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  • WWE RAW 25 Results 22nd January 2018, Latest Monday Night Raw winners and video highlights; Jeff Hardy returns in surprise role

WWE RAW 25 Results 22nd January 2018, Latest Monday Night Raw winners and video highlights; Jeff Hardy returns in surprise role

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 23, 2018 06:09 GMT

RAW is celebrating its 25th anniversary and join us in what is going to be an incredible party!


06:09 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

Here's a summary of what happened on RAW 25:

Stone Cold returned to stun Vince & Shane McMahon
Asuka, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Mickie James defeated Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Nia Jax and Alicia Fox
Undertaker returned and cut a cryptic promo
The Miz defeated Roman Reigns to become the NEW Intercontinental Champion
The Peep Show with Christian featuring Jordan & Rollins ended in chaos
Bray Wyatt defeated WOKEN Matt Hardy
Elias had a brief confrontation with Chris Jericho, after which he #beatupjohncena
Apollo Crews and Titus O' Neil vs Heath Slater and Rhyno ended in a no contest
DX returned and had a moment with The Balor Club
Gallows & Anderson defeated The Revival
Braun Strowman stood tall after taking out Kane & Brock Lesnar in the final face off

04:21 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

04:21 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

04:15 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

Braun stands tall for RAW 25. Will we see a new Universal Champion? We probably won't, but one can hope, right? 

04:14 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

Brock enters and Kane gets attacked by Braun. Braun charges at Brock outside but Lesnar gets the better of him. Inside the ring, Kane gets hit with the F5. Strowman goes back inside and gets the better of Brock. Outside, he powerslams him on to the table. He comes back in the ring and stands tall heading into Royal Rumble!

04:11 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

04:09 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

04:06 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

04:04 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

Some SmackDown Live roster members are in too. This is going to be BIG!

04:03 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

Back in the Barclays Center, Kurt Angle gets some legends and Curt Hawkins for the final segment between Kane, Brock Lesnar and  Braun Strowman

04:03 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

04:02 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

Dawson, after checking on Dash gets hit by Razor Ramon, X-Pac, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn. 

Wilder gets hit by a sweet chin music and a pedigree. Balor finishes things with a coupe-de-grace. They all too sweet each other and celebrate.

04:00 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

Gallows & Anderson win abruptly with a magic killer. 

Gallows & Anderson defeated The Revival 

04:00 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

04:00 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

03:59 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

The Revival vs Gallows & Anderson

The Revival attacked Gallows & Anderson from behind before the match started. The Revival have the upper hand now.

03:57 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

DX and Balor Club too sweet each other and get interrupted by The Revival. Here comes The Burial.

03:55 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

Razor Ramon mentions "too sweet" and out comes THE BALOR CLUB! 

03:51 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

03:51 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

X-Pac introduces Razor Ramon!

03:50 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

The crowd's chanting "1-2-3" at X-Pac, referring to his 1-2-3 kid persona!

03:50 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

The crowd's repeating every word of Road Dogg's promo! He introduces X-Pac!

03:49 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

They didn't come alone! Road Dogg and Billy Gunn and here!

03:48 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

Reactions aren't great and there are some pissed off people in the crowd. DX, including Triple H are being complete babyfaces. They manage to get the crowd on their side too.

03:47 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

03:42 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

DX are coming out in the Manhattan Center.

03:37 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

03:37 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

AJ Styles imitates Hulk Hogan for a second! He talks about his match with Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn and says he will retain.

03:36 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

AJ Styles gets introduced backstage and he requests a certain someone to interview him. He introduces the legendary Mean Gene Okerlund! 

03:35 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

Rhyno, Titus Worldwide & The Dudley Boyz celebrate together. That was...weird.

03:34 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

Slater gets attacked 2-to-1 and they bring out the tables! Slater just can't catch a break, can he? Through the tables he goes! 

03:33 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

Apollo, Titus and Rhyno unanimously decide Slater should go in and challenge the Dudleyz!

03:32 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

It seems like the match has gone to a no contest! 

03:31 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

A brawl has broken out! The Dudley Boyz return and interrupt!

03:27 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

Titus Worldwide vs Slater & Rhyno

Apollo Crews and Heath Slater are going at it. Crews powerlifts Slater and slams him down. Why this filler match on RAW 25?

03:25 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

If that's Godfather's wife, I'll be the first to admit that's quite the surprise.

03:24 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

Godfather makes a "sexual chocolate" reference, but Henry says it's a different time and era. He's with a really attractive woman, who Henry seems to be enchanted by. Godfather reveals that it's his wife. 

03:23 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

Mark Henry is backstage and he meets The Godfather! 

03:19 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

Ted Dibiase gets the Royal Flush, and Ron Simmons does the "DAMN!" schtick!

03:18 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

New Day are now at the table playing. Heath Slater is told by Dana Brooke that he's been cheating. He gets banished and told that on RAW, they settle it in a match!

03:15 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

03:15 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

Elias smashes his guitar on Cena and then hits the Drift Away!

03:14 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

Cena tells Elias to "do something about it" and Elias says it doesn't work that way. He doesn't take orders from him nor Brooklyn scumbags! Elias tries to attack Cena soon and gets hit with a five-knuckle shuffle. Cena seems to be going for the AA but Elias escapes and LOW BLOWS him! 

03:12 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

03:12 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

Elias tells Cena to shut his mouth. The people came to see him and Cena ruined it.

03:12 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

Cena says that Brooklyn has balls and points to what seems like a beach ball. The security confiscates it and the crowd chants "a-hole" at him.

03:09 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

John Cena is in the house!

03:08 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

Elias is trashing HBK, Undertaker, Chris Jericho,The Rock and John Cena. He says Cena is like Brooklyn, coz he has no balls!

03:07 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

The crowd is chanting "Stupid Idiot" at Elias and he threatens to leave. The crowd cheers. Elias points at Jimmy Fallon in the front row and says he can't just leave!

03:05 (GMT)23 JAN 2018

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