WWE NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver Night 1 Live Results - Stand & Deliver Night 1 Updates & Highlights (7th April 2021)

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Catch all the live results from Night 1 of NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver!


07:41 (IST)8 APR 2021

I hope everyone enjoyed night one of TakeOver! We'll have the full results in just a bit, but I will see you all tomorrow night for, well, night two! 

Good night, everyone, and until tomorrow... I'm outta here.

07:35 (IST)8 APR 2021

Congratulations to Raquel Gonzalez for winning the title! And congrats to BOTH of them for putting on the best match of the night!

07:34 (IST)8 APR 2021

One-armed powerbomb and 

RESULT: Raquel Gonzalez defeats Io Shirai to win the NXT Women's Championship

07:33 (IST)8 APR 2021

And it was just spoiled for me

07:32 (IST)8 APR 2021

Shirai gets Gonzalez back in the ring, nails her with a moonsault, and Raquel STILL kicks out!

07:31 (IST)8 APR 2021

Io Shirai with a flying bodyblock off the Deadly Games skull onto Gonzalez!

07:29 (IST)8 APR 2021

Shirai with a vicious crossface on Raquel, but Gonzalez manages to grab the bottom rope.

07:28 (IST)8 APR 2021

07:27 (IST)8 APR 2021

Io dodges two swinging punches, leaps up and turns a powerbomb attempt into a hurricanrana

07:26 (IST)8 APR 2021

If we're taking predictions from everyone in my living room based on who we all have the hots for, I'm rooting for Io, my buddy is rooting for Raquel, and my wife is rooting for the referee.

07:24 (IST)8 APR 2021

07:24 (IST)8 APR 2021

Dakota Kai gets kicked out from ringside after attempting to interfere.

07:23 (IST)8 APR 2021

Oops. Sorry, everyone. I saw Io Shirai in the ring and I forgot to type things.

But Shirai and Raquel Gonzalez are tearing each other apart from the bell.

07:11 (IST)8 APR 2021

07:09 (IST)8 APR 2021

William Regal in the ring to present the new champs their belts.

07:09 (IST)8 APR 2021

My fellow Ohio guys are the NXT Tag Team Champions!

07:09 (IST)8 APR 2021

07:08 (IST)8 APR 2021

MSK does it! MSK does it! Top rope Blockbuster on Gibson and MSK wins the titles!

RESULT: MSK win the NXT Tag Team Championships

07:07 (IST)8 APR 2021

Looks like this is down to the two teams with initials.

07:05 (IST)8 APR 2021

GYV has both MSK members in submission holds, but Fantasma breaks it up!

07:04 (IST)8 APR 2021

GYV crushes Wes Lee's hand in the turnbuckle and start to work it over.

07:03 (IST)8 APR 2021

This whole match has been out of my grasp, it's so awesome. Right now, it's MSK and GYV throwing down but all three teams have battered the others.

06:52 (IST)8 APR 2021

I kind of forgot about the tag team title match and I thought we were about to get to the main event but we're not. Which is fine! This match is going to be awesome. 

06:45 (IST)8 APR 2021

And WALTER gets the pin and retains.

RESULT: WALTER defeats Tomasso Ciampa

06:42 (IST)8 APR 2021

Ciampa slams WALTER off the turnbuckle and goes for the pin but only gets a 2.

06:41 (IST)8 APR 2021

WALTER slamming Tomasso with chest blasts, but Tomasso goes after his injured hand, so WALTER nails him with a headbutt.

06:38 (IST)8 APR 2021

06:37 (IST)8 APR 2021

Ciampa hits the ropes at least ten times and nails him with clotheslines but can't get him over the ropes or on his feet. Thatcher knocks him to the mat, but Ciampa hulks up and fights back.

06:35 (IST)8 APR 2021

WALTER pulls Ciampa up, and Tomasso attacks with a handful of standing clotheslines

06:30 (IST)8 APR 2021

Tomasso Ciampa is in my top five current favorite wrestlers but I just don't see him holding the UK Championship, you know? But this should still be a fun match.

06:27 (IST)8 APR 2021

Ciampa vs WALTER happens now. This is going to be brutal.

06:24 (IST)8 APR 2021

Am I the only one who thinks that Ciampa's theme music sounds like Rhea Ripley's?

06:20 (IST)8 APR 2021

Johnny Gargano comes out to taunt Reed, as the big Australian will be taking him on for his NXT North American championship tomorrow night.

06:18 (IST)8 APR 2021

Reed with the top rope splash and the win!

Bronson Reed eliminates Isiah "Swerve" Scott and wins the Gauntlet match!

06:17 (IST)8 APR 2021

Scott nails Reed with three House Calls, but Reed keeps kicking out!

06:15 (IST)8 APR 2021

Swerve with a 450 splash on Reed but only gets a 2 count

06:15 (IST)8 APR 2021

Swerve flings Reed off the top turnbuckle and onto the ring apron.

06:14 (IST)8 APR 2021

Scott and Grimes attempt to pin each other with trunk-pulling rull-ups, but Scott gets the pin

Cameron Grimes is eliminated

06:13 (IST)8 APR 2021

06:12 (IST)8 APR 2021

Now the rest of them team up on Knight and Reed pins him for the elimination.

LA Knight is eliminated.

06:11 (IST)8 APR 2021

Lumis slaps Silence on Cameron Grimes, but Knight rushes over and rolls up Dexter as he does for the pin!

LA Knight eliminates Dexter Lumis

06:08 (IST)8 APR 2021

06:07 (IST)8 APR 2021

Reed tosses Knight back into the ring, interrupting his little speech.

06:07 (IST)8 APR 2021

Everyone is on the arena floor as LA Knight makes his way to the ring as the final entrant in the guantlet match.

06:04 (IST)8 APR 2021

Leon Ruff gets dropped by Cameron Grimes, but Scott tosses him off and pins Ruff himself.

Leon Ruff is eliminated.

06:03 (IST)8 APR 2021

Dexter Lumis is next.

06:03 (IST)8 APR 2021

06:01 (IST)8 APR 2021

Grimes offers Scott a big bundle of cash and it seems like they're going to work together.
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