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WWE NXT Results, LIVE Updates, Highlights & Commentary online before NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day (10th February 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedFeb 11, 2021 03:11 GMT

It's the last stop before NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day and the Dusty Classic Finals!


03:11 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

Hope you all enjoyed the show - I know *I* did. Enjoy Takeover on Sunday and enjoy the rest of your night tonight. And, until next week... I'm outta here

03:10 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

Grizzled Young Veterans defeats Tomasso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher
Kushida defeats Austin Theory
Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackhart defeat Candice Larae and Indi Heartwell
Xia Li defeats... somebody....
MSK defeat Legado del Fantasma

03:07 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

Let's look at the match results...

03:06 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

MSK and GYV are each talking trash at each other in front of the Dusty Cup. And this show is OVAH! Have a great night, everyone, and enjoy Vengeance Day this Sunday!

03:05 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

03:04 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

Ticket To Mayhem on on Ciampa and GYV gets the pin!

RESULT: Grizzled Young Veterans defeat Tomasso Ciamapa and Timothy Thatcher

03:03 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

Tomasso tries to tag in Thatcher, but Gibson jumps off of Ciampa and dropkicks Tim. Goes for the pin... Thatcher breaks up the pin!

03:02 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

Ciampa goes for the Fairytale Ending twice, but gets backed into GYV's corner and now Tomasso and Gibson are throwing hands in the middle of the ring.

02:59 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

Ciampa finally back to his feet and gets the hot tag!

02:58 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

Thatcher gets free and gets to his corner, but Ciampa is still on the floor.

02:57 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

Inbetween Cruise Line commercials and ads for Temptation Island, GYV are just tearing apart Tim Thatcher.

02:54 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

Ciampa is thrown into the steel steps and now GYV are going ham on their opponents. Dang!

02:53 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

02:52 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

Calling it... Ciampa/Thatcher vs MSK in the finals.

02:50 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

Ciampa and Thatcher are in the ring, and here come GYV, giving both of their opponents a hard time about their previous tag team partners.

02:43 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

And we're getting Grizzled Young Veterans against Thatcher and Ciampa after this break.

02:43 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

That was amazing.

02:39 (GMT)11 FEB 2021


02:38 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

And now he's in the CWC, throwing around dolla dolla bills to everyone there, as well.

02:37 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

Cameron Grimes drives up in a Porche and starts throwing around money!

02:36 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

Karrion Kross has destroyed Santos Escobar's buddies. And he's ready for him.

Tick tock and all that.

02:33 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

02:30 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

Now, let's hear from Toni Storm, who will be fighting Io Shirai and Raquel Gonzalez for the NXT Women's title this Sunday

02:29 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

Kushida and Lumis both have armbreakers on Theory and Gargano, and now Kushida has the North American Championship over his head, as Lumis looks on with a very, very intense stare.

02:27 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

Somebody under the ring has pulled in Theory.... and it's Dexter Lumis!

02:27 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

Kushida has the armbreaker on Theory outside of the ring, and Gargano attacks, causing the DQ

RESULT: Kushida defeats Austin Theory by DQ

02:25 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

Kushida's got the shirt off! He's done playing around!

02:22 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

02:22 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

02:15 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

Austin Theory and Kushida are going at it.

02:12 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

Santos Escobar is being interviewed about his match with Karrion Kross next week. His stablemates arrive and apologize for losing their match earlier, and Santos tells them not to apologize. He says he never apologizes for anything. And that if they want to make it up to him, to go find Karrion Kross for him.

I gotta say, Santos sounds like a pretty reasonable boss, to be honest with you.

02:05 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

As Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez come out to confront the winners and here comes Regal to announce that the winners of the Dusty Tag Team Classic Women's Division will also get a shot at the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship.

02:03 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

Shotzi with a top rope senton on Indi! Indi was trying to keep Shotzi from hitting it on Candice! Shotzi gets the pin!

RESULT: Shotzi Blackhart and Ember Moon defeat Candice Larae and Indi Hearttwell

02:00 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

Indi and Candice are destroying Shotzi and Ember, but the babyface team keeps kicking out or breaking up pin attempts!

02:00 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

Indi drapes Ember's legs along the middle rope and Candice nails her with a Lionsault!

01:54 (GMT)11 FEB 2021


01:53 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

01:52 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

Shotzi gets the hot tag and here some Ember!

01:51 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

Ha ha ha Wade calls Larae "Candice Michelle"

01:50 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

01:48 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackhart are now taking on Indi Wrestling and Candice Larae in this Dusty Tag Team Classic Women's semifinals.

01:46 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

01:46 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

01:45 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

01:45 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

Gargano commiserates that he can't wrestle at TakeOver due to his injured arm.

Regal comes out and reminds Johnny that he was cleared by NXT's medical team to compete. Gargano informs Regal that HIS doctor has a different diagnosis and shows an X-Ray... and it's all pretty funny.

Regal tells Gargano that either Austin Theory can take Gargano's place tonight and defend the title, or Gargano can give it up. Johnny begs for more time to "rehab" his injury, and Regal asks Kushida what he thinks.

Oh yeah, Kushida is in the ring. And attacks.

01:36 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

01:36 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

The rest of The Way carry an "injured" Johnny Gargano into the ring. Wade commiserates that Johnny can't walk... because of his broken arm.

01:32 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

01:31 (GMT)11 FEB 2021

William Regal is backstage and heads to his office, where Scarlett is waiting, looking all seductive and... Scarlett-y... and tells Regal that Karrion Kross wants a match with Santos Escobar next week. And Regal agrees, looking at her as if to say "You could have just asked, you didn't have to do the whole sexy thing, not that I don't appreciate it"
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