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  • WWE NXT TakeOver: New York - Results, Live Updates & Coverage, Highlights, Live Commentary Online (5th April 2019)

WWE NXT TakeOver: New York - Results, Live Updates & Coverage, Highlights, Live Commentary Online (5th April 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 06, 2019 02:17 GMT

Who will walk out of NXT TakeOver: New York as the new NXT champion?


02:17 (GMT)6 APR 2019

Gargano celebrates with Candice LeRae. And as he's making his exit, Tommaso Ciamp acomes out. Instead of attacking him like the last few times, he hugs Gargano and Candice and raises their hand. The three hug it out to close an incredible show!

02:14 (GMT)6 APR 2019

02:12 (GMT)6 APR 2019

02:12 (GMT)6 APR 2019

Gargano then eats a shining wizard to the back of the head after a superkick and STILL KICKS OUT! He counters Cole and locks the Gargano escape! Cole nearly reaches the ropes but Gargano rolls over and finally submits him, and finally wins the NXT title!

Cole 1-2 Gargano

Johnny Gargano beat Adam Cole 2-1 to become the NEW NXT CHAMPION!

02:10 (GMT)6 APR 2019

Gargano gets finished by The Undisputed Era, who attack him and throw the ref back in the ring, but GARGANO KICKS OUT! Gargano then sends throws Cole onto the trio and then throws Strong into the ringpost, superkicks Fish and then DDTs O'Reilly before going back in the ring

02:08 (GMT)6 APR 2019

Cole tries to go for a superkick and eats one instead.  Gargano goes for the Gargano escape and locks it in but Roderick Strong comes out and distracts Gargano! The referee gets distracted and Kyle O' Reilly rakes Gargano's eyes. Gargano accidentally shoves the referee outside!!

02:06 (GMT)6 APR 2019

02:06 (GMT)6 APR 2019

02:05 (GMT)6 APR 2019

The action goes to the announce table and Cole drops Gargano body first. He tries to go for the countout win, but Gargano makes it JUST BEFORE 10! He immediately eats a superkick but Cole isn't able to finish him. Cole seems absolutely frustrated and in disbelief

02:02 (GMT)6 APR 2019

Cole suplexes Gargano and his head hits the APRON! He throws Gargano back in the ring and Gargano still spikes him with a DDT. He hits a second one but it's TWO! Cole catches him with a superkick when Gargano attempts a slingshot DDT and Cole then hits the CANADIAN DESTROYER!

IT'S STILL TWO! The crowd is going insane!

02:00 (GMT)6 APR 2019

01:59 (GMT)6 APR 2019

Cole gets a high-angle backdrop and Gargano reverses him with a crazy backwards Hurricanrana. He superkicks Cole and he rolls out of the ring! What a match!

01:58 (GMT)6 APR 2019

01:58 (GMT)6 APR 2019

They're out of breath and they're still having a striking exchange. They superkick each other and neutralize each other. When they get up, Cole hits Gargano with a straightjacket suplex, but is frustrated when he kicks out at two!

01:56 (GMT)6 APR 2019

01:55 (GMT)6 APR 2019

Gargano has Cole perched up on the turnbuckle and then sends him flying face first onto the middle turnbuckle. He then flips him over face first but its TWO!

01:55 (GMT)6 APR 2019

They have a staredown and elbow the crap out of each other. Gargano gets the better of the exchange and Gargano pays tribute to DiY before missing the superkick. Adam Cole spins Gargano around and gets a backbreaker, but its only TWO!

01:53 (GMT)6 APR 2019

Cole sends Gargano into the apron after Gargano misses the opportunity to get a countout victory!

Gargano manages to get the Gargano escape and Cole taps!!

Cole 1-1 Gargano

We're now in Sudden death

01:51 (GMT)6 APR 2019

01:51 (GMT)6 APR 2019

Adam Cole is on the apron and eats a slingshot DDT on the hardest part of the ring!! That was brutal

01:49 (GMT)6 APR 2019

01:48 (GMT)6 APR 2019

Gargano takes control and tries to equalize it with a DDT, but he gets caught and Cole hits the ushigoroshi!

01:48 (GMT)6 APR 2019

Adam Cole quickly tries to finish him after the first fall but fails to do so. Gargano fights back and spears Adam Cole on the apron (did you know that's the hardest part of the ring?)

01:46 (GMT)6 APR 2019

01:45 (GMT)6 APR 2019

Cole rolls up Gargano and hits a brutal knee to the back of the head, getting the first fall

Adam Cole 1-0 Johnny Gargano

01:45 (GMT)6 APR 2019

They both try to get small packages on each other but fail to get the pin. They both attempt kicks but realize that the other is doing the same, and stop each other at every turn.

01:42 (GMT)6 APR 2019

Gargano hits a beautiful draping DDT on Cole but it isn't enough to get the first fall!

01:41 (GMT)6 APR 2019

01:40 (GMT)6 APR 2019

Gargano and Cole go counter for counter and they seem to have an answer for everything. Their crossbodies on each other neutralize themselves

01:38 (GMT)6 APR 2019

01:38 (GMT)6 APR 2019

The two roll over each other consecutively and Gargano then begins to take advantage. They elbow each other and Gargano sends Cole out with a clothesline. He slides underneath the ring and kicks Cole, who gets back in the ring and gets out again. 

When Gargano goes to reach Cole's hair, he gets hit with an enziguri!

01:34 (GMT)6 APR 2019

Adam Cole has Gargano locked in and the crowd is hot!

01:33 (GMT)6 APR 2019

01:31 (GMT)6 APR 2019

01:31 (GMT)6 APR 2019

01:25 (GMT)6 APR 2019

Johnny Gargano vs Adam Cole - 2-out-of-3 Falls match for the vacant NXT Championship

01:18 (GMT)6 APR 2019

Bianca Belair takes both Sane and Shirai on her shoulders and slams them down together. Baszler immediately locks her in the kirafuda clutch and that's all there is to it.

Shayna Baszler (c) def. Bianca Belair, Io Shirai and Kairi Sane to retain the NXT Women's Championship

01:15 (GMT)6 APR 2019

Belair counters and slams Baszler and then has Io Shirai right behind her. Shirai counters her powerslam into a facebuster and Shirai hits a series of moonsaults. She tries to get the pin but Sane breaks the pin up. Sane takes her out and then lands the Insane elbow herself, only for Shirai to break it up. 

Though they're surprised that they're costing each other, they continue to battle it out. Sane goes for the Insane elbow but Belair whips her mid-turnbuckle!

01:13 (GMT)6 APR 2019

01:12 (GMT)6 APR 2019

Baszler THROWS Sane onto Belair on the outside and takes out Shirai. She then brings Belair back in and Shayna Baszler has her back, with the kirafuda clutch locked in!

01:12 (GMT)6 APR 2019

The Sky Pirates ambush Belair, who's been talking trash about the duo. They take turns to strike, and Baszler catches Sane's legs from underneath when she charges against the ropes

01:09 (GMT)6 APR 2019

Belair and Baszler are on the top turnbuckle and Shirai and Sane hit the tower of doom! With the two of them outside, Shirai throws Sane onto them. The action quickly goes inside and the women begin to take each other out

01:08 (GMT)6 APR 2019

01:07 (GMT)6 APR 2019

Shirai tries to splash on Belair but gets caught. Belair hits Sane WITH Shirai!

01:07 (GMT)6 APR 2019

Belair uses her athleticism to counter Baszler and takes the champ down with a dropkick. Kairi Sane climsb the turnbuckle and elbows Belair. She's not taking anything from Belair and she slaps her chest. Io Shirai climbs the rope and jumps over Sane, who's thrown against her. 

01:04 (GMT)6 APR 2019

The Sky Pirates start going at it against each other but they aren't able to put each other down. They run the ropes and the other two pull their legs from underneath. Baszler uses Belair's hair and Irish whips her.

01:02 (GMT)6 APR 2019

01:02 (GMT)6 APR 2019

01:02 (GMT)6 APR 2019

The Sky Pirates are immediately thrown out and Belair tries to suplex Shayna Baszler but is unable to. As quickly as they were thrown out, the Sky Pirates come in and clean house

00:51 (GMT)6 APR 2019

Shayna Baszler (c) vs Io Shirai vs Bianca Belair vs Kairi Sane - NXT Women's Championship
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