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WWE NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III, 2017 Results, Live Updates and Commentary

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 20, 2017 02:28 GMT

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02:28 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Cole, O' Reilly and Fish pose over McIntyre as NXT goes off air. I can't wait for the new episodes of NXT to come out but until then, we have the rest of SummerSlam weekend to enjoy. Please join us tomorrow for our live coverage of WWE SummerSlam. 

Thanks for joining us guys, cheers!

02:27 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Oh my god! Kyle O' Reilly and Bobby Fish are on the apron! Adam Cole is here too! He jumps McIntyre from behind and the three men lay into him. Cole hits McIntyre with a superkick and he lifts the NXT Championship!

Could NXT be any better right now? NXT is the best wrestling show on earth right now, unparalleled! 

02:24 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Roode hits a second Glorious DDT before looking to hit a third but McIntyre breaks out and hits a headbutt. That looked nasty. McIntyre follows up with the Claymore Kick and covers Roode. 1-2-3! And your new NXT Champion - Drew McIntyre! What journey for Drew McIntyre. This is his moment.

Drew McIntyre def. Bobby Roode

02:22 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Roode counters with a spinebuster. Roode looks to hit the Glorious DDT but McIntyre reverses into a pinning combination but Roode kicks out. Roode then Irish Whips McIntyre and hit him with Glorious DDT. It looked over but McIntyre kicked out again.

02:20 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Roode has rolled out of the ring again and this time McIntyre has the answer. He hits a tope conheiro over the top rope and takes out Roode. Incredible.

McIntyre rolls Roode back into the ring as he looks to set up another Claymore Kick.

02:19 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

02:19 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

McIntyre hits the Claymore kick out of nowhere. It looks all over but Roode is too close to the ropes! Roode survives again! How did he get his foot on the rope?

02:17 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

McIntyre pins Roode after a backslide for a 2-count. He then hits a Futureshock DDT for another nearfall. McIntyre can't believe it isn't over. He heads to the top rope with Roode on his shoulders. Roode breaks free and Powerbombs McIntyre for another nearfall.

02:15 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Roode doesn't get up and he was playing possum. Roode hits McIntyre with a backstabber for a nearfall and the champion can't believe McIntyre kicked out again.

02:14 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Roode hits back once again, this time with a thumping knee strike. He then bounces off the ropes before McIntyre catches him in mid air and hits an Air Raid Crash. McIntyre then looks to hit Roode with a Superplex from the top rope but he lost his footing. McIntyre still manages to launch Roode off the top turnbuckle as he set up the Claymore Kick.

02:11 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

McIntyre finally looks to have an opening after hitting a Belly-To-Belly Suplex. He then launches Roode face-first into the top turnbuckle. The Scotsman follows it up with a flying clothesline.

02:09 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Roode is stomping a mudhole into McIntyre right now. Roode, the crafty veteran, is still one step ahead as he hits a missile dropkick as Drew gets back to his feet.

02:08 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

02:07 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Roode hits McIntyre with a running blockbuster from the apron. That looked devastating. Roode follows it up with kicks before rolling Drew back into the ring.

02:05 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

The action spills back to ringside and McIntyre is in complete control right now. Roode looks to hit back with a crossbody from the apron but McIntyre catches him in midair. Roode breaks out and tried to push Drew into the ringpost but McIntyre blocks it and hits a Tilt-A-Whirl Slam onto the apron.

02:03 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Roode unloads with more knife-edged chops before McIntyre reversed an Irish Whip into the corner and hit a huge kick. He followed it up with chops of his own in the corner.

02:02 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Back inside the ring, Roode hits McIntyre with a series of knife-edged chops before attempting a Glorious DDT out of nowhere, unsuccessfully. 

02:01 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Roode and McIntyre started off before we finally start. Drew uses his significant size advantage early on, taking Roode down with a shoulder tackle and forcing him to roll out of the ring.

02:01 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Bobby Roode (C) vs Drew McIntyre (for the NXT Championship)

My prediction going into this is a little out there. I'm predicting that this match ends in no contest after the rumoured ROH faction, led by Adam Cole, comes out and takes out both men. Yeah, it's a little far-fetched.

01:59 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

The main-event of TakeOver is about to start as Roode and McIntyre face-off. Just a reminder, please join us tomorrow for live coverage of WWE SummerSlam 2017.

01:59 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

01:57 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

01:47 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

01:47 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

The streak still lives!

01:42 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Ember Moon taps out! Ember Moon taps out! Asuka retains once again! This woman is a force of nature unlike anything WWE has ever seen before.

Asuka def. Ember Moon

01:41 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Asuka plays possum and locks in the Asuka Lock! Can Ember make it to the ropes?

01:41 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Ember looks for a second Eclipse from the top rope but Asuka has the referee in front of her forcing Ember to hit a crossbody instead. Asuka reversed the crossbody into a pin but the ref saw her grab the tights.

01:36 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Asuka is hung up in the Tree Of Woe and Ember hits a double-stomp. Following an unsuccessful pin attempt, Ember is back on the top rope. She hits The Eclipse but Asuka kicks out at 2 and a half!!!! How?

01:35 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Asuka hits Ember with a brutal series of kicks before Ember slams Asuka with a modified Falcon Arrow. Ember is heading to the top rope now but it's too early. Asuka meets her on the top rope and is looking for a superplex.

01:34 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Asuka replies with a Hip Attack before attempting a second. Ember blocks the second and hits Asuka with a Tornado Suplex.

01:33 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Ember turns the tables and looks to lock in her own version of the Asuka lock but she doesn't manage. Asuka reverses it locks in a modified version of the Asuka lock before Ember broke out by planting Asuka onto the mat. Ember follows it up with a quick pin attempt before taking Asuka down with a short armed clothesline.

01:31 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Asuka replies with a nasty German Suplex into the bottom turnbuckle. Asuka once again starts working on Ember's Arm before looking to lock in an Asuka Lock.

01:30 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Ember hits Asuka with a Teardrop Suplex to break free, The then hits Asuka with a combo of kicks finished off with a step up enzeguiri. 2-count.

01:29 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Asuka is in complete control now as she methodically breaks Moon down. Asuka locks in an Octopus Hold. This one looks brutal. Ember breaks free but Asuka still has Ember's arm in her grip.

01:27 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Ember is back out at ringside as the two women brawl. Asuka hits Ember with a suplex on the entrance ramp before tossing her back into the ring. The veteran, Asuka, follows Ember in and works on her left arm.

01:26 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Asuka (C) vs Ember Moon (for the NXT Women's Championship)

Ember Moon hits Asuka with a single legged dropkick as soon as the bell rings before action spills to ringside. Ember hits a cannonball from the second turnbuckle to the floor before heading back into the ring.

01:24 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

01:17 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Sasha Banks. Bayley and Becky Lynch have just been spotted at ringside as Asuka gets ready to defend her title. Is this the end of Asuka's run as NXT Women's Champion? From a personal point of view, I really hope Asuka retains and stays in NXT till WrestleMania 34. 

01:15 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

01:13 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Itaqmi hits a running dropkick to Black in the corner before attempting a GTS. Black breaks out and an irate Itami yells at the crowd. Itami then charges at Black who dodges him and hits the Black Mass out of nowhere and its over. 1-2-3! Aleister Black is still undefeated.

Aleister Black def. Hideo Itami

An incredible performance from both men, but it's Aleister Black's undefeated streak that continues!

01:11 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Black's back on his feet and both men trade kicks and strikes. Itami hits a spinning backfist and Black replies with a pump kick. Itami immediately hits a Falcon Arrow for a 2-count.

01:09 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Black looks like he's in trouble but he catches Itami with a high kick and Itami looks out as Black heads to the top rope. Itami hits Black with a running boot and joins him on the top turnbuckle and hits an avalanche Michinoku Driver. That was incredible!

Itami covers Black but it's still just a 2-count.

01:08 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Itami charges at Black and crashes into the corner after Black dodges him. Black then hits an incredible combo of strikes that ends with a leg sweep and a running knee. Black then hits a springboard hurracanrana before Itami hits back with a Tornado DDT from the top turnbuckle that guillotines Black on the top rope.

01:06 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

01:05 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

With Black laid out Itami hits him with his trademark flick of the boot before taunting Black as he got back to his feet. Itami hits Black with a DDT before locking in a headlock. Black's been busted open and could have a broken nose.

01:02 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Itami is in no mood to play and he his back before hanging Black up on the top rope before hitting a jumping knee from the top rope. Itami yells at the fans demanding respect before covering Black for a 1 count.

01:01 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

Hideo Itami vs Aleister Black

A blistering start to the match as these two men charge right out of the blocks hitting each other with a running boot. They dodge each others offence early on before Black takes control with a sliding knee strike before pummelling Itami in the corner.

01:00 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

WWE Hall Of Famer and Legend Jim Ross is the special guest commentator for the match

00:57 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

00:55 (GMT)20 AUG 2017

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