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WWE RAW Live Card (30th May, 2022): Bobby Lashley vs. MVP and Omos contract signing

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 31, 2022 03:05 GMT

What will happen on this week's episode of WWE RAW?


03:05 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

That's all for this episode of Monday Night RAW. Some solid action dictated the show. Cody Rhodes' brawl with Seth 'Freakin' Rollins was the highlight of the day. I am Pranav, your writer who covered this episode live, and we'll see you for the next show. 

03:03 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

03:03 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

03:01 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

Omos grabs a table and sets it up in the corner. He lifts Lashley up, but Lashley escapes and spears him through the table. MVP retreats with a shocked look on his face as RAW goes off the air. 

03:00 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

Lashley calls MVP a leech. MVP cuts him off and yells at him to sign the contract. Lashley says he will send both MVP and Omos to hell. The contract has been signed, but MVP says he is not done. A standoff ensues between all three men. Lashley throws the table out of the ring as security arrive. Omos and Lashley clear the ring of the hapless fools. Cedric Alexander attacks Lashley from behind. Omos tries to rush him, but Lashley goes on the offensive. However, he succumbs to the numbers disadvantage pretty soon. 

02:57 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

Adam Pearce introduces the three men. This will be the official contract signing for their 2-on-1 handicap match at Hell in a Cell. MVP starts talking about Lashley's success under his tutelage. He says a brutal beating awaits him on Sunday. The crowd starts a 'What?' chant as MVP declares the end is near for Lashley. 

02:53 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

Edge not appearing to save his teammates is classic WWE team leader. Guess the babyfaces standing tall today means we'll see Edge and company prevail on Sunday. 

02:52 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

02:51 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

Bobby Lashley makes his way to the ring. 

02:48 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

Priest gets involved, but Ripley can only score a two-count. Styles attacks Priest to even things out. Ripley goes for the Riptide, but Morgan reverses it into a pinning combination to take a shock victory.

Winner by pinfall: Liv Morgan

Morgan and Styles embrace before Priest attacks the latter. He then approaches Morgan looking to attack her. Balor blindsides Priest out of nowhere to a nice pop. Styles, Balor and Morgan surround Ripley, who eats a dropkick from her former tag team partner. Styles hits a Phenomenal Forearm on Priest and Balor puts the exclamation point with a Coup de Grace. The three babyfaces stand tall and pose for the crowd as Edge is nowhere to be seen. 

02:44 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

We return to see Morgan roll Ripley up for a two-count. Damian Priest and AJ Styles are spotted at ringside. Ripley continues to torture Morgan as Styles encourages his HIAC partner. Ripley punches away at Morgan and calls her pathetic. She locks her former tag team partner in a body triangle. Ripley releases her hold and mocks Styles. She continues to insult Morgan, but Morgan fights back. She artfully sends Ripley to the outside of the ring. Morgan leaps off the top rope to the outside and crushes her former tag team partner.   

02:38 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

Ripley kicks Morgan in the gut and knees her neck to the ropes. Morgan sends Ripley out of the ring and tries to hit a low kick, but is caught. Ripley flicks Morgan onto the barricade in a raw display of power and calls her pathetic as the show cuts to a commercial break. 

02:37 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

Liv Morgan vs. Rhea Ripley

Morgan goes full attack the second the bell rings, but Ripley headbutts her to take control. Ripley throws Morgan across the ring. Morgan tries to choke Ripley, but gets slammed into multiple turnbuckles and gets dropped to the canvas. Ripley gets tripped by her opponent and takes a kick to the back. 

02:34 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

A Memorial Day video tribute is played. As usual, great job from the WWE video team. Enough to get a 'USA!' chant going. 

02:32 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

02:26 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

02:24 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

Backstage, Mustafa Ali declares that he is not a man who stays down. He says he plans on doing the same thing this Sunday. Theory attacks him from behind and takes a selfie with the fallen Ali. 

02:19 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

02:18 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

02:16 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

Liv Morgan makes her way to the ring. She will take on her former tag team partner Rhea Ripley. 

02:16 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

02:15 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

Riddle calls for the RKO, but Jey reverses it into a superkick. Jimmy attacks Riddle with a foreign object and the referee immediately disqualifies him.

Winners by disqualification: Riddle and Shinsuke Nakamura

The Usos call for a double splash, but Nakamura wipes out Jey. Riddle hits Jimmy with an RKO from the top rope and stands tall with his new partner as the crowd chants 'Bro!'. Orton would be proud.  

02:12 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

We return from the break to see Riddle willing his partner to make the tag. Jey and Riddle are tagged in. Riddle hits a suplex and a senton in quick succession. He calls for Randy Orton's draping DDT, but is interrupted. Nakamura tags in and hits Jey with a huge knee. Jimmy breaks up the pin. Riddle tags in and hits two Orton-esque powerslams as the crowd roars their approval. He finally hits the draping DDT on Jey. 

02:08 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

02:07 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

02:07 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

Nakamura goes to town on the legal Uso. He lands a German suplex and nails a kick from the second rope, but Jimmy kicks out at two. Nakamura falls prey to a distraction from Jey and ends up getting hit by a huge splash. Riddle breaks up the pin to save the match for his team. 

02:05 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

Jey stomps on Riddle's head and continues to punish him. Jimmy attacks Riddle behind the referee's back and poses for the crowd. Jimmy tags in and trash talks his opponent. He unloads with some vicious chops and ends up missing a splash in the corner. Riddle sends Jey out of the ring and tags Nakamura in. 

02:03 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

Riddle and Shinsuke Nakamura vs. The Usos (Championship Contenders match)

The babyfaces start off with some solid teamwork. The Usos take over, but Nakamura cuts them off and hits repeated knee strikes on Jey Uso. Riddle tags in and scores a two-count. Jimmy Uso tags in and hits a Samoan Drop on the Bro. Jey takes advantage of the referee being distracted and lands a cheap shot on Riddle.  

01:58 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

01:57 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

The Usos will take on Riddle and Shinsuke Nakamura in a tag team match. This will be a Championship Contenders match. 

01:56 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

01:56 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

The Usos arrive on RAW with both sets of tag team titles in their hands. 

01:54 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

01:53 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

Adam Pearce arrives and says Theory has been sent a text by Vince McMahon. He says McMahon was impressed with him, but also wanted to see a fair fight. Therefore, it will be him versus Ali in a championship rematch at Hell in a Cell. 

01:51 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

United States Championship match: Theory (c) vs. Mustafa Ali

Theory immediately goes for the pin, but only scores a two-count. He slams his face into the turnbuckle and taunts his opponent. He sends him into the corner again and stalks him. Ali hits a tornado DDT out of nowhere and scales the ropes. Theory yanks the ropes, hoists Ali on his shoulders and hits his finisher to retain his title.

Winner by pinfall and still United States Champion: Theory

01:48 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

Theory attacks Ali in the corner. Ali tells the referee he wants to start the championship match. We are underway!

01:46 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

01:45 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

01:44 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

Theory sends Ali to the ring post and smirks. He grabs a mic as the crowd chants, "You suck!" Theory says a win is a win, and says that Ali's US Championship match does not have to happen later. It can happen tonight. Got to be honest, we didn't see that coming. 

01:43 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

Ali sends Ciampa out of the ring with a boot to his face. He follows that up with a suicide dive that wipes his opponent out. Theory wipes out Ali as the referee calls for the bell. Guess he'll now face Theory for his title. 

Winner by disqualification: Mustafa Ali 

01:42 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

Mustafa Ali vs. Ciampa

Ciampa starts off strong and hits a sweet dropkick for a two-count. Theory calls Byron Saxton's questions stupid and hypes himself up. Ciampa clotheslines Ali and lands a blow from the top rope, but can only score a two-count. Ciampa continues to dominate as Theory calls Saxton jealous.  

01:37 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

Theory will be at ringside for Mustafa Ali vs. Ciampa. If Ali wins, he will earn a shot at the US title in the future. 

01:36 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

01:36 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

United States Champion Theory makes his way to the ring.

01:33 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

01:33 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

Dana Brooke runs into the ring as Miz seethes with rage. Montez superkicks T-Bar and watches on. R-Truth gets kicked by Apollo Crews before being hit by Dawkins. In the chaos, Tamina drops Brooke with a Samoan Drop and pins her to become 24/7 Champion. She kisses Akira Tozawa and celebrates with him. Tozawa betrays Tamina and rolls her up to become 24/7 Champion. 

01:30 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

The Street Profits take over and greet the crowd. The fans cheer for them as Miz looks on with a confused look. The Street Profits hype up Hell in a Cell. Dawkins mocks Miz for losing to Cody Rhodes. Ford says Bianca Belair will retain her title at Hell in a Cell. Ford asks Miz what he thinks of Hell in a Cell before doing The Rock's 'IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!' line. Miz raises his hand to tell them to shut up. 

01:26 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

Miz welcomes the crowd to Miz TV. He promotes Season 3 of Miz & Mrs and says that he will be joined by his wife next week. The Street Profits interrupt his shameless promotion. 

01:24 (GMT)31 MAY 2022

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