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WWE NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II 20 August, 2016 results, LIVE Update

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Updated: 21 August 2016 08:22 IST - Published: 21 August 2016 00:09 IST

SummerSlam will have a tough time topping that! As we say after most NXT TakeOver's, this one was probably the best yet.


Samoa Joe (C) vs Shinsuke Nakamura (for the NXT Championship)

There's been a fiery build to the feud in the last few weeks as Nakamura has gotten more and more under Joe's skin. This one is a true dream match and should be a classic. What an entrance for Nakamura! He has his own violinist. He plays along to Nakamura's theme as the crowd sing to it. This is brilliant.

There are Nakamura signs everywhere. Brooklyn is going nuts for the King of Strong Style!

Joe's out next and he talks trash into the camera as he walks out. He may not have a fancy entrance, but he has the NXT Championship slung on his shoulder.

Joe and Nakamura clash even before the match has begun but stay apart for now.

The crowd are still singing Nakamura's theme as the match begins and Joe looks visibly annoyed.

Joe overpowers Nakamura and pushes him into the corner as the grapple. They go for the grapple again. Joe kicks Nakamura, Nakamura counters with a kick and Joe hits back with a slap to Nakamura's face.

The two are well-matched, to begin with, and trade strikes and holds. They're still going toe to toe with each other.

Nakamura has Joe in the corner when he does his trademark taunt. Joe pushes him away but Nakamura hits back. Joe's down in the corner and Nakamura hits him with the Good Vibrations.

Joe hits back with a huge chop to Nakamura's chest. He follows it up with the corner shoulder barge, followed by his patented Enziguiri. Nakamura crawls out. He hits Joe with a kick as  Joe goes to bring him back into the ring.

Nakamura hits him with his trademark apron knee. He then climbs onto the apron but misses his jumping knee. Joe follows it up with a running placha to the outside. Joe's finally in control and has Nakamura on his knees.

Joe applies a dragon sleeper in the middle of the ring. The champ is relentless in his attack. Joe follows it up with a cross armlock. When Nakamura looks to power out of it, he takes out Nakamura's knee. Joe follows that up with a massive powerbomb which he transitions into a Boston crab. He transitions the Boston Crab into a crossface.

Nakamura finally manages to break out and hits Joe with a couple of enzeguiris. Both men are down now. They get up together and trade strikes. Joe tries to hit Nakamura with a Senton but Nakamura moves away. He hits Joe with knees to the face.

Nakamura has Joe in the corner and goes for a running kick, Joe counters with a modified Rock Bottom but doesn't get all of it. He then tries to position Nakamura for the Muscle Buster but Nakamura kicks hi away and gives him a flying dropkick.

The two trade strikes after this. These are brutal. Joe hits Nakamura with a brutal crossface. As he goes to take advantage, Nakamura gets him in a cross-armbreaker. As Joe looks to fight out, Nakamura gets him in a triangle lock. Joe powers out of that too and gets Nakamura into a Texas Cloverleaf submission hold. But Nakamura manages to reach the ropes.

This one has been a war!

Coquina Clutch! Coquina Clutch! Joe has Nakamura in the Coquina Clutch. Nakamura somehow manages to reach the ropes.

Nakamura reverses suplex into an German suplex. He's going for the Kinshasa! Joe counters with a powerslam.

MUSCLE BUSTER! Joe breaks out a muscle buster on Nakamura. This one's probably over.

1-2-But Nakamura kicks out!!! How did he kick out?

Nakamura counters a muscle buster and hits the Kinshasha! 1-2-Joe kicks out! He kicked out of the Kinshasa.

Joe might have kicked out but he isn't in a good spot. Nakamura climbs to the top rope and knees Joe to the back of the head. Another Kinshasa!

1-2-3-It's OVER!

Shinsuke Nakamura is the new NXT Champion!

Shinsuke Nakamura def. Samoa Joe

Nakamura celebrates in the ring to a standing ovation as the referee holds up an X outside the ring as Joe holds his jaw. Is Joe actually injured? Stay tuned for further updates and TakeOver fallout.


Asuka (C) vs Bayley (for the NXT Women's Championship)

Bayley comes out to a thunderous reception from the crowd, the loudest of the night so far and it's great to see Izzy at ringside with her dad. She's followed out by Asuka. Everyone might not like Asuka, but they all respect her. Amazing entrance for the Empress of Tomorrow. You have to see this one. She looks supremely confident as she makes her way out.

This one really has a big-match-feel. The crowd are going nuts even before the match has begun.

Bayley looks better prepared this time than she did in Dallas. She goes toe to toe with Asuka in the opening exchange but early on, it looks like one of her shoulders isn't a 100%.

The two begin the match pretty even before Asuka counters a springboard from Bayley with a knee to the face. Asuka laughs as Bayley crawls outside. Bayley gets up and runs back inside only to be met with a running hip attack. She follows it up with a gullotine hold on the middle rope on Bayley as she smiled at the crowd.

Asuka strolls around the ring as Bayley is prone in the corner. Asuka hits Bayley with a running strike before kicking her in the face from the apron. Bayley is hung up on the middle rope and Asuka gives her a modified version of Roman Reigns' Drive By.

Bayley finally hits back and sends Asuka face first into the corner. She follows it up with a little offence before Asuka once again has her out on the apron. Asuka goes for a running hip attack but Bayley moves away and Asuka gets caught up in the ropes. Bayley hits her with a gullotine stunner followed by a flying springboard crossbody. Bayley tries for another flying crossbody but Asuka moves out of the way and follows it up with a shining wizard.

Asuka takes Bayley to the top rope after this and goes for the superplex but Bayley counters. She has Asuka hanging from the corner and hits her with her patented springboard elbow to the corner.

Both women hit each other with fists after this and going into a strike-fest with Asuka is never a good idea. Bayley hits Asuka with a running strike, Then Asuka hits Bayley with a running hip attack which Bayley follows up by hitting Asuka with a running knee. As she moves away, Asuka trips her and gets her in an overhead kneebar.

Bayley manages to get out of it, but it takes a lot out of her. Bayley is on her knees and Asuka repeatedly kicks her in the chest. Bayley's had enough. She gets up and screams "Hit me in the face". Asuka's happy to oblige.

Bayley hits back and goes for a powerbomb but her hurt knee gives way. She follows it up with a faceplant. Asuka counters with the Asuka Lock but a determined Bayley gets out of it. She hits the Bayley-To-Belly!

1-2-Asuka kicks out at 2!

Another Asuka Lock. Bayley manages to fight out and counters with a pin attempt for the nearfall. Asuka hits Bayley with a kick to the face but a fired up Bayley slaps Asuka right in the face. An enraged Asuka hits Bayley with a kick to the head. She follows it up with a kick to the back of the head.

1-2-3! Asuka retains.

Asuka def. Bayley

Immense show of respect from Asuka to Bayley after the match. The crowd go nuts after Asuka leaves and Bayley is alone in the ring. Chants of "Thank You Bayley" ring out. What a match! What a moment! Bayley goes out and hugs Sasha and Becky after the match before going and hugging Charlotte. She goes over the hug her mum after that. Last but not the least, she goes over to hug Izzy.


Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Charlotte are in the crowd. Sasha's wearing a 'Bayley' wristband and the rest of the Horsewomen are here to support Bayley.


The Revival(C) vs Johnny Gargano & Tomasso Ciampa (for the NXT Tag-Team Championships)

This one has real heat behind it and is the first championship match of the night. The newly christened DIY, Gargano and Ciampa, come out first before being followed out by The Revival.

Ciampa and Dawson start us off with this one. We begin with some excellent chain wrestling between the two before Ciampa lands a devastating chop on Dawson who reels to the outside. The Revival regroup as the crowd chants "Let's go Ciampa".

Dawson comes back inside the ring only to be chopped again. Wilder tries to interfere and he gets chopped for bothering. Ciampa tags in Gargano who hits Dawson with running knees to the chest in the corner.

Gargano has Dawson in a shoulder bar as he manages to reach out and  tag in his partner. Wilder gets a dropkick in the face before managing to get the upper hand thanks to dubious means. Dawson and Wilder are firmly in control now and work over Gargano.

Gargano crawls to the corner and tags Ciampa in. They have the Reival on the outside and Gargano hits a running dive through the middle-rope to Dawson on the outside and Ciampa hits a stereo running knees to Wilder.

Wilder is back in the ring and tags in his partner behind Ciampa's back. Ciampa sees it and hits Dawson with a forearm. He tries to fight off both members of The Revival before getting overpowered. He tries to tag in Gargano but Dawson pulls Gargano away from the outside.  The Revival then hit Ciampa with a double team gorebuster.

1 - 2 - Ciampa kicks out at 2 and a half. The Revival continue to work over Ciampa. Ciampa goes to tag in Gargano but Wilder distracts the referee. The tag happens behind the referee's back and the ref stops Gargano from entering the ring as The Revival double Team Ciampa.
Another nearfall.

Ciampa counters a running corner splash from Dawson and finally makes the  tag. Gargano takes out Dawson with a rolling kick followed by a middle-rope spear for the nearfall.

Gargano gets "This is awesome" chants from the crowd. Ciampa gets tagged in and almost manages to submit Scott Dawson in an armbar. As The Revival go for a double vertical suplex on Ciampa, Gargano gives them a double spear. Gargano rolls up Dawson for another nearfall. This one is heating up and the crowd are going nuts.

Gargano and Dawson go forehead to forehead. A slugfest. Double kicks to Wilder. 1 - 2 - 3! No, that won't count. He had his foot on the rope. Devastating superkick to Dawson. Gargano and Ciampa go to finish Wilder off, but Dawson pulls Ciampa out at the last moment.

Wilder takes advantage and The Revival take out Gargano's knee. Wilder double stomps Gargano's knee and Wilder has him in a kneebar.

Gargano taps out! This one is over!

The Revival retain.

The Revival def. Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa


We see some of the CWC contestants at ringside, including Rich Swann, Kota Ibushi and Brian Kendrick.


Bobby Roode vs Andrade "Cien" Almas

The wait is finally over. Bobby Roode's GLORIOUS debut is up next and this one should be amazing.

What an atmosphere as Bobby Roode makes his way out. The crowd is singing in unison with Bobby Roode's theme. Andrade "Cien" Almas is a very talented wrestler, but his gimmick is so unpopular that he gets roundly booed as soon as his music hits.

As the match begins, the crowd chant "This is glorious". Roode might be the heel here, but that's only on paper.

Roode tries to throw Almas out of the ring, but Almas blocks it and hangs on to the middle and top rope in his patented fashion. He follows it up with an apron dropkick on the glorious one. Almas has Roode's number in the opening exchanges and the veteran Canadian looks frustrated at being second best so far.

Almas goes for the high-flying move one time too many as Roode drops him from the top rope. Roode has Almas cornered and follows it up with kicks and chops. Stalling vertical suplex for the nearfall after this.  Roode goes to the top rope after this and Almas dropkicks  Roode out of the ring for the advantage. He follows it up with a springboard corkscrew to the outside. Is there any move that Almas can't pull off?

Almas has slowly won the crowd over with his performance. He goes for the running corner knees but Roode hits him with a devastating clothesline.

Roode looks for top German Suplex but Almas counters with a german suplex of his own for the nearfall. The duo hit each other with punches till Almas hits Roode with spinning heel kick followed by the running knees to the corner! It's only a 2-count! Roode kicks out!

Almas goes for the brainbuster but Roode counters with an uppercut before hitting the Glorious Bomb! That's it. This one is over.

Bobby Roode def. Andrade "Cien" Almas

Roode looked GLORIOUS on his debut and for his part, Almas was super impressive.

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