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WWE NXT Results, LIVE Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from NXT (13th January 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 14, 2021 03:58 GMT

The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic kicks off this week on NXT.


03:04 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

Full Results for 1/13/2021 NXT
Candice LeRae defeats Shotzi Blackheart by pin.
Grizzled Young Vets defeat Ever-Rise by pin.
Johnny Gargano defeats Dexter Lumis by pin.
Xia Li defeats her opponent by pin.
Adam Cole and Roddy Strong defeat Breezango.

03:03 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

Next week's show features more Dusty Cup action including the first-ever match for the women as Kacy/Kayden fight Toni/Mercedes. Also, the Fight Pit match between Tim Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa!

03:02 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

Dunne and the tag team Champs stand tall on the entrance ramp.

03:00 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

Dango jumps off the top rope and gets Superkicked for his efforts. Cole pins and wins.
RESULT: The Undisputed Era defeats Breezango to advance in Dusty Classic.

03:00 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

Breeze takes advantage and hits a Super Kick on Cole. Strong neutralizes Breezy as Cole misses a Panama Sunrise.

02:59 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

They try to further inure O'Reilly's jaw but Finn makes the save. Dunne and Company overtake the Prince and Kyle and Dunne kicks Kyle's head into the barrier.

02:58 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

Cue the interference from the bad guys.

02:58 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

He tags in Dango and Strong breaks up the pin attempt. Chaos ensues as every man hits a move to leave everyone on the mat.

02:57 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

Breeze hits a Backstabber on Cole for a near fall.

02:56 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

They hit a nice Gutbuster/Shining Wizard combo for a two count.

02:56 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

Roddy comes in like a house of fire and gets a two-count on a pin of Fandango. He tags in Mr. BAY BAY.

02:55 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

Countdown to interference from Dunne and Company . . . . .

02:55 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

02:54 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

Back from the break and Fandango is in control of Cole.

02:51 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

02:50 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

Things start off back and forth between the two former NXT Tag Team Champs.

02:48 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

It's main event time as Adam Cole and Roddy Strong take on Breezango.

02:46 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

02:45 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

Apparently during the commercial, Atlas and Swerve went at each other's throat, giving us a shot of Steve Corino. Bronson Reed appears to tell Swerve to "cool it."

02:43 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

02:41 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

02:41 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

After the quick match, we hear from Catanzaro and Carter, Kayden. It's the most they've been able to talk since joining NXT. "Continue to overlook us everybody." Not hard to do when they are a combined six feet tall. I'm kidding. They're adorable.

02:39 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

The master orders some more destruction on the opponent before letting Li and Boa depart.

02:38 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

She takes on someone who doesn't even get an entrance or name because the match is over in under a minute.
RESULT: Xia Li defeats opponent by pin.

02:37 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

Li gets an entrance in widescreen so she can show off her martial arts prowess.

02:36 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

Up next is Xia Li, someone sitting in a smoky chair and Boa in shades.

02:35 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

Scarlett has some Tarot cards to explain that they dispatched of Damian Priest. One clearly targets NXT Champ Finn Balor.

02:34 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

02:31 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

02:30 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

The Women's Dusty Cup kicks off next week as Kacy Catanzaro/Kayden Carter take on Mercedes Martinez/Toni Storm!

02:30 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

02:30 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

Atlas and Swerve are clearly upset with each other after the loss.

02:28 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

Lee tags in Carter and Lee hits a short form reverse rana on Swerve. They hit a running blockbuster combo on Swerve for the win.
RESULT: MSK defeats Jake Atlas and Swerve Scott by pin to advance in the Dusty Cup.

02:27 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

Swerve tosses Carter out of the ring and Atlas tags in Scott.

02:26 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

Scott and Atlas take control and hit a spinning suplex/450 splash combo for a two count. Impressive team moves.

02:25 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

A quick tag to Carter and they hit their finisher from IMPACT. Only get a two count as Swerve breaks it up.

02:24 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

Carter tags in Lee off the hot tag and he hits a ton of strikes on Atlas.

02:24 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

Back from the break and Carter is in the guard of Swerve.

02:23 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

02:21 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

02:20 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

The action spills outside and everyone gets a move in, capped off by a Tope con Giro from Lee on everyone. When I say "Nash Carter" I think of Nash Bridges, the show with Don Johnson from the 90s. That was a cop show for those born after 2000.

02:19 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

Swerve gets control and continues to show his new vicious side. He tags in Atlas.

02:18 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

Carter gets in some offense and a two count. He tags in Wes Lee. He has more hair than he did back in Impact.

02:17 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

Atlas starts with the former Wentz (Carter) and Atlas gets a two-count.

02:16 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

Nash Carter and Wes Lee? Interesting new names.

02:15 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

And MSK is . . . . . familiar faces to wrestling fans . . . formerly Dez and Wentz!

02:14 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

Can Swerve and Atlas co-exist?  Will it matter?

02:14 (GMT)14 JAN 2021

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