a thing or two about proper swinging etiquette.

01:09 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

After the match, Carmelo Hayes tries to reason with Ilja that Trick is angry and is going to call him out tonight. Ilja says that if he is called out by Trick, he will answer it. Melo doesn't understand that they are both mad and want a piece of the other. He only cares about the title match on Sunday.

01:07 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Brooke sets up a pile of sticks on top of the chair. She then suplexes Jade onto the pile. She goes to the top for a Swanton but misses and still gets the pin.
Result - Dana Brooke defeats Cora Jade by pin.

01:06 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Jade puts Dana on the chair and yells that she needs to go back where she belongs. As she winds up to hit Dana, Kelani Jordan distracts her on the ring apron. Dana takes advantage of the distraction to trip Jade, sending her head-first into the chair. Brooke blasts her a few times with the chair before Jordan gives her a pink Kendo stick. Dana hits Cora with it many times.

01:04 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Jade traps Brooke in the corner with a stick behind her arms. She hits a running knee to the face. She tries for her DDT finisher but Brooke reverses and sends Cora into the corner. She misses on a few swings of the stick. Brooke hits her standard handstand into an elbow in the corner, but Jade moves. She blasts Brooke with a DDT but Brooke kicks out. Cora grabs a chair and brings it into the ring.

01:02 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Brooke rushes Jade before the match starts. The crowd roots loudly for Cora Jade, but Dana sends her over the announce table. As she tries to bash Cora with it, Cora trips her and causes her to slip on the table. She blasts Dana with a Kendo stick. Cora bodyslams Brooke on top of a pile of Kendo Sticks before choking Dana with one.

00:58 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Dana Brooke comes out trying to cosplay as Catwoman. 

00:57 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Bron makes his presence felt to the dismay of Mr. Stone.

00:53 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Gable then says Corbin should be his first opponent at the Great American Bash and he suplexes Corbin a few times.

00:52 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Gable first introduces himself to the NXT Universe because some may not know him. He says he could go back to college and become a 3-time NCAA Champion, go to the Paris Olympics in 2024 and win another gold medal, or stay here in NXT. He is cut off by Baron Corbin. Corbin says not to come to NXT because he will make him fail. Corbin says he'll be swimming with sharks if he comes ot NXT and that he's a Great White Shark smelling blood.

00:48 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Melo and Dragunov mend fences before their title match this Sunday. Trick Williams runs in and says things aren't okay with him. Melo tries to calm him down but it doesn't work.

00:43 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Bron gets a chair and tries to hit Wagner with it but the latter moves out of the way. The crowd chants "You still suck" after it. 

00:42 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

The crowd chanted "table" during and after the match, and Bernal is rolling around in agony in front of it. Wagner listens to the fans and powerbombs Bernal through the announce table. As he stands up to celebrate, Bron Breakker hits him with a Spear out of nowhere.

00:41 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Bernal apparently "demanded" this match with Wagner. He rushes the big man early on but it is fleeting as Wagner quickly takes over and bashes Bernal. He lands a big boot on Bernal. He lands a chokeslam variant to make quick work of Mr. Bernal.
Result - Von Wagner defeats Javier Bernal by pin.

00:39 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Tiffany Stratton then appears in a pre-taped promo where she says she's "it" and that she is great. She adds that she'll still be the champion after the Great American Bash this Sunday. A triple threat for the North American title is also announced as Dom will defend against Wes Lee and Mustafa Ali.

00:37 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Looks like some familiar faces are trying to still thwart Schism.

00:31 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

After the match, Williams is upset with Dragunov for hitting him and sending him into the steel steps.

00:31 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

The Dyad works on Ilja in the ring before tagging Gacy in. As the Dyad leave the ring, two masked followers pull them off of the ring apron. Ilja lines Gacy up for his finisher, but Carmelo Hayes tags himself in. He lands nothing but net on Gacy to pick up the win for his team.
Result - Carmelo Hayes, Trick Williams, and Ilja Dragunov defeat Schism (Joe Gacy, Rip Fowler, and Jagger Reid) by pin.

00:28 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Reid has control over Melo off the commercial break. He fights out of it, tagging Trick back into the fray. Gacy joins the match for the first time. Trick hits a dropkick, a jumping knee, and a flapjack on Gacy. Trick clotheslines Gacy over the top and Ilja tags Trick as Trick falls out of the ring. Ilja jumps out of the ring and tries to hit Gacy with his flying headbutt, but Gacy moves and he hits Trick instead. Gacy goes for his handstand finisher but Dragunov lands a knee. Gacy recovers and hits a side suplex for a near fall.

00:24 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Lee is not happy

00:22 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Things break down a bit as Trick and Melo enter the ring to knock the Dyad out of the ring.

00:22 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Ilja comes in after Trick and Melo did some work. He hits a knee off the top but Rip Fowler drags him to his corner. Jagger Reids tags in but Ilja hits a few German Suplexes. Ilja hits his clothesline off the ropes before tagging Trick back into the match.

00:12 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Schism will face Carmelo Hayes, Trick Williams, and Ilja Dragunov in the night's first match.

00:11 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Mac Mitchell talks to Tony D'Angelo and Stacks backstage. He says he'll never forget the reception he received from the NXT Universe. They are interrupted by Bronco Nima and Lucien Price, who say they don't remember their names on the streets. 

00:10 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Wes Lee then interrupts everything and says that he wants his rematch tonight. Mustafa Ali comes out and says that all Dom does is steal things, like the 619, the Frog Splash, and the title. Ali also blames Lee because he took the match even after he warned him not to. The crowd chants "triple threat" during the whole segment. Dom says he doesn't care who he faces at the Bash and that he's going to break all of Lee's records as North American Champion.

00:06 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

The crowd mocks Dom's mullet, but Rhea stops them by saying, "It's beautiful, and he's not cutting it" in response. She addresses Lyra Valkyria for getting in her face. 

00:05 (GMT)26 JUL 2023

Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio kick the show off by puffing up their chests and mocking the fans. 
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