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WWE NXT Results, LIVE Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from NXT (3rd March 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 04, 2021 03:11 GMT

WWE Women's Tag Team Championships will be on the line this week on NXT.


03:11 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

This is Matt Serock, in for the last hour for Kevin Sullivan (not the Taskmaster one), signing off!!!

03:11 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

Tune in next week to a stacked card featuring two NXT Championship matches (Toni Storm vs. Io Shirai; Finn Balor vs. Adam Cole) and a grudge match between Kayden Carter and Xia Li!

03:09 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

Full Results for NXT, March 3, 2021
Oney Lorcan/Danny Burch defeat Tommaso Ciampa/Tim Thatcher by pin.
Ember Moon defeats Aliyah by pin
Shayna Baszler/Nia Jax retain WWE Women's titles by pin over Dakota Kai/Raquel Gonzalez.
Cameron Grimes defeats Bronson Reed by pin.
Finn Balor defeats Roderick Strong by pin.

03:07 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

Balor celebrates in the ring after the win and Adam Cole shows up on the ramp. The two stare each other down.

03:07 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

03:05 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

Result: Finn Balor defeats Roderick Strong by pin.

03:05 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

He goes to the top rope and hits the Coup de Gras and 1916 DDT for the win.

03:05 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

Strong goes for the End of Heartache but Balor hits the double stomp on the way down. They then exchange strikes and Finn hits a Pele Kick. Balor hits a reverse DDT and the double kick to the corner.

03:04 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

Balor hits a slingblade out of nowhere and goes for the double stomp to the chest. Strong counters it and gets Balor in the Stronghold.

03:03 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

Roddy hits a flurry of offense, including a power bomb for a two count.

03:01 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

Roddy gets control for a bit but Balor takes charge again.

03:00 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

02:59 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

Balor continues to focus his attack on Roddy's arm.

02:58 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

Will Adam Cole BayBay show up and ruin the match?

02:58 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

Back from the break and the Champ is back in control.

02:55 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

Strong gains the upper hand as we head to the commercial break.

02:53 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

He gets Strong in a headlock and a near fall.

02:53 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

The match starts out with some mat game from Balor and an armbar.

02:51 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

Up next is the main event between Roddy Strong and Finn Balor!

02:50 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

02:50 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

02:47 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

02:45 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

02:44 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

After the Declaration del Fantasma, we get a brief video package hyping Balor vs. Cole for next week.

02:42 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

Santos comes out to attack Ever-Rise as they try to get away unscathed. He gets a mic and tells us not to mistake last week's events for weakness. If we do, we'll get attacked like Ever-Rise did.

02:40 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

Up next was supposed to be Ever-Rise (why) against Breezango, but Legado del Fantasma assaults Breezy Boys before they can even get down the ramp.

02:39 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

02:39 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

Theory runs out crying to Daddy Gargano and as expected, Gargano was paying off the therapist the whole time. Time for Chuck E Cheese anyways and the therapist calls them all "a bunch of idiots."

02:38 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

The therapist says she talked with Dexter Lumis and "couldn't get him to stop talking." Also, she says Theory is annoying, disgusting fashion sense and tired of him cutting off all of his shirts to show off his "mediocre" midsection. LOLS

02:37 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

Back to therapy with Austin Theory and he said he watched cartoons and ate cereal during his three days missing.

02:36 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

Lacy Lane then says she'll take care of Xia Li next week in a backstage interview.

02:34 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

After the match, Adam Pearce and NXT GM William Regal are shown arguing with each other, presumably over the WWE Women's Tag Team titles and what happened earlier.

02:33 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

02:30 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

Grimes takes advantage and hits the stomp for the win.
Result: Cameron Grimes defeats Bronson Reed by pin.

02:30 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

LA Knight comes back down to the ring and tries to "give" Grimes his hat back. Instead, he interferes and causes Reed to fall from the ropes.

02:29 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

Grimes "escapes" the ring and tries to leave. He puts on his hat but Reed hits him with a suicide dive. Reed tosses him back into the ring.

02:28 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

Reed takes control and bullies Grimes with his power. Hits a clothesline and sends Grimes reeling.

02:27 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

Grimes gets Reeds in a face-lock and stomps on his hand. Tries to kick Reed in the chest a few times and Reed shrugs it off . . .

02:26 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

Wow. Grimes pulls off the Spanish Fly on Reed once we're back from commercial.

02:24 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

02:24 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

Or maybe they did . . .

02:20 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

Just as Knight finishes his address to the NXT Universe, Bronson Reed's music hits. The two strangely don't have a stare off. Knight seems like someone who would be upset to be upstaged . . . 

02:20 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

02:19 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

Before LA Knight came out, Swerve addressed his attacking Leon Ruff "from the recording studio."

02:19 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

02:18 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

Knight calls out Gargano, O'Reilly, Balor and Cole to start . . .

02:17 (GMT)4 MAR 2021

"Tom Brady wishes he was half the man of L A Knight." 

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