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WWE NXT TakeOver Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from NXT TakeOver: XXV (1st June 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 02, 2019 07:11 IST

Who will walk out of the Webster Bank Arena as the NXT Champion?


07:11 (IST)2 JUN 2019

What better way to end the 25th edition of NXT Takeover than with a new champion? Adam Cole's goal has been fulfilled. He's the new NXT Champion.

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07:10 (IST)2 JUN 2019

07:08 (IST)2 JUN 2019

07:08 (IST)2 JUN 2019

What a match! Cole did it all by himself!

07:08 (IST)2 JUN 2019

Gargano plays possum himself and locks the Gargano escape, but Cole uses his ring IQ and hits his knee with his elbow. Gargano's knee buckles and Adam Cole hits a sunset flip powerbomb. He hits a running knee to the head and that's it! NEW CHAMPION!

Adam Cole def. Johnny Gargano to become NXT Champion

07:05 (IST)2 JUN 2019

07:05 (IST)2 JUN 2019

Cole seemingly signals for The Undisputed Era and Gargano stands ready with the chair in his hand. But it turns into a ploy. Gargano goes back in the ring and Cole sits on his head and spikes it onto the canvas. Somehow, Gargano survives.

07:04 (IST)2 JUN 2019

Cole misses a chairshot and Gargano kicks his face in. He goes to pin Cole and Cole is out cold but the referee isnt there!

07:03 (IST)2 JUN 2019

Gargano looks to take out Cole but accidentally takes out the referee! You know what this means!

07:02 (IST)2 JUN 2019

The two go strike-for-strike, with Gargano eating three superkicks followed by a vicious clothesline to Adam Cole! He eats a superkick after superkick and even strikes Cole with one of his own. Cole spikes him on the groud and hits a superkick but Gargano STILL KICKS OUT!

07:01 (IST)2 JUN 2019

07:01 (IST)2 JUN 2019

Adam Cole tells Gargano that he's finished. Gargano ducks his charge and goes for the Gargano escape. Cole transitions it into a Gargano escape of his OWN! He's trying to make the champion tap with his own submission! Gargano escapes and hits a knee to the back of his head.

06:59 (IST)2 JUN 2019

Johnny Gargano sends Cole outside but when he goes for a suicide dive, he gets caught by the most perfectly-timed superkick ever. He may have broken his jaw! Adam Cole follows it with a Panama-Sunrise powerbomb. He desperately rushes Gargano into the ring but HE KICKS OUT!

06:55 (IST)2 JUN 2019

Gargano flings Cole, who falls RIGHT onto his shoulder. The referee goes to check and he seems to indicate that he can continue. Gargano goes for the Gargano-escape and locks it in, but Adam Cole escapes and transitions into a Figure-4 leg lock, with the crowd going "Woo"

06:54 (IST)2 JUN 2019

Cole kicks Gargano's injured knee and then hits an ushigoroshi. He played possum successfully, hitting another ushigoroshi. He only gets a two count.

06:52 (IST)2 JUN 2019

Cole breaks the count at 8 and Gargano follows, hitting a slingshot DDT

06:51 (IST)2 JUN 2019

Right outside the ring, they superkick each other, knocking each other out

06:51 (IST)2 JUN 2019

The two exchange superkicks, of which Cole gets the better of the exchange. He jumps from the second turnbuckle but gets caught by a superkick, rolling outside. Gargano takes a moment to compose

06:50 (IST)2 JUN 2019

Cole rattles Gargano with an enziguri and hits THE BURNING HAMMER! It's TWO!

06:49 (IST)2 JUN 2019

Adam Cole counters Gargano's elbow drop, looking even better than last match

06:49 (IST)2 JUN 2019

06:48 (IST)2 JUN 2019

06:47 (IST)2 JUN 2019

Gargano begins to fight back and hits a step-up enziguri. He hits a tornado flat-liner and tires to pin him, but obviously fails

06:44 (IST)2 JUN 2019

Adam Cole is in complete control, pressuring Johnny Gargano into the corner

06:43 (IST)2 JUN 2019

06:41 (IST)2 JUN 2019

Gargano has Adam Cole in an Indian deathlock and he looks more confident than ever.

06:39 (IST)2 JUN 2019

Adam Cole momentarily has the advantage but they're wrestling like two men who can predict all of each other's moves! It's like an even playing field!

06:38 (IST)2 JUN 2019

06:37 (IST)2 JUN 2019

The crowd is split in the middle but the "Adam Cole" chants seem to be louder. They start with exchanges and armdrags and Cole gets sent out first

06:35 (IST)2 JUN 2019

It's time for the main event!

Johnny Gargano (c) vs Adam Cole - NXT Championship

The crowd is Adam Cole!

06:25 (IST)2 JUN 2019

Shayna Baszler vs Io Shirai looks to be the first SummerSlam weekend title match

06:24 (IST)2 JUN 2019

The crowd mockingly chants "You deserve it" to Shayna Baszler, who struggles to get to her feet

06:22 (IST)2 JUN 2019

After the match, Io Shirai smacks her back with a kendo stick. She hits a picture perfect moonsault and asks Candice LeRae to ge her a steel chair. She places it on her chest and hits another moonsault with the steel chair!

This rivalry is NOT over! We can expect the rematch at SummerSlam weekend!

06:20 (IST)2 JUN 2019

Io Shirai evades the kirafuda clutch but misses the moonsault. She almost reverses a kirafuda into a pin but Baszler kicks out on time. The crowd rallies for Io as she gets caught in another kirafuda clutch. She's inches away from the rope but Baszler clutches her tight. She looks like she's fading and she taps. That was a...flat finish

Shayna Baszler def. Io Shirai to retain the NXT Women's Championship

06:17 (IST)2 JUN 2019

Just as Shirai gets ready to finish thing, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafer come out. Candice LeRae comes chasing behind them and whacks them with a kendo stick. They catch her but she takes them down and splashes on them both as Shirai cheers on!

06:15 (IST)2 JUN 2019

Shirai sends Baszler crashing to the apron and looks to do further damage, climbing the turnbuckles. She lands the moonsault!

06:13 (IST)2 JUN 2019

Io Shirai starts fighting back and uses the 619! She hits a springboard dropkick and it was so close to getting the pin!

06:11 (IST)2 JUN 2019

Baszler begins tormenting Shirai with all sorts of kicks and maneuvers 

06:09 (IST)2 JUN 2019

Shirai hits a baseball slide dropkick. Baszler takes her down in the ring and stomps her fingers.

06:09 (IST)2 JUN 2019

06:08 (IST)2 JUN 2019

Io Shirai gets swept off her feet in the beginning. Baszler taunts her with a small nudge to the face with her feet. Shirai gets back and sweeps her low before slapping her. Shirai sends Baszler out with a delayed dropkick.

06:03 (IST)2 JUN 2019

Shayna Baszler (c) vs Io Shirai - NXT Women's Championship

05:59 (IST)2 JUN 2019

In a rather unconventional show of mutual respect, Breeze takes a selfie with The Dream. Dream taunts Breeze at the end, standing tall and celebrating with the fans

05:56 (IST)2 JUN 2019

Dream goes out and takes the title. Breeze lets the referee know and snatches his title. It turns into a distraction and Dream hits the Dream-Valley driver and then the Purple Rainmaker! And still!

Velveteen Dream def. Tyler Breeze to retain the North American Championship

05:54 (IST)2 JUN 2019

05:54 (IST)2 JUN 2019

Breeze lands a spinning heel kick but Dream rolls out of the ring and escapes!

05:53 (IST)2 JUN 2019

05:53 (IST)2 JUN 2019

Breeze lands an unprettier himself and ALMOST becomes the new champion but it's a 2.9!
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