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WWE NXT TakeOver Chicago 2017 Results, live updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 21, 2017 07:56 IST

NXT kicks off Backlash weekend. It makes or break for several up-and-coming NXT superstars!


07:56 (IST)21 MAY 2017

07:56 (IST)21 MAY 2017

What did you think of NXT Takeover: Chicago? 
We thought the show delivered as usual with 2 Match of the year contenders!

07:55 (IST)21 MAY 2017

Nuclear heat for Ciampa as Gargano gets stretchered away. He sits on the announcer's desk watching the chaos he caused. The final shot is Ciampa staring down as Takeover goes off the air!

07:54 (IST)21 MAY 2017

Ciampa stands tall on the announcers desk. Loud "A--hole" chants from the crowd!

07:53 (IST)21 MAY 2017

"F- You Ciampa" chants throughout the arena. Nigel McGuiness comes over to try to stop him. He takes Gargano onto the table, slamming him DOWN onto TWO TABLES!!

07:52 (IST)21 MAY 2017

Ciampa getting massive heat. He removes his knee brace and strikes him with his knee.

07:51 (IST)21 MAY 2017

DiY are given an ovation. Ciampa then shoves Gargano onto the screen. Ciampa begins viciously assaulting Gargano!!

07:50 (IST)21 MAY 2017

07:50 (IST)21 MAY 2017

07:49 (IST)21 MAY 2017

After AoP leaves with Ellering, DiY is given a huge standing ovation. 

07:47 (IST)21 MAY 2017

Absolutely incredible match. The crowd is NOT pleased with that ending, as they shouldn't! DiY once again showed their heart and guts!

07:46 (IST)21 MAY 2017

Ciampa and Gargano struggle to get the ladder and set it up, right beside Akam. They begin the scent, and as they grab their hands on it, AoP grabs them and hit the super collider. Akam and Rezar then pick up the titles for the win. #AndStill

07:44 (IST)21 MAY 2017

Akam climbs but is caught in the leg by Gargano. He climbs back down and kicks Gargano. He holds the ladder but is met with a superkick from both. DiY then go for the double superkick with the ladder in between his head and they HIT IT!

07:43 (IST)21 MAY 2017

AoP was on the verge of hitting Ciampa with the ladder, but Gargano took the fall and shoved Ciampa way. Ciampa first attended to Gargano but quickly caught Rezar who was climbing. He then hit a suplex onto Rezar ONTO THE LADDER! THIS IS INCREDIBLE!

07:42 (IST)21 MAY 2017

Inside the ring, Ellering tells AoP to put them down. It looks like AoP is hellbent on destroying DiY

07:41 (IST)21 MAY 2017

Gargano just superkicked a WWE Hall Of Famer! This is incredible!

Meanwhile, AoP is back in the ring. It's 2-on-1 for Ciampa. They're slamming the Psycho Killer onto the ladder, viciously punishing him.

07:41 (IST)21 MAY 2017

Gargano and Rezar are on one ladder, and Ciampa and Akam are on the other one. They both strike, and Ciampa ensures that both AOP members are down while Gargano stays on the ladder. Paul Ellering comes to save AoP and is met with a superkick by Gargano!!!

07:39 (IST)21 MAY 2017

Akam is back inside the ring.  Both competitors are struggling as Gargano rolls back in the ring!

07:38 (IST)21 MAY 2017

Ciampa climbs back into the ring, grabbing hold of a ladder. "Psycho killer" chants in the background.

07:38 (IST)21 MAY 2017


07:37 (IST)21 MAY 2017

07:36 (IST)21 MAY 2017

The champions have slammed the ladders against DiY, sending them outside. They take 2 big ladders from underneath the ring.  They set them up to bridge the ring nad barricade.  They try to powerbomb them onto them but Ciampa escaped and saved Gargano. Akam is then met with a superkick. They're met with knee strikes, and they collapse ONTO THE LADDERS. You heard that right! They're on the ladders!!

07:34 (IST)21 MAY 2017

AoP place a ladder against Ciampa to the corner, and the champions press it against him. They look to be climbing.

07:33 (IST)21 MAY 2017

07:33 (IST)21 MAY 2017

AoP appear to have complete control of the match.

07:33 (IST)21 MAY 2017

Ciampa nearly gets the title while climbing up when the ladder was in the hands of AoP. He was caught however. Both members of AoP begin climbing but are caught. They took DiY for a double powerbomb but the former champions used this to try to climb the ladder. Sadly, they get pushed down.

07:31 (IST)21 MAY 2017

Akam holds the ladder for Rezar to climb. However, Ciampa takes him out with a ladder. Both members of DiY slam the ladder against the spines of AoP

07:30 (IST)21 MAY 2017

DiY dominate for the time being. However, Akam catches Gargano and threw him AT Ciampa!

07:29 (IST)21 MAY 2017

As Ciampa was trying to throw the ladder into the ring, he was attacked by AoP. Gargano used the gap between the ropes and ladder to hit a suicide dive onto AoP. Awesome spot!

07:28 (IST)21 MAY 2017

Outside the ring, AoP once again got control, slamming the former champions into the barricade. Ciampa took Akam outside while Gargano took out Rezar. DiY then went for the ladder - the biggest one available.

07:27 (IST)21 MAY 2017

AoP start off the match dominant, pressing them towards the turnbuckles. DiY quickly turn it around, dumping both members outside the ring.

07:25 (IST)21 MAY 2017

07:24 (IST)21 MAY 2017

The champions make their entry first. Wonder why. #DiY climb the ladder for their entrance!

07:21 (IST)21 MAY 2017

It's time for the main event. The NXT Tag Team ladder match!

07:18 (IST)21 MAY 2017

Kevin Owens is seen followed by Sami Zayn, Kassius Ohno and WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson.

07:16 (IST)21 MAY 2017

07:14 (IST)21 MAY 2017

Itami went from GTS to a small package but Roode escapes. Roode hits TWO GLORIOUS DDTs to finish Itami! #AndStill!!!

07:13 (IST)21 MAY 2017

Crowd starts chanting CM Punk but the majority boo them down. Itami takes time rolling him back in the ring, so Roode escapes the pin!

07:12 (IST)21 MAY 2017

ITAMI HITS THE GTS but Roode goes outside the ring!!

07:12 (IST)21 MAY 2017

Itami's strikes saw Roode go to the corner of the ring, being met by a missle dropkick. Itami attempted a GTS but the injured leg prevents him from doing so. Roode hits him with the Glorious but ITAMI KICKS OUT!!!

07:10 (IST)21 MAY 2017

Roode gets sent shoulder first into the steps. Itami goes for a dropkick but missed, seemingly injuring himself too. The commentators teased the match being stopped, but the two competitors continued, getting into the ring once more.

07:09 (IST)21 MAY 2017

Roode tries to hit the Glorious DDT but is unable to do so because of his shoulder. Itami attempts a GTS but Roode catches the rope, catching him outside the ropes.

07:08 (IST)21 MAY 2017

The champion catches Itami and hits him with a surprise spine buster.

07:07 (IST)21 MAY 2017

Roode misses a blockbuster, and Itami hits the Falcon Arrow, but it's NOT ENOUGH!

07:07 (IST)21 MAY 2017

07:06 (IST)21 MAY 2017

Hideo sends Roode into the ring post, seemingly hurting his shoulder. Hideo then begins working on his shoulder. Is this an indication of a possible title change?

07:05 (IST)21 MAY 2017
The epic start of the match!

07:05 (IST)21 MAY 2017

Itami gets momentum on his side, paying homage to his mentor Kenta Kobashi! He begins his strikes followed by a suplex.

07:03 (IST)21 MAY 2017

Roode now has a hold of Itami, completely in control. Itami attempts to reverse and pin him but the champion escapes.

07:01 (IST)21 MAY 2017

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