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WWE RAW Live Results (20th June, 2022) - Becky Lynch goes head to head with Asuka in a Money in the Bank qualifying match

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 21, 2022 03:02 GMT

What will happen on WWE RAW?


03:02 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

Thank you for being with us for RAW Live Results. Join us again tomorrow to catch NXT 2.0. live coverage. 

03:01 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

03:01 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

03:00 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

A diving knee to Asuka on the outside puts both women out for a while. They almost get double-counted out but roll into the ring at the last moment. After a few back and forth pins, Asuka connects with a loud hard roundhouse kick which knocks out Becky Lynch, handing Asuka the win.

Asuka wins via Pinfall

02:58 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

Asuka is seemingly closing in on a victory here but Lynch tries to lock in the Asuka lock. Asuka reverses into an ankle lock which is reversed by Lynch as Asuka is driven into the middle turnbuckle. A top rope dropkick from Asuka almost gets her the win but Becky manages to kick out at the last millisecond.

02:56 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

The MITB qualifying match continues as action resumes following the commercial break. The match so far is quite fast-paced. Lynch and Asuka have great chemistry and are flawless in their move interactions. A hip attack puts Lynch down for a two-count.

02:51 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

02:50 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

Lynch goes to the top rope looking for a splash but is stopped by Asuka. Asuka is sent back down onto the match as Lynch looks for a cross body. The dive is dodged by Asuka who delivers a code breaker to Lynch. 

02:49 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

The two brawl outside for a while where Lynch is in charge. However, inside the ring, the empress of tomorrow makes sure that her presence is felt, but the action spills to the outside again.

02:48 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

Before the match could even officially begin, Becky Lynch attacks Asuka as she was making her way to the ring. The bell is rung after both competitors enter the ring. Asuka locks in the arm bar early on which gets countered into the dis-arm-her for a brief moment. 

02:46 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

02:42 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

The bell is rung for Becky Lynch vs Auska 

02:41 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

Veer Mahaan is interviewed. He says that his win over Rey Mysterio was only the beginning. He then proceeds to send a message to the locker room in Hindi saying that he will be sure to teach everyone a horrific lesson backstage. 

02:38 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

After a hard-fought match, AJ Styles delivers the Phenomenal Forearm for the win and even fends of a post-match attack from The Miz.

AJ Styles wins via pinfall

02:37 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

AJ Styles rallies back against Ciampa with a clothesline and a sliding forearm strike while The Miz degrades The Phenomenal One on commentary. Ciampa and Styles are low-key putting on a clinic here as the two talented stars go back-and-forth.

02:35 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

As RAW returns from the commercial break, AJ Styles is already in a match against Ciampa. Ciampa uses his vicious knees to gain an advantage over Styles.

02:30 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

02:30 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

02:29 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

The Miz makes sure to promote Miz and Mrs. which airs following RAW live on USA. However, he tries to get under Styles' skin but it doesn't work. Styles attacks Miz but is blindsided by Ciampa as the segment ends.

02:27 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

Discourse has once more returned to The Miz's testicles, which according to AJ Styles are popcorn sized. AJ Styles comes in with the line of the week "Your tiny balls are becoming a thing". The Miz insists that he has python-sized balls. Why?

02:26 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

The Miz details the slump Styles has been in as of late, his consistent losses to Judgement Day, Finn Balor siding with his enemies and his loss to Seth Rollins the previous week. The Miz seemingly intends to embarrass Styles but The Phenomenal One doesn't hold back as he makes the bold decision of putting Nebraska over

02:22 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

Miz TV is back. The Miz begins by introducing his guest for tonight: AJ Styles

02:21 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

02:19 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

Bianca is interviewed backstage as she puts over Carmella as a tough opponent. Belair says that while facing Carmella will be a hard challenge, she will surely overcome her. However, Carmella attacks her, sending a clear message to her future opponent. 

02:16 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

02:14 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

There's a glimmer of hope for Lashley for a while, but Theory turns it back. He lifts Lashley up for the A-Town Down but Lashley counters it into a cradle and gets the win against all odds.

Bobby Lashley wins via Pinfall

02:13 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

Otis and Chad Gable wreak havoc on Lashley completely incapacitating him as Lashley's last opponent is revealed: Theory. Theory enters the ring and just lays it all in on the All-Mighty. 

02:12 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

Lashley quickly tries to lock in the hurt lock, but Otis is just too THICK for Lashley to be able to synch it in fully. Hence, Lashley relies on the spear to beat Otis. However, before Lashley can get the three count, Chad Gable causes the disqualification.

Bobby Lashley wins via Disqualification

02:11 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

RAW returns from the commercial break as we see Otis fully controlling the match. Bobby Lashley is hanging in there but Otis isn't making it easy for Lashley to survive. The tide changes as Lashley rolls out from beneath a front splash from Otis as he begins to rally back.

02:07 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

02:06 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

02:05 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

02:05 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

Before Lashley can gather his breath, Otis slips into the ring and just runs through Lashley. Bobby's next opponent is Otis. Otis chucks Lashley to the outside and continues to run rampant on his opponent.  

02:03 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

After a delayed elevated suplex, Bobby Lashley goes for the spear but is countered into an ankle lock by Gable. The lock is synched in for a while and is definitely taking a toll on the All-Mighty. Finally, Lashley is able to roll out, but is affectedly deeply by the ankle lock. Gable tries to hoist up Lashley for a german suplex but is countered into a belly-to-belly by Lashley. The former WWE Champion locks in the hurt lock, getting in a submission win.

Bobby Lashley wins via submission

02:00 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

Technical wrestling goes out the window after a stiff chop from Gable. Lashley delivers a hard shoulder block to his opponent and is thrown outside the ring. A fireman's carry ram into the ring post puts out Gable for a while. Lashley has full control of the match after that.

01:58 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

Both competitors have a strong background in combat sports and engage in some mat-based wrestling as the bout kicks off. Technical wrestling is apt for the nature of the match as a lot of amateur wrestling techniques are being applied from both ends here. 

01:57 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

Bobby Lashley's first opponent in the Gauntlet match is Chad Gable

01:53 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

01:53 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

Bobby Lashley makes his way to the ring for the Gauntlet match to earn a shot at Theory's United States Championship

01:50 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

Elias repeatedly calls Kevin Owens a liar as the crowd chants along. Kevin Owens steps inside the ring to attack Elias but is caught by a stiff jumping knee. Elias delivers the exclamation point by smashing his guitar across Kevin Owens' back. As Owens makes his way backstage, he is interviewed. Owens is still certain that Ezekiel and Elias are the same person. However, he is then confronted by Ezekiel leaving him in utter disbelief. 

01:47 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

Elias begins his concert but is interupted by Kevin Owens not long after who is furious. He is still insistant that Elias and Ezekiel are the same person. While he continues on his rant abuot Elias, Owens is interupted by Ezekiel who addresses him via titantron. Elias then proceeds and tries to convince Owens that they are not the same person.

01:41 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

01:40 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

Ezekiel and Elias meet in a backstage segment where Elias shares his words of wisdom for his younger brother. Elias explains that he has been touring the world playing shows. The two share a fist bump before the segment ends.

01:37 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

A hard shoulder block from Dawkins gets him the advantage in the match, which is followed by a rocking right hand but that is returned by a swift superkick. Jey sets up for the frog splash but Dawkins gets up quick and catches Jey in mid-air for a crushing spinebuster which gets him the win.

Angelo Dawkins wins via pinfall 

01:35 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

As RAW returns from the commercial break, Jey has the upper hand but a couple of quick right-hands turn things in favour of Dawkins. Dawkins uses the match as a platform to showcase his agility but that doesn't keep Jey from getting the best of his opponent.

01:30 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

Angelo Dawkins begins the match strong as he reaches deep into his arsenal to outperform Jey. The action spills to the outside where Jey gains the advantage as RAW cuts to commercial. 

01:29 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

Before Jey Uso vs. Angelo Dawkins begins The Usos take to the mic, gloating about their success so far as a tag team. They continue to put over Roman Reigns and The Bloodline. The Profits interrupt the promo and rely on rhymes to make fun of The Usos. Jey clocks in a banger of a line: "Your mouth signs cheques your ass can't cash" before action gets under way

01:26 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

Theory is backstage recovering from Lashley's attack and is confronted by an interviewer. Theory then asks the most important question of all time: "Where do you guys come from? Are you waiting in the shadows to attack me". Nonetheless, Theory says that Lashley will have to endure a gauntlet match to get a U.S. Title match.

01:22 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

01:19 (GMT)21 JUN 2022

The Usos make their way to the ring as Jey Uso gives it a go in singles action
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